Let the memory of Kjetil be with us forever
  • 52 years old
  • Born on January 16, 1964 in Norway.
  • Passed away on April 4, 2016 in Norway.

The funeral service will be held on Friday 8th of April 2016 at 12.30pm at Nøtterøy Kirke - Kirkeveien 192, 3140 Nøtterøy, Norway.

The Bonde family will appreciate a donation for the children’s education as much as flowers.

DONATION  can be done directly using the following account::

Bank account: 5010 06 78222
Nevion Europe AS  - Norway 

- IBAN: NO9250100678222


- Bank: DNB  - NORWAY



Posted by Jennifer Vessels on 16th April 2016
Can someone please email me Kjetil's family address to send a card? jvessels@nextstepgrowth.com
Posted by Jose Rafael Adegas on 15th April 2016
I met Kjetil when he joined Network Electronics and became sales manager for Portugal. Our relationship evolved naturally (everything was natural with Kjetil) from a business relationship to true friendship. I was fortunate to welcome Kjetil at my country house in Portugal with all his family last year when Andreas was studying in Lisbon. I admire a lot the way he handled his sickness. Always smiling (who has ever seen Kjetil without a smile?) and aswering always in a positive way. Last time I talk with him, it was over the phone. He called me this February to ask me to buy 4 tickets for him, Anne and a couple of friends to go watch Bruce Sprinsteen in Lisbon in May. Maybe Anne will still want to use the tickets. If not, I will keep them as they will make me remeber Kjetil. Will be missed forever.
Posted by Filipe Soares on 12th April 2016
Like any good business meeting, my first with Kjetil took place at the Pub. Having spoken to him only by phone we had arranged to meet in Copenhagen Airport to discuss an opportunity for me to join Nevion. I had arrived early and remember sitting at the table, checking emails, when he walked up to me and said ''you look like a sales guy, you must be Fil''. Within 5mins of meeting him, his passion, energy and enthusiasm had convinced me that I needed to be a part his team. Over the years, we shared many stories about family, football (mainly heard about how the Gunners were due to win the title that year), and the different projects we had started outside of work. It is seldom that I have had the pleasure to meet and get to know a person with great integrity but very down to earth. He will be greatly missed, and I am very saddened with the news of his passing. My thoughts and prayers and with him and his family.
Posted by Eugene Keane on 9th April 2016
I first met Kjetil in January 2008 when VPG and Network Electronics joined forces. From the first meeting he was inquisitive and open and ready to gain an understanding of the new opportunities. He radiated this positive energy to colleagues and partners and it was a pleasure traveling on business with him across Europe. To me he was a man of rock solid integrity and a good friend and although we had not recently crossed paths his passing has shocked and left a void. Kjetil was always the family man and we were delighted that Summer he brought them all to California. I can only imagine their feeling of loss but I know Kjetil has left a strong legacy. Kjetil rest well. Your loved ones are in our thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Tatjana Heilmann on 8th April 2016
I am still in shock and am trying to find the right words. I met Kjetil at trade shows and we had a lot of laughs at the Logic party in Amsterdam where he also told me a lot about his family. I got to know him as a very honest and positive person and he was always very respectful to everybody he encountered. It’s a tragedy that such a great person had to pass away so early. My thoughts go out to his family and I wish them the strength for this sad and hurtful time. RIP Kjetil.
Posted by Janne T. Morstøl on 8th April 2016
Kjetil was a key player in merging T-VIPS and Nevion and we worked closely together to bring the joint product portfolio out to the partner community. I have good memories from planning for the first joint partner event and NAB. A lot of good memories from shows, events and customer meetings. I will always remember Kjetil for his integrity, open-mindedness and passion for Nevion, our customers and partners. My thoughts go to the family that has lost a caring father. Rest in peace, Kjetil!
Posted by Haci Cengiz on 8th April 2016
we are still in deep sorrow. Kjetil was a person with the most friendly aura i met before. we will miss his kind way to treat people. it was always a pleasure to meet him, have a talk and first of all laughing about everithing possible. your friendly way will shining example for me. my sincerest condolences to your familiy and friends. rest in peace.
Posted by Panagiotis Pieridis on 8th April 2016
It is with great sadness that I received the message of the loss of Kjetil. We knew each other for several years through our business with Nevion and had great respect and admiration for his personality and professionalism, but also for a person with a smile and positive attitude. On behalf of all my colleagues and myself at PTS, humbly express our sincere condolences to his family, his loved ones and the family of Nevion. May paradise be his eternal home.
Posted by Andrew Rayner on 7th April 2016
Kjetil 'Bondster' was one of the first people I met upon joining Nevion. Over the last 6 years I have loved seeing Kjetil’s passion - both for his family and his job. He was an inspirational guy to work with - committed & focussed. He was also immense fun to be with. Travelling with Kjetil on customer visits was always something to look forward to, simply because he was a great guy to be with. Every phone call from him was filled with fun! One of my favourite memories from the summer of 2014 (not long before he first became ill) was that of leaving the Olso office one evening with Kjetil and driving out to a nearby lake that Kjetil told me he used to visit when he was younger. Kjetil, Martin & myself went for a wonderful swim in the lake - it was pretty cold but great fun and a great way to spend time together. Kjetil's departure seems so unfair - way too soon – such a massive loss to Nevion on both a personal and professional level. My prayers go out for his family who must be feeling such a deep and immense loss at this time. Farewell Bondster – you are already sorely missed.
Posted by Nick Pywell on 7th April 2016
Kjetil liked warm brown ale (beer)and I was only too happy to oblige. We had lots of fun like a couple of kids on our travels in London, Oslo, Las Vegas amongst many other locations. The observations of bringing up a family and his focus towards doing a good job was often discussed with humour about our common pitfalls. A man of great integrity and a friend of most... One of the best for me;.. a very sad loss indeed.
Posted by Bernd Poth on 7th April 2016
Kjetil, a man whose visits we liked, when he made his way to germany. always good for a laugh, but by the same token a thougthful and wise person. Kjetil, you wonderful person, all your german friends of LOGIC will truly miss you. We are in deep grief about this loss. You will always remain vivid in our hearts.
Posted by Klaus Bang on 7th April 2016
I met Kjetil for the first time in January 2013, where I started in my new job at GigaContent. Kjetil was one of the first business partners whom I met in my new job, and he did from the first moment a very, very good impression on me with his openness and kindness. He was an old school businessman. You could trust him, and a deal was a deal. Kjetil eyes brightened up when he talk about his family and his work with renovate his “hytte”. He explained in details. The work reached Kjetil unfortunately not by make finished, but I'm sure it would have been a great place, if he would have had the option to finishing it. It would have been a place for a cold beer and good fun with family and friends. Kjetil will always be in our hearts. Rest in peace
Posted by Jennifer Vessels on 7th April 2016
While I have known Kjetil only 18 months or so in my / Next Step's work with Nevion, I have considered him a trusted professional and dear friend. His dedication to Nevion, the business partners he has nurtured, human relationships and family are great role models for us all. Even as he battled illness, he always remained positive, determined and committed to success. I am honored to have known and had the opportunity to work with him. He is sorely missed as he rests in peace. My deepest condolences to his family who I know he loved more than anything.
Posted by Jennifer Vessels on 7th April 2016
Posted by Geir Bryn-Jensen on 6th April 2016
My dear colleague and friend Kjetil, you played a big role in helping me adding value to my work in Nevion from 2010 to 2016. Our relationship started as colleagues and it grew to become a trusted relationship on a personal level. You where always honest, true to your beliefs and had a high level of compassion for others. We have shared many professional and personal experiences and we have travelled near and distant places in our work together. I will always remember you and your strong positive character and integrity. Rest in peace my friend, Geir
Posted by Steve Hard on 6th April 2016
I arrived in Sandefjord, Norway in the middle of winter 2011. As a English guy I thought I was used to the cold until I stepped off the plane in -15 degrees. Luckily the first person I met with that day for my interview greeted me with a warm Norwegian welcome that I will never forget. Kjetil, who would become my boss, not only made me feel welcome but also immediately part of the Nevion team. Business soon moved to talk about football and his passion for the Gooners (Arsenal) which he made sure also linked to business opportunities. I'll greatly miss sharing stories of our football trips and chatting over a beer or two. RIP
Posted by Brian Slott Kristiansen on 6th April 2016
"I first got to know Kjetil in 2007 while he was challenging me in some of my technical dispositions, always professionel and well prepared and Kjetil always kept a very personal, loyal and open approach in business. I have traveled the world together with Kjetil on the trips we shared stories about family and life. He taught me that its OK to think about your family and yourself and check out of business 'mode' to be a whole person. Kjetil was honest and plesant in everything he did and soon our relationship grew to be a friendship. When he visited us at home during Danacup or just on a business break he never talked business but was a friend. Kjetil became a dear friend that supported my family during dificult times - I will never forget this. I will always remember Kjetil for his positive spirit at think about him when we sit in our garden enjoying the Danish summer nigths and listening to live music from the nearby venue. Kjetil was a friend and I will truly miss him - hvil i fred
Posted by Bjørn Skotte on 6th April 2016
Sometimes it is enough to meet a man briefly, but still understand that the person will give you a solid impression and create an everlasting footprint with his personality. I met Kjetil only 3 short meetings in 2016. His personality and what Kjetil gave of himself, was real and genuine. My thoughts go out to his family with the hope that the future will be manageable. I am sorry for your loss.
Posted by Cosimo Gualano on 5th April 2016
I first time I met with Kjetil was in Oslo in November 2010 while he was recruiting me for the position of channel director in Nevion! We met in a very casual cafeteria in the city center and for the first time I admired that smile and open mind. Kjetil was always challenging the “status-quo” and he often wanted the best solution without compromising integrity and feelings. He was very fond of his family and kids, sharing often small stories about accomplishments. A great person and a colleague I will truly miss!

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