***************MEMORIAL FUND INFORMATION - UPDATED 8/24/16*************

For those of you asking about how you can help, I have set up an online donation website for the Memorial Fund to benefit Lexi.  Here is the link to the website:


If you prefer to contribute by check, please make it payable to Alexis Moffatt-Kreiss and send it to 3715 Boyd Drive, Edgewater, MD 21037. 

Your support, kindness and love mean everything to us during this incredibly taxing time and will continue to as we move forward.  


**************MEMORIAL SERVICE INFORMATION - UPDATED 8/22/16************

For those of you looking for more detail about how Sunday's memorial service is going to flow, here is some additional information. Nothing has changed regarding the time and location.

The service will start at 5:00 pm. Light food and drink will be available starting at 4:45 pm. Jeffrey will give some opening remarks beginning at about 5:30 pm. He will be followed by Kirsten's father, Jim, and by Jeffrey's father Marty. After which, anyone who wishes to share is invited and encouraged to participate. Jeffrey will be leaving at 8 pm and guests are welcome to stay until approximately 8:30 pm when the event will conclude. Dress is business casual.

Jeffrey and family sincerely thank you for all of your loving input over these difficult weeks. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

********************MEMORIAL SERVICE INFORMATION*********************

Below please find the details for the Memorial Service being held for Kirsten:

Date:     Sunday, August 28th
Time:     5 pm - 8 pm
Place:    Selby on the Bay Community Center
              3715 1st Avenue, Edgewater, MD 21037

Please RSVP as soon as possible to me, Bryan Malickson, at

Additional information on hotel accommodations and the fund being set up for Lexi will follow shortly. Please continue to check the website for additional details and updates.

Thank you.



It is with a heavy heart that we share the passing of Dr. Kirsten Ashley Moffatt; a loving wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, scientist, and so many other things to so many of us.

Please honor and respect Jeffrey's request for privacy at this time and hold off on reaching out to him directly (phone, text, email, voicemail). Please also refrain from sending flowers, food or other items to the house right now. Your love, thoughts and prayers are appreciated. Once Jeffrey is open to direct communication, you will know.

Details regarding a gathering to honor Kirsten's life will follow in the next few weeks and will be posted here. Additional information will also be shared here about the family's needs and an educational fund to be established for Kirsten's and Jeffrey's daughter Lexi.

Please take advantage of the opportunity afforded by this forum to share thoughts, stories, pictures, etc. about Kirsten if you wish to do so. Thank you for your love, support and patience during this difficult time.

Jeffrey, Jim, Betty, Sid & Jay

Posted by Mary Patrick on July 20, 2020
George and I will always miss seeing your beautiful smile. Give your Mom a hug from us. Love you both. ❤️❤️
Posted by Mary Patrick on September 1, 2019
George and I think of you often. Your smiles were one of a kind. Love to you.
Posted by Tammy Hedlund on July 22, 2018
Jeffrey, and Jim and Betty Moffatt,
At this 2 year mark of Kirsten's passing, I can only hope that each of you have offset some of the sadness with new forms of love and support and happiness in your lives. 
Posted by tina burton on September 8, 2017
Dearest loved ones of Kirsten and Kirsten,
Kirsten was my boss when I worked at Gene Logic. Whenever i would apply for a new job and had to list her as a reference it was always filled with gratitude and pride, knowing I got to work with such a wonderful person. I actually did not even get to know her long, but the 8 months i worked for her (which ended abruptly due to a back injury, very sadly because i loved my job and Kirsten was so great to work for/with) were very rewarding and happy because of Kirsten. She lifted me up and built my confidence with her faith in me and it is an honor for me to know that she was happy with my work. It saddened my heart deeply to learn of her passing which I only today, 9/8/17 learned of. She was SOOOO full of life, energy, compassion, ethics and commitment. She was kind and patient. I recall getting her a little bunny stuffed animal in an "egg car" with a string during Easter and she was just tickled with it. :o) I was glad then and am now that I brought her a moment of joy. She worked so hard it is obvious having achieved her phd and it saddens me that she did not get to stay on this earth longer to reap the benefits of her hard work. I learned of her passing as I am seeking another job as of Feb 2017 which is why I learned of her passing at this time. And through this, my heart has much joy in that she got married and had a daughter! I am SOOOO glad she got to experience this also!!! I am saddened that her daughter will not get to experience her hands on love of such a strong woman.  But, i know her family will get her through and she will have much to know about her mamma for life! These photos will be a huge blessing to her and I am so glad they are posted here for her to see whenever she wants. God bless you dear Kirsten. You were a blessing to me and I'm again so very sorry to hear of your passing. Thank you for being such a beautiful person and supervisor. I trust you are in heaven and living as excellent a life you can without being physically on earth with your loved ones. I have lifted up a prayer for those who have lost you and pray they continue to find comfort in knowing they will see her again one day!  Thank you for being you. Your friend and employee, Tina xxoo PS I 1000 percent agree with an earlier post: she is never far away, she will ALWAYS be with you. God bless you all, friends and family and I'm so VERY sorry for your loss....
Posted by Kim Patrick on July 21, 2017
Keeping Jeff, Lexi, and all of Kirsten's family and friends in my thoughts on this difficult anniversary. Love and hugs to you all.
Posted by lisa shea on July 20, 2017
I'm sorry for your pain
Lisa Shea
Carroll Dr
Posted by Sid Moffatt on July 20, 2017
Dear friends and family- I am wanting so much to put my arms around you and take away the pain of losing my precious sister. In her too short life she had brought us all so much good. I will always remember what a wonderful mother, scientist, wife and sister she was.  She is sorely missed. Love ❤️ to you all.
Posted by Bill Hedges on July 20, 2017
"Here is a little story about Kirsten, that many of you may not know. Kirsten reached out, wanting to surprise Jeffrey with a trip out to visit me in Seattle. He was a new Dad and busy running his own business. She knew he needed a break, something to “fill his cup (soul)” and thought a visit to see old friends would do the trick. She surprised him on Father’s Day, and he was blown away. Here she was, a new Mom, with a busy career of her own – and her thoughts were on Jeff and what he needed. She was selfless, caring, loving, and kind. Having Jeff come out to visit, go sailing, catch up on times past was wonderful! I’m so thankful to have known Kirsten, for the positive impact she had on my life and that of my best friend.

Kirsten, you will never be forgotten and always be missed.

Love, Bill"
Posted by Wendy Coleman on July 20, 2017
Know that you are all held in my heart and thoughts.
Posted by Devon Bertram on September 2, 2016
Happy Birthday to Kirsten. I am thinking of her today, with the stories and love and sharings fresh in my mind from Sunday's gathering. What a special coming together of family and friends in Kirsten's honor, and a reminder of how precious life is and how important it is to cherish one another.

I'm getting my toenails painted purple and twirling in the pacific ocean this weekend!

As the Bertrams shared on Sunday, one way we remember Kirsten is in the language and meaning of flowers. Below are the flowers and symbolism of the ones chosen.

In Memory of Kirsten Ashley Moffatt

These flowers have been chosen to represent and celebrate the qualities that embody Kirsten.

- Delphinium: big heartedness, fun, lightness and levity
- Blue Iris: faith, hope and eloquence; the link between heaven and earth
- Native Colorado Wildflowers: harmony and peace
- Aster: elegance, love and patience
- Pink Rose (for Lexi): sweetness, innocence, elegance, grace and pure love
- Lily (Kirsten's favorite): youthful innocence, confidence, birth, hope, magnificence and beauty

Cherish these precious blossoms. May they be a perpetual reminder of Kirsten Ashley's everlasting spirit.

with much love,
All the Bertrams
Posted by Kris Simpson on September 1, 2016
Happy Birthday Kirsten. You will never be forgotten and always be missed. You laugh, your smile, your love of life, Jeff, Lexi and your family and friends. You were always more than a friend, a confidant whom I trusted for advice and guidance. And, to this day, I still hear your words and live by them. Thank you, Happy Birthday and know you will always be thought of.
Posted by Terry Weiner on September 1, 2016
I had the pleasure of meeting Kirsten a few years ago. I fell in love with her and jeffrey immediately. The next honor I had was to be with Sandy and jeffrey and Kirsten in South Beach when she made the announcement that she was pregnant. What a blessed event I got to share with them. I was totally broken when I heard the news of Kirsten's passing. My heart goes out to the Moffat family and to Sandy, jeffrey and Lexi. I pray for peace in your heart and to be able to take each day moving forward with the knowledge of knowing that you had a true love in your life. We will all make sure that Lexi will remember her mom with stories, and photos.  Happy birthday.  I love you and always will. Terry
Posted by Maureen Ward Moffatt on September 1, 2016
Today, September 1, is Kirsten's birthday. It is a date that has always come to my mind as her birthday and reminded me of her and I would smile. I will continue to think of her:) every September 1 and smile of who she was and with my heart aching for her family about her loss too soon.

I am so grateful to have known Kirsten and all her family over many years. It is true we didn't see each other that often and yet when we did we excitedly shared stories and laughs and memories. It is soo very sad to know we won't get to share more new experiences with Kirsten. This loss, especially of a wife and mother and daughter and sister has a forever rawness.

What I know is that she will remain ever in our hearts and presence. We will say her name, probably with tears at the times when we wish that she was still with us to enjoy the moment, and at times when perhaps there is some insight that Kirsten would be the one to have shared and at other times hopefully with some laughter as we remember something fun with Kirsten. I have wonderful memories of Kirsten from 2 years old and periodically till just a few months ago. She was vibrant and determined and friendly and kind and those images will remain with me and I trust continue to be parts of conversations we all will have from now on that will in some way still include, dear Kirsten. She is forever that precious person we all have known.

I have found some fun photos of times with Kirsten and I also can picture phone conversations about when she was preparing for her big run, when she was pursuing her PhD with much determination, and when she and Jeffrey were courting, and then she and Jeffrey were expecting Lexi and loving our time together just last April.

She's forever an important part of a wonderful family and group of friends. My love will continue to surround you each, Jeffrey, Lexi, Jamie, Betty, Sidney and Jay as Kirsten's precious presence always remains a part of all of us.
Posted by Kevin Childers on August 30, 2016
I was very touched hearing the stories at the memorial service. I also feel inspired after hearing Jeff's words about Kirsten's outlook on life. She was truly a friend toward everyone and I rarely saw her without a big smile on her face. She will be missed by everyone she knew. -Much love, Kevin
Posted by Bill & Susan Kunz on August 28, 2016
Kirsten, a breath of joy and happiness. Jeffrey and Kirsten kindly invited us to a holiday gathering at their home before our house was complete and we moved to Turkey Point. Kirsten took us around the room making sure we met our soon to be neighbors. One day Kirsten was pushing little Lexi in her stroller, waived, and came running up the street to introduce Lexi...saying "look at what I did, look at what I did." She was absolutely beaming with love and pride over her and Jeffrey's new bundle of joy. Her spirit will endure through Jeffrey and Lexi. 

We are so pleased to have known you Kirsten, if only for a short while. "Just as the sun will set then rise with each and every dawn, the souls of those who lived life well eternally live on..."
Posted by Kyrra Moffatt-Velez on August 27, 2016
How can words begin to capture...the love...the loss... felt for our dear Kirsten?

As so many other family and friends have shared, Kirsten touched us all in such a unique way - it is these vibrant memories, impressions and contributions she made in each of our lives that will continue to live on!

When I think of Kirsten, I smile... and remember one of my favorite memories:

One summer in the peak of the 80s, the prime of my childhood, I had saved up enough money to buy my own plane ticket to fly (all by myself!!!) to visit my "Colorado Cousies"- read as dream vacation being utterly spoiled by my dearest Aunt Betty & Uncle Jamie. In between the water parks, mini golfing and go-carts, what I remember most about that trip was Kirsten - forever etched in my mind as the epitome of cool, worthy of being on the cover of "Teen" magazine, I was in awe of her feathered hair and curling iron. She would do my hair, makeup and let me dress up in her clothes for the magic show that JJ and I performed on a near daily basis. Bless her, there I was, the tagalong dorky younger cousin and she swooped me right up into her cool girly wings... I loved every minute of it!!!

In many ways I feel a connection to Kirsten as our lives have shared some parallel paths, although we spanned the coasts apart... Both us, academic/career driven in our 20-30s to earn our shared title of "Dr. K Moffatt", came to discover the true joy of life's most important job of becoming a mother - our baby girls born just 6 months apart.

Only a few short months ago, we laughed and danced along side each other holding hands while celebrating our ever growing families at Kali's wedding - it was a whole new level of joy and awe to experience our kids giggling, twirling and playing together, their vibrance for life is exponential.

My heart aches for you Jeffrey, Lexi, Uncle Jamie, Aunt Betty, Sid and Jay --- My love for Kirsten and each of you stands strong! Holding you close and shining light on the positive zest that Kirsten shared with all of us!!!
Posted by Elicia Watts on August 25, 2016
I met Kirsten only once when we all crossed paths near your home. You, Lexi, and Kirsten were coming back from the beautiful dock area. Kirsten glowed, was so full of happiness and was just a wonderful person. Most telling, however, was how completely happy you were, Jeff, to be walking beside her and with your wonderful daughter on a perfect, lazy summer afternoon. There is no place you seemed to want to be more, other than in that moment. Thank you for a brief glimpse into that magical moment with your family. My heart is so heavy and goes out to you and your family during this very difficult time.
Most Sincerely, Elicia Marsh (Watts)
Posted by Jeffrey Malickson on August 25, 2016
Jeffrey, while Roberta and I will be unable to attend the memorial service for Kirsten, please know that you and Lexi have been and will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. While we only had the opportunity to meet Kirsten on several occasions, those meetings were always positive and left us with the feeling you had chosen wisely in picking a partner with whom to share your life. May the beautiful thoughts conveyed in the foregoing Tributes give you strength and comfort as you move forward from this unthinkable tragedy.
Posted by Jodi Harris on August 25, 2016

I followed your adventures on FB, repeatedly enamored by the life you and Kirsten created with Lexi - while too many people miss what surrounds them, the Bay breezes and sunsets and other natural gifts of the place you chose to build your life didn't pass unnoticed. Lexi will grow up carrying the many outstanding qualities of her mommy. And she has a daddy who is raising her to embrace the world around her.

I met Kirsten only briefly but I remember her infectious smile. And perhaps what recurs in my mind the most is that the Jeffrey Kreiss of my childhood is someone who ALWAYS had the biggest smile and the heartiest laugh and the warmest bear hugs. More than literally anyone else I know, I can't imagine you distraught. You'll rediscover that Jeffrey in her memory and in your precious daughter.

Sending lots of love from New York,
Posted by Tammy Hedlund on August 14, 2016
Kirsten has been one of my closest friends since 1991 when we met in Gary MIller's laboratory at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Here, we worked together and supported each other through graduate school and through many difficult stages of our lives. Since her passing, I feel her absence deeply and I can only pray that Jeffrey, LaLa, and family find the support they need to enable them to move forward again. It is so easy for us to see this as an untimely death, making us question our faith in the God. But with the brightness of Kirsten's soul, her spunk and strength and ability to embrace life fully, my sadness is stifled. There is some inner wisdom that keeps reminding me that it was nothing short of a miracle, a sheer blessing, to have had Kirsten in my life, for any amount of time. Now I have only one regret, Kirsten....we had promised each other for over 20 years that we would someday retire together in a beach front retirement home/spa, with our fellow spouses, and share a daily drink in the sun! Hear me now, Kirsten Ashley Moffatt, you are not off the hook! In our next lifetime together, I will hold you to this:)
Posted by Terry Weiner on August 8, 2016
A bright shining light has been dimmed. We will all miss Kirsten with her smiling face. Rest in peace knowing that Jeff will watch over your precious Lexi. It takes a village, and there is one.
Love, terry
Posted by Wendy Coleman on August 5, 2016
Our deepest sympathies for a loss beyond our comprehension. Sadness has enveloped Sewell Ave in Cape May. Kirsten is a bright light on this street and in her family. She will continue to be bright for all of us who know and love her. We will continue to say her name and speak of the many beautiful stories about her life. We embrace Jeffrey, Lala, Betty, Jim, Sidney and Jay with love and compassion. Our tears flow and our hearts break for all of you.
In love and friendship, Wendy and Tom Coleman
Posted by Amy Cada on August 3, 2016
Kirsten had the brightest smile I have ever known! When things were tough at work, she brought her infectious attitude and brightened my day. Brilliant and creative - I often looked to her for guidance as I learned my craft. It is so difficult to accept that she is gone. Much love and support to you at this time.
Posted by Lindsay Bergman on August 2, 2016
Kirsten brought such a light to those around her. She was always so caring, upbeat, energetic, and fun. I feel so fortunate that the last time we spent together was celebrating love and family at our cousin Kali’s wedding. What a special weekend of catching up with her and Jeffrey, meeting their incredible, sweet daughter, Lexi, and all of us dancing together at the wedding. I am thinking of Jeffrey, Lexi, Jamie, Betty, Sid and Jay and holding you all close in my heart. Sending you all my love and support.
Posted by Leslie Chaney on July 31, 2016
Words can't express. I'm shocked, heartbroken for you and Lexi, so saddened. She was so passionate about life and love. I will remember her always as my beautiful crazy friend, always laughing, dancing and making the whole room brighter. I hope you and Lexi will embrace the strength of your family and friends to help you get through this. We are here for you in any way.
Leslie and Eric
Posted by Devon Bertram on July 28, 2016
Kirsten’s smile and laugh have been so present in my mind this last week and a half, and I am thinking of her every time I see bold and bright beauty around me. Whether it’s soft sunsets or pink lilies in the park, I pause and feel her presence. I so remember her and Jeffrey's wedding day and the big celebration that was had – what fun it was to reconvene cousins on the dance floor! I am so grateful too, that we could celebrate Kali’s wedding this past April together and again find ourselves on the dance floor :). And this time with sweet Lexi, too, taking after her fun and joyful mom with her big spirit and sweet, caring ways. 

My heart aches with this sudden loss yet we are blessed to have an angel like Kirsten looking after us. I am holding you Jeffrey, sweet Lexi, Uncle Jamie and Aunt Betty, Jay and Sid in my heart. Know family is here to love and support you all.
Posted by Sue & Steve Irving on July 28, 2016
Dear Betty and Jim, Steve and I were devistated to learn of Kirsten's sudden passing. Her life in pictures gave us even more memories as we watched her grow from toddler, to teen, and to an adult. She was a truly talented young woman, daughter, wife and mother. I will miss seeing Kristen's high heels and Lexi's cute party shoes at the yacht club! To Jeffrey and Lexie we send our love.
Posted by Dianna Palmer on July 28, 2016

We are so sorry to hear of Kirsten's sudden passing. We have enjoyed getting to know your family over the past couple of years since we moved to Turkey Point. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Lexi and Kirsten's extended family, friends and coworkers during this difficult time. 

If you need anything - please do not hesitate to reach out. You are welcome to bring Lexi to play on the beach anytime!

Dianna and Ken Palmer
3664 Bay Dr
Posted by Amy Flynn on July 28, 2016
Rest in peace, Kirsten. Thank you for the guidance and friendship you and I shared.
Posted by Gregor Bertram on July 26, 2016
I feel so honored to have had Dr. Kirsten as my cousin. My memory of her conveys a beaming smile, a contagious laugh, a loving heart, and a celebration of Life. May her spirit shine and dance freely in the great mystery beyond...Sending much love and support to Jeffery, Lexi, Jamie, Betty, Sid, and Jay
Posted by victor grasso on July 26, 2016
I have been very fortunate to have the Moffatt family in my life. There are very few people who are so caring, genuine, and loving, and Kirsten was no exception. I always enjoyed seeing Kirsten and she always had a big warm hug for me upon meeting. I loved chatting with her, she was great conversation. Kirsten was intelligent, insightful, fun, and always wanted to know what was happening with me. Her smile always lit up the room, you couldn't help but smile around her, especially when her crab earrings twinkled with her eyes.
My heart goes out to the Moffatt family with love and condolences.
I'll miss her.
Posted by Dotty Belle on July 25, 2016
Dear Jim and Betty, It was with shock and tears that I read about the tragic loss of your Kirsten. I am so sorry and sad, my heart goes out to you.  May her soul be in the light of Jesus's face. I will take the intention of Kirsten to my rosary group and we will pray for all the family. I love you. Dotty
Posted by Moe Imran on July 25, 2016
Jeffrey, our deepest sympathies during the hard time of your loss, and
may memories give strength and love of your dear ones help you through out the days ahead!!

Moe Imran
Posted by lisa shea on July 25, 2016
I met her on the island. Nothing I can say will take away your pain. But the world was a better place thanks to her.
Lisa from Carroll Dr
Posted by Dave & Chris Clemans on July 25, 2016
Christina and I were fortunate to have attended Kirsten and Jeffrey's wedding, a most memorable and gracious event. I remember particularly the inspiring words of Sidney Moffatt, Kirsten's sister and those of other family members and friends. It was a moment of great joy and thankfulness. I remember what it meant to Jim that his brother, despite being profoundly ill, came to the wedding to see his niece married. We were invited as friends of Jim and Betty, but we became close friends of Kirsten and Jeffrey and have sustained that relationship for many years, usually seeing them at each of their visits to Cape May. Then along came Lexi, a rare and beautiful child, possessed of bright charm and quick learning. We never saw her cry in public and were amazed that she ate everything put before her. May that perfect little girl, a very special gift to both families, help sustain them through this tragic and inexplicable loss.

David and Chris Clemans
Posted by Camille Bertram on July 25, 2016
Exactly one week ago today our family bid "au revoir" to my precious niece, Kirsten Ashley. Words cannot begin to describe the depth of our grief and sorrow. I want to honor our beloved Kirsten by sharing some warm memories. For starters, Kirsten was the little "peanut princess" at Henry's and my wedding at The Hill School at the age of three, while Big Sister, Sidney, was reigning as Flower Girl. Sid was awesome. To no one's surprise, however, the baby rock star, Kirsten, stole the show at our reception: Visions of good times to come!
Fast forward to elementary school, high school and college in Colorado. Kirsten became known as the "Cool Cousin" to her Connecticut clan. Later in November of 2002, I was honored to be invited to Brother James' 60th Birthday celebration at a wonderful Asian restaurant in DC. Kirsten orchestrated the entire event including personalized "scrolled" menus for each of us. The highlight of the evening was not necessarily Jim's Birthday but my being seated next to Kirsten's new beau, handsome Jeffrey - and we hit it off immediately. Prince Charming had finally arrived for my beautiful niece and he was fabulous!
Kirsten was the most thoughtful, creative, compassionate and generous young woman alive. Leave it to Kirsten to train for months to compete in a race to raise funds for Leukemia and Lymphoma ( I admired Kirsten for her dedication and endless hours of training, as both she and I are not "natural born runners" by any means. We are FOREVER Soulmates at the Spa. Any spa - and we're there.
The highlight of 2016 was finally meeting adorable Lexi at Kali and Matt's wedding in April in Atlanta. OMGoodness: she takes right after her mother on the dance floor!
Probably the most meaningful tribute I can share is my gratitude for Kirsten's creating "Aunt's Day" for both her Aunt Bonnie (Betty's sister) and myself. This was a total surprise. Every spring, some time between Mothers' Day and my Birthday, a special package of treats would arrive from Kirsten. What a LOVE! We felt a special bond because she was christened "K.A.M." and I was "C.A.M." - we rhymed :)
Take good care, my sweet Kirsten Ashley. Henry and I and all your cousins hold you close to our hearts. Keep a watchful eye over us and
we will stay connected. Promise: 'til we are together again.

Love you more than I can say,
Posted by Aliza Wills on July 25, 2016
There are no words... we are sending you and Lexi love, hope and peace.
May you never forget but, gain the perspective to smile that big smile again.
Aliza & Harrison
Posted by Nancy Walter on July 25, 2016
Jeffrey - Thank you for sharing a snapshot of Kirsten's life.
We knew her as a glowing part of our Island family, and are
traumatized by her loss. Our hearts are breaking for you and
Lexi. There are a dozen roses floating out into the Bay, carrying
our tears with them. I sit now and look over at the beautiful crape myrtle flowering in your yard, and know that Kirsten's spirit is here.
Sending our love and, and our wish to help in any way.
Nancy & Rick
Posted by Katy Burley on July 24, 2016
Dear Jeffrey,
I'm wishing you moments of peace and tender reflection... And sending you and Lexi my heartfelt sympathy.
With love,
Posted by Mia Thompson on July 23, 2016
Kirsten- was always thought of as my coolest older cousin. I remember my trip out to Colorado with mom (aunt moo) when I was on the college tour. I remember our lovely dinner together In denver and reconnecting after so many years. Who would have thought that 15 years later I would settle in Colorado as my home. Matt and I remember fondly our laughs and conversations at Lindsay's and Patrick's wedding out here 3 years ago we loved having the Breckenridge connection with your dear friends the Stais's.
The afternoon rainstorms here in Colorado in  The last week have brought many rainbows and I think of you every time I see one. It's like your smile and spirit is shining over the mountains and flat irons here. You were taken from us too soon but you will forever be in my heart. Thank you for the love and light you brought to me and so many ❤️
Posted by Scott Toppell on July 22, 2016
Jeff, So sorry to you and your family for your loss. Words can't express how sad I am. I know it's been a while since we've spoken but Ill always be thankful for your friendship. Sending thoughts and prayers.

All the best,

Posted by Tom & Sue Carroll on July 22, 2016
When I picture Kirsten in my mind I see a beautiful young woman who was passionate in her beliefs and brilliant in the expression of her ideas. She was fun, incredibly vivacious, and seemed always to be having a wonderful time, no matter what she was doing. Kirsten will live on in the hearts of all those who were fortunate enough to know her.
Posted by Joel Fink on July 22, 2016
Kirsten was one of the most optimistic and happy people I know. She was a true pleasure to work with and I will miss her greatly. My deepest condolences to her family and friends. May her memory forever be a blessing.
- Joel Fink
Posted by Joanne McCullough on July 21, 2016
Although we never met Kirsten, we feel as if we know her through our dear dear friends Betty and Jim. We are sending so much love and many many prayers at this most difficult time. We are always here no matter what the need . We love you all very much .
Posted by gary padussis on July 21, 2016
A beautiful wife, loving daughter, caring mother for Alexis. Will always keep Kirsten in our hearts. To Jeffery, Jim & Betty; no words could ever express our grief nor any words to comfort you at this time. Just remember that you are loved by many and we offer our support and prayers. May her memory be eternal.
Posted by Bev Bassett on July 21, 2016
My heartfelt condolences to the entire Moffatt and Kreiss families. I cannot begin to understand the loss you feel and my heart, too, is heavy with sadness.
As I started to write this, I was forced to smile when I had a quite fond and wonderful memory of Kirsten...I was having a rather unpleasant day when, as she came into my office, she started enthusiastically singing the Ramones song, I want to be sedated, at the top of her lungs while vehemently jumping up and down dancing in her high-heel shoes (making some crazy Elaine-like dance moves)...needless to say, my day was immediately better, she had me smiling, laughing, and singing along with her in no time! I completely forgot why my day was so unpleasant...
She will be forever missed and never forgotten!
Many thoughts and prayers to you all during this very difficult time.
Posted by Kristin Cashman Gleason on July 21, 2016
There are simply no words at this heart is heavy. I am deep in prayer for my friends Jim and Betty, Jeffrey and sweet Lexi.
Posted by Sebastien Djoulfayan on July 21, 2016
It is so difficult to find words... Our deepest condolences, our prayers go out to the family and friends
Sebastien, Marine & Violette
Posted by Trina Vaux on July 21, 2016
We're holding you all in the light.
Trina & Hugh
Posted by Denise Johnson on July 21, 2016
We are holding you all in our hearts, and we are sending all of our love and prayers to you. Love, Josh and Denise
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Posted by Mary Patrick on July 20, 2020
George and I will always miss seeing your beautiful smile. Give your Mom a hug from us. Love you both. ❤️❤️
Posted by Mary Patrick on September 1, 2019
George and I think of you often. Your smiles were one of a kind. Love to you.
Posted by Tammy Hedlund on July 22, 2018
Jeffrey, and Jim and Betty Moffatt,
At this 2 year mark of Kirsten's passing, I can only hope that each of you have offset some of the sadness with new forms of love and support and happiness in your lives. 
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