This tribute was added by Veronica J. Valentini on March 20, 2020
A truly beautiful tribute to Kimberly. Thank you for sharing her life with us.
Am so very sorry to you Tracy and to her entire family. Kimberly would be so honored by this page. ~ Veronica
This tribute was added by April Dickerson on March 19, 2020
I didn't know you but threw yours pictures and everything on facebook I feel like I knew you. Your such a beautiful angel inside and out. Your mom misses you so much but I know your the most beautiful angel in heaven, and your watching over her and your family. And your with her all the time. I talked to your mom a few months back and we was gonna try to get together cause I wanted to meet you. But you are in a better place now. Your dearly missed beautiful.
This tribute was added by Candy Manning on March 19, 2020
I hope Heaven is as beautiful as they say!! I know it's gotta be a better place since you got there! Your momma misses you like crazy, so make sure to hug her often! Kiss away her tears and just hold her lots. God bless you always! XoXoXoXo
This tribute was added by Khia Taylor on March 19, 2020
I love you sm babygirl, you were so full of life even on the days you didn’t feel like it. You were such a great friend, always put others before yourself. I love you forever and always
This tribute was added by Wardha Wajed on March 19, 2020
Kim I miss you so much.. Not a day goes by I don’t think of you. I try not to because it doesn’t feel to me. I don’t want this to be true. I wish I had spent more time with you. I was planning on doing something with you and Ms. Cox and I was looking forward to that. I was reading where your mom talked about when you had been diagnosed with it. I remember you had come to see me not long before that. I still remember what you were wearing that day. Some black tights and my red shirt and you had black shoes on. You had your hair opened and that smile on your face that you always carried no matter what. I absolutely love your smile and I’m never gonna forget it. And I remember you FaceTiming me and telling me what had happened and that you had been diagnosed with cancer. And I broke down on the phone. It didn’t feel real just like this doesn’t. I have this empty feeling in my stomach while writing this. When I attended your funeral I couldn’t get my self to go up and look. And when I did it didn’t feel real. What your mom said helped me a lot. She said your not suffering anymore and you beat your battle and you did! Your on of the strongest girls I will ever know. I love and miss you so much beautiful.
This tribute was added by Tracy Dixon on March 17, 2020
Baby, I want you to know mommy loves you more than anything in this world and if I could bring you back and you be extremely healthy I would! I am still trying to figure out how to live life without you and as each day passes, each day gets harder and harder. They say things will get worse before they get better but I don't think things will be better ever because I lost my first true love, the one that made me a mommy, the one who saved my life and helped me grow all through life, my beloved daughter, and my best friend in the world who I could turn to about anything and I did so much in life with you by my side!!! I love you so very much baby!! Hugs & Kisses to you always and forever!!

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