You Are Forever In Our Heart

Shared by Amari'yana Wade on 3rd March 2018

Dear, Mommy
                       I am 12 years old now I miss you you are my BESTFRIEND i rember the night before you and uncle Deek went to the hospital.Me and you were competing on how much we loved each other.Tayonna and jounior and jimmale with grandma and granndaddy we are seperated i see them in the summer i live with my daddy.I am doing good Tayonna junior and jimmale and grandma grandad is doing good i am so proud of Kiara she is graduating soon and I am going to her graduation.Uncle deek is doing good untie Neicey is doing good her Fat-fat  grandma Penola passed away a few weeks ago but now i know you grandaddy Leroy, grandma Penola and you are sleeping in peace with no worries. GOD CALLED YOU HOME.

                      We all miss you and love you we will NEVER FORGET YOU.

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