Posted by Hailee Crofts on August 13, 2022
Can’t believe it’s been a year already. Miss you everyday dad.
Love, Hailee
Posted by Scott Ward on August 23, 2021
Kole Is one of my heroes. I was lucky enough to be in the same ward as him his senior year of high school. I remember going to Pocatello and seeing him play for the Meridian warriors in the state championship game. He was always so nice to me. He had a way of lifting those around him up. He made me feel good about myself by going out of his way to talk to this little sophomore kid in the halls at school. In our Aaronic priesthood quorum and when we participated in the different Church sports he was a great leader and a patient teacher to us younger boys.
I remember going camping with him as a Boy scout, he had such a sense of humor. I remember when he set the example for us by choosing to serve the Lord for two years in the Taiwan Taichung mission. Then 3 years later I was excited to find out I was going to the same mission. He was home by the time I got there but the storys of what a great missionary he was we're still being told. A couple of years after I got home I ran into him while he was umping a little league baseball game. He went out of his way to stop me and tell me that he that he thought it was great when he heard I was serving in Taiwan like he did. I was not surprised to read what a loving husband and father he was. I admire his devotion to his great career as a police officer. He had a positive impact on my life. I was so sad to hear about his passing. I offer my words of condolence to the wonderful family he left behind. I am so thankful for the gospel of The church of Jesus Christ and to know that because of our Lord and Savior, family's will be together forever.
Posted by Kay Prince on August 23, 2021
I first met Kole at BSU football. I worked in what was called the money room with several other people. Kole chose to work security for us quite often and was a lot of fun.  We would also talk religion and retirement because I worked for PERSI. We all liked Kole a lot and will miss him.
Posted by Jeff Gunter on August 18, 2021
I first met Kole when he transferred to Sun Valley Skywest. We developed a good friendship that got stronger as time went on. We had a lot in common with Kole having ties to the Wood River Valley and we both had 25 plus years
In law enforcement. We had some great conversations in the downtime’s between flights. I learned three things about Kole from the get go. Kole loved his family and talked about them often. Kole loved to travel and he loved sports. Kole was an easy going guy and always in a good mood when he arrived at work. A phrase would use if he liked someone was he is a good dude. Rest In Peace Kole , you were a good dude.
Posted by Hope Perkins on August 18, 2021
Kole Crofts was my amazing softball coach quite a few years back and I am so grateful to have the amazing memories I do have with him! Through Kole I learned so many lessons about hard work, determination, and that anyone can become family. Emilee and Kole always welcomed our whole team over to their home and made us feel loved and welcomed. Kole was always the first one to make everyone laugh deep in their bellies. He brought me two beautiful friends in his daughters Maycee and Hailee! And i just love his family to pieces. Kole will be missed by everyone, forever. I love you Crofts family, I am sending you my biggest love, hugs, and prayers!!!
Posted by Jason Vontver on August 18, 2021
I worked with Kole at SkyWest. When Kole was at work, he greeted me with a warm smile, and said “Hey buddy!” I loved his travel stories and hearing how proud he was of his family. I’m glad I got to know Kole, and will miss him.
Posted by Mark Maxfield on August 18, 2021
I'll never forget the first time I met Kole Crofts. He and Steve Smith were in church primary class punching each other in the leg to see who could hit the hardest. Having just moved in to the area as a new 6th grader and being the new kid, they asked if I wanted to join. It didn't take a rocket scientist to see that I wanted none of that game with those two bruisers. That day pretty much showed me how Kole lived the rest of his life. 100%!! Future Sunday School classes consisted of us escaping out the back door to head over to Country Time donuts for some mid day refreshments and other such mischevious but innocent shenanigans. Fast forward to 10th grade P.E. class.  First day of school, finally at the high school, and the football coach O'mara interrupts our P.E. teacher to announce that he has 2 spots left in his 'special' conditioning class. Coach O' was a tough and no-nonsense guy with a reputation for an equally tough and brutal conditioning class. Deciding to take the path of least resistance I quietly stepped aside. Kole, already a de-facto member of Coach O's boot camp, as an accomplished varsity athlete, looked directly at me and said those words I will never forget: "C'mon Mark, get over here, unless you want to be a pussy for the rest of your life." For sure, Kole had a way of 'motivating' his friends like none other by knowing exactly what to say to get you on board with what he had in mind. What was probably just a flippant comment by him meant in jest, was life-changing for me. That day, and that conditioning class, was a pivotal moment for me and forever changed the trajectory of the rest of my life. Because of Kole's tutelage during that semester I have enjoyed a life time of weight training, fitness, and pushing the limits of what one thinks the body can do. Thank you my friend! I was there the first time he caught a fish on a Scouting camping trip that we finally convinced him to attend. Every person on the lake must have heard him hollering about how huge it was and how his fish was no doubt the biggest fish anyone had ever caught that day.  None of us had the heart to tell him that it was plainly just an average sized fish because we were all so pleased that he had joined us on the trip. Things were always more fun when Kole was around. I still can't believe how on that trip my dad let us hang out the side of the bus and shoot our .22's at the road signs as we drove by. Kole talked about that memory with me for the next 40 years! LOL!! Kole was the first one at my house the very day I got home from my mission to drag me to the young adult dance to 'break' me in quick upon returning to the real world. I could go on for sure but suffice it to say, I have never experienced a time with Kole when there wasn't a lot of laughing going on. Whether his teasing or incredibly colorful stories, there was always fun to be had. He always had fun and lived more life in his 52 years than most of us will in whatever time we have on this earth that is now left less than it was before his passing. Be well my friend until l see you again! I hope to some day be able to repay the kindness you have shown me. I guess I will have to pay it forward. I love you and will miss you! I will see you later. 
Posted by Brooklyn Wild on August 18, 2021
I will always remember the fun times going snowboarding with my dad and uncle Kole. I also remember getting my first pair of pink Skull Candy headphones for Christmas that he got for me. He will be very missed.
-Brooklyn Crofts/Wild

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