What a beautiful, gentle woman, who gave so much of herself.
  • 53 years old
  • Born on March 27, 1961 in Oakland, California, United States.
  • Passed away on May 28, 2014 in Denver, Colorado, United States.

We will remember Kim forever.

Kim's Life Party was held Tuesday, June 10, 2014.

Bench Donations instead of flowers: We hope to put up at least three new benches at Kim's favorite places: Colorow Elementary, where she taught, South Valley Open Space Park, and at the Top of Deer Creek (or Phillipsburg, or the Grange on top of High Grade depending on what we can get done).  Three donation options:

Use the donation page
Send an email to Joe, copying cash@square.com, with the amount in the subject.

Posted by Joe Shields on 29th May 2017
You lift me every day. You make my life the only way a good love can! Love you like cazy! I will always miss the many ways you touch me. I know you are alway listening Love Me
Posted by Jennifer Adams on 28th May 2015
5-28-15 Kim, it's been a year since you have left this earth. I have learned alot from you and have been listening to you and proactive with my own health. I continue to live my life and feel change and growth from you. I love you so much and think of you daily. It still doesn't feel real that your not here but I have felt you with me at certain times (Mondavi Center with Temple Grandin……..things that have happened to me that I believe you had some force in. Your an amazing angel, I love you. Love, Jen
Posted by Cathy Clark-Enfield on 28th March 2015
March 28, 2015 Remembering Kim: Always smiling, always uplifting and supportive, always the one who said, "you can do it"! Kim gave us her unquestioning love and enormous hope. She gave my children love and kindness, and she will always be remembered with smiles and love in our hearts and the desire to pass that on to others. You are forever with us, Kim. Love, Cousin Cathy
Posted by Cyndi Myers on 11th August 2014
Kim and I met while in our student teaching. We went on to teach at the same school our first year. Bought houses in adjacent neighborhoods. Over the years Kim & I would go for walks, attend teacher conferences, and engage in long conversations about our teaching and our students. It was during these times with Kim that I came to see what a special teacher, friend, and person she was. She had such a talent for connecting with her students and helping them to succeed in her classroom. She never gave up on them and was an inspiration to all of them. Kim made me want to the best teacher I could be - she always listened and gave solid advice. She was a true friend and I was blessed to have known her. Kim once told me that teaching defined her ~ the way Kim lived her life defined who she was! The love for her family, her passion for travel and biking, her dedication to the love of her life ~ Joe. Teaching was just one more special talent Kim had. Anyone who met Kim in or outside of school received a special gift. So thanks Kim for being so giving and changing all of our lives.
Posted by Sarah Bawden on 25th June 2014
God has truly blessed me with one of the best gifts of all--Kim! We shared so much together over the years! From teaching together like soul mates to beautiful friendship moments in life, the memories I have will be forever etched in gold in my heart. Kim gave me endearing love, endless support, pure inspiration, and especially a happy heart. For all that Kim shared with me, I am forever grateful! My dear friend will be forever missed!
Posted by Jamie Mitchell on 22nd June 2014
I have not seen Kim for 20 years. She has been on my mind a lot lately. I decided to Google her name and see what would come up. I am still in shock to find out that she is gone. For a short time in my life I considered her my best friend but I moved away and contact was lost. I always felt a closeness to her that I have never felt for another friend. I really don't know why we didn't keep in touch. I know she must have led me to find this memorial. Joe, I am so sorry for your loss. Your pain must be unbearable. I will pray that you find comfort in how much good she seems to have brought to the world.
Posted by Nancy Lewis on 11th June 2014
Posted by Vickie Tolve on 10th June 2014
Dear Kim, Today, I thank you for being a special friend in my life! You inspire me to live each day to the fullest, as I saw you live each day with love, courage and strength! We were blessed to spend many days hiking and biking through our beautiful foothills! We spoke a lot about living, loving, forgiving, our faith, and God's Plans. You are a Blessing in my life! There will be no doubt that as bright as your spirit was here on earth, I know that light will be much Brighter as you begin your work in Heaven! You will be dearly missed, my friend! God Speed ~ Love, Vickie
Posted by LaNae Cloud on 10th June 2014
Mrs. Shields was the best teacher my boys ever had. She loved them despite their idiosyncrasies! AND, she was my inspiration--I went back to school and got my elementary education degree because of what I saw happening in her classroom!
Posted by Cora Hirst on 10th June 2014
Mrs. Shields, I don't think I can really describe in words how much you mean to all or your students, friends, and family, but I'm going to take a shot at it anyways. We are not described by our struggles, but by the way that we handle them. By the smiles that we allow to join our eyes, and by the hearts you've touched within your life. You were so much more than your struggle. You were the fighter. You were the friend. The light, the teacher, the perfect example of a bright future. You were a person who found it within yourself to make our dreams come true:) (yes, I remember that "book" you helped me write in the fourth grade. I still have the copy that you signed with me) You were a person who saw the light in every body's heart. You were, and always will be, so so so much more than records on a paper. You are not gone, but alive and well in all of our hearts and memories. "Oblivion is inevitable", yes; but I believe that your soul has lived to touch so many lives that you will continue to live in them until we meet you anew in heaven. Until then, rest in paradise. My prayers go out for your family, and I hope they can find peace in this hard time
Posted by Kira Kranzusch on 8th June 2014
My condolences go out to Mrs. Shields and her family. She was my fourth grade teacher about 6 years ago and I always knew she would be one of my favorites. Myself and other peers always knew her as such a loving, beautiful, and enthusiastic teacher. Myself and many others looked forward to going to class everyday because she always had a fun day planned. She made each and every one of us feel important, and when no one else was there she was. She had so many great characteristics about her and I am so blessed I was able to call her my teacher and friend. She was defined by those who loved her and not by cancer. I love you Mrs. Shields, thank you for everything. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Robin Cox on 7th June 2014
As a teacher at Colorow Elementary, Kim was like a beautiful mother bird in nature. At the beginning of each school year I would see her busy building a strong nest to ensure the best survival of her baby chicks. Her nest always provided a safe environment where her little ones were treated with kindness, fed with knowledge, challenged to reach higher and encouraged to accept their differences. Then, at the end of each school year, Kim would watch with pride as each chick flew out of her nest on strong wings feeling more confident and ready to meet their next challenge. She truly loved teaching and all children who came into her life. Her contribution to the lives of these children will live on forever. As my friend, I loved Kim’s wonderful sense of humor, amazing inner strength, excitement for adventure, compassion for others and devotion to her family and friends. Most of all though I deeply treasured our friendship, our time together and the good soul inside of her. Kim was someone I could always confide in, trust and knew would be there for me anytime I needed her. I will deeply miss her and feel blessed/honored to have been a part of her life. LOVE YOU KIM!
Posted by Jennifer Adams on 6th June 2014
Dear Auntie Kimmy, I love how you were always so kind and loving to me. I love you. Love, Aleah Lemmond Adams (age 7, niece)
Posted by Jennifer Adams on 6th June 2014
Dear Auntie Kimmy, I love you and I miss you. Your were the best Auntie, thanks for making me feel special always. Love, Paige Lemmond Adams (age 7, niece)
Posted by Teres Mugnaini on 6th June 2014
To the Lemmond family. I am so sorry about the loss of Kim. I grew up in Sierra Oaks and remember standing with Kim on the corner of Breckenwood and American River waiting for the bus to Jonas Salk. Please know that all of you are in my thoughts right now. Teres Bugatto
Posted by Christine Sanford on 5th June 2014
Jim, Gerrie, Lemmond and the entire Lemmond Family. Joe and the entire Shields Family. Words can never describe the feelings of loosing a Family member. The times we were together growing up will always be cherished in my heart. As time goes on the pain lessons a little, but the memories are always present. Our hearts and Prayers are with you now and always. Love, Chris and Wayne
Posted by Jennifer Adams on 4th June 2014
My sister Kim……… a True Warrior, teacher, cyclist, yoga enthusiast, scrabble master, master mind of surprises, spiritualist, friend, cousin, niece, god mother, sister, wife and daughter". No words can describe what a huge loss this is for our family. She was an inspiration to anyone that met her. Cancer didn't get in her way, she traveled the world with Joe and spent time with all of her family. I remember hearing stories of her doing a spin class just days after chemo. The entire class stopped and applauded my sister because she finished the entire session like a Warrior. Would just like to write a couple of her sayings and her words of wisdom to me, in letters she has written me in the past. 1. FAMILY is important in life 2. DREAMS are important in life 3. Knowing how to READ and UNDERSTAND are important in life 4. BELIEF in GOD and YOURSELF are important in life 5. LISTENING is important in life 6. TRADITIONS are important in life 7. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER I love you Kim, I have listened to everything you have taught me in life. May you be in peace where you are now and know we are missing you but looking forward to seeing you again soon. Love Always, Jen Lemmond Adams
Posted by Kim Twilling on 4th June 2014
My heartfelt condolences go out to Joe and the Lemmond family. Kim was one of the first friends I met when I transferred to Jonas Salk Junior High. I have many fond memories of her and I will always remember that beautiful smile and infectious laugh! (Kim Buck)
Posted by Dick Roberts on 3rd June 2014
Kim is and always will be in our hearts. The warmth of ther personality was expressed through he lovely eyes and beautiful smile that always said "Hello". She was thoughtful, generous and lovely. We are truly blessed that she was a part of our family. Her Kimmy Bear will always greet you at Tahoe. Uncle Dick and Aunt Dodie
Posted by Kelly Martinez on 3rd June 2014
Kim, Always made you feel important and would give you her undivided attention no matter what she was doing and was quick to offer a smile and even a laugh. Her laughter was contageous as was her zest for life. I am lucky to have known her. She will be missed but not forgotten. Rick Martinez
Posted by Dustin Wamsley on 2nd June 2014
Aunt Kim always had a bright smile and warm hug for anyone who came to see her. She was a pillar of our family and inspiration to so many. She is defined by those that she touched and loved, not by cancer. We will always love and remember AUNT KIM.
Posted by Kelly Martinez on 2nd June 2014
Alexandria Kim's (12yr old niece) Some smile... Some laughter... Pedal down the mountain a little faster Pile things on your plate but make sure it doesn't break Live it big Live it strong Live life long and don't tag along Oh Auntie Kimmy we are indebted to you You brought out fun and made sure we all sang along You are with purpose and strength You will be with us always here or there And we will always love you everywhere

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