Let the memory of Kimberly be with us forever
  • 31 years old
  • Born on December 4, 1982 .
  • Passed away on January 15, 2014 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kimberly Wiltsie 31 years old , born on December 4, 1982 and passed away on January 15, 2014. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Don Wiltsie on 6th December 2018
Happy Birthday in heaven Kim..I miss you. Dad
Posted by Colleen Donnelly on 4th December 2018
Another year with out you. I can't believe your 36. I'm trying hard not to be sad and to just be. Kim as Shyla said just the other day. Sometimes it seems like forever and other days it seems like yesterday. You remain a big part of our every day life. We talk as if you are still with us and a lot of the time I can feel you here. I'm hoping to get a visit again soon, I will try my hardest to not cry and just be happy for the time we have. I love you...
Posted by Colleen Donnelly on 15th January 2018
So today marks your 4th year in heaven, for me sometimes it seems like yesterday I was just talking to you and other times it's like the pain of not hearing from you is to much. Kim we talk about you everyday, I talk to you everyday that's not going to change. I can't always tell when your proud of me and when your nit happy with something I decided so that hasn't changed. I'm still wondering why your not here and that isn't getting easier for me or the kids. I know your with them so I don't have to tell you how they are doing your sister still struggling as much as me. But you come to us all when we need you the most and let us know your still here to help us. I love and miss you Kim till we meet again xoxox
Posted by Nore Thomas on 13th January 2018
As the 15th rolls around I find out my dad if dying I think you was trying to tell me i felt you strong I figured it was bc I was needing you girl I know you see all I've been going threw just keep on keeping me I love and miss you my love!! Until we meet again ps....another one of those hugs would be really nice about now (hint hint)
Posted by Colleen Donnelly on 5th December 2017
I came on here to write yesterday and I got pulled away. Happy Birthday baby.
Posted by Tatiana Green on 4th December 2017
I miss you Martha always Happy Birthday❤
Posted by Bernard Roberts on 4th December 2017
Happy Birthday Kim...Never Forgotten.
Posted by Colleen Donnelly on 15th January 2017
Another year has passed and I still can't believe your gone. This day 3 years ago was one of the worst days of my life, not only did I lose my daughter but my best friend. I remember how you use to tell me I better be nice to you because you would be taking care of me when I get old. We had so many dreams things we wanted to do. Now all of that is gone. I know your with me because I can feel you, hear you and once in a while you will join me till I cry then your gone. Your sister is really having a hard time and just the other day said I wish sissy didn't have to die but because she did I wish I could just talk to her one more time. I think we all feel that way. You went so fast no one even got to say goodbye. One min I'm giving you breakfast and saying see you in an hour and the next I'm begging for you to breath. God must have needed a great strong women up there. We love and miss you. You still fill this house not a day goes by that we don't talk about you or cry that your not here. Till we meet again baby mommy loves you it was always me and you.
Posted by Don Wiltsie on 15th January 2017
I miss you Kim.....
Posted by Colleen Donnelly on 1st January 2017
Happy New Year Kimberly Robin another year with out you
Posted by Tatiana Green on 4th December 2016
Not a day that goes by that I'm not missing or thinking of you. Yelling up to the heavens Happy birthday Kym. I love you and continue watching over us
Posted by Colleen Donnelly on 4th December 2016
Today is your Birthday and I know your smiling down on us. 34 yr ago you came into my life you changed my whole world. You kept me going and gave me a reason to keep going in a positive way. We never really left each other for your whole 31 yr. I now know God had a plan for you so he never sent you off to fly alone because he knew one day he would take you back. I still don't know why I still question him every day. I can't wait to be with you again I miss you so much. But I still have a job to do so I'm going to stay and do it. Our Kids are amazing. I love and miss you you are always on my mind you live in my heart. Love always and for ever till we meet again Mom
Posted by Colleen Donnelly on 7th August 2016
You have been on my mind a lot lately, I can smell you and feel your presence I just can't see you. I remember the day you came into this world it was you and me against the world. I was so young didn't really know how to take care of myself and now I had you. I remember our talks tears later and you always told me how proud you were of me and how much you admired me for all that I went though to keep you and raise you as a single parent. That was something you told me only a few months before you pasted. But really it was you that kept me on the right path always wanting to do better. Now we had our ups and found but we never parted ways. I think God had a plan and it was for us to be together forever and your forever just ended way earlier than we both thought. People could never understand our relationship, always together, fight like sister's and love even harder. Now that I look back I'm glad you made me stay and live together. I miss you ever day I wake up and listen to hear you down stairs or hear you walk up the stairs and when I don't the tears come. I know your here with me in spirit just wish it was in life. S. I. P Mommy's baby girl till we meet again.
Posted by Don Wiltsie on 6th August 2016
You were my first little girl and I missed you always! I never had a chance to tell you how much i loved you and missed you, I will always love you and miss you...Dad
Posted by Elaine Wiltsie- Johnson on 25th January 2016
Kim I can't believe it's been 2 years. Alot has happened to me that I wish I could share but I'll pray instead. You gave me hope when I had none. I won't ever forget you. Pain does change people but I know what you said to me last and that keeps me going. Love always sweet woman..friend
Posted by Patti Mead on 17th January 2016
I am always thinking about you and legacy you left behind. You will never be forgotten.
Posted by Christine Wiltsie on 16th January 2016
There isn't 't a day go by that I so regret we didn't get to see each before your unexpected passing.. I miss you and specialty little time we had together. I look at your picture everyday by my bed. My niece I will always remember you. You will be always in my thoughts.xxxooo
Posted by Jessica Hasbrouck Jenkins on 15th January 2016
You will forever be in my heart. Love and miss you Kimmie s.I.p baby girl!
Posted by Audrey Bullock on 15th January 2016
Too many memories to ever forget you. Forever in my heart. Love you always
Posted by Colleen Donnelly on 15th January 2016
I will never forget you. You are still so much apart of our lives. S. I. P. Mommy loves you.
Posted by Susan Buckbee on 12th January 2016
Kim you are in our hearts and thoughts. You will live amongst us eternally. God bless you and RIP
Posted by Colleen Donnelly on 12th January 2016
This came across my time line and funny I was thinking about it and couldn't remember the site. It's going to be two years and some days it feels like 10 years and other days it seems like yesterday. I still listen for you to come up the stairs after the kids go to school or jump in car when I'm getting ready to leave and ask if you can come with me in if I'll take you out to breakfast. Miss all of that and more.
Posted by Patti Mead on 4th December 2015
Happy Birthday in heaven Kim. Keep flying high with the angels and be free.
Posted by Natalia Cubano on 15th January 2015
1 year ago today... It's still so unreal... I thank GOD for the opportunity to have met U all those years ago... The memories I will always cherish I miss & love u boo S.I.P
Posted by Tania Whitted on 14th January 2015
Not a day goes by without you on my mind just wish I would have known the signs for what they were before you left us
Posted by Elaine Wiltsie- Johnson on 14th January 2015
Kim always talked to me about my pain and understood it. I hopewe helped each other when we got depressed .. she was always understanding..I miss her..
Posted by DIane Donnelly on 14th January 2015
I remember you running across the field in Post Park in a black dressing, yelling 'Diane' with your arms outstretched to deliver me a big hug. You are a beautiful & a rare gem.. I love that you speak your mind .You are missed by so many and still around all of us. I feel your presence in the stairwell at your old place. It's hard to comprehend that it will be one year ago tomorrow that I got the call from your mom that you were gone. Gone too soon and never to be forgotten. I think for some reason you are up there baking and making pasta for all the other older family and talking lots. Love & miss you cousin.
Posted by Tatiana Green on 14th January 2015
Never thought I'd b writing something like this for someone who I grew with & then they left me so soon. I miss our arguments, our laughs, our debates... I miss everything smh. I see u all the time in my dreams an u let me know ur OK but sometimes its just not enough for me. If I could get one more sarcastic text, or phone call I'd be OK ...I'm lying smh miss u like crazy Martha.. U use to always say I didn't love u lol ii hope u know now..
Posted by Christine Wiltsie on 14th January 2015
I can't believe its been a year. I reget every day that I kept saying we get together. Miss our talks over the phone. I'm sorry we never got that chance to see each other. Love you and miss you.
Posted by Vanessa Freese on 14th January 2015
I cannot believe it has been this long seems like yesterday.I miss u girl n I'd b so proud of your mom and the way shes handling things . (I know u see that everyday) We all love you very much .Fly high :-)
Posted by Colleen Donnelly on 14th January 2015
Kim 1 year ago tomorrow at 9a.m. will be one year that I last talked to you the last meal I made for you and the last time I heard you laugh. It seems like yesterday it doesn't seem like a year has gone by. I sure learned a lot and my life has been trued up sit down . I would give any thing to true back time and have one more day to hear you laugh to see you smile for you to tell me how I should dress or how I need to take better care of myself. I miss you so much you Kim will forever be in my heart . Everyday when I sit and look at your kids I see you in each and every one of them and your sister is just like them. SIP Kim
Posted by Crystal Thomas on 14th January 2015
I love and miss u so much i don't think you even know tomorrow it will be a year i cant believe it love u kim
Posted by Audrey Bullock on 14th January 2015
Forever in my memory, gone but never forgotten. Sending love to heaven.
Posted by Nore Thomas on 12th January 2015
I love you wilts I miss you way more then I ever imagined we was going to grow old together I didn't need a soul mate I had you I try hard not to cry thinking of you BC I kno you wouldn't want that I remember laying in bed one night wishing for one last hug you came to me in my dream no words you jus hugged me I woke up crying an smiling from ear to ear BC I knew you was still with me
Posted by Patti Mead on 11th January 2015
There is not a day that goes by that we don't think about you and your life. You left us way too soon and are missed greatly by many. May you fly high in the sky and be an angel now and always.
Posted by Bernard Roberts on 11th January 2015
When I met you years ago I knew right then and there you were a special person. The way you were with your children, and the way your sister adored your only heightened what you stood for. I never truly got to know you as well as I wanted to but what I did know of you brings a smile to my face. I miss you Kim, Happy Birthday in the Heavens to you :-)
Posted by Colleen Donnelly on 11th January 2015
You are forever in my heart. Love and missed greatly

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