CV - Kiripi Katembo SIKU

Born in Goma (North Kivu) graduated from the Academy of Beaux - Arts in Kinshasa formed audiovisual (Director, photographer and producer)


2011: Foundation Prize Blachère with seriate "A Look" at the 9th Meeting of photography in Bamako (Mali)

2011, Award for Best Documentary Short Film Africa with the film "After Mine" at the Academy Movie Awards (Nigeria).

2010 Award for Best Documentary Short Film Africa with the film "After Mine" at Festival of Short Film Abidjan. (Cote d'Ivoire)


2012: Exhibition of the month photo Venice (Italy)

2012: Exhibition at the Royal Museum of Tervuren Brussels (Belgium)

2012: Particiption to the Portfolio Meeting photographic Arles (France)

2012: Exhibition at BOZAR in Brussels (Belgium)

2012: Exhibition at the TAZ in Ostend (Belgium)

2012: Creative Residency Exhibition and Photo series "mutations" at the French Institute in Brazzaville (Republic of Congo)

2012: Residence Exhibition and Festival "Dream City" in Tunis (Tunisia)

2011: Exhibition at the 9th Meeting of photography in Bamako (Mali)

2011: Exhibition at the Flemish cultural center KVS (Belgium)

2011: Exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris (France)

2010: Exhibition at the Second Biennial of Photography and Video "PICHA" (DRC)

2010: Exhibition at the festival THEATER DER WELT (Mülheim-Essen) (Germany)

2008: Exhibition at the Biennale of Photography Kinshasa "Afrikaribu" (DRC).

2008: Exhibition with the Collective "Yebela» photos National Museum of Kinshasa (DRC).


2012: Thamgidi Fondation Arnhem (Holland)

2012: IFAA Louvain la Neuve (Belgique)

2011: TAZ Ostende (Belgique)

2011:Drem city Tunis (Tunisia)


2013: Exhibition at Avignon festival

2013: Exhibition at Comtenporen bienale in New York

2013: “Travling exhibition”at cultural centre Francaise (Gabon )

2013: “Travling exhibition” at cultural centre Francaise (Kinshasa )

2013: Residency in Arnhem, Thamgidi Foundaton

2014: Yango biennale, Kinshasa Congo RDC

2015: Exhibition, La Fondation Cartier, Paris, France


2012: Delivery of the movie "box car" at the Centre of Contemporary Art Meynacl "Africa - Africa" (France)

2011: Second attend film's fiction feature film "Rebel" Kim Nguyen Kinshasa (DRC)

2010: Presentation of the film "After mine" has ~ 23 days Cinematography Session of Carthage (Tunisia)

2010: Presentation of the film "After Mine" at the International Festival Hot Docs in Toronto (Canada)

2010: Presentation of the film "After Mine and Kinshasa Symphony" at Berlin Film Festival

2009-2010: Second attend film's fiction feature film "Viva Riva" of Djo Munga Kinshasa (DRC)

2009: Creation of documentary film footage court "after mine" in Katanga (DRC).

2009: Presentation of the movie "box car" has the international chain CNN (USA).

2009: Production of the documentary film courtyard film "Kinshasa Symphony" in Kinshasa (DRC)

2008: Presentation of the film "Box Car" in the fourth Pocket Films Festival at the Centre Pompidou in Paris (France).

2008: Creation of experimental documentary film court "Cardboard Car" (DRC)

Biography of Kiripi Katembo Siku


Kiripi Katembo Siku – a Painter, Photographer, Film Maker and Film Producer is also Founding Director of Mutotu and Executive Director, Yango Biennale based in Kinshasa, Congo. He is the founder of the collective Yebela for photographers and video artists in Congo Kinshasa.

He was second assistant director of the fiction feature films: Viva Riva by Djo Munga wa Tunda and assistant director and Casting - “Rebelle” War Witch of Kim Nguyen – that got Oscar- nomination for a child soldier drama film. The film was Canada’s entry in the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 85th Academy Awards, and became one of the five nominees.

The film was the top winner at the 1st Canadian Screen Awards, winning 10 awards - including wins for best film, best director, best screenplay and best actress for its teenage star, Rachel Mwanza. His other film productions, among them Atalaku by Dieudo Hamadi, got the award for best documentary film at Cinema du Reel festival at the Centre Pompidou (Paris) in 2013 and received in the same year Best price for Foreign / Diaspora Film in New York (USA). Kiripi is also producer of (Congo in Four Acts) - co directed by Dieudo Hamadi and Divita Wa Lusala that received 2 awards: “Cinéma du Réel (2010) and “Africa Movie Academy Awards” and was shown in many international film platforms including IDFA. Kiripi also produced “Symphony Kinshasa” (2009) and Cardboard Car Film (2008), which took the media scene by storm among them – CNN and was shown at the Centre Pompidou in France.

His films have been shown at film festivals in Berlin, Toronto, IDFA, and Carthage in Tunisia and was in 2013 invited to Festival de Cannes. Besides his work in the field of Cinema, Kiripi is also a brilliant photographer whose work is collected world-wide and has been exhibited in major platforms among them: Venice Biennale, IFAA, Berlinale, New York Contemporary Art Biennial, Rencontres de Bamako, 67th Festival d’Avignon, Rencontres d’Arles. Royal Museum of Tervuren Brussels Belgium), BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels (Belgium) TAZ in Ostend (Belgium), in Tunisia and in KVS -Flemish cultural center Brussels (Belgium). Kiripi is also the 2013 winner and author of the photos illustrating the preview programme and poster of the 67th Festival d’Avignon. He has won several Awards for his visuals arts work, is also publicized in numerous magazines including Courrier International Africa and Art catalogues.