This tribute was added by Duke Crosby-Attipoe on August 3, 2020
May you rest peacefully in the bosom of God Almighty
This tribute was added by Aimee Quashie on July 31, 2020
Kojo, Rest in perfect peace in the bosom of your Maker. Amen 
This tribute was added by Beattie Dom on July 31, 2020
The first thought on my mind
The first thing that comes to mind
The first words on my lips
Every Thursday as I wake up
Is God remember my friend KD
These years as I have known you
And our friendship had blossomed Is that you're a remarkable man
Known for your nobility
And gentlemanly in character
And as we lay you down to rest
A friend have I lost in this world Not of eternity but now
When Thursday comes
I will forever remember you
With the joy of forever been Part of each other's lives
Not forgetting the devotions
Of Streams in the Desert
You daily send to my whatsapp
One day we will meet
At the Masters feet
For I know He's welcomed you to eternity
To give you a well deserved Crown
But for us here IS


Tribute from Alex Wiafe
This tribute was added by Doris Addo-Glover on July 31, 2020
KD, This is a very painful piece for me to write.
You were a true brother in every respect, I will never forget our school days together at RPI in Troy, NY, you were the only one at my graduate school graduation.
Doris and I and Ann Bell from Troy NY were the only ones from out-of-town who attended your graduation in Hampton, Virginia.
I miss the many months you spent together with Doris, the children and I in Baltimore, MD, The Kids who are now adults still talk about Uncle Kojo because of your very special relationship and kindness to them. I remember, our visit to see you in Detroit. I am especially and exceptionally proud of you for the special part you played as a Project Manager in making the World Cup in Detroit, Michigan a big success, You rocked! I remember our being together in Chicago.
KD, you were the only one who did the scripture reading at our wedding in Baltimore, Maryland about 3 decades ago. Through you, your brother Kofi is my brother and also a fellow Presecan as well.
It's unfortunate we have not seen each other lately, but we still thought about each like brothers do.
KD, you will forever be in our thoughts, stay well with the Lord till we all meet again.

Atteh Titus-Glover, Columbia, Maryland
This tribute was added by Shirley-Ann Asafo-Boakye on July 30, 2020
My dear brother, I still can’t believe you are no longer with us. Continue to Rest In Peace. You will definitely be missed.
This tribute was added by Beattie Dom on July 30, 2020
Uncle KD, you’ve gone so soon and only the Almighty God knows best! You’ll forever be missed and I believe strongly you’re resting well.
You come right after my dad and I remember how both of you were close. Your kindness and humility was your hallmark whiles on earth and I’m yet to meet anyone who will say otherwise about you.
It’s a heavy heart writing this tribute because knowing that you and uncle Spio buried my dad when he passed away in USA saddens my heart. I was 5 years old when this happened but I can recall vividly when my mum informed me about it.
My wish was for you to live long enough to see your great grand children for them to experience your tenderness. Grandma Abigail will surely miss you greatly and I’ll continue to pray that God comforts her and make her strong.
My last conversation with you was when you called on my birthday wishing me well. We were supposed to meet and catch up but due to my busy schedule it didn’t materialize.
I know you’re resting well in heaven with grandpa K. Dom and my dad Paa Twum. Until we meet again, I say Da Yie!!!
This tribute was added by Cindy Miller on July 26, 2020
Ama, It is so evident how greatly loved your family is!  I have been praying for all of you since I heard your brothers was ill. I am sorry and I love you so much! Grief is the price we pay for loving, and loving makes life worth living. May you all be blessed by the love and support of our Heavenly Father and His many angels surrounding you. Much love!
This tribute was added by Philip Creech-Jones on July 25, 2020
Bro KD,

You were the most gentle, kind, responsible and respectful senior brother. Very soft spoken, but firm and resolute.
You were a man of integrity.
I will forever miss you.
Rest in perfect peace Bro KD.
This tribute was added by John Kissi on July 25, 2020

Our paths crossed at a TV station where we were both guests. We became friends instantly and our friendship only grew until you became the senior brother I never had.

You will often call and check on me if you have not heard from me in a few days. We shared many ideas and worked on projects together. For you it did not matter whose idea it was. We were equal stakeholders and you will put in every effort possible.

You will always welcome me to your office where we discussed our plans over lunch. I will never forget your gentleness, generosity and selflessness. I write with tears running down my cheeks. I am so saddened and broken by your sudden departure Kojo. 

In these moments of sorrow I can only take consolation in the fact that you have gone to a better place. A place where there is no sorrow, pain or sickness. A place of absolute peace and tranquility.

You have fought a good fight. You have finished the race. You have thought us what it means to live by principles.

Rest in perfect peace, my friend, my brother and my mentor.
This tribute was added by Kodjo Wadee on July 25, 2020
The ways of Providence are inscrutable!
A life at its prime!
Gone too soon!
We are left bereft of a loved one and a good friend!
May the Almighty grant family and friends the fortitude to overcome this moment of pain and profound grief.
Rest in Peace, KD.
This tribute was added by Rita Grantson on July 23, 2020
Words can not express how I feel about your death. Cousin Kojo Dom, I had hope in the Lord you were going to recover from this ailment to join us but little did I know, you have finished your race on earth and you are going for your crown of righteousness. May the Lord continue to keep you in His bosom till we meet again. Though you are not with us physically, your presence would forever be felt in the family.
This tribute was added by Eben Ansah on July 22, 2020
Fare thee well Good Soldier. The Lord grant you perfect rest from your labours.
This tribute was added by Mark Akiwumi on July 22, 2020
KD was what your friends at Mfantsipim usually called you. I remember a few times when new students on premises confused the two of us. It was ethics and morality that first drew us to one another. Subsequently after school it was Christianity. We know that because you knew Christ and he knew you, your permanent residence is heaven. I am confident that by God's grace we shall soon meet there. Till we meet rest in peace. A rest that you fully deserve, IJN.
This tribute was added by Kojo Ampia - Addison on July 22, 2020
Rest In Peace KD
May the good works you left behind continue to touch us in all in marvelous ways
This tribute was added by Beattie Dom on July 17, 2020
It has been only a few weeks without you but it feels like years. I miss you! I know you are at a better place. However, I can’t get over your exit. We had soo many plans but it wasn’t meant to be. You encouraged me to fulfill my dreams. Thank you! I always think you are in a deep sleep and will wake up soon to make me happy but Mummy says you are now with God forever. You are, and will always be, my best friend. Uncle K.D.,
Rest In Peace.

           Nana Gyaaba Dom
This tribute was added by Beattie Dom on July 17, 2020
My uncle, whose remains lie here, bought me my first doll “Baby Annabelle”. I still have it and will cherish it forever.
You were so kind and caring, Uncle K.D. You always called to check up on us constantly. The last time, you planned to take us out but it never happened due to your ill health and eventual passing away.
You encouraged me to learn hard and pass my entrance exams to go to The Morning Star Senior High School (MOSHIGH) . It was your favorite and one of the best schools in Ghana, you said. Guess what, uncle K.D? I made it! Thank you soo much for encouraging me. I sure would make you very proud.
I think of you everyday and I ask myself why you had to leave so early?
The good Lord knows best. I cherish the moments I had with you and will hold them in my heart forever.
I love and miss you dearly. Uncle K.D., Rest In Peace, till we meet again.
     Maame Yacoba Dom.
This tribute was added by Christiana Dom on July 17, 2020
May the good Lord keep you in His eternal bosom! You'll forever be missed!!!
This tribute was added by Nana Kwesi Acquaye on July 15, 2020
Mr. Dom, as I affectionately called you. My friend, counsellor and above all father figure.

Your cool, calm and collected nature quickly made us get along very well. Ohh our backseat spot at Calvary every Sunday where we catch up and talk about any and everything. I miss those treasured moments.

Your love for God was exemplary, very evident in the passion with which you sung the hymns.

As a young man navigating through life your advice was always apt and it has helped in some choices and decisions I have made. Thank you for that.

Your love for your school; Mfantsipim, and the stories you shared with me during your time there still plays in my mind.

Your mother Aunty Abigail, was your world. You cared and loved her. Chauffeuring her to church on Sunday’s was your delight and I will say a divine obligation. This act of yours was worth emulating.

I will miss you dearly Mr. Dom. You died a day shy to my birthday. During the highlights of my birthday on the 25th when I checked on WhatsApp to see your picture on one of my contacts status on the news of your demise, the vigour and excitement on my birthday dwindled.

I was really gutted.

My condolence to Mrs. Abigail Dom, a matriarch par excellence, I pray for good health and long life for her. Also to your siblings and your dear family.

God bless your soul Mr. Dom, rest in peace till we meet again at the beautiful shore.

Much love: Nana Kwesi
This tribute was added by Akwasi Boateng on July 15, 2020
I believe in his fleeting life, Kojo Dom, by his selfless deeds hanged his name like a tablet on peoples’ hearts and his virtuous legacy of kindness will forever be notched on the minds of those he encountered in life including mine. Forever gone, forever present, for always!
“As is a tale, so is a life: Not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters”

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