Posted by Sandie Harrington on November 21, 2020
Happy Kevin Day, dear friend. xxoo
Posted by Cathy Campbell on November 21, 2020
Dear Kevin. I think of you on your birthday every year, since it is the day after Bruce's. I hope you met my nephew in heaven when he came earlier this year. We miss you so much. We LOVE you. Thanks for watching over us.
Posted by laurine marrocco on November 21, 2020
Remembering you on your birthday sweet nephew. My heart still aches with sadness from losing you. I’m celebrating “you” and your amazing 52 years of life on earth today on this side of Heaven, Kevin Allen Mack I know you and our loved ones with you are celebrating too. You are a special soul and our Angel! Happy heavenly birthday!
Posted by cheri carey on July 15, 2020
I can't believe it's been 9 yrs - I still remember where I was when I got the phone call that you were gone - I dropped to my knees and sobbed. I wish you were here to see my boys - who are now grown men - wish you could make me laugh through all this Covid madness - Tom and I talk and think about you often. Til we meet again - love you!
Posted by Robert Buckley on July 14, 2020
Oh Kevin, nine years now and rarely does a day go by when I don't think of you. Usually when I find myself being self-centered or ungenerous. Then you pop into my mind and I remember how generous you were, not only in spending time helping others directly, but how you seemed to hold a whole theater of people in your mind and notice when one of those people ought to meet another one of them because they could benefit one another. Like you were granting precious mental space to everyone you knew, always looking for connections that ought to be made. You were one of a kind, my friend. Wish you were here again.
Posted by Maureen Mickus on July 14, 2020
Should we all live in such a loving, forgiving and enthusiastic manner as you did, imagine how amazing the world would be. Love you always, Maureen
Posted by Sherri Franklin on July 14, 2020
I so wish you were here now to help us get through 2020, you would be able to make sense or offer the best thoughts to all of us, I cannot believe it's been so long since I have seen your amazing, magnetic smile. Miss you always.
Posted by Paul Allen on July 14, 2020
Hey Cuz,
I know we were never very close only in miles across the country but when I was a kid you were such an Awesome cousin and I always looked up to you.  You were such a Damn great man and it sickens me that you were stolen away from us all. You helped SO MANY people and you could have made a difference in this country as you were such a Great influence and helped change people for the better and saved many lives. I think you could have received some help now that they realize mental illness is a serious thing and are finally granting money to it. You probably would not get any sleep with this COVID has opened up telehelp which I think you would have been a great part if it. I miss you Kevin and I know you are resting in Peace.  Say hi to ur mom for me and give her a hug for me. Love you Cuz.
Posted by Susan Scheidt on July 14, 2020
Dearest Kevin,
I’ve been thinking of you all month and counting down the days until we get to this most unhappy anniversary. Your brilliant smile and loving hugs have not faded despite nine years since passing. I know you would want us to remember the laughter and not the tears. So I send up smiles to you today, beloved friend! ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Debbie Hobbs on July 14, 2020
Thank you for your spirited presence; missing it here on earth!
Posted by laurine marrocco on July 14, 2020
My dear nephew Kevin, you are forever present in my heart and in my life. It is not possible to ever forget the impact that your life had on so many in this world. Nine years ago we shockingly lost a most precious man. You are desperately missed Kevin Allen Mack. Rest In Peace sweetheart. Love, Aunt Laurie
Posted by Stephen Martin on November 21, 2019
Hi Kevin,

I just want to thank you for your teaching -- and my learning -- when I was a medical student. I try to bring your spirit to my patients and own students now.

Posted by Maureen Mickus on November 21, 2019
Never forgotten. Thank you for bringing such goodness to all of us.
Posted by Suzan Freibert on November 21, 2019
Happy Heavenly birthday to my sweet friend. You are missed❤️
Posted by laurine marrocco on November 21, 2019
My dear nephew...I talk to you and your mom all the you know! You will forever be in my heart and on imy mind. Our souls will meet again! You’re undoubtedly having a heavenly birthday and I am heartbroken I’m not celebrating with you ♥️Love, Aunt Laurie
Posted by Christian Burke on July 17, 2019
Thinking of you, Babycakes. And all the wild conversations that still live with me.
Posted by cheri carey on July 14, 2019
Can't believe you have been gone for 8 yrs. I always think of you in June and July when the new interns/residents start at Cambridge. I always talk about you to Jordan and Ryan. Jordan remembers you - and always smiles when we talk about that night he made cookies at your apt in Cambridge. Til we meet again
Posted by Suzan Freibert on July 14, 2019
Kevin, I can’t believe it’s been 8 years since you left us. I remember you often and remember all the wonderful life lessons I learned from having known you. I feel blessed. You are truly missed by the so many lives you touched. Till we meet again my friend.
Posted by laurine marrocco on July 14, 2019
Miss you as much today dear nephew as I did the day you were killed! Think of you often. Love always. Aunt Laurie
Posted by Susan Scheidt on November 21, 2018
Today is your 60th birthday, Kevin! How I would have loved to celebrate with you and to tease you endlessly about joining the “over 60 club!” But no... you will remain ever youthful, and your spirit will continue to delight us! 
Miss you and love you, baby cakes!
Posted by Kathleen Kittle on November 21, 2018
Remembering you in a special way on your birthday, Kevin. As Vic and I head to Larry and Therese’s for the Thanksgiving holiday we are deeply thankful for you and your extraordinary love and friendship. Your flame is not extinguished.
Posted by laurine marrocco on November 21, 2018
Happily heavenly birthday dear nephew. You would be 60 years young today. I often reflect how you had made such a huge impact on the world in your 52 years of life. And I can only wonder what great things you’d be doing today! Like Your Grandpa Allen and Uncles Danny and Dick — you were a sterling character of a man. I’m certain all of you are still carrying on in a beautiful way. I can’t wait to see you again. Love and miss you babe.
Posted by Sherri Franklin on July 16, 2018
I can't believe it's been so long since I have seen your vibrant smile. You always brought joy to everyone around you. Thinking of you dear friend.
Posted by Suzan Freibert on July 15, 2018
I think of you often and how you made such a profound difference in my life. You are missed so much. I’m so thankful our paths crossed.
Posted by Maureen Mickus on July 15, 2018
Kevin, the world was a better place because you were part of it. Miss you my friend.
Posted by laurine marrocco on July 14, 2018
Always in my heart and in my prayers and often wondering what you would say , think , or do about an issue I’m dealing with. So miss you dear nephew. Love you always and forever. Aunt Laurie <3
Posted by Richard Quint on July 14, 2018
Every time I'm involved with anyone at the JMP, be it students, staff, or faculty, I remember you, Kevin. You were responsible for my becoming a PBL tutor, and more, and I am forever grateful and thankful for having known you.
Posted by cheri carey on July 14, 2018
Every year when the new interns arrive at Cambridge Hospital I tell everyone about you - the smartest, the funniest, the most kind human being I had ever met in my nursing career. We became wonderful friends - you helped me turn 40 - you embraced my husband and my children - you invited hubby and I to Rome - I still miss your smile - your laugh - even your be serious look - I miss you love you and always will.
Posted by Susan Scheidt on July 14, 2018
Dear Kevin, so many of us still think of you and talk about you often! I try to imagine the world with you still in it… It could only have been a better place! Wish you could come to Fresno and visit me in my new home… We would sit by the stream and laugh together! Love you and miss you always!!!
Posted by John Swartzberg on July 14, 2018
Seven years ago; an absence created that will never be filled. I along with so many miss you dearly.
Posted by Cathy Campbell on July 14, 2018
Dearest Kevin, We miss you every day. Love, Cath, Bruce and Mais
Posted by Hiroyuki Mitsuishi on July 14, 2018
Posted by laurine marrocco on November 21, 2017
Dear Kevin: you would've been 59 this year!!! OMG....catching up with dear old Auntie.  Now it's your 6th birthday in heaven and it still seems like yesterday that we talked.I still hear your voice and laughter. I think of you all the time and I know you welcomed our sweet Derek and your dear Uncle Dick into heaven. My sweetheart says he wants to meet my daddy, so please introduce them. I miss all of you so much. Love, Auntie Laurie
Posted by Joanna Mandell on July 15, 2017
Kevin, we miss you so much. I'm tutoring this fall, and I know I will be thinking about you all the time. Love you.
Posted by laurine marrocco on July 14, 2017
My dear nephew, six years ago we lost you so tragically. I pray to you and for you every day along with my sis --your mom --and dear son and beloved husband -- who's death's I'm now mourning. The grief I feel from the deaths of those I love so much is paralyzing and life changing. I've lost my joy for life. All I can do now is pray for all the dear souls of the faithfully departed. May you all rest in peace. I also pray and hope to be rejoined again with all of you in eternal happiness in the loving arms of my husband and our dear Lord.
Posted by Victor DiRita on July 14, 2017
Missing you as always Kevin. Kathy turns 60 today and her birthday is always a little less happy because we lost you. Love, Vic and Kathy
Posted by cheri carey on July 14, 2017
I can't believe it's been 6 yrs. I talk about you all the time - especially at this time of year when the new interns arrive. I remember everything we shared working together at Cambridge. You will never be forgotten and will always have a special place in my heart.
Posted by Paula Di Rita Wishart on July 14, 2017
Kevin, I am now older than you were when you left this earth. Your wisdom is missed, but the echoes of your love and mentorship remain with me.
Posted by Lee Buenconsejo-Lum, MD on November 21, 2016
Happy birthday, dearest Kevin. Certainly an angel -- who is watching over all you held close to your heart .. and laughing and smiling with your beautiful smile. Love to your family.
Posted by Kathleen Kittle on November 21, 2016
Dear Kevin, Happy Birthday dear friend. You never forgot a birthday and I'll never forget your's. You were a gift from God to us all. My heart is filled with gratitude for the blessing of you. I love you and miss you.
Posted by Martin Zeoli on November 13, 2016
Kevin was a good friend and classmate of mine at DLS. We had our 40th reunion last night and we all miss him. Stories and laughs were shared. Kevin was truly a great guy.
Posted by Susan Scheidt on July 15, 2016
Hard to believe it's been 5 years, Babycakes. Your memory and all you gave us are just as vibrant as ever. Aki sent me a photo from France would be so proud of the young lady she is becoming. You WILL NOT be forgotten...thank you again and again for your generous love. Miss you every day.
Posted by Maureen Mickus on July 15, 2016
Keviin, the thought of you is only one of joy and of a person who can completely light up a room with sheer goodness. I will remember you all of my life. You continue to be an inspiration to so many people and I feel completely privileged to have had you in my life. With loving memories of you my friend....
Posted by Jeff Maehara on July 15, 2016
Still thinking of you and hoping you know it. It's somewhere around 20+ years since I've heard your voice or seen you. This is the impact you have on people, greatest of mentors.
Posted by cheri carey on July 15, 2016
I still miss you. Just the other day I said, if every human being showed the kindness that Kevin had, this world would be a much better place. Boy could we use you now!!! But I like to think that you have left your spirit with all your family, friends, and colleagues. You are always in my heart.
Posted by laurine marrocco on July 14, 2016
Dearest Kevin: 

Our hearts were broken five years ago--it was a dreadful day.  Many of us are still not mended and are still suffering from your loss in different ways. 

Five years ago today you may have left us as an earthly being, but you sure haven't left the hearts and minds of those who loved you, of those you loved, and of those you had such a tremendous impact on in your 52 years.

You are alive everywhere! Your spirit lives on all around us--through Naoki, Aki and Nobu, your extended family and friends and your students and collegues... you left us a huge legacy of love.

We still so miss your smile & laughter, your happy heart, your intellect, your love, your music, your stories, your passion for life and medicine and helping people and saving lives --those less fortunate and those suffering. You inspired so many people.

We were honored and lucky to know you, Kevin Allen Mack.

We continue to be proud to be your Auntie and Uncle, and we continue to celebrate you -- often. At milestone anniversaries like today however, many of us will be in deep reflection of you--remembering all of what you meant to us. We will recognize your contributions and the impacts you have made and the love you put into everything. We will listen to your voice in our head, your music in our ears, and, we will look at pictures of your smiling eyes. We will feel in our hearts the pleasures you still give us through these memories. 

Thank you!

My dear Kevin, you were a sterling character of a man and I know I am a better person today because of you! 

Forever Missed!!

Love, Auntie Laurie and Uncle Dick
Posted by Kathleen Kittle on July 14, 2016
In so many countless ways we miss you in our lives, dearest friend and confidante. Our hearts still ache from our loss. I tell my children often about you--they are at the age that I first met you. How I wish they had had you in their lives to make the difference you made in mine. Praying for you and your family, Kevin. Please pray for all of us, too.
Posted by Sandie Harrington on July 14, 2016
So many days I wish to talk to you, Kevin. You touched me where it hurt and helped me heal. I wish there were more time. Your energy and spirit do live on, but oh how we long for you.
Posted by Joanna Mandell on April 17, 2016
Kevin, we think of you often and miss you frequently. Wish i could tell you so many things.
Posted by Hiroyuki Mitsuishi on December 9, 2015
I do not forget you forever. The lecture that you have done at Kyoto in Japan was splendid. Many your japanese friends do not still forget you.
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