Shared by Keziyah Williams on April 4, 2021
When first hearing the news i was stuck for atleast 2-3 days straight . It didn’t feel real . Then i was so in shocked and so many emotions was going through my head i had decided to take a walk round the neighborhood . Not to long after i seen your picture with flowers around them and it broke me because it was like you really gone and i couldn’t believe you were that close . I felt like i could have helped you but I didn’t even know what was going on. I thought you just needed time alone that’s why you wasn't answering anyone.till this day i still breakdown I remember us at Jeb stuart play fighting. I remember the morning you come walking in ms.lucas class with the biggest smile on your face. Ill be having a bad day and you will come hug me and be like put a smile on that face. Anytime I needed you, you was there. You always told me “i got you lil sis” im not gone ever hear them
words again . I feel like i let you down because you needed us and we wasn’t there now you gone. Ughh what im gone do without  . I remember you cuss everyone out because they always spelled your name “kobe” or “coby” . You hated that . I will always and forever love you, fly high for us koby❤️ . Until we meet again...

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