••Fly High, Baby Girl••

Shared by Scott Weed on April 5, 2019

Judy, Kara, Dave and to all of the beautiful children in the Caldwell family I just want to express my shared emotional healing process that is beginning today along with you all . I am very happy to have been able to meet all of you little newest additions to the family. I wish I could have met you all on better circumstances. However, you are all such amazing and beautiful children with a whole life ahead of you to live and live to the fullest as Kimmy would always say. I am very proud to have been so close to this family my entire life and during these times it is more important that we take advantage of the fortunate relationship that we have together so that we could assist one another in our own process of healing and grieving. I love you all. Kara and Judy, I love you and please don't hesitate to contact either myself or Judy you for contacting my grandmother liz as you two were best friends for many years and I think it would be a waste to not rekindle those relationships. If you do not have her information and are not on Facebook then simply ask Kara to reach out to me for that contact info. Thanks. I love you guys. The services tonight were beautiful and I really hope you all liked the flower arrangement I had sent to the funeral parlor. Please keep the plaque/ memorial type of thing that came with it in a special place so that it will always be seen and not just tucked away. Love always, Scotty and the rest of my family. Liz, kelly, Big MIKE and Lil Mikey.. we all love you and will always be here.

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