This tribute was added by Bethany Abplanalp on April 7, 2019
Kimmy aka slimJim even tho we went our separate ways, I ALWAYS loved you! I was mad at you for leaving Alex and jayla that I didn't understand you were just hurting and thinking they needed better.. you did put your kids first.. I know you loved those babies! We lived together for years, YEARS lol we fought a lot, laughed a lot, cried together, did things together for the first time.. remember our "shhhh" it was our secret word bc no one knew what we were always up too.. u are the mother of my nephew and I'm honored to have you in my life, I wish it was longer. You were my slimJim and I was your buzubble's ❤️ that was us! I didn't consider you anything other than a sister to me, years we had our moments but don't all families?! I forgive you Kim, I hope u forgive me, and I am so sorry I was so selfish and didn't see your pain. You taught me now this lesson. I really wish this was all just a bad dream. I wish I knew and I'm so sorry I didn't know.. no one told me. It's like a knife to my heart all over again.. no matter what, I always loved you and your family bc they were MY family too bc we had "blood ties" we say lol "abplanalp by injection" I cried laughing so hard when u said that to me for the first time! Many, many years we we're friends, it's like we were on our own level that noone else was on.. it was slimJim n buzubble's for life! You carried a burden that u we're not ment to carry and I'm sorry I wasn't there like I should of been.. I hope you forgive me. I'm so sorry kimmy you will always and I mean ALWAYS be in my heart.. right next to my mom n Little brother. I love you and I'm sorry I wish I could of said this to you before but I was selfish. You rest good in paradise bc we be ballin when I get up there!! Forever in my heart kimmy xoxox

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