Someday everything will all make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.
  • 26 years old
  • Born on January 6, 1982 in Bishop, California, United States.
  • Passed away on February 15, 2008 in Bishop, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved, Kristin Andrade, 26, born on January 6, 1982 and passed away on February 15, 2008. She will always be loved and remembered forever by her family and friends who miss her everyday.

Posted by Ken W on February 18, 2019
I hope this doesn’t upset anyone too much but I thought I should let you know. I Just wanted to let you know that I was visiting a family member at the cemetery on 2/17/19 and Kristin’s grave seems to have caved in, maybe due to the heavy rains. I am writing this here because I am not sure who to contact about it. I hope a friend or family member can check up on this and contact the right people. Peace be with you.
Posted by Tennille Torres on February 15, 2019
Continue to shine thru Kris and surround your momma and family with your energy today and every day. Heaven must be pretty wonderful with all your beauty<3
Posted by Cynthia S Stone on February 15, 2019
Morning my love, I write this today with a heavy heart. Can’t believe it’s been 11 years, it’s seems like yesterday. I love and miss you so much. Some days are easier than others. Most are good days, time is helping some to ease the pain in my heart. So much has changed since you left, some good some bad and all God’s plan. Krissy is home with me today we gonna have some fun. She is you in so many ways, I’m sure you are guiding her. Well my love I’m gonna sign off for now. All my love...❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Erin Howard on January 7, 2019
Posted by Tabiya Andrade on January 6, 2019
Happy Birthday Sis hope you have a wonderful day up in heaven! Missing you everyday, Love you!
Posted by Jordan Andreas on March 3, 2018
It been so hard to post cause as much as I miss you as much as I miss bubba just as much...
I know you guys are taking care you each other and muah and uncle juggle are keeping you both inline.. lol.
Always thinking of you...
And our sonic drinks!!!
Love always Jo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Happy Late Bday and than some Sis! ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Melissa Fimbres on January 8, 2018
Happy Birthday Cuz! I went and saw you and Harry yesterday. We had a nice visit! =) Love u two
Posted by Valerie Spoonhunter on January 6, 2018
I just want to say another Birthday wishing you were here even if for a brief minute just to see you walk through the door so I could give you a hug and to tell you I love you and miss you. It is comforting to know that Muah is there with you. So Happy birthday!
Posted by Cynthia S Stone on January 6, 2018
Morning my precious angel - today is your Birthday and as always I’m sitting here thinking of you and remembering you and all of the funny things you have done. I can hear your voice, see your smile and feel your touch as though you were sitting next to me. Oh my girl I miss you so much what I wouldn’t give to have you here with us. So much has happened and changed since I last wrote you some good and much needed and some not so good and very painful but nothing as painful as the day you were called home. Gonna have a party for you. Well my sweet girl, gonna sign off. I love you and miss you everyday.
Posted by Theresa Harrison on January 6, 2018
Kris, guess what movie my kids love.....lion king remember we named our puppies timon and pumba we loved that movie too brings back good memories all the fun we had. Today is your day I know you'll be doin it big have fun wishing you a very happy birthday. Miss you now forever and always all my love cuz.
Posted by Erin Howard on January 6, 2018
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Celebrating this day for you in a good way and wishing I too could give you a big hug. I miss you dearly on a daily and I take comfort in knowing we will see each other again one day. I love you lots.
Posted by Deborah Vega on January 6, 2018
Happy Birthday cousin, as always I wish you were here. I’m reminded of you every day, but today is your day to make the heavens shine brighter than ever!!! Love you Kris,
Posted by Marnie Andreas on January 6, 2018
Wishing you a happy birthday in heaven Kris. I know you are doing it big up there especially with bubba by your side “letting the good times roll”. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you and of course smile at something silly you said or did. Till we meet again, Love you and miss you more KDA ❤️
Posted by Tennille Torres on January 6, 2018
Happy birthday Kris, may u cone down from Heaven and bless ur momma and all those who love and celebrate ur life today and every day oxox
Posted by Joyce Alvey on February 15, 2017
I can't believe it's been 9 years. Beautiful Kristin will forever be young. Such a crazy girl!! So funny. Miss her. Love you Kris.
Posted by Jordan Andreas on January 6, 2017
Happy Birthday Kris!
Love you and miss you.. I know that all guys are having a good day for your bday up there..
I think about you all the time, just continue to watch over all the family. ❤
Posted by Carmen Williams on January 6, 2017
Kris, you are missed!!! 

Sure miss your laugh and friendship... just some of the things we would have had a good laugh about, the ridiculousness... If you see my pop up in heaven, let him know we love and miss him. 

Posted by Cynthia S Stone on January 6, 2017
Hello my sweet angel, I've been thinking about you all day. Today is your birthday. I can't believe you will be 35 and most of all I can't believe it's been almost 9 years since I held you. Oh my sweet girl I miss you so much. Some days the hurt is so much to bear. And then there are days when I think of you I smile or cry happy tears. Lo and I were talking about you at lunch today. I was sharing the story of you and your smothered potatoes, remember that? I then had to tell her how Jr and I had to go down south and pick you up and when I went to get the room how you told Jr you was so glad he came cuz if he didn't you knew I would "knock you into next week" you were a character my girl. I talk with girls about you all the time. Pearl loves being your namesake and I truly believe she a mini you. She has so many of your qualities. Andruw Michael is growing into a young man, you would be so proud of him. Oh how I wish you were here to love on Trasen and our baby girl Ashauni Jae. Remember that name.
Well my "T" I'm running out of space. I love n miss you more than I can say. Until I can hold you in my arms again, I'm sending you all of my love, Mom
Posted by Cynthia S Stone on February 15, 2016
Well my pretty angel today marks the 8th year we have had to live without you in our lives. I luv n think about you everyday n talk about you often with Lo n KPA they luv to hear stories about you. The tournie was another success the Cold Ones fell short n took third. Aunt Dal n I cooked tacos, rice n refried beans. Aunt Mona n the crew from Fallon were here. Olivia Danielle is getting big her n KPA always have a good time. Shelby's team wore the jersey's I made In your memory a few years ago when Jane n Erin had a team. This weekend always is hard as I re-live that fateful night, it hurts, but I go to that place that holds all of the beautiful things about you n there r so many they do drown out the sadness I feel. Give mom, uncle Juggie, Harry n dad a big hug for me. Thank you for watching over all of n showing me everyday you are with me. I see all of those little signs n feel your presence. Luv you my beautiful angel Mom.
Posted by Deborah Vega on February 15, 2016
Hi Kris,
I sit here thinking of you after a long weekend of ball, which unfortunately I didn't get to see much if it, just a few games is good enough for me these days. I think of you on my morning runs, just when I think about giving up I hear your crazy laugh and tell me to move my chab. Lol. i know your always around, so just keep pushing me, keep telling me I can do it! I will keep missing you. Keep shining in the heavens my sweet cuz.
Posted by Rae Vega on February 15, 2016
Hello my love,
I watched Aladin this morning and yes sat here and had a good cry! Thinking of you busting out in tune in the middle of any crowd haha! I miss you on a daily bases and look to your picture for any advise as I talk to myself through out the day haha! This weekend Kk and I only made it one game and it was the coldones last game of this tourney. I sat there thinking of nothing but you, how you would be laughing and talking with us about the night before. Lol! Yes I'm sure you were up there watching and laughing at us acting like we were young again! Haha I Love and miss you my girl, keep watching over us and the rest of the family.

Posted by James Bevins on February 15, 2016
Rest in Paradise Kristin. I didn't know you and been years probably since I seen you. But I know your mom and other family members. From what I've seen posted you sound like great young lady. I feel for your moms loss as well as family and friends. REST IN PARADISE KRISTIN. AHO
Posted by Valerie Spoonhunter on January 8, 2016
Hi There crazy girl. I tried to post yesterday but had a little technical difficulties. So I wanted wish you a happy b-day! And I am sure you enjoyed the party and balloons! Miss you and think about you everyday.As you have probably seen our baby Trasen is a lot like you, as a baby always happy and funny. Lysa says when she sees him smiling and looking at nothing she thinks its you playing with him. As always It saddens me so when I think the nephews and neices will not know you here in this life. But Gage and Andrew was lucky enough to know the love you showed them. What about little monster Gage a college student he is young man now! And Andrew our star athlete. Well sis I will ttyl. I am always aware of your little msgs. from beyond LOL. Love you baby girl.
Posted by Erin Howard on January 7, 2016
Happy Birthday, my Angel. As I lay here, watching American Idol, I had a flashback of the first season when we would vote for the contestants! Haha, omg. I love it that I have memories that I forgot about that pop up at the perfect time and just put a smile on my face. I love and miss you always.
Posted by Tennille Torres on January 6, 2016
Happy Birthday Pretty Girl. May you continue to shine brightly down from Heaven today and always<3 Never forgotten, always remembered
Posted by Cynthia S Stone on January 6, 2016
Happy Birthday my beautiful angel. We all luv miss u every day. To celebrate we r going to have dinner with the family n have cake n ice cream then send u messages via balloons. I can't believe u r 34 today. I remember the day u were born so well; my beautiful little girl, my own little doll oh how I luved being ur momma n dressing u in cute clothes, until u wouldn't let me anymore hahaa! I luv telling KPA n Lo things about u n they luv hearing stories. KPA is so loving being named after u n I posted pictures of all the tattoos your cousins, sisters, aunts, friends n me too on face book, in ur day I think it was 'my space' well anyway Lo now wants a tattoo, she asked her dad last night m her mom too. She's crazy, u would be so in luv with them, n Marley too.
Luv u my beautiful girl.
Posted by Cynthia S Stone on May 5, 2015
Well Sis, Prince Chartraw has arrived n he is the cutest baby ever, well not cuter than you. Hahaa. Jane tells me that when she was in labor n during a couple of hard ones she had thoughts of u n mom, n knew u were both with her. I know if u were here on earth u would have been right by her side, sad cuz he will only know his Auntie Kris thru pictures. I cannot wait to hold him. His name is very unique after his uncles; Trasen Allen; TRoy, jASon, DanEN n Allen after Zig n Jessie. Well sis, I gotta go. Watch over special baby. Let him know his Auntie Kris will always be at his side. Luv n miss you so much.
Posted by Deborah Vega on February 16, 2015
Hi sweet girl, I've been thinking about you and after a long weekend of bball I finally get a chance to tell you how much I miss you, keep uncle Juggy in line up there and we'll see you down the road, continue to watch over auntie Cyn and n miss you Kris..crazy girl.
Posted by Marnie Andreas on February 15, 2015
My dear Krissy, sistagirl! I love n miss u more than words can express! Still seems like yesterday when we lost u. Looking at the pics of us when we were younger makes me sad but happy that god blessed me with such an amazing friend/cousin/sister. I remember when we took that writing class in the summer n we didn't want any1 to know cause we were nerds! Lol. I've looked at this page 4 quite sometime but never wrote to u for fear that I didn't have the right words to say but there r no right/wrong words, just those from my heart... I love u n think about u everyday sister. Take care of my bubba. I know both of u r in good company flying with the angels!! Till we meet again...
Posted by Carmen Williams on February 14, 2015
Kris, Kris, Kris.... Your so missed by friends and your family, you wouldn't believe it!!! every time I think of you I think of your laugh, haven't heard anyone with that laugh, it's so you!! Well friend you just happen to go sooner than the rest of us, but as the song says " someday well be together"... Love ya girl
Posted by Cynthia S Stone on February 13, 2015
Well, my special angel it's been 7 long years today since you went home and it seems like yesterday. I miss n luv u so much, how I long to hear your voice, that laugh. Hold your hand, hug you and that special blink n turn away real quick, hahaa! You know the one. I know your happy more so cuz you n Headz r having a blast n now you two even have Uncle Juggie with you guys. Just want you yo know I Luv n miss you today just like I did yesterday n like I will tomorrow n everyday until I get to hold you in my arms my sweet angel girl.
Xoxoxo mom
Posted by Cynthia S Stone on January 6, 2015
Morning Baby Girl- today is your day an oh how I wish you were here with me so we could celebrate together. We're not having a party tonight; as you know the family had been thru so much in the last six months with the passing of Headz n now the passing of Uncle Jug - of course you are probably doing the happy dance as you welcomed both to heaven our loss and your gain, happy for that but sad for our loss. So, we will celebrate later, I luv n miss you everyday. The happiest news of all - Jane is gonna be a momma; oh how I wish you were here cuz you know how to be the best Auntie. We all can't wait, the big day is May 22, 2015. She's flying home today, after being home for uncle Jug's funeral. Luv you baby.
Posted by Erin Howard on January 6, 2015
Happy Birthday! I know you're having a party up there, just dancing away in the sky, flashing that brilliant smile of yours. I so wish you were here, to celebrate, instead of having to write this to you. Everything happens for a reason, right? :) I keep you with me, in my heart always. I miss and love you.
Posted by Talaya Allen on January 6, 2015
Kris, I thought all day about what I wanted to say to you. There are so many things that passed through my mind. The most important thing I could say is how much I love and miss you. Not a single day passes that I dont think about you and wish I could speak to you in person. Today, I would like to wish you a very special Happy Birthday. Celebrate big, I know you are in good company. Sending you all my love!

Talaya Dawn
Posted by Valerie Spoonhunter on November 21, 2014
I miss not seeing you but I feel your presence all the time. I get comfort in that. Sometimes I sit and imagine you walking thru the front door with some sweets you created and want share with the Spoons. You in your bagging sweats and t-shirt. I still remember the movie you and I last watched together "Cider House Rules" we were all sad. I feel sad when I think how the kids have to miss you in their lives. You were the best Auntie ever. Love and Miss You. Take care of Hars while your at it. Love and miss him too. Aunt Del
Posted by Tennille Torres on February 21, 2014
What a beautiful place to share memories for you Miss.KDA..prayers and continued strength to ur family and beautiful mom
Posted by Alena Dondero on February 21, 2014
Well Sappa what can i say except ur truly missed. You were the first friend i met when i moved to bishop sixth grade. Lol they called us salt & peppa, i will always remember that. U were a month older than me. Tourney time will never be the same, i think about u all the time, and specially thought about u when i came to bishop this last weekend. 3 days before my bday you were taken, i miss ur crazy laugh and ur awesome personality, i miss u my friend. Strength to your family, and your mother is one strong lady. Rest In Paradise, i will see you again one day.
Posted by Cynthia S Stone on February 19, 2014
Hello my dearest Krissy, I'm a few days late in posting this. It's been 6 long years and yet I remember every detail of the moment my world came crashing down to never be the same. My heart aches for u everyday n the hole remains never to be whole again. I wish so much that I could hold u. I did get to hear ur laugh, aunt dal found the message u recorded of Jane doing something silly n u laughing made me so happy n sad all at the same time. Me n uncle Ron sponsored Jane n Erin's basketball team in ur memory this year at the tournie, they lost. Pretty black jerseys n hot pink lettering. Well baby girl, luv u miss u, all of my luv to u forever.
Posted by Jordan Andreas on January 7, 2014
Happy Birthday Kris..
Not day that goes by that you don't cross my mind..
Love you n Miss you..
Posted by Cynthia S Stone on January 6, 2014
Happy b-day sweetie. I luv n miss you. We had a wonderful party for you last night, I knew you were here with us. Lo n I cooked most of the day, we had Indian Tacos n three kinds of cake, you would be so proud of Lo, she made the cakes, she helps me in the kitchen all the time, Krissy too, she likes to crack the eggs. We did the usual balloons, Bub n Jordan did them, they were so awesome, went so calmly to heaven via the cemetery. Tomi. Soapa, Tawni, Wakoba n Nali came with Talaya. Well baby girl I wish so much I could hold you, I know that's not possible, so I pretend I'm holding you while I wrap my arms around myself. Luv you sooo much. Know you will always be remembered n forever in my heart, Mom.
Posted by Cynthia S Stone on May 27, 2013
Hi, my special Angel, on this Memorial Day I'm thinking of you with a heavy heart and tears. Thinking of you on days like today is always so sad for me. Me and Aunt Dal and the three little girls made our arrangements this morning and just returned from the cemetery. Your little namesake released one of her graduation balloons to you.Sure miss you and Jane on days like today. Luv you 4ever
Posted by Cynthia S Stone on May 12, 2013
Morning Sweetie, on this Mother's Day, my love for you as a mother is as strong as ever and will never be any less. I miss you today as much as I have every day since you left us.

Luv you my special girl.
Posted by Cynthia S Stone on February 15, 2013
Well, Sis, 5 years ago almost to the hour you left us for a better place, I miss you and love you more than you will ever know. We just returned from the cemetery where we released all of those balloons, weren't they just beautiful? All of your family n lots of friends were there. We played one of the oldies CD you made. Had a poem for you, played a slide show of pictures of you. Love You
Posted by Jordan Andreas on February 13, 2013
Hey Krissy,
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you!
Friday it will be 5 yrs since you became Our angel watching over us, at times it doesn't feel that long Nd sometimes it feels like it been longer..
Miss You Nd Love You sis!
Posted by Cynthia S Stone on January 7, 2013
Well "T" we had a fun party for you, turkey n all the rest of the good stuff and cake n ice cream. And we released balloons with lights, everyone wrote their own little message to you. All of the family was here, and your sister Tomi n niece Soapa came with Talaya. We had a good party for you and I know you was here with us. Love you beautiful girl.
Posted by Cynthia S Stone on January 6, 2013
"T" Happy Birthday - I hope you are having a wonderful birthday. We are going to have a party here at home for you today and go to the cemetery and release some balloons.I love and miss you so much, wish you were here. I think about you everyday. I hope you you liked your Christmas tree, Jane decorated it for you. Love you forever my beautiful girl.
Posted by Erin Howard on January 6, 2013
Happy Birthday Kris! I woke up this morning, looked outside & thought to myself, this is a day you would've enjoyed all cuddled up with your babies, watching movies. I took you a couple of balloons and flowers...I hope you like them. I know your around, I feel you sometimes when a song comes on & I'm cruising. I love you, and miss you everyday, my dearest friend.
Posted by Deborah Vega on January 6, 2013
Kris,we didn't always get along, but being family was our key to never being mad for very long.I think about you all the time,that crazy laugh i hear sometimes,makes me laugh to myself,you were always a lil sister to me,a bratt like all the rest lol. Your definately one in a million,I wish you were still here so i could tell you just how much i love you,Happy Birthday!!!!
Posted by Talaya Allen on February 16, 2012
Kris-Not a single day passes that I don't think about you. I am reminded of the bond we shared when I see our niece's Tso'Apa "Sappa" & Naleigh together. Their relationship is very reminiscent of ours. The pain of loosing you is yet to subside, I love you my sister-cousin....Belle
Posted by Rae Vega on February 16, 2012
hey my girl,
I have to say my heart hurts just as it did 4 years ago when you left us. i miss you every day! even more when im left singing out loud by myself. haha! we sound good girl! love you forever my girl and never forgotten!

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