Wife, Mother, Daughter,
Sister & Friend, dearest Kirsten,
you will always be with us.

We will gather together on September 22 to remember Kirsten and celebrate her life. Because of construction at our church, the memorial service will be held at Bethany Lutheran Church at 1pm. The address is 4500 E Hampden Ave, Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113.

Following the service we will have a reception at Wellshire Presbyterian. Wellshire is at 2999 S. Colorado Blvd. Denver, Colorado 80222.

In lieu of flowers, Kirsten asked that donations be made to advance brain cancer research. Donations can be made online by following the link below and selecting "Donate":  


Please make your gift in memory of Kirsten and include the following in the notification field: 
Casey Family
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Kirsten's wish is for all of us to write the story of how you met her, and also to share the 1,000s of special memories with her two boys: Colin & Brant. This memorial site is one opportunity for us to come together and fulfill her wish.

Please share your favorite Kirsten stories, pictures, songs, and videos via the 'Life', 'Gallery' and 'Stories' tabs above. These will be visible to everyone on the website. For anything you would prefer to keep private, you can use this email address: memoriesofkirsten@gmail.com. 

These letters and photos will be compiled into a printed book that the boys will take with them throughout their lives. 

Posted by Beth Lesniak on 6th December 2018
Kirsten created a beautiful interior for our home in Boulder. We chose her for her impeccable design style, intelligence/business savvy, and ability to get stuff done. Throughout the 2+ year process, we learned that she was also an incredibly fun, funny, passionate, energetic, giving, lovely soul. She loved to show us pictures of you, Colin and Brant, and tell us about how much she loved you both, even when you were sick or misbehaving. You were such a source of happiness for her. Your mother was beam of goodness and light with a unique ability to draw others in because of her captivating spirit. She was a positive force that cared about making people feel better about themselves and their place in the world through her work. And she was an all-star in her field. Her love for you is immeasurable and eternal.
Posted by AJ Sullivan on 2nd November 2018
Colin and Brant, You boys are so lucky to have a mother like Kirsten. I know it was too short a time but watching her dote on you two was pure joy. Your mom was a one of a kind person who brought together all sorts of people from all different walks of life. I had/have a bad habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and whenever I did your mother would turn it into a joke or a teaching moment. That was her gift. She made everyone feel welcome. And important. She made me feel this way on more than one occasion. Kirsten's best legacy is you two. I hope you will find joy in the brief time you got to spend with her. Know she loved you both more than anything. I am excited to see you grow and become the men she would want you to be. Love, AJ
Posted by Jenn Reed on 29th October 2018
Dear Colin and Brant (to read when you are a little older!) ;).... When I first met Kirsten, your mom, sitting on a beach in Fire Island, her long long long legs stretched out in the sun, her red hair flowing, her abs perfectly flat in her tiny bikini and her voice SO BIG - I wasn't so sure I'd be friends with her. She felt like a bit much, and I was intimidated by the way she could focus all the light in the room on herself without even trying. I remember sitting on the sunny beach with all the junky fashion magazines, thinking I'd never be cool enough to be friends with this gorgeous loudmouth showgirl mermaid. How wrong I was. I remember riding the train back to the city with Kirsten after one particularly loud and raucous weekend in the Chance house at Kismet and she told me her entire dating history end to end, in a marathon 2 hour session. It sounded wonderful and horrible all at the same time, and we laughed so hard in places that we got shushed by the people around us. Getting shushed/serious side eye from MANY a person was common when I was out with Kirsten - people just didn't understand that she literally gave no shits about how loud she said the word *p#nis!* in a Manhattan restaurant at 1:30 in the afternoon. She was inspiring in her commitment to a good story, and a brunch with Kirsten was an opportunity to ensure that everyone in the restaurant wanted to be at your table. Our friendship evolved over time - I started to understand Kirsten better, and our laughing became more heartfelt, less performance. We found common ground in being true feminists with strong opinions, and understanding that real love can change everything. She came to appreciate my tough, nerdy soul, and I came to love her generous spirit, incredible sense of style (her clothing exchanges were legendary and lord help you if you tried to plan one without her), how she could basically sleep anywhere, and the way she welcomed everyone - it was always a horseshoe with Kirsten, never a circle. Kirsten and Jason were two of the first people to meet my now husband, then boyfriend - we went on vacation with them and our dear friends Rachel and Nagib in Mexico one Thanksgiving ("Graciasgiving" we named it), and that's where Dan had his debut to four of the people whose opinions I cared about most. I was a little nervous that he wouldn't fit in to our little "Gang of Five", but she pulled me aside and told me that she thought he was really smart, really liked me, and his clothes needed an upgrade. So, perfect for me. It seemed to me that Jason softened and mellowed Kirsten, all in good ways. She was so incredibly thrilled when they got engaged in Fire Island - all those dating woes swept away with the waves of true love. She was more centered, happier than I'd ever seen her, and she glowed with joy on their beautiful wedding day. Jason always laughed at her jokes, but he also didn't let her get her way all the time (which was hard for our favorite only child), and they were the perfect pair. Colin and Brant added to the joy - I loved seeing her pushing that double stroller in Colorado on the Fourth of July, holding her boys and being such a natural, wonderful mom. Her own loving upbringing came out so strongly when she become a mom to her precious boys. It wasn't a role I thought she'd be cast in, but it was the perfect part for her. How do I say goodbye to such a soul? I honestly don't know. I don't think any of us thought this day would really come. So, in her honor, I'm going to try to laugh louder, love harder, and dress better. To make horseshoes instead of circles. To put a lot more time and energy into my Halloween costumes. She made me a better person. I made her a little more knowledgeable about bitcoin. It was by no means a fair trade. I loved your mom. I know she's waiting for us, to watch some sunsets, when are ready. In the meantime, we're all here to love and support you in living the most amazing lives. Jenn Reed Perez
Posted by Walt Townes on 7th October 2018
Colin and Brant, Your Mom was smart, talented and very kind. I met her while working on the John Kerry campaign in NYC in 2004. Kirsten always had a smile on her face for everyone and I never heard her say a bad word about anyone. If you ever needed help your Mom was a person who would help without being asked. She was truly one of the people that makes the world a better place for everyone around her. I am very sorry for your loss. I know your Mom is in heaven watching over you. Walt
Posted by Deona Offield on 4th October 2018
I met your mom while doing Will Rogers Follies in Branson. I was her dresser for the big Indian costume as well as in the dressingroom she was assigned to. That show was so much fun.We were all young and got to spend about 7 months together. It really felt like family and friendships continue on from that show. Your mom always stood out as one of the most fun and genuine people I have ever met. She always had a smile and a positive way of looking at things with her great sense of humor. She also always cared about those around her. I am sure you will look at a million fun photos from those times and see how much fun we all had. She definitely was always full of life and adventure and the instigator of many of those fun events and ideas. One of my favorite stories about her though is from a few years later. I moved back to NYC. She was already there so I thought I would call her and say hi. I had not kept in close touch, but as I said our Will Rogers group always felt like family. When she answered the phone and I told her I had moved to town she gave me the warmest welcome. She excitedly told me that she was having a get together that night and she was going to make me her suprise guest of honor. She said a few Will Rogers friends would be there and alot of other friends and roommates. She made a big deal about me being a suprise guest and not telling them until I arrived who it would be ( as if seeing me was a big deal...lol). Of course we had a wonderful time because your mom hosted. But that is how I think of your mom: The kind of person who goes out of their way to make things extra special. To make someone feel MORE than welcome. I was just hoping she might want to meet for coffee and instead she made me feel like an extra honored guest. Having just moved back that always meant so much to me that she did that. Thats how she always was. She genuinely loved and cared about her friends even ones she didnt see often. I can imagine anyone who ever met her wasnt touched by her.
Posted by Lee Fender on 27th September 2018
Apologies for the intrusion but I have been getting email alerts for this memorial for Kirsten, I am in Australia, I never knew her and I do not know why I get these alerts daily because they are only for her but I can tell by all the touching tributes that she was an amazing person and touched many peoples hearts. To her family and friends, my deepest condolences God bless you Kirsten
Posted by Beverly Wilkerson on 23rd September 2018
I wish I had more of a story to share, but, there is a story, and perhaps a learning one for Colin and Brant, so it is with love and condolences that I share this.... In 2004, I returned to my hometown, Stamford, CT, to visit my dad, Ed Poltrack (my mother was Marjorie Thorpe). It just happened to be at the time of Alyce Thorpe's funeral, so we were able to attend, to pay our respects, and to reconnect with the Thorpe side of the family. It was then that I was able to meet Kirsten. When they use the term "first cousin once removed," unfortunately, the word "removed" rings all too true. We had never even met, and I hadn't even seen her mother, my cousin, for years! But it was at her Grandmother's funeral that we shared our stories. I learned then that Kirsten had been a Rockette in NYC. Imagine my surprise, as I had been in NYC up to 1991, after 13 years of pursuing my dream as a dancer/singer/actress. I had worked for the producers out of Radio City Music Hall on several projects, and had experienced the joy of rehearsing in those hallowed halls, and befriending/working with many Rockettes, though I never was one. But I was amazed that Kirsten's life had taken such a similar path, and yet, I had never even known it! It saddened me to realize just how distant we relatives had become. I remember really wishing I had known Kirsten, and her story, sooner. (Even now, it warmed my heart to read that she took Justin to Arriba Arriba, one of my favorite NYC places!) So, as I read through these stories, and try to reconnect the dots of the family, my family, as well, I want to share with you, Colin and Brant, the importance of family. Connect. Know that family is there! Keep the channels open. I remember George and Maryann with such fondness and admiration, and, as infrequently as I ever saw them, I do know that every time I saw them, was a ray of light, just as Kirsten was, and will remain in all of your lives. In the loss of Kirsten, may we all reach out to our family and loved ones that little bit more! And know that your strong and beautiful mom will be in your hearts forever. Love and blessings to you both, and to Jason, Maryann and Ron, Robert and Stacey Brant. Beverly (Poltrack) Wilkerson, Woodland Hills, CA
Posted by Justin Cerne on 22nd September 2018
Dearest Kristen It seems like light years ago that we met in Galveston, Texas. You became the unofficial show mom to many of us, especially me, during a summer that changed my life. While that was most monumental, I will also never forget that you were the first person to take me to Arriba Arriba, now that was life changing! People come and go, so make lasting impressions, that is certainly true of you. You will be with me for all of my time here on this earth. Love, Peace and Light Justin
Posted by Barbara Dworak on 21st September 2018
I am Kirsten's mom's first cousin and although we have been separated by distance for a very long time I always held Maryanne (forgive my spelling if I am wrong) and her family in high regard and still do. I would like to thank all of Kirsten's friends who have shared their stories of their relationships with Kirsten. It is evident that she made so many positive contributions to the lives of many, touching all she met with a joy that they will carry within their hearts forever. It is no surprise to hear that Kirsten was quick witted, a characteristic that was abundant in the Thorpe family and one that generated much appreciated laughter throughout the years as I grew up. As I read the stories posted here, I reflected upon the time I spent with Maryanne and her brother, George. They are wonderful role models and beautiful people inside and out. To know that Kirsten embodied those qualities as well is reassuring. The world is certainly a better place because of the influence she had on those she knew. As much as I wish to be with the family now as Maryanne and George were always there to support me and my family during times of grief, the ravages of hurricane Florence have hit hard here in New Bern, NC. I do send my heart to Colorado at this difficult time. Love, Barbara Poltrack Dworak
Posted by Julia Johnston on 20th September 2018
There was no bigger cheerleader in the design industry than Kirsten. She was vibrant, energetic and loved to participate. Every time I saw her at an event, she had kind words to share and she truly thrived off of supporting others. Her spirit will be deeply missed throughout our community, as she truly was beloved. It hurts me most to know that your amazing mom won't have the chance to see you two grow up. She was a truly special person and I'm just so sorry.
Posted by David Renwick on 20th September 2018
I worked with your mom on several design drapery projects, including her office in your home. I am very saddened to hear this news, but I want to let you know that I could tell she loved you very much. She was talented and worked very hard. She will live on through you. Much love...
Posted by Giuli Ridolfi on 18th September 2018
Bibu and Coco, here it goes the story of how I met your amazing mom. I was looking for my next host family to spend a year and a half with. And after coming and going and many interviews with different families , all planets aligned and there it was your mommy , also looking for your next au pair. You were around 6 months old and as soon as I saw pictures of you I fell in love and after my first Skype with your mommy she said all she wanted was someone that would love her boys like crazy and give them tons of love, that was the most important to her. So there I go , took my air plane to Denver and met all of you and “holly molly guacamole” I had the most amazing time of my life. You see, your mom was quite unique and wonderful, I looked up to her and learned so much from her. A wonderful, open hearted, welcoming, loving and caring woman. Always with a big smile on her face, spreading her light and love, being goofy,tap dancing for you ( you used to love that and laugh like crazy). Boys, mommy loves you like no one else, and even thought you may not see her now, she will be like magic , she will always guide you, love you and protect you, because of all the mommies , you got a very special one and she would never leave you alone.And know that any time you need her, you can talk to her with your heart ❤️. Do what makes you happy, love, dance, be kind, be respectful, be funny, BE YOU. Mommy is always going to be there for you. Los amo con todo mi corazón, Giuli.
Posted by Jaime Bergstrom on 17th September 2018
I had the pleasure of meeting your Mom when we both lived in the Acoma, an apartment building that she and your Dad moved into when they moved to Denver from NYC and I had just moved here from Chicago. We were neighbors and I loved running into her walking Uma and talking about anything and everything. We became friends even after we both moved out and to say that your Mom had a lightness and incredible sense of humor is an understatement. She knew how to put a smile on anyone's face and had such quick wit. She talked about how she wanted to be a Mom so often and I had the pleasure of seeing her beaming face in the hospital the day after you were born. She loved you with every ounce of her being and that love will always be with you in your heart, always. She had passion for life and believed in living life to it's fullest. Her spirit and energy will live on through memories and stories that we will all tell you, whenever you need them. She touched so many people's lives, but loved and adored her family most. I know that she is watching over you now and will guide you in life from above.
Posted by Bill Miller on 17th September 2018
Colin and Brant, I met your mom in our showroom. She came in and instantly I had to know who this woman was. She was brassy and classy and demanded attention in a very good way. We became instant friends. She always walked in to see me with a big smile and a funny story. Your mother was so talented with her eye for style and color. It came naturally to her but her biggest accomplishment in life and what she was most proud of was her twins. A glow on her face and sparkle in her eye always appeared when she talked about you two. I loved the fact that she would drag both of you out for a Design Center outing and I always looked forward to those days. At the holidays she brought me cookies and had some sharp wit comment about her domestic side was coming out with the twins and the holidays. My heart is hurting writing this but in time the hurt will become warm memories of your mother and how blessed I was to call her my friend.
Posted by Lauren Zidovsky on 17th September 2018
I met your mom, just once, but saw her everywhere at Lincoln school, walking the both of you across the playground to enter the Montessori school. She was so tall and recognizable for her height! Our meeting happened because I ran the 2017 Lincoln Talent Showcase, you both were three years old. This was my first year and I had taken notes about the Audition process: (everyone gets in, they told me, but we have auditions as a formality). All kids wait outside, there is a greeter on either side of the door and it is a closed audition. Every Lincoln student is nervous. You can feel this in the hallways. Routines are given one more run through, costumes are arranged, parents are there and kids are running everywhere. It really creates such a great momentum of the school for 2 days! Your mom was there preparing your group, Colin and Brant. You would be performing 'Herman the Worm.' Well, she came right into that audition! She wiggled the routine out from the top of the auditorium, she took photos and cheered you on! You were three years old! One of you had your shirt up in your mouth, you sang along and wiggled. She really was a proud mom! It wasn't until later that I learned of your mom's career as a Rockette and I completely understood her passion. Always know your parents were cheering you on together. I have a photo which I will post: it is from the talent show that year and I can make out your parents in the audience. Waiting to cheer you both on in the first act.
Posted by Lora Anderson Pavilack on 17th September 2018
I loved kicking with your mom during our time as Rockettes!!! Her bright smile and beautiful energy always helped us all have a better day. My prayer is that you always see your mom in your future and know that she is watching over you!!!
Posted by Victoria Rummler on 17th September 2018
Kirsten and I met at Palmetto High School in Miami, graduating in 1984. We took drama together, and were in the marching band dance squad called the Chatonettes (I believe she was a “Tallie” and I was a “Medium Tallie”). She was a great dancer with incredible long legs! We used to make up silly situations and conversations to balance out the demanding precision of the dance group. She was taking Spanish, and I remember one day she kept saying “muñeca” at random times just for fun. I guess she liked the sound of it. Just when we thought the joke had died down, she’d say it again. We were in tears! Years after graduation she e-mailed me out of the blue, having heard that I had moved to Paris to pursue a career in music. She said she’d had an offer to dance there, at the legendary Lido, but had decided to turn it down. We exchanged about our lives. She joked that she had “finally” learned how to sing, and said she had been working as a Rockette in NYC. I could just imagine those legs flashing across the stage at Radio City Music Hall! It was a joy to pick up our sparkling banter (muñeca) right where we’d left off some twenty-odd years earlier, through the magic of that new invention, the internet. Not too long after that, I looked her up on a trip to NYC and we met for Indian food. We reminisced about Palmetto (muñeca) and shared stories about our atypical paths. As always, she was radiant and hilarious, with the perfect combination of stylish good looks and not taking herself too seriously. She told me about her budding relationship with a wonderful man named Jason, hinting at big life changes to come. We stayed in touch on Facebook, and it was thrilling to see how her life took shape: her company, k. brant interiors, had become a classy, colorful outlet for her creativity, she and Jason had a gorgeous wedding, and Brant and Colin brought them immeasurable joy and adventure. I would have loved to see her more often but am grateful that internet made it possible to stay in touch to some extent, and share my music with her. Good-bye for now, my fun and talented friend! I’ll always remember you with the sunniest of smiles and a smoldering belly-laugh. Muñeca. Vicki Rummler
Posted by Tenly Williams on 16th September 2018
Kevin and I first met Kirsten and Jason at the Democratic caucus in 2016. All four of us were there to caucus for Hillary Rodham Clinton, and had hired child care so none of us would go uncounted. We already had kids at Lincoln Elementary, so we talked a lot about the application process and how much we loved the teachers, staff, and parents there. Now Brandt is in Tunisha's class with our daughter, Luella! After the presidential election, we had fun socializing at a Lincoln fundraiser. I had been asked to collaborate on a new project called Civic Syrup, and Kirsten enthusiastically invited me to meet with her friends to talk about how Coloradoans can effectively engage in federal, statewide and local politics. I admired her so much from the moment I met her. Warm, bright, open and no-nonsense at every turn, I liked her immediately. Once I called her Kristen because I'm truly terrible at names and she said, "It's Kirsten. I'm telling you right now so this doesn't get awkward," which just cracked me up. She had a wonderful sense of humor and zest for life that I can see lives on with her family.
Posted by Cheryl Cutlip on 15th September 2018
Your amazing mother was always full of joy and laughter. I was one of her dance captains when she became a Radio City Rockette in New York City. One of my favorite memories of Kirsten was the day she got to step onto the stage for the first time as a Rockette. This had been one of her many dreams as a dancer and the day had come for her to get a feel for the stage. We were dressed in our regular rehearsal clothes and our tall soldier hats to review the Parade of the Wooden Soldiers. I noticed that she was crying so I went over to her to see what was wrong. I was amazed that her tears were tears of joy and excitement. She's was overcome by the joy of dancing as a Rockette and joining this historical sisterhood. I was inspired by her ability to be "in the moment" and feel each morsel of excitement in life. I've always remembered that moment and it's helped me to be more "in the moment" during my own life. I pray that this story and others will always remind you of how much Kirsten loved life, loved each of you and made time to be adventurous and reach for her dreams.
Posted by Viviana Peralta on 14th September 2018
Conocí a Kirsten gracias a mi hija Giuliana Ridolfi quién fue su Au Pair durante casi dos años cuando Colin y Brant tenían 4 meses de vida. Qué gran mujer!!!! agradecida de que mi hija Giuliana con sus pequeños 20 años haya podido vivir con la familia Casey y con Kirsten quién la aconsejó y la ayudó en su diario vivir. Kirsten desde Argentina te digo como mamá GRACIAS GRACIAS por todo !!!!! Fuiste y serás siempre alguien muy importante en nuestra vidas !!
Posted by Val Peters on 14th September 2018
I was so impressed with Kirsten's energy and enthusiasm from the first time I met her at a Wellshire women's retreat. She made our Mission Possible fund raiser a success! We will join you in missing her spark.
Posted by Dorje Lukhang on 14th September 2018
Christen I always remember you easy to wok with you @ nice personallaty. Where ever you are now I will prey my way ( Bhuddist way ) Peace and Happy Journey. Dorje Lukhang
Posted by Tonya Loveday-Ward on 13th September 2018
In the short time I knew your mother here in Denver, I was so very impressed by her intelligence, witty nature, and love for life. All of us Rockette Alumnae came together to support each other. We went out to dinner and ended up of course connecting right away:) Kirsten was such a joy and light among us, she will be so very missed....

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