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  • 69 years old
  • Born on August 15, 1945 in Amarillo, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on October 18, 2014 in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kit Strole.  We will remember her forever.

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In lieu of flowers or gifts, a donation can be made to Paw Placement, a 501(c)(3), no kill organization for pets to honor Kit's love for animals.  Donations can be made here: http://www.pawplacement.org/honor  The site asks for recipient address: 8238 E. Jackrabbit Rd., Scottsdale AZ 85250

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Memorial Celebration:

Thank you to those who attended and made it a beautiful celebration!  Thank you to those who could not attend but have been thinking of Kit.  We feel your good energy!  

The memorial picture slideshow video is now posted in the Gallery on this site.

Posted by Kim Dodson on 15th October 2018
Love and miss you, my sweet sister.
Posted by Kim Dodson on 16th August 2018
Hey Sis! Saw those lights blink today! Thanks! Went by your old house yesterday. Man, you were following me everywhere! Love looking through all the photos and remembering such good memories! Sure do miss talking. Keeping it going with the kids and grandkids! Tell your son Aaron to engage!!! Know you all welcomed Bobby with open arms. Hug him for me and for his parents who miss him terribly. Keep those lights blinking!! Hugs
Posted by Rosemary Stralser on 16th August 2018
I think of you often Kit...your beautiful smile, kind demeanor, joyful sense of life...it is still so hard to believe you are no longer with us....I remember you showing me how to decorate with color - anything other than off-white!! Love, Rosemary
Posted by Pat Neal on 16th August 2018
Sorry I couldn't come up here yesterday. I just couldn't, you're still missed too much. A lot has happened since you no longer had to suffer. I'm sure you and Mom and Dad and Mick are watching. As you know, Bob is doing real good. Michelle came to visit with Sanjeev, really enjoyed that. So thankful you are at peace. Love.
Posted by Kim Dodson on 15th August 2017
Happy 72nd Birthday my sweet sister. You are loved and missed so much. Going to look back on fun and happy times with you today! Like our crazy trip to Detroit in the old van! Good times! Love you!
Posted by Kim Dodson on 25th November 2016
Sure did miss you, and mom and dad, and Mick yesterday at Thanksgiving. Was reminiscing about all the great Thanksgivings when all of us would get together at mom and dads and play softball and ride the go carts and play poker till one in the morning. Age takes us apart, and life is different. Just missing you a lot.
Posted by Jim Oleson on 3rd November 2016
October 18 2016 Kit Strole said goodbye to all of us that loved her on this day in 2014. Time softens the sorrow and we now have warm smiles amongst the cold tears of her memories Laughter I trust will come. Kit was a whisperer with dogs, flowers, grandkids and old folks and everyone and everything loved her for her touch. Kit was filled with so much beauty for us to remember and to remarkable for us to ever forget. I love you and miss you. Jim
Posted by Kim Dodson on 18th October 2016
Love you and miss you so much. Seems like yesterday and still hurts like yesterday. Cancer sucks a big one. I hate what it did to you. Haven't seen a flickering light for a while. What the hell? Have you reincarnated already??? :)
Posted by Aaron Strole on 18th October 2016
Hi Mom, I like remembering your birthdays much more than this day, but thinking of you a lot right now. Miss you tons and know you are still looking out for us. I love you!
Posted by Kim Dodson on 15th August 2016
You would have been 71 today! Remembering the birthday when I sent you something in the mail and when I called to see if you got it you said "oh yea, uhhh, but what is it?" They had switched packages and you got a police car computer!! Some cop shop got a couple womens blouses!! We laughed till we cried! I want to call you on your birthday, I miss that. Happy Birthday sweet sister, I miss you so much.
Posted by Alain Hartmann on 15th August 2016
Kit, we share the same birthday month and always remembered the special month. This year is the big 60th with a big party in store. You are definitely invited and will look forward to your spirit blessing the event. Alain
Posted by Alain Hartmann on 31st October 2015
I can't believe the year has passed to quickly. However, like my Mother, who was a special friend with Kit, when every I think of her, it seems like yesterday that her smile and laugh blessed by day. I spend last weekend with an old friend (in picture) who was also a special of Kit's. We had some great laughs and a few sighs talking about her. Still missed greatly.
Posted by Kim Dodson on 22nd October 2015
One year. Seems like yesterday. A year of not talking on the phone. Not visiting and talking for hours on end. Not laughing and solving the world problems. Not having my "twin" sister to bounce life off of. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Often cry and often smile and laugh with memories. Gone too soon....way too soon...love you now and forever......peace my sweet sister.
Posted by Kim Dodson on 14th August 2015
"To laugh often and much; to win the respect of the intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the beauty in others; to leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that one life has breathed easier because you lived here. This is to have succeeded," Ralph Waldo You FAR out succeeded. I love you and miss you. Happy 70th tomorrow.
Posted by Kim Dodson on 15th June 2015
Got through every one of the photos today without crying! Only smiling, remembering each good time! So many good times! Christmases, I think, were the best! I think acceptance has settled in. I still want to pick up the phone and call you and tell you what happened and see what is going on in your life.............
Posted by Cori Oleson-Montoya on 19th May 2015
Dad just wrote and told of a bench that he dedicated in your honor, at Chaparral Park. These are amongst my most fond memories of you Kit. Every time we visited, there were the cool evening strolls with you and Dad and the doggies. It will be nice to have a comforting space to commune with nature remember you.
Posted by Kim Dodson on 10th March 2015
I have to quit coming here during work! People are wondering why I'm crying! Everywhere I go there is a Mini to remind me. It will forever be. Not being able to call you sucks. :(
Posted by Kim Dodson on 13th February 2015
I miss you so much my sweet sister.
Posted by Forrest Yates on 24th December 2014
just read of kit's death peace/love to all her friends n family i met kit in the early 70's n remember alot of good times thinking of you kit n i know your adventure is still continuing woody
Posted by Kim Dodson on 4th December 2014
I got an email today for the Portland Rose Festival Newsletter. You and I were suppose to go to that last year, then this year. We didn't. Waited too long. Now it's one of those "I wish I had" regrets, and I don't know if I will ever be able to go without you. Miss you too much.
Posted by Kevork Andonian on 2nd December 2014
Dear Kit - my heart is heavy with sorrow and sadness as I have come to learn of your passing. Your smile, kindness and positive energy I shall never forget. I thank God for having had the privilege to know and spend time with you. Love, Kevork
Posted by Judy Lee on 21st November 2014
I met Kit when we both worked at Apache Powder. She was truly one of a kind, always smiling and so gracious. Our sons became best friends and Mick was honorary best man at Gary and Christina's wedding last summer. It was so good to see her that day, I knew she wasn't well but although too thin she still looked gorgeous.. Aaron, Michelle, and Sherri I hope you find comfort in the many good memories you share.
Posted by Greg Archer on 21st November 2014
I knew Kit as my next door neighbor and close friend in the 1990's. We parted as good friends years ago. But we had fun camping together with family and friends. Our dogs had great fun at Sawmill Flats near Young, AZ. I will never forget that. Those experiences were so great I can say I still have as some of my best friends are Kit's brother-in-law, Dennis Beach, and Kit's wonderful sister, Jan. I am so sorry for your loss. I feel some of the pain. My thoughts are with you all. Best wishes, Greg.
Posted by Patrick Driscoll on 17th November 2014
Kit, thank you for being the most loving and caring grandmother to my and Michelle's children Katie and Garrett. They love and miss you so much! We'll all miss you waving at the window. You've not only been gramma, but you took on the role of two grandmas and two grandpas as far as I'm concerned! (You've always been present and there for them and I am forever grateful.) You've made such a HUGE impression on Katie and Garrett of how to be a kind, unbiased, loving person. This will be passed on for generations I believe. I appreciate very much that you remained my friend these past years and you never forgot my birthday - even nine days before you had to leave this plane to the next....this earth has lost such a beautiful person and we will all miss you....heaven has gained such a SPECTACULAR ANGEL... P.S. Tell Mick I'm still scaring the H!@# out of little kids at HalloWeen!
Posted by Thomas Valeski on 13th November 2014
We were so excited we both made National Honor Society on that day. But then you were also a member of German Club, and I wanted to join that too, but you reminded me that I have to know and speak German first. I thought the only requirements were to be as sweet, caring, and good-looking as you.....so? You're in a better place, and your legacy to the world will not be forgotten.
Posted by Steven Savlov on 13th November 2014
Although I have not kept in touch with Kit since high school. I do remember Kit's gentle countenance and beautiful smile. The photo's help me to appreciate what a wonderful loving family she comes from. May Kit Rest In Peace and her legacy help create a more enlightened society reflecting her gentleness and loving kindness-
Posted by Cathy Clark on 12th November 2014
Kit - You are an angle in heaven watching over all of us now and free of pain. It was a pleasure to get to know you over the years and work with you. You are loved and will be missed by all. Rest in peace!
Posted by Alain Hartmann on 12th November 2014
Kit was true friend. Her smile engaged you, comforted you and simply made the day look rosy Her intellect was both philosophical and practical. She was interested in everything; places, food and people. I had the privilege of knowing Kit for over 40 years and while there were at times long periods between our visits, it seemed like only yesterday when we again met. And oh yes, Kit never aged; she looked as beautiful last year as the day we met. I will miss her dearly and the positive impact she had on the world. Alain
Posted by Michelle McConnaughay on 12th November 2014
This message is from Ken and Mary Jo Smith: Mary Jo and I were extremely fortunate to have known the Herrmann family. First we met Ed, Ruth, and Butch through the Benson Lion's Club. Ken thinks he had Kim in class. Ken got to coach Mick and knew Aaron as Gary Lee’s roomy and later as a golfing opponent. We knew the pretty little girl that played with our daughter, Marla. God surely blessed us in this lifetime to have known and been in contact with the Herrmanns. Thank you for allowing us in your lives. We got to see Kit at Gary Lee’s wedding. God bless in your time of need, Ken and Mary Jo Smith
Posted by Kim Dodson on 7th November 2014
Sister dear, You have gone too soon, my sweet sister. That stinking, rotten, evil, fing cancer destroyed a great person. As your youngest sister, you took care of me, and as we grew older we became great sisters and had so much in common. We thought much the same way and had a million great discussions about politics, life, love, marriage, children, and life after death. A few days after you left for your next life, father dear let me know you were there and happy! And I will be waiting for your communication of flickering lights, so get with it!! Memories flood these days, like the trip we took in the 70’s, across country, in the old beat up van! We were lucky we survived that one! And the time we escaped the less than happy that we were bugging them biker chicks, at Helldorado! YOU wanted to know why they had those tattoos, and we had to exit quickly! And when I sold you my Fiat, you sold it to someone in CA that flew you back to Phoenix after you delivered the car, and due to him loosing instrumentation, wound up in a prison yard surrounded by armed men! And the time we hiked the falls in Happy Valley, and you froze on the ledge! I thought I was going to have to call the rescue people! Lots of wonderful trips together! I remember them all! When you settled in Benson, you joined the women’s club, and we started a very long BUNCO game night with many women, that continues to this day 40 years later! Some crazy nights there! There were also many wonderful family gatherings, which you NEVER missed. Lots of family traditional poker nights, lots of easter egg hunts, lots of love and laughter. One in particular was when you and Scott came to the parents in his van for a holiday gathering, and the road was very muddy. Scott was having trouble getting through, and asked you to look out the window and see if there was any progress, where upon he gassed it and, well, you had a very muddy face!! Lots of fun in the dune buggy and go carts too! So many fun family gatherings! You moved on to Phoenix and had a wonderful career. The kids followed you, and there you held them under you wing and gave them so many years of love and comfort. You met wonderful Jim and married and so many of your dreams came true. You loved every animal that crossed your path, and took in the troubled. There was not a cross bone in your body. ALWAYS the loving, caring, kind, considerate, beautiful Leo that was your soul. I have two other sisters and a brother with the same kind souls, and I am so blessed to have them, their wonderful children, their wonderful children, and all extended family and friends in my life. I sure hope we hook up in the next life, because I really don’t think we were done here! I will hold you close to my heart until we meet again. Your favorite sister!! ;)
Posted by Doug Forte on 7th November 2014
Kit, you were a breath of fresh air and the world is a much better place because of you! Your warm, kind, gentle, and caring ways always impressed me. I remember taking you for a ride a few years back in my 1969 Chevy SS 396. What fun, and you even drove it! You always wore the most beautiful smile upon your face. The dances and political discussions we shared at many of our high school reunions will always be treasured memories of mine. May you Rest in Peace, my dear friend. I miss you!!!
Posted by Lonna Barron on 6th November 2014
Kit - love and miss you! You left us too soon but I'm so happy to have had you in my life for so many years! Will always remember your wisdom and calmness as well as your beautiful smile.
Posted by Emlyn Lydford on 6th November 2014
My relationship with Kit was through my sister, Myrtle Young. I realize how important Kit is to her and how lucky one would be to have a person like Kit as s friend.

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