Shared by TammyJo Jo on July 15, 2016

I love you and miss you kristen. Love, robyn

Apple bottom jeans....

Shared by TammyJo Jo on July 15, 2016

When I think about kristen, I think immediately about her Dancing. She used to get busy, The song I remember the most was.... APPLE BOTTOM JEANS. Cuz u taught robyn how to drop it low, low, low, low. So funny! So, how u doing sweetheart? Happy finally? How's your daughter?? So many questions I wanna ask, so many things that I wanna tell ya. One day right!!!!  I know you send your mom messages here and there you like to play jokes on her like you did when you were here. I'm sure it's you messing with my TV and lights also. Probably you and papa. Listen here u little Sweet/ Brat child, cuz u maintained both titles. Lol. I want you to show your mom some presence today. She needs it. Her heart broke when u left her physically,  She misses her baby girl. Depression is tough, It's hard to find happiness when your Brain sees none. Please, gv mom a sign, don't feel any guilt penny. I know all toooooo well the love you have for your daughter. I was there, I was there ALOT. You are a fabulous mother. I love you both. I miss u too penny. Hugs

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