Fighting against inequality is a hard path. I have taken this hard path, consciously, and will follow this path till the last day of my life.
  • 46 years old
  • Born on January 25, 1966 .
  • Passed away on November 17, 2012 .

Memorial Page to Khorshed Alam, Executive Director of Alternative Movement for Resources and Freedom Society (AMRF), friend to many many people throughout the globe and advocate and supporter of all workers in Bangladesh and beyond.


Read about his professional life under "His Life"

You can also access the facebook memorial page here.

Posted by Juliette Li on 17th November 2018
It was just like yesterday when we had lunch at Koshed's office. China made my favourite dal soup and stir-fried pumpkin leaves. Koshed said to us, people don't need much. We all should should be aware of that. I said I would be happy if I could eat pumpkin leaves everyday. Everyone laughed out loud. When I left Bangladesh, Koshed gave me a small pack of pumpkin seeds. He said, when spring comes, sow it in your garden. And you will harvest happiness. "The life of the death is placed in the memory of the living. "
Posted by Kees Manintveld on 27th November 2012
Khorshed came into my life very recently through professional e-mail contacts. It was all the more shocking that he passed away so suddenly. Hopefully, there will be a moment to learn more of him as an activist for equality.
Posted by Natasha Ahmad on 24th November 2012
Khorshed Alam and I worked together and I remember him as a strong person with strong opinion and innovative ideas. He was a person who stood up against violence against women and humanity. I will miss him always.
Posted by Erica Van Doorn on 23rd November 2012
Khorsed has been a great inspiration for staff of Fair Wear Foundation and we are very grateful for having worked together with him. Thank you for living your life in such a meaningful way. You will be missed dearly.
Posted by Marcella K on 22nd November 2012
A video shot a couple of years ago of Clean Clothes Campaign's close partner and friend Khorshed Alam, who died suddenly and much too young last week. It is committed, courageous people like Khorshed that make CCC such a strong and dynamic network.
Posted by Franziska Humbert on 21st November 2012
I am shocked to hear about his death. He was such a committed and outstanding person, full of joy and compassion. His death is a true loss for all of us who know him and workers around the globe. It is for us now to continue what he has started and bring about more justice for workers.
Posted by Nasreen Begum on 21st November 2012
I was very shocked to hear such a sad news, the death news of Khorshed Bhai. I met him for the first time at CCC Conference in Turkey. I talked for several times about the research on sandblasting in Bangladesh.
Posted by Karmojibi Nari on 21st November 2012
Karmojibi Nari expresses its great condolence to the sudden death of Khorshed Alam, Executive Director of AMRF. KN lost an activist and fried in the way of its journey to establish the workers rights and dignity. KN will miss him.
Posted by Kashef Hoda on 20th November 2012
He was strong till the point of death ... I can remember that clearly. A brave man indeed.

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