Shared by Tracy Dixon on March 21, 2020

I wish every second of the day I didn’t know what it’s like to be a mom to an Angel because it’s the worst pain you will ever know and feel in your life and it’s a pain that never stops!! The tears never stop no matter how hard you try ... I can occupy my mind just for a little bit then reality sets in again that my baby is gone forever and there isn’t a thing I can do! I wished I could be with my daughter all the time and I wished she was still here and me taking care of her but her being healthy!!! I am losing my mind more and more each day that passes and I don’t even know what to do with myself anymore!! Alyssa you are my world and the only one I could fully trust and turn to when I need someone to talk to!!! The last little bit of your life you had me sleeping with you and I would fall asleep rubbing your back and having you snuggled up in my arms .... I want that back and if I could have you back I would do it every night!!! The things I have had to witness from the day you died, to the viewing, the service, watching them carry you out my home then watching them carry you out of the church ... I will never be the same mentally!! I never knew it was possible to hurt this much!!! I truly feel like you took my heart and soul with you because I could care less anymore ... I need you so bad!!
Shared by Tracy Dixon on March 20, 2020

I can only hope we shall see each other againin that place where there is only love and no shadows fall. You have touched my life in so many ways and changed me for the better. You actually touched the lives of everyone around you! You being so wise and mature carried you far in life and kept me on the right path. It’s so hard living life without you baby!!! You were always right by my side and always there when I needed someone to talk to and I was always there for you! I feel like I have nothing now!

My sweet angel ♡

Shared by Kaylee Haers on March 19, 2020
Dear kim,
Words can not describe how much I miss you and work misses you </3 you were the most positive young lady with a smile that could brighten the mood or the day! I remember everytime you worked I would come over to ask you how you were doing and you would smile and say today I feel pretty great!! I miss you so much my ray of sunshine. Even though you were sick you never once complained and were so up beat. Work misses you so much but don't worry we will continue to help show everyone how great you were! You are our guardian angel and I thank you for being in my life this short time I knew you! Until we meet again ♡♡

Thank You

Shared by Tracy Dixon on March 19, 2020

To the world you may have just been somebody, but to all of us you were the world.
Thank you for the time you spent here! You had a heart and soul that was so pure and I’m so glad God allowed me to be your mommy and enjoy your life on earth

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