Dear friends and family,   As we honor the memory of Kojo Minta (April 20, 1987 - August 10, 2011), we would like to encourage you to give towards the Kojo Minta Memorial Scholarship Fund.   So far, two scholarship have been given to Oxford students to attend conferences to further their graduate education.  However, we are only half-way to the goal financing for an endowed scholarship.     EASIEST: You can donate online by credit card to: The American Friends of St Hilda's 501c3, (Kojo's college at Oxford).  Kojo's friends have set up a site to make donating simple:
Or, you can send checks payable to: The American Friends of St Hilda’s Inc., Include: "Kojo Minta Scholarship Fund" in the memo, and send to: The American Friends of St Hilda’s, c/o Hemenway & Barnes LLP, 60 State Street, Boston, MA 02109.
The last option is to donate online here: If you donate here, PLEASE BE SURE TO SCROLL TO KOJO MINTA'S scholarship fund.

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Kojo Minta, 24, was born on April 20, 1987, and passed away on August 10, 2011.  He is survived by his parents, Moses and Victoria Minta, and his siblings Anna and Kofi Minta. 

Kojo had a zest for life that encouraged you to live life to its fullest, an inquisitive mind that challenged you to push the boundaries of the way you think, and a love for humanity that inspired you to be a better person.  

Kojo became a Christian at Braeswood Assembly of God at a very young age.  He was active in Royal Rangers, and he memorized hundreds of Bible verses as part of the Bible Quiz team. 

Kojo attended Austin Parkway Elementary School, Lake Olympia Middle School, and Clements High School.   He loved playing the saxophone and won awards in fields as diverse as science and poetry. 

He obtained his bachelor’s degree in European History, Classical Studies, and Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a reporter for the Daily Pennsylvanian, editor/editor-in-chief for numerous publications, and recipient of numerous academic scholarships.  He wrote his thesis, “The Aesthetic of the Ascetic”, after traveling to monasteries to explore the ‘differing contemporary representations of the Puritan tradition’.  Kojo’s philanthropic activities included traveling to North Africa to study human trafficking and setting up a library in a small village in Ghana.  He graduated from Penn with honors, and moved on to Oxford University, where he graduated with distinction with a Master’s degree in history. 

Kojo was well known for his love of cooking and his stylish attire.  Some of the words used to describe Kojo by his family, friends, and professors include brilliant, kind, witty, delightful, charming, admired, and loved.  He is remembered as a “man of quiet good works and deep convictions” who was known for his “love of the Bible and Milton”.  His last major work opened with the following quote from Jeremy Taylor, the 17th Century Church of England writer and bishop, and is a lesson for us all: “Death which is the end of our life, is the enlargement of our spirits from hope to certainty, from uncertain fears to certain expectations, from the death of the body to the life of the soul”. 

 The schedule for his services is below*:

Friday 8/19/11
Wake: 6pm-9pm

Saturday 8/20/11

Viewing: 10 am ; Funeral Service: 11 am; Interment: 1 pm; Reception to Follow

 Services and Reception will take place at:

Braeswood Assembly of God, 10611 Fondren Road, Houston, Texas 77096

 Interment: Forest Park Westheimer, 12800 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77077

 Flowers can be sent directly to the church. While Kojo’s Memorial Fund is being set up, donations can be sent to Anna Minta, Please include c/o Kojo Minta in the memo section of check.

See below for hotel. When you make the reservation, tell them you are part of the Minta Funeral.

CROWNE PLAZA SUITES SW 9090 SOUTHWEST FRWY HOUSTON TX 77074 713 995 0123$79.00 + TAX (includes breakfast for 4)  


Posted by Gabriel Owusu Ansah on April 22, 2020
We have once again renew our love for you as parents,family and friends. We poured out our love to you and you will always be in our hearts. May this day brings happiness and joy to Minta’s family. God bless you all.
Posted by Felicia Aframea on April 20, 2020
Today would have been your 33rd Birthday. Having gone too soon you are not forgotten. Your memory lives on in our hearts. Rest peacefully in your maker's bosom till we meet again.
Posted by Jessica Walker on April 20, 2020
Recalling your grace and genius on your birthday. Wishing you peace and a good book.
Posted by Moses Minta on April 20, 2020
Eccl. 8:16-17 I tried to understand all that happens on earth. I saw how busy people are, working day and night and hardly ever sleeping. I also saw all that God has done. Nobody can understand what God does here on earth. No matter how hard people try to understand it, they cannot. Even if wise people say they understand, they cannot; no one can really understand it. [NCV]
Kojo still miss you, very badly
Posted by Vivienne Boahene on April 8, 2020
As the date of your birth is approaching, I thought I would just pen my thoughts directly on here.

I miss your style, your class, your impeccable taste in fashion, your debonair.
Your love for the Classics stemming from Bach to Milton.
Your inquiring mind.
One thing I envy about you is the fact that you don't have to witness the perils that have perpetuated what was supposed to be a year of promise, a new decade. But we know that we are in the depths of the last days.

Forever missed.
Posted by Leroy Ali-Osman on August 11, 2019

I'm certain you are at peace watching over all of us who had the pleasure of knowing you. The way that I have seen Uncle Moses, Aunty Vicki, Anna and Kofi live to the fullest given the loss of you here, is a testament to the strength of your family. I know they are as proud of you as ever.

Continue to rest well until we all see you again.
Posted by Stephen Ampofo on August 10, 2019
Kojo, your 'premature' departure left an aching void in our hearts which has not and cannot be filled. But you will be forever remain in our hearts.
Posted by Felicia Aframea on August 10, 2019
The vacuum created eight years ago can never be filled. Gone too soon but not forgotten. Rest peacefully in your maker's bosom. The Father promises a resurrection when we shall be reunited.Gone but not forgotten you are greatly missed.
Felicia Aframea
Posted by Moses Minta on August 10, 2019
'So when this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: "Death is swallowed up in victory". "O Death, where is your sting? O Hades, where is your victory?" Kojo, you are forever missed: rest in your victory!
Posted by Claire S on August 10, 2019
Away walking at the moment and have eaten some fantastic pub dinners you would highly approve of, my friend. Thinking of you and trying to live life to the full, Kojo style, as always x
Posted by Veronica Simmons on August 10, 2019
Forever in our hearts . We remember Kojo and surround the family with love and prayers during this time and always!
Posted by Rose Asare on August 10, 2019
Kojo, we miss you. You will always remain in our hearts .
Posted by Vivienne Boahene on August 5, 2019
I am sitting at home watching University Challenge...last week was Oxford vs Cambridge and you immediately came to mind. I cannot forget your awe inspiring, God given intelligence and sophistication and quiet demeanour and I can imagine how proud you made your family. It has been 8 years- You will forever be truly missed. Continue to rest in peace Kojo as we will meet very soon!!!
Posted by M R Crockett on April 26, 2019
Weeping may come in the night, but JOY comes in the morning.  Still missing you Kojo. To the are loved and may Jehovah continue to comfort your family.  Blessings and Love.... M R Ngozi
Posted by Veronica Simmons on April 20, 2019
“The Lord replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”” Exodus‬ ‭33:14‬ ‭NIV‬‬
My thoughts and prayers are with your and family as you honor the memory of your son Kojo.
Posted by Vivienne Boahene on April 21, 2019
Kojo, you will always be sorely missed. You always come to mind, especially during the months of April and August. I visited Oxford a few months ago and went past St Hilda's college and felt so sad. You were gone too soon but this scripture always serves as some comfort: 'He will swallow up death forever,And the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will wipe away the tears from all faces'. Isaiah 25:8. Till we meet again.
Posted by Gabriel Owusu Ansah on April 20, 2019
Another year has passed by and we count everything as a blessing. Kojo you are still in our hearts and in the spirit. May the precious God keeps you until we meet again.
Posted by Meggi Stewart on April 20, 2019
We are confident, yes, well please rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord (2 Corinthians 5:8).
While we are sure you are happy to be in god's presence Kojo, just want you to know your absence from our presence still hurts.
Posted by Moses Minta on April 20, 2019
Another missed birthday: Kojo, you are forever in our hearts. “When the decree of God is our delight, we feel no abhorrence to anything which He appoints either in life or in death” Charles H. Spurgeon
Posted by Agnes Ali-Osman on August 12, 2018
You will always be in our hearts and prayers, we miss you, Kojo, continue to rest peacefully in your Maker's arms and love, Amen.
Posted by Lola Ademodi Oshinowo on August 10, 2018
Kojo, you are always in our thoughts...I know that you are enjoying the bosom of the Lord. Miss you much!
Posted by Veronica Simmons on August 10, 2018
Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, O Lord. —Psalm
Make he always be with you!
Posted by Lindsay And Mary Marwil on August 10, 2018
We thank God for Kojo’s life and for the season of Kojo’s life and our lives that we interacted with him. Whether we saw him at church, in the neighborhood, or at one of our children’s schools, we will always remember Kojo’s smile, his enthusiasm for life, his commitment to God, his family and his friends, and his warm, friendly, and polite personality. 
The Marwil family
Posted by Sabina Ankomah-antwi on August 10, 2018
Even though i didnt get the chance to meet you but the hope and faith we have in God always makes us know that ,we will meet some day.
May God almighty give you a peaceful rest till we meet again. We love you brother Kojo Minta
Posted by Gabriel Owusu Ansah on August 10, 2018
Another year has passed by to remember our dear brother.I know he is in the bosom of his Creator. My regards also goes to the Minta’s family in times of this remembrance. May God give you strength and peace in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
Posted by Vivienne Boahene on August 10, 2018
I will always miss you Kojo. You were one of a kind. I find myself thinking of you often. Please continue to rest until Jehovah's day draws closer. We await his never failing promise of seeing our loved ones again. Through our Lord Jesus, he has made this a certainty. 1 Corinthians 15:21
Posted by YAA ASANTE on August 10, 2018
Kojo, I know you are in heaven, and I hope you realize how much you are loved by all those you left behind. We will hold you close to our hearts, and walk with you throughout our lives until we meet again.
Posted by Ebenezer Odame Anti on August 10, 2018
We continue to honour you, Kojo. May the Lord grant you eternal rest.
Posted by Shola Ojeniyi on August 10, 2018
Gone but not forgotten, continue to rest in the Lord....
Posted by Moses Minta on August 10, 2018
"Among the huge Atlantic-waves of bereavement, poverty, temptation, and reproach, we learn the power of Jehovah, because we feel the littleness of man" C. H. Spurgeon (19th century, Prince of Preachers). Kojo you are not forgotten - we will always miss you (our discussions/debates/arguments): still have your copy of the Apologetics Bible. You will forever remain in our hearts!!
Posted by Lola Ademodi Oshinowo on August 2, 2018
Kojo is forever in our hearts. I pray God’s comforting presence with the Minta family.
Posted by Marissa Gbaanador on April 21, 2018
Seems like yesterday Kojo was just a teenager in our midst; today we are reminded Kojo was an angel on loan from God in our midst and if we maintain a strong relationship with Christ, we will see Kojo Minta again. To the Minta Family, thank you for sharing Kojo with us.
Gone too soon; but never forgotten.
Posted by Sophia Asare on April 20, 2018
The Asare family remembers dear Kojo on his birthday. Peace and love to the Mintas.
Posted by Moses Minta on April 20, 2018
"Thy way, not mine, O Lord, However dark it be: Lead me by Thine own hand, Choose out the Path for me. Smooth let it be, or rough, It will still be the best; Winding or straight it leads Right onward to Thy rest". Kojo you found your rest: we will always remember. It's another birthday without you and we miss you, badly.
Posted by Joke Jegede on April 20, 2018
We are all celebrating you today, for we appreciate you and thank you for who you were and all your achievement when you were here with us. Your parents and siblings are fortunate to have had you and those who knew you are thanking the Lord that they were blessed. Happy birthday and continue to rest peacefully in the Lord.
Posted by Abena Buruwaa Adomako on April 20, 2018
Remembering you on your birthday. Gone but not forgotten ! Rest In Peace
Posted by Vivienne Boahene on April 20, 2018
"Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice" John 5:28 NWT.
We await this day with eagerness Kojo! You are sorely missed and I think about you often. I thank Jehovah for helping your family to cope through this difficult time. X
Posted by Serwaa Asante on April 20, 2018
You will forever be in our hearts. Love always.
Posted by Felicia Aframea on April 20, 2018
"Kojo on your 31st birthday, we still cherish your memory in our hearts.You are not forgotten, knowing the Lord will continue to keep you safe till we meet again. Gone too soon but forever in our hearts.
Glory be to God.
Posted by Gabriel Owusu Ansah on April 20, 2018
31st is the special because you are special,although you are not here with us but your spirit is still with us.Happy birthday Bro,we will always recognise this day. SHALOM
Posted by Ebenezer Odame Anti on April 20, 2018
Your memory is always fresh in our hearts because the vacuum you created has still not been filled. May the Lord grant you eternal rest.
Posted by Veronica Simmons on April 20, 2018
Remembering you this day as your life is celebrated. To the Minta family, may the joy you shared with Kojo brighten your days with the assurance that with God Love Lives Forever!
Posted by M R Crockett on August 10, 2017
We still miss you so very much. When you walked into a room we knew KoJo had arrived. Such fond memories. 

M R Ngzoi
Posted by Meggi Stewart on August 10, 2017
The sea gave up the dead that were in it (Rev. 20:12).Your smile will continue to light up the world you left behind and you will not be forgotten. Thank God your family will continue to remember the indelible mark you left on society for them to rejoice.
Posted by Vivienne Boahene on August 10, 2017
Seeing all these beautiful, heartfelt tributes just shows the pain which we all feel especially your family at your passing. I speak of you often and remeber your brilliance in so many aspects of life! You will never be forgotten and I await the day I see you again.
Posted by Moses Minta on August 10, 2017
Mathew 10:29-31 'Two sparrows cost only a penny, but not even one of them can die without your Father’s knowing it.......... You are worth much more than many sparrows' (NCV) - God knows! - Deuteronomy 29:29 'There are some things the Lord our God has kept secret' - we know! We miss you, always
Posted by M R Crockett on April 24, 2017
Wow. You would have been 30 years old this year. Remembering you Kojo today with fond memories. You are sorely missed and much loved. The Minta family we love you much. Prayers for continued strength and peace during this time of remembrance. Love and blessings..... M R Ngozi...
Posted by Joke Jegede on April 21, 2017
As your family and friends continue to remember that you are resting in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ, it is our prayer that your family will continue to cling to Jesus Christ and trust His love and wisdom and promise of hope and strength. Continue to rest in everlasting peace.
Posted by Gabriel Owusu Ansah on April 20, 2017
May the spirit of the living God protect and keep you
as we remembered this day.You will always be in our hearts.
Posted by Frank Adu on April 20, 2017
Kojo!! Happy birthday bro ...Though we miss but we also know that you are resting peacefully in the arms of our Lord ... May He keep you till we all meet again..Amen !!!!
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Posted by Gabriel Owusu Ansah on April 22, 2020
We have once again renew our love for you as parents,family and friends. We poured out our love to you and you will always be in our hearts. May this day brings happiness and joy to Minta’s family. God bless you all.
Posted by Felicia Aframea on April 20, 2020
Today would have been your 33rd Birthday. Having gone too soon you are not forgotten. Your memory lives on in our hearts. Rest peacefully in your maker's bosom till we meet again.
Posted by Jessica Walker on April 20, 2020
Recalling your grace and genius on your birthday. Wishing you peace and a good book.
Recent stories

A brother

Shared by Kemishia Sorzano on August 10, 2019
Kojo means a lot to everyone that means a lot to me, in my heart , he’s my brother. They say to know someone is to love them . In this case , even without knowing you I feel like I know you. Reading all of these stories , made me laugh , smile and even cry . I’m grateful the world had a chance to experience you. You make the world brighter 

-love Kemishia Sorzano ( your sister

the dead of a believer

Shared by Rita Baffour-Awuah on April 20, 2014

I never met Kojo Owusu Minta but as I read through the memorials,I can feel him.His love for the word of God touches me most.How many young people who have everything going for them in life like Kojo,do remember their maker in their youth but Kojo was different.Taught as a child by two serious scripture loving parents he kept it going.We love you Kojo and we will see you face to face when the trumpet sound in the last day.I know that this aspect of your life have and will continue to draw souls to Christ.Vicky I know there are times you will be overwhelmed by the death of your beloved son but you have pulled through so strong.May God continue to strenghten you,Kwaku,akua and Kofi.

Dr. Paul's comments - Kojo's memorial dinner (Oxford, UK)

Shared by Anna Minta on October 24, 2011

Kojo Minta memorial dinner, Saturday 22 October 2011

Dear Mr and Mrs Minta, Kofi Minta, Anna Minta, ladies and gentlemen, honoured guests, friends of Kojo’s here present -

It’s a great honour for me to have been asked to address you at this dinner in memory of Kojo, a very beloved and very sorely missed member of the College and of this University. When Mark Stevenson asked me if I would speak this evening, he reminded me of the welcome speech which I, as Tutor for Graduates, held at the first Dinner of Michaelmas Term when Kojo and all those of you who came up to St Hilda’s at the same time as Kojo were new here. Mark wrote: ‘I remember that our time at Hilda's began with a dinner at which you implored that we take time to 'wallow in the life of the mind', and this very much sums up Kojo's attitude over the past two years.’ Well, that wasn’t quite what I implored you all to do; though when I looked back at what I said back then, I realised how much I must have been speaking to Kojo’s interests, because in fact it was a speech about food. The Founder of St. Hilda’s College, Dorothea Beale, was, according to her biographer, ‘indifferent to food and disliked entertaining’. I, by contrast, wanted to encourage you to eat well and enjoy talking to each other at dinner, since, as Virginia Woolf inspires us to think, fine dining – and indeed fine drinking – lights in the soul, and I quote, ‘not that hard little electric light which we call brilliance, as it pops in and out upon our lips, but the more profound, subtle and subterranean glow which is the rich yellow flame of rational intercourse’. Little did I know that Kojo was going to take me so seriously! Not only was he a wonderful and very painstaking cook, with an eye for the finest ingredients, who gave pleasure to all those friends who were fortunate enough to dine with him – well, at least once all that duck fat in jars in the fridge had actually been used – but he also, as I was later to learn, nursed an ambition to eat a ten-course dinner with a matching flight of wines in a Michelin-starred French restaurant – an ambition he was able to fulfil before his untimely passing.

Altogether, we remember Kojo as a man of very discerning tastes, whether in food, in books, in poetry, or in clothes. I have to mention That Suit. I was delighted to discover that the website of Ede & Ravenscroft, London’s oldest gentleman’s tailors, where Kojo had his bespoke three-piece suit made, bears the tagline ‘Dress of Character’, for that was exactly what that suit was. Kojo understood, rather rarely for someone his age, the rhetorical force, if I may call it that, of clothes. Good clothes are sometimes no more than that: fine cloth adorning a human frame, suggesting degrees of wealth and taste. But clothes can also amplify a person’s character, expressing through the outer image the person’s inner truth. Kojo’s understated elegance remains imprinted on all our memories – it is a legacy he leaves to us, that strong image of the matching socks and pocket square, the fine fabrics, the good shoes, and how he moved so gracefully in those carefully chosen clothes – but the reason it affects us so strongly is that it was not just a sartorial grace, but rather an expression of who he was. The understated grace was in the man more than it was in the suit. The image of Kojo beautifully dressed takes us straight through to the person and his qualities.

I found it very striking in the many conversations I’ve had over the last two months with those who knew and worked with Kojo how many people have mentioned the quietness of his ways while at the same time emphasising his effectiveness. He was in no sense a flashy person. Working with him when he was Vice-President of the MCR, I was often surprised at the subtlety with which issues were addressed, the little pieces of the jigsaw of a planned event moved quietly into place, or an issue which was upsetting others moved into a slightly different light until it ceased to be a problem. That kind of confidence of judgement which does not draw attention to itself at all speaks, I think, of an enormous strength of character. Talking to his close friends, I gather that strength came from a lot of good reading, an upbringing in faith, and, one felt it always, didn’t one, a profound thoughtfulness. Meeting his family yesterday, I saw that the strength and the dignity came to him as a birthright.

It is devastating that he is gone. We all wanted to go on seeing him, talking to him, enjoying his company, and having those little pieces of the jigsaw subtly moved into place for us. We might have been reconciled to the fact that death comes to us all and so also to Kojo if he had been a ninety-year-old man with a lifetime of achievement behind him – and he would have had a lifetime of great achievement behind him, that was clear. But the fact of the matter is that, even going from us at twenty-four, he had led a very full life and we carry him in our hearts and minds as a very fully fledged character with very clear convictions and a very clear sense of what was right and what needed to be done, and who was determined to act to the good of all who came within his purview. It is very difficult to accept, but I think Kojo’s legacy to us is to teach us that there is such a thing as life after death. Physically taken from us, he nevertheless is very present with us because each of us in his or her own way, depending on our own personal relationship with him, has such a strong sense of who he was and what he was about as a person. And Kojo being still with each of us issues us the following challenge: live life to the full, be joyous and full of laughter, read well in the great authors, think deeply, be curious, learn discernment, choose friends carefully with whom to converse and so to work out your true convictions, see what is good and go out and do it. May he go on living with all of us.