Let the memory of Khalid be with us forever
  • 59 years old
  • Born on August 26, 1954 .
  • Passed away on April 2, 2014 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Khalid Karim, 59, born on August 26, 1954 and passed away on April 2, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Talat Hameed on 26th August 2017
Remembering KK on his birthday. May his soul rest in peace. Good man, will always be missed. "Hallelujah
Posted by Usman Ghani on 2nd April 2017
Dearest Khalid, You are dearly missed by all your family and friends, including this one who sat next to you in the class. You were a sweet soul and loved by all. Very teacher knew you were a thorough gentleman at such a young age. While you had the cleanest of jokes and smartest of dresses among us, your integrity was an example for us. Nor to forget as to how handsome you were and yet never a show-off. We miss you Yar! But let Him now take dearest care of you as you are in His Full Possession Inshallah-o-Ameen. Enjoy the Heavens dear friend. We will join you with His Blessings and Assurances.
Posted by Talat Hameed on 1st April 2017
Three years ago Khalid left us. Will be missed forever as a friend & lovely person. And especially when I listen to Leonard Cohen. Great memories. May you rest in peace KK.
Posted by Aliya Karim on 26th August 2016
I still remember when I saw you after many years, the night that I arrived to celebrate Sehr's wedding. You grabbed both of my hands, twirled me around with delight and said "Let me look at you!" I felt like a princess. I will see your little brother in just a few short days, where we will surely discuss your memory. Remembering you today and always.
Posted by Tasneem Sidhpurwala on 25th July 2016
Your birthday is coming up in a month and you will be remembered dearly.
Posted by Aqila Saeed on 26th August 2015
Remembered with love and pride...dear Khalid. We miss u,r sincere and honest friendship.
Posted by Shaheryar Ali on 2nd April 2015
Khalid, as you would say, "Kiya khabar hai?". You will always be missed...
Posted by Tariq Karim on 2nd April 2015
One year today. Time flies... We think of you often and see you in your grandson' s eyes who will be one this month.
Posted by Hassan Sait on 26th August 2014
Our dearest Khalid surely in Heaven Ameen . Be assured we miss you and really do and remember you always also in our Prayers. Indeed you were a unique individual simple honest and loving. You have left a lasting impression and your dear children will adopt your earnest and loving style of life and our dearest Shabana will continue to maintain your traditions and principles you set in life. This is the only tribute we can offer you a great gentleman.
Posted by Munia Awan on 26th August 2014
My dear and gentle friend, we all miss you. many many happy memories, events shared, jokes laughed at, games played, food eaten , drinks drunk, company enjoyed. you were a good man.
Posted by Usman Ghani on 8th July 2014
A Great Classfellow and Friend. Shared by Usman Ghani on 07/03/2014 Dearest Khalid, You are enjoying The Heavens Inshallah and we are sad to see you go, this soon. But didn't we learn in St.Pat's in our English classes that those whom God loves die young. Easier said than realized. Khalid Yar, it seems like yesterday. You were a charming and handsome young man, the most-model like among us in the Cambridge Class: smart yet soft-spoken; a hero yet modest; quiet yet warm, real warm inside; and the many other admirable attributes of yours we all cherished. But now these stay with us a shining examples of a great classfellow, an example. Your conservative lifestyle with a shinning light inspired us all. You never showed any immaturities that so many of us in the class did; every teacher was sure you were never among the noise-makers; yet you had so much fun with us all. Only last year, I was asking Munir Ladak and Munir Bhimjee to re-connect me with you as we had lost touch since I migrated to the U.S. in the 1980s. I was told that you were leading a focused life with your family and encouraging your children. My visits to PAK were brief and so also to the UAE. I am so sad we could not meet-up but we will Inshallah enjoy Jannat-ul-Firdaus together someday Inshallah. You are now in my prayers dear, dear friend and I will be delighted to meet your children someday to tell them what a Great man you were/are and to assist them in any way that I can in making their lives even greater so your spirit is delighted. Rest in peace dear friend. We will see you in the Morning. Warmly embracing your memories, Usman A. Ghani Irving, TX, U.S.A.
Posted by Sehr Karim-Jaffer on 4th July 2014
Daddy, I really really miss you. I wish you were here right now. You should see your grandson, he is a doll. You would have loved him more than anything. Sometimes I forget you have left us and I think you will be home when I get there. I am scared to go home and to realize you aren't there. I hope you are looking over us and enjoying us from above. I laugh a little louder now just so you might hear me and I try hard not to cry as I know how much it pained you to see suffer. Why were you taken away before seeing your first grandchild? I don't understand. Perhaps that is the lesson you were asked to teach us all, that some things in life simply don't make sense...and we must learn to bow down to the universe in complete submission whilst we keep moving on with our heads held up high and our hearts filled with hope... A part of me is forever lost with you no longer here on earth. I love you dad.
Posted by Taimur Awan on 3rd May 2014
Dear Khalid Uncle - miss you a lot! Fondly remember playing poker with you and talking about everything from football to finance. Lots of love
Posted by Murtaza Husain on 22nd April 2014
"You will be remembered forever"
Posted by Durdana Rizvi on 20th April 2014
dont stand at my grave and weep; i am not there. i do not sleep. i am a thousand winds that blow. i am the diamond glints in snow. i am the sunlight on the ripened grain. i am the gentle autumn rain. when you awaken in the morning’s hush, i am the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight. i am the soft stars that shine at night. dont stand at my grave and cry; i am not there. i did not die.
Posted by Haamid Jaffer on 20th April 2014
We mortals will definitely miss him. But hark, his name means eternal (immortal) a characteristic of our Creator that Khalid Karim shared since birth when he was named so. We all remember him as a smiling, gentle, caring and kind person. He is a "Jannathi" and I pray his Loved Ones will bear his absence with his SMILE at this moment of distress and grow as brave as he was by reflection on his Greatness. Love to family and look forward to "Nawaasa" smiling away the worries.
Posted by Shaheryar Ali on 16th April 2014
Tariq, to add to your message: if only we could use Google to find Khalid. In addition to beet root and dahi, we will need lots of green chilies and onions to entice him to dine with us (as my son, Mikhail, put it). I am sure he is happy where he is. May God bless him, always!
Posted by Aqila Saeed on 16th April 2014
TO him he belonged!and to him he has returned.
Posted by Aqila Saeed on 16th April 2014
"To Live in the Hearts of those you LOVE,is not to Die!" KHALID KARIM...we loved you dearly and will remember you with Love and Pride.You were a GENTLEMAN..a true friend...and one of a kind. AQILA....Saeed.2014
Posted by Tariq Karim on 16th April 2014
Two weeks today since we lost you from this world. Your presence is felt around us and I can only hope that you have plenty of beet root and dahi to keep you company! Also if Apple TV has made it to heaven, I'm sure you are tuned into PBS watching some documentary on world history or the latest sky scraper going up. You were such a gentle man Khalid bhaya and I will go through our daily routine in Houston in my mind for years to come. As you predicted SL won the T20 cricket and I still mentally talk to you about the Pistorius trial. I know we both believe that he's guilty. Time will tell. Miss you but feel in my heart that you are at peace and watching over all of us.....The sun is shining brightly today and I feel your presence in its warm rays. ❤️
Posted by Nasser Jaffer on 12th April 2014
After the devastating shock of realising that we have lost Khalid in this world I continue to dry my tears with the fondest memories by stating my personal regret for having known him only for 6 years. I am extremely thankful to the Almighty for sharing him with us. The man was a giver to ALL. He was humble, kind & caring while having very strong traditional values and practicing it with All his fellow beings. I have had the pleasure of spending time with him in developing a relationship between our two families. I feel proud & lucky to have associated with him. A visionary with a 20:20. He was the one who had stated that he was convinced more than 3 years back that Sehr & Nadir will sooner than later be coming back to Pakistan. The interaction with the children was more as a friend than a father. He shall be missed but never forgotten. For solace to Shabana, Sehr, Salman & Imraan you all were lucky to have had him amongst your lives while he can never be replaced. Cherish his memories.You all deserve to be PROUD as he shall never be forgotten by many of us as he did have a personal touch with each individual. I just want you all to know that we did speak a few times about the young ones & I always stated to him that I expect him to take care of Sehr, Nadir & grand children after I have gone from this world. Unfortunately I now write his tributes with a heavy heart while offering myself available to you all to be by your side anytime. I request the readers if you care and miss him please include him in your daily prayers to Bless his Soul for Eternal Peace.Aameen
Posted by Sehr Karim Jaffer on 10th April 2014
My darling daddy. Spring has come and you have left us. The flowers are blooming in Central Park and the sky blushes each evening as the sun sets in style. I can feel your spirit all around. While we sit here crying, you are probably looking down on us laughing with a cigar in your hand and Andrea Boccelli playing in the back ground on full blast. You had a heart of gold and were simply too kind for this world...You taught me how to whip up a mean agli olio, how to cook aloo keema (the only dish of mine Nadir likes), made sure we travelled the world, educated me about my roots, taught me about the kind of man I should marry, how to see beauty in the simplest of things, and most importantly, modeled how a man should treat a woman (you edited every chapter of my mothers masters thesis and glowed with pride as she received her masters.) When I reflect on you and your life, one word comes to mind: "respect." You showed me the importance of self-respect, respecting your partner, caring for our elders and helping the poor. You left this world the way you lived, with true dignity and grace, and for that I am deeply grateful. You left us just a few weeks short of the birth of your first grandchild. At first I could not understand why. But upon reflecting on how you lived, I realize that it must be that God had a job that only a man with a golden heart could do. Thank you for bringing me into this world. I should have kissed your feet when I saw you last but promise to do so everyday in my prayers. Love you dad, always and forever. Your eternally grateful daughter, Sehr.
Posted by Hassan Sait on 8th April 2014
No words to describe our loving and gentle Khalid who lead a great life and pleased everyone. Surely missed and never forgotten. May Allah grant him a special place in Jannatul Firdaus Ameen. Baji & Chotay Nana
Posted by Hassan Sait on 8th April 2014
No words to describe a fondest sharing spouse loving father and respectable and affectionate to his loved ones.I knew him as a boy and grew before us a gentleman to the core and then getting married to our dearest niece Shabana .
Posted by Rabia Khan on 7th April 2014
Tino bhaiya you will be greatly missed but you will live in our hearts forever.
Posted by Nadira Jaffer-kurtha on 6th April 2014
Both Aziz and I would like to offer our deepest condolences to Khalids family. Inna Lillahe We Inna Ilehe Rajeoon. May he rest in eternal peace.
Posted by Shaheryar Ali on 6th April 2014
All we have left now are memories of a very gentle, kind, graceful and loving man, husband, father, brother, son, friend. His wisdom, his kindness, his sense of humor will always be missed. I have lost a brother! We find solace in knowing that God was merciful in his final moments. I have shared some candid pictures of Khalid- of some happy moments we shared together!
Posted by Naila Shamsi on 6th April 2014
Khalid Bhai was a sweet and gentle man. In all the years I knew him, I never saw him lose his temper. Full of style and always in fashion he was the epitome of what a gentleman should be. He will be missed, but he lives on in the hearts of everyone that loved him.
Posted by Tariq Karim on 6th April 2014
Fortunate and blessed to be allowed by the almighty to spend three weeks with Khalid bhaya in Houston last month. The quiet time we spent one on one was a once in a life time opportunity for me to see the grace and dignity in which my brother faced his medical crisis. He was a quiet man but so deep in his emotional connection to his immediate family. His love for his three children was professed daily in the small things that he would say about them. He was proud and rightly so......
Posted by Nermeen Qasim on 6th April 2014
What always struck me about him was his gentle and soft spoken demeanor. May Allah rest his soul in peace and grant him a place in jannah...ameen
Posted by Taimur Hadi on 6th April 2014
Our heartfelt condolences to the Karim family and those close to Khalid uncle. The legacy of a man's greatness is seen in the children he leaves behind. All you have to do is meet Sehr, Salman and Imran to feel his warmth, love and kindness. Insha'Allah, he will always be in our memories and look after you from above. With love, Taimur, Uzma and Kinza
Posted by Munia Awan on 6th April 2014
Khaled Kreeeem! this is what I would call my friend. we will miss you so much. so much. sweet sweet man.
Posted by Raana Karim on 5th April 2014
Khalid karim..... A Man for All Season! You will be greatly MISSED
Posted by Asma Osman on 5th April 2014
You will be missed

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