Let the memory of Klement be with us forever.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Klement Danda . We will remember him forever.
Posted by Colleen Kelba on 6th February 2019
Hi again, just a note to say I miss you. I met Elaine last night at the Silver Dragon during Chinese New Year. We were guests at the same shared table and became instant forever friends when we shared that we both knew this magnificent person named Klement Danda. I'm going to hug your family so tight for you on the 23rd when we meet at your place to bless your passage to Tomorrowland.
Posted by Thomas Harland on 5th February 2019
Klement, although we only worked together a few short months, you quickly earned my great respect as a professional banker and a true gentleman. When I was fortunate enough to see you performing on stage a couple times and realized what a talented musician you were, I was blown away that you could achieve that level of success in two such completely different fields. Whether it was in the office or on the stage, you brought everyone else's game up, and you will be sorely missed by us all.
Posted by Alex Wang on 3rd February 2019
Dear Klement, we met six years ago at work and we have been good friends ever since. I fondly remember the countless laughs and challenges we shared, then there were the inside jokes only you and I would ever understand. You enriched my life and I thank you for that. I am deeply hurt that you left suddenly and no words can describe my sadness. I still have the habit of peeking through the cubicle divider, hoping you are there so we can go for coffee and lunch. Rest easy my friend, as I know you will continue to enlighten those in heaven with your amazing musical talent and personality. You will always be remembered and we will meet again.
Posted by Frank Mosca on 30th January 2019
Klem, you certainly made an impression. Your prowess and skill as a musician was undeniable and a joy to behold. For those of us who were lucky enough to get a chance to play with you or even be in the room when the “magic” went down it was always special. Of your many virtues, among the greatest was your abilty to elevate the game of garden variety musicians like myself. The pure joy of making music with you was always special and sometimes it was downright electrifying! For those of us in your jam circle you will be Legend. Beyond the jamming I will miss you immensely as a friend. The dumb ass conversations, hanging out, drinking Peroni’s til dawn, the crazy political rants and your insane twisted sense of humour. Every single time was memorable. You were completely one of a kind. Nearly everytime we jammed out or played an open mic someone would come up to me and ask “Who’s the guy with blue guitar” ? They said you have a blue guitar, You do not play things as they are. The man replied “Things as they are Are changed upon the blue guitar” ‘I do my best to tell it true, A thing ecxeeding hard to do. My eye is on a distant star” They said you have a blue guitar. “I have” the man replied, ‘it’s true, The instrument I strum is blue, I strum my joy, I strum my pain, I strum the sun, I strum the rain. But tell me What is it to you? “You see things as you think they are. Remove the mote from in your ear, then talk to me of what you hear”. They said “You do not play things as they are, Start again and play it straight, Don’t improvise, prevaricate. Just play things as they really” The man replied “Things as they are, Are not the same as things that were Or will be in another year. The literal is rarely true, for truth is old and truth is new, And faceted - a metaphor for something higher then we are. I play the truth of Everyman I play the truth as best I can. The things I play are better far, When changed upon the blue guitar. Excerpted from “The Blue Guitar” by Wallace Stevens Rest well and go easy my friend. I’ll see you on the other side.
Posted by Sharon Knowles on 30th January 2019
Words cannot express the sadness for the loss of you Dear Klement. a genuine, wonderful soul, a guitar aficionado. I will never forget singing Love is a Stranger in your apartment, while you played the keyboard, it was eerily beautiful, and how you played Greg's song Tribute, in our showcase band The Hard Six. You added so much pizzazz to our music group and will forever be a legend in our hearts. I hope you are playing with all the music legends, and are at peace with your father and loved ones passed. I'll think of you always. Sending you my love, until we meet again dear friend. All we are is dust in the wind.
Posted by Alysia Bailey on 29th January 2019
Incredibly difficult to figure out how to express my profound sadness. I admire and respect so much about you, above all your encouraging and humble nature. You were always a ‘yes’ man willing to take risks and try any song or style. You blessed me with encouraging words and kindness that have helped me build confidence. And you always showed up. So much gratitude for the cherished memories. Sending my deepest sympathies, thoughts, prayers and love to your family.
Posted by Irwin Ng on 29th January 2019
Klement, you were without a doubt one of the most talented musicians in Calgary. It was a privilege to play gigs, open mics, and house jams with you. Thanks for all the fun times. Rest in peace.
Posted by Kelli Clementhot on 29th January 2019
Over 10 years ago we were summoned to meet on the basis of our outlandish personalities. You have been an inspiration and motivation to my life ever sense. You were an amazing father figure to my daughters life. Even tutouring her in math just a few weeks ago. I cant beleive you could make her catch on and make learning math fun. You brought out the best in me, believing in me, weather it be working out in the gym and writing songs together. Giving me the most brutally honest obnotious advice. Everyone who met or knew you liked you immediately. Your humour and quirks are infectious, truely one of a kind. I always told you were the greatest guitarist in the land but your piano playing always made me melt. You came to me in my dream last night and i know you will be looking down and there with the ones you loved. You thought the world of your family, and they will remember you in such a special way. I know you are in peace and with your amazing father. I will never stop loving you. Xoxo
Posted by Gina Finstad on 28th January 2019
Oh Klement, I am so sad that you are gone. I extend my deepest sympathy to your family and loved ones. Since hearing of your passing, my mind has been on constant replay with fond memories of you. From first working with you at Chrysler Financial all those years ago, and from our friendship that followed. You were so loved and cherished. Rest In Peace.
Posted by Cyrus Ko on 28th January 2019
Klement, I was shocked and heartbroken. You were truly a talented musician and a great guy. I wish I could have spent more time, and now those have all become memories. You will be missed forever.
Posted by Frank Szoka on 28th January 2019
Had our differences but in the end we worked it out. No denying the truly untapped talent he possessed. I wish life would have given us more time playing together. You are missed. Rest in peace buddy.
Posted by Eddie Haywood on 27th January 2019
In MEMORY OF KLEMENT "SHREDDER" DANDA InfinitiLive would like to pay tribute to a very special friend, and accomplished musician Klement Danda. Klement joined Infinitilive and performed with us for almost two years. He quickly became the staple performer that propelled our music to heights we never dreamt. Our fans enjoyed his warm guitar "licks" and smiles. His dance movements lit up the room with guitar in hand as we hailed him "Shredder". Klement you are dearly missed. InfinitiLive.ca
Posted by Roberto Ugaddan on 27th January 2019
Klement Danda, you were an awesome guy and a great guitar player. I enjoyed playing and performing music with you during my RnG jamming days and he was always supportive and ready to help you out. May God rest his soul and my sincere condolences goes out to his family at this very difficult time. RIP brother, we will miss you!
Posted by Jason Mifsud on 26th January 2019
Klement, you are, and always will be, a very special soul. Open, inviting, and always carrying an excited energy, you will be truly missed and never forgotten my friend. I'll never forget showing up at RnG house jams, seeing a pair of bright red kicks amongst the pile of shoes at the front door, and thinking "Awesome! Klement's here!!" and how the evening would usually end at a nearby McD's eating several cheese burgers. I'll always remember you bud, rest easy.
Posted by Laurel Nelson on 26th January 2019
Klement I treasure the memories of our 6+ years of working together. You were wise beyond your years in our discussions of politics and music. I will forever remember you.
Posted by Jake Sill on 26th January 2019
Klement, you were always the life of anything you were apart of. I still remember you handing me your gold top les Paul the night we met and making me feel like a rockstar. I have a million memories of you, and I couldn’t begin to tell you how many licks and tricks I’ve learned from watching you over the years. Such an amazing person, talent, personality, and attitude. We will miss you so so much Klement. We love you a whole lot.
Posted by Vichar Daniela on 26th January 2019
Dear Klement It 's been many years since I visited with you and Ronnie in Calgary in your father's house but we both still have many fond memories of you your sister Michelle and your mom Mercy. We have been living far from all of you and could not be as close as when you were small growing up in Toronto. You left us too soon and we will miss you. God bless your soul. Your aunt Daniela
Posted by Ron Vichar on 26th January 2019
Dearest Cousin, I am deeply saddened and devastated to hear of your passing and leaving this world far too soon. Being so far apart from one another and not having been able to see you or your family for years, I enjoyed keeping in touch with our conversations on messenger. Endless discussions about the Leafs, Habs, Flames, Oilers, Raptors, Bluejays. Movies and politics. Sharing good tunes and having a friend. I was looking forward to a reunion soon so you could have met your nephews and they could have met their real rock star Uncle. I will always remember growing up and spending our summer vacations on Hawkwood. We would play guitar, piano enjoy your dads BBQ Chicken Thighs and goulash. He always made us a dozen eggs for breakfast and at least as many veal sausages. You loved to eat and play the piano without pants on. Even then you were so talented musically and inspired me to try and keep up with you. You will forever be in my heart and memory and I’m sorry we grew so far apart. You loved Calgary and moved mountains with your guitar. Life is too short. Rest In Peace. You will be forever missed.
Posted by Brian Howe on 26th January 2019
I didn't know you very long but long enough to realize that you were a very special person. I remember meeting you at a Riverside jam-my first jam in Calgary and right away you put me at ease. Then I heard you play! You blew me away and I have been playing guitar for 60 some. years. I'm sad that you're gone but I'm very happy that I had the opportunity to meet you. You were one of a kind.
Posted by Christine Nelson on 26th January 2019
Dear Klement, To one of the sweetest, kindest, talented, happiest, classiest, handsomest, guy I knew. You were always nice to everyone and everytime you came to a music jam everyone was sooooo happy to see you, you always brought it up a notch or two. You will be sooooo missed by us all. You are gone too soon. You always talked about your Mom & sister, nieces, nephews. Rest in peace and Heaven is a much better for your presence. <3 Miss you soooo much dear friend.
Posted by Stephanie Ralph on 26th January 2019
I wish I had known the last time I saw you would have been the very last. I would have hugged you just a little harder and longer. Here’s to you finding a place with an endless stage where the show never ends. xo
Posted by Randy Doran on 26th January 2019
My friend, you will be missed. You made me smile every time we ended up at a jam together - I will miss playing “The House of the Rising Sun” with you You have a way of making everyone better just being around you. Your talents were nothing short of amazing! I pray you find peace my friend.
Posted by Steve Nelson on 26th January 2019
Hello Klement my dear friend, its impossible to believe that you are gone! Such a great Talent, Band mate , and Jammin friend! You always made anyone you played with sound so much better! You were the guitar man, a magician and artist with the guitar! Sometimes when I watched you play I could not believe the beautiful sounds I was hearing! You were always ready to give me those live lessons as you played! You were a inspiration to all of us my friend! You were so young with so much left to do and so much potential! You always brightened our days! You will be so missed! Take care my friend till we may meet again!
Posted by Gary Freeman on 26th January 2019
I am saddened to hear that you are gone. On behalf of The Barry Penny Foundation I want you to know that you truly will be missed. You were always there for us whenever i asked for your help. The kids that we help got a chance to watch you perform and there is no doubt that you inspired them. I know that you are at peace now. Take care my friend.
Posted by Martin Schubert on 26th January 2019
Klement, it’s hard to find the words that describe the admiration, respect and love I have for you. We first met through a mutual friend in high school and our passion for music meant that we automatically hit it off. You taught me everything you knew about music, guitars and rock’n’roll. If it wasn’t for you and the inspiration you gave me, I wouldn’t be where I am today musically. When we weren’t jamming together, we were cruising in your Cadillac going on some crazy adventure and it was never a dull moment with you. I will cherish those memories for the rest of my days. Unfortunately we had drifted apart over the years, but I want you to know that I have always considered you a good, close friend. We have gone through too much together in our younger years for me to ever consider you anything but and I know you have touched the very soul of so many people and you will be greatly missed. I’m sorry for whatever you were going through and whatever demons you were facing and wish I could have been there for you. Just know that you are admired, you are missed and most importantantly you are loved. Wherever you are now I know you are rockin’ a Les Paul and pumping G’n’R with a Heineken in your hand! I’ll see you on the other side my friend. Your Friend, Martin Schubert
Posted by Colleen Kelba on 26th January 2019
Oh Klement! You leave me jealous of Heaven and the world that gifted the supreme talent you enveloped us with. It was not just talent of music and your incredible guitar picking, it was your humble, sweet presence when you walked into the room. I'll miss your movie critiques, your humour when it came to remembering which song we were practicing. The title meant nothing, it was how it made you feel...the medieval Blackmore's Knight "Wish You Were Here" became the 'Turkey Leg Song' because you said you imagined grabbing a big turkey leg and eating it. You liked food. I will always think of turkey when I sing that song, and I'll be wishing you were here to eat it. Miss you more than food, my dear sweet friend. They must have needed you for an uber-supreme gig in the sky! So blessed to have played with you a little while. With all my being and gratitude, Colleen. <3
Posted by Lori Hager on 26th January 2019
Klement, I hadn't realized that my musical education wasn't over until I met you. With your help, I was able to find my way outside of the boundaries of a written song and let my voice fly free. Whether we were at a jam, we were on a tiny little cramped dais that barely fit all of us, or we were spread out across the stage of a community theatre, I felt more confidence with your lead guitar building the music around me than I ever had before. I know it's been a long time since we last spoke, since we last played... But whether we were in my father's basement or performing charity events, you helped me to grow as a person and led me to who I am today. I know you're still rocking on up there.
Posted by Jennifer Wallace on 26th January 2019
Klement, where do I begin to even write this. My heart hurts to know you won’t be walking through the door with your smile and “Oh hello there”. I want to hug you and tell you I love you one more time. I’ve learned so much from you and I’ll cherish the time I had with you. You brought a light into my life that I didn’t know I needed and I thank you for that. When I’d ask for your input on something you’d give me an enthusiastic “that’s awesome” comment. You reminded me to have a passion and I saw that with you and your music. I thank you for letting me be a part of your music life, listening to you play whether it was just the two of us and you’d grab a guitar or getting to experience gig life and most importantly I thank you for letting me be a part of your life. Forever in my heart, I love you.
Posted by Helen Krysinski on 25th January 2019
Klement, I so glad there is a place for me to tell you how much I adored your spirit, your arrival to the office made my morning brighter. What can I say my friend, I hope you are safe, loved and happy wherever you are. I spent today searching for the perfect song to sit and think of you.. you made a difference Klement. You will never be gone xoxo
Posted by Ang Y Marie on 25th January 2019
Klement - I am heart broken. I feel grief and despair and yet smile wide when I think of all the time we spent with you at work (how loud you typed and talked on the phone, wore animal print shoes, and carried a vintage brief case - with nothing in it). I think of our the rehearsals, gigs, song writing, and recording. I think of the workouts you committed to and the cheese burgers you ate after. Phil and I could not get enough of discussing politics sports, or Wayne's World quotes with you 'ShawING. ' You inspired me to buy my first piano, study theory, and play like no body is watching. Thank you. Xo I loved hearing stories about your Dad and am still convinced our Dads jammed in heaven. I just can't fathom that you are there now too or may have gone through these final moments alone. You were so smart and so talented. I think Tina said it best today ... her favorite Klement Constantine Danda the III moment: we are at a serious bank meeting, probably 20 professionals around the table and we are introducing ourselves/titles and it comes around to you. You lean back in your chair with that smirk and say "Klement Danda ... Lead Guitarist". Rest in peace my friend. I love you more than you will ever know and I am so sorry you are gone. Angy and Phil love you Buddy.
Posted by Laurel Smith on 25th January 2019
Klement was a fantastic musician and person who I will have great memories of singing with him and some pretty fun adventures. Got me to learn guitar and live in the now. You will be truly missed!
Posted by Brad Tomlinson on 25th January 2019
Klement was a great guy and very talented. Despite having more talent than the rest of our group he never put on airs and just loved to share the joy of music with others. I always enjoyed spending time with him because he was such a genuine and nice person. I will miss him.
Posted by Linda Meadows on 25th January 2019
Klement, You helped me through my most difficult times and often said to me "always look on the bright side of life". We spent a lot of hours together making music and you inspired me to be the best I could be. You were driven to excellence and brought anyone who knew you to a higher standard. I cannot believe you are really gone forever. I pray that you are at peace . If love could have saved you . You would have lived forever because you were loved by many.
Posted by Bernard Joosten on 25th January 2019
Klement, you have had such a positive impact on my life. You have, and always will have a special place in my heart. I will never forget how you made me feel welcome when I joined the Healthcare team at the bank. I will always remember: your laugh, your smile and your quirks. I will remember your endless knowledge of old movies, your guitar skills, your piano skills and your rockstar stage presence. I will always remember your kindness, your friendship and your advice. But most of all, I will always remember you. Klement, you are an amazing person and you will be missed. But even though you have passed, your memory will never fade. Take care buddy, and keep rockin' on
Posted by Kelli Elbertsen on 25th January 2019
Klement, it was an honour to have known you in my life. I have never laughed as much around anyone as I did around you. You had a kind heart, and a thoughtful soul and you were always having a good time. The music industry has lost a great contributor and you will be dearly dearly missed by all of us. Until we meet again my friend.....
Posted by Brian Blondahl on 25th January 2019
Klement, it was so great to have known you. You were so inspiring to me. A pleasure to play with and talk to. Always upbeat and helpful. You taught me so much as well. " learn those scales Brian" Thanks! good times.
Posted by Jeff Thomas on 25th January 2019
Klement, it was a true pleasure spending time with you. Always the best shoes, the best attitude, the best pedals, the best guitars, the best licks, and the best smiles. The best times.

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