1000 Steps Marathon

Shared by Kelly McDonagh on August 6, 2020
Moose, I remember in 2009, we had the MHS 1000 Steps Challenge for rowing in the Dandenongs. The 1000 Steps is hard, but you just kept on going and going and going. Someone stopped you after 13 laps because it was time to go home. I'm sure you would have kept going. It turned out that your 13 laps was 39km, almost a marathon. Your fitness and determination was incredible. You had the biggest heart and smile. Rest in peace.

Shared by Maya Radhakrishnan on July 27, 2020
Thanks for the wonderful memories brother. I’m glad I got to share some of my best teenage years with you. I remember riding our bikes around the suburbs, doing pull-ups anywhere we could hang, eating stupid amounts of bananas in one sitting, playing darts with push-up penalties and eating a parma in your back-yard. You’d attempt all kinds of crazy random feats and did things others wouldn’t. You were all in with everything - your focus was like a laser. You lit up everyone’s face and radiated kindness, always thinking of the ones you loved before yourself. This is what I will always remember when I think of you. Rest In Peace, my friend.

- Jack


Shared by Norman Truong on July 28, 2020
Moose, I still remembering so vividly seeing you practice backflips on the MHS footy field. That memory brought a smile to my face. Wish we could train together as soulpower one more time.

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