Let the memory of Kwabena be with us forever
  • 85 years old
  • Born on December 4, 1928 in Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana.
  • Passed away on June 20, 2014 in Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kwabena Britwum 85 years old , born on December 4, 1928 and passed away on June 20, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Olivia Britwum on 4th December 2018
Happy Birthday to my precious dear Father who was called to glory four years ago today would have been your 90th birthday. You were Father I will never forget and forever live in my heart. Rest peacefully in the bosom of our savior Jesus Christ.
Posted by Samuel Britwum on 4th December 2018
Today would have marked your 90th birthday celebration, however we are fondly reminded of your selfless love and devotion rendered not only onto your immediate family and not forgetting your extended family members but also to all and sundry who happened to cross path with you on earth, this place we temporarily call home. You are fondly missed just as the days of old and evermore so on such a day as this.
Posted by Olivia Britwum on 20th June 2018
Today is the fourth year that you left us and we still remember like it was only yesterday. We miss you and you will forever live in our hearts
Posted by Samuel Britwum on 20th June 2018
Father's Day few days ago was another reminder of our fragility as humans with an expiration date as we exchanged our last Father's Day wishes. A few days later you were called to Glory and it is 4 years on today since your sudden demise. You are fervently missed with each passing year but we are comforted via God's amazing Grace and your instilled nurtured strength and perseverance as we continually strive through the hustle and tussle of life in pursuit of perfecting our individual roles as parents too without surrendering or yielding to the schemes of the one masquerading as an angel of light.
Posted by Samuel Britwum on 4th December 2017
Jack, it would have been another cherished birthday today, as we begin to draw the curtain on yet another eventful year intertwined with its trials and tribulations. Although you now belong to the ages ever since your call to glory, we can only but reflect on many a day such as this when you were ushered with the numerous phone calls from loved ones both near and afar. We can only but cherish and steadfastly hold onto the memories as we take counsel of the years without your voice and necessary encouragement in preparation for another year, we became accustomed to. Shalom Jack!!
Posted by Samuel Agyeman Britwum on 19th June 2017
Jack!! Father's Day is indeed a day encapsulated and synonymous with my very last chat with you just days before your subsequent call to Glory. On the eve of your third anniversary, time has not stood still yet your past influence and advice has withstood the test of time. From hereon, no matter how the table turns, I will strife to persevere remembering what peace there is in silence; as far as possible without surrender even when the hour seem so long Shalom Jack!!"
Posted by Olivia Britwum on 4th December 2016
Daa today would have been your 88 years on this earth but as you know God's place is the best which is a comfort to us. May your soul Rest In Peace till we meet again. My siblings and I love you
Posted by Samuel Agyeman Britwum on 4th December 2016
Today would have been your 88th birthday Daddy, you are still fondly missed by the immediate and external family members
Posted by Fremah A-sarpong on 4th December 2016
Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us everyday. Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed on your birthday.
Posted by Yaw Britwum on 20th June 2016
The path of wisdom you created has made the trail of the future bright and hopeful, your legacy will forever live on. Peace and blessings is what I continue to ask for you wherever you are, love you forever
Posted by Iris Britwum on 20th June 2016
Grandpa, it has been two years since you passed away, and you are very much missed by my siblings and I, I wish you were still here to see all your grandchildren grow up. Love you. RIP grandpa.
Posted by MAXWELL GYAMFI on 20th June 2016
Daddy we will forever keep you in our memory and hearts until the day we all meet up with Our Lord and Savior Jesus. May God keep you safely and peacefully.
Posted by Samuel Agyeman Britwum on 20th June 2016
It has been 2 years Daddy!! We're doing just fine; time has not stood still since you last was here just after Fathers' Day. A day of all days!!; we were privileged to have rekindled our affection one more time unknowing that it was to be our last; what a way to go Dad!! Upon reflection, we are most grateful for the memories over the years and you are always remembered daily and much more so on every Fathers' Day - SHALOM!! WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU PAPA!!
Posted by Samuel Agyeman Britwum on 19th June 2016
It is 2 years since you were called to Glory. Today and evermore, your absence is still felt; your vacated role is unfilled. Hence, you are fondly missed by your immediate family (children, grand children), In-Laws, external family members as well as your close friends although this number unfortunately diminishes each year.
Posted by Helen Ankrah on 4th December 2015
Dad we remember your birthday today, we miss you terribly especially during the final UK good bye to your dear friend Lawyer Apaw. Look down on us kindly until we meet again Love and kisses
Posted by MAXWELL GYAMFI on 4th December 2015
We will forever miss you papa
Posted by Philomena Owusu on 12th July 2015
May your soul rest in peace daddy
Posted by Helen Ankrah on 6th July 2015
Papa, the pain I feel as I write these words, is no different to the day you left us. To help manage this never ending pain, I thank God that you were able to share your life to the full with every single one of your children, you loved so dearly. The special love and discipline you showed us makes it even more harder to believe you have truly left us with no one to take your place!!! You are forever missed indeed and will never be forgotten believing that the good Lord will keep you well until we meet again!!! Sleep well Papa, you will never be forgotten
Posted by MAXWELL GYAMFI on 26th June 2015
It was very unfortunate that our dear father left us unexpectedly last year.I believe his soul is at rest and seated peacefully on the right hand side of our God and master Jesus Christ. Daddy, we'll never forget you bcos you were a man of peace, humility and I know your desire for us all to unite in one accord will never fade away but rather bond families together. We truly miss you daddy.
Posted by Allan Chengo on 24th June 2015
Words are few, thoughts are so deep. You will never be forgotten ,you will remain in our hearts for as long as we live till we meet again in God's eternity. Rest in eternal peace papa/tata
Posted by Charlotte Adu Fosua Danso on 22nd June 2015
In raising your children, you used a firm hand but tempered it with love. You used discipline but kept the boundaries consistent. A year ago, it was unbearable news to hear God has lifted you to rest and we take consolation from it that you are resting in the Lord's bosom. Though gone but your name remains with us. We miss you greatly! Adieu Papa!
Posted by Esnart Britwum on 22nd June 2015
Father-in-law, it has been a year since your call to glory. We'll always remember the good times shared and will forever more cherish your love. Your ideals and guidance will surely stand us in good stead in the coming years until we meet again.
Posted by Mensah Nicholas on 22nd June 2015
Dad 5years ago you departed to your maker to have peace at rest.Your words of encouragement, advice and God fearing attitude instilled in us still rings a bell as if it was a couple of minutes ago.Your lovely hymn MHB 411 consoles me anytime I hear the congregation sing. Till we meet again I say 'Da yie'.
Posted by Samuel Britwum on 21st June 2015
It is Father's day yet again Jack!!; this is the first of many without your earthly guidance. We will however hold steadfast onto your ideals and attempt to perfect the art of fatherhood for the next and subsequent generations until our purpose is also served. It is our hope on a day such as this, you will look down on us with adoration. We will always celebrate Father's day with you in our hearts not because of its proximity; your call to Glory but for the tireless endeavour and your emphasis of sound judgement and implications of striving for our very existence with reverence for our Lord and earthly responsibilities (e.g. fatherhood); for that and countless others we are eternally grateful Jack!!
Posted by Olivia Britwum on 21st June 2015
Yes Dad you are gone but you will never be forgotten. We still carry you in our hearts and mind. We still cherish your love you had for us individually. We love you and we still misses you. Rest in perfect peace
Posted by Ted Martey on 20th June 2015
Dad, The fact that you are no longer here will always cause pain but you are forever in my heart. Those special memories of you will always bring a special smile - watching football with you, guiding us and going out with your loved Peugeot 504. Rest in Peace
Posted by Yaw Britwum on 20th June 2015
Although our hearts are broken, there's no need to weep more and more since we know that you are in a wonderful place now, where you are happy and so carefree. You had to go, but left behind good memories to comfort and to strengthen us, is our prayer that you receive the best of comfort in the bosom of God. Rest in Perfect peace and Happiness "Great Father".
Posted by Gifty Bawuah on 20th June 2015
You always remain in our thoughts. Rest in perfect peace. Baby and Mansa
Posted by Adjoa Tey on 20th June 2015
Uncle Agyemang, it's such a shame that I never got to know you personally. However know that your daughter in-law Chrissy-Esnart talks very highly of you and has made us all aware of the fact that you were such an amazing, loving and caring father, grand father, father in-law, uncle, brother and friend. It is my prayer that our Almighty God continues to grant you a peaceful resting place in his bossom. Paapa da yie. Daddy sleep well.
Posted by Iris Britwum on 20th June 2015
Granddad, you were a gift onto mankind given to us by our Creator. You will forever be missed especially as we usher in Father's day greetings, your grandchildren will have one less tomorrow. R.I.P Granddad
Posted by David Adjei on 20th June 2015
Uncle hmmm!!! Words cannot express how we feel without your presence here with us. But what comforts us is that, we believe you are in a better place and we shall see you once again. We really miss u. Rest in Peace JACK!!!
Posted by Kwame Osei Owusu on 20th June 2015
A mediator we have lost...but we know you are still mediating on our behalf in heaven...may your soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Kwakyewaa Marfo on 20th June 2015
Uncle Agyemang, may God continue to keep you in His bossom. I missed you calling me on my birthday last year and will always miss you wishing me happy birthday, but it is well. Stay safe till we meet again
Posted by Kwame Marfo on 20th June 2015
Nante yie, Wofa. Till we meet again.
Posted by Pomaa Marfo on 20th June 2015
Uncle, we miss you but we know you're in a better place. May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace. You'll forever be remembered, we love you
Posted by Adjubi K Marfo on 20th June 2015
Dearest Uncle, may your gentle soul continue to find rest in your Maker's arms. We miss you.
Posted by Felicia A-h on 20th June 2015
Dedication And Devoted So smile in heaven upon us because you were a great dad, a good grandfather and lovely person to all your loved once. Though we miss you each day and as it is Fathers' day your children will sit and smile with all the good times they shared with you. We are now at peace that you are also with your Father who has given you a resting place in heaven. ❤️HAPPY Fathers' Day
Posted by Audrey Nuamah on 20th June 2015
Rest in perfect peace Mr Britwum
Posted by Frank Osei Poku on 20th June 2015
You will be remembered forever..continue to REST IN PERFECT PEACE
Posted by Nana Marfo on 20th June 2015
Uncle....we miss you a lot but we know you are resting in our Maker's arms...May your precious soul continue to rest in perfect peace.Da yie Uncle
Posted by Kwami Kusi on 20th June 2015
Bro, may the ALMIGHTY FATHER continue to grant you eternal rest in his bosom till we meet again. AMEN!
Posted by Joycelyn Britwum on 20th June 2015
Though the radiance which was once so bright be now forever taken from our sight. Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass & glory in the flower. We will grieve not , rather find strength in our Lord and savior . May loving memories brings us peace, comfort and strength. RIP Daddy...we love you.
Posted by Yvonne Boafo on 20th June 2015
Nana, it is so sad to know you are not with us now. We miss you. We have the assurance in our Lord Jesus that you are resting peacefully. We love you.
Posted by Sylvester Ankrah Kyeremeh on 20th June 2015
Grandpa, you are missed Hope you are resting in perfect peace Nothing more to say... You have been a blessing
Posted by Fremah A-sarpong on 20th June 2015
Sleep well great DAD
Posted by Samuel Britwum on 19th June 2015
Jack!!, as you were affectionately called by your peers and with the passage of time we hijacked it; personifying the unique bond we once had and cherished. We have temporarily been separated from thee via the icy hands of death just as all the departed before thee in Christ; belong to the ages until the day of Judgement as decreed. On the onset of your first anniversary; it is but right to acknowledge your presence on the temporal place (earth) we call home and with it those wonderful memories we all once shared or starred in. Indeed, how rapid the elapse of time seem; yet the gaping wound that had rendered us orphans is now beginning to give way to nostalgia; reminiscent of an era never to be surpassed by another earthly father or its derivative but the Lord's Mercy, Grace and Comfort. Your numerous contributions and achievements in your field of study did not go unnoticed by your peers, community, political activism. Most importantly, you were the nucleus of the family; exhibiting selfless and steadfast attributes that helped knit the fabric of your paternal and maternal lineage; a role you served with some aplomb until your purpose on earth was served. We thus are comforted as a consequence of your assured faith and salvation in Christ our Lord. We in turn, are with the knowledge that you never waivered when the final curtain beckoned, unveiled and ushered you into an eternal rest; beyond our human comprehension but free from earthly affliction. Do rest serenely in the bosom of our Creator until such a time when our very mortality is asked of us all. We will thus continue to strife through life remembering what peace there is in silence and gracefully surrendering the things of our youth; battle ready and await our inevitable crosses as appointed onto mankind for His Grace is sufficient for us. Now, there is seemingly no other befitting to take up your mantle of selflessness, an embodiment of unity, a beacon of hope and most of all; your simple but dignified humanity. We are left with a great irreplaceable void - no one can do it any better Jack!!. It is really over to us the next generation to bear the torch of hope and persevere when our hour seem so long. You will be fondly missed for your spirit of discernment and forever remembered by many; first and foremost by your 7 children as a beloved Father, Father-In-Law, Grandfather, Brother, Cousin, Uncle, Friend and Mentor to many. We will always love you and strife ever so more to achieve, sustain and reverberate your ideals onto generations yet to descend from your loins. Father's Day will forever be of greater significance; a day capsulated and synonymous our very last moments we all had - "one-to-one" with you just days before your subsequent call to Glory. We are most grateful for our nurtured years. Shalom Jack!!

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