Let the memory of Kwame be with us forever.
  • 42 years old
  • Born on March 23, 1974 .
  • Passed away on June 9, 2016 .

This memorial website was created in memory of my beloved husband, Kwame A. Odame who was born on March 23, 1974 and passed away suddenly on June 9, 2016. We will remember him forever, he lives on in our hearts, so my heart is FULL. Please leave your tribute here and stay tuned in for information regarding The Kwame Odame Sickle Cell Foundation.

With Love,
Isabella Z. Odame. 

Posted by Chris Poku on 23rd March 2018
Never had the privilege of meeting you in life, yet your life itself makes you a friend in Christ.
Posted by Douglas Owusu on 23rd March 2018
Happy Birthday Big Brother! Love you dearly and miss you everyday. Not a day goes by that I (we) don't think about you man. On this day, we used to get together and celebrate you with family and friends. We would do whatever you wanted! So we will keep doing that, eating good, drinking good cognac, and bumping extra loud music!. Today we will do the same, and you will be with us. Forever and always! My brother......
Posted by Lloyd Owusu on 23rd March 2018
Love you brother. Today and everyday!
Posted by Afua Odame on 12th June 2017
I never told you, because I truly was too hard headed to ever admit that you are my best friend. So much so that when you were here, I would always ask myself "what would Kwame do?" and I do so, even more now. A year? Still feels like yesterday... especially on Thursdays. I miss you man.. Miss you a whole lot. and it took me so long to write you because I am sure this only made it real. Thanks for the visits, and thanks for the small messages, that reflect that you are doing OKAY, and are with us! Aside from the selfishness to have you here to myself, I think what initially killed me was the thought that you were all by yourself and without us.. It is still hard to believe, extremely hard, so I keep it moving with thoughts of you, and hope that you are really over my shoulder. I actually hope you can read all these messages, and all the love from everyone. I am just grateful that God gave me the gift of knowing you. Its clear now, you are an Angel, even when you were here on earth. I love you!
Posted by Araba Sam on 12th June 2017
Still in our minds and our thoughts. Cant get over that smile. I know you are smiling down on us. Miss you.
Posted by Ali Brimah on 10th June 2017
Has it really been a year already? My condolences to all of Kwame's family and friends. We can never explain why the good pass young. I'm reminded of our friendship when something exciting happens and I think about texting or calling you. My son Amir was born on Kwame's birthday, I think It's funny how things work themselves out. Won't forget you my brotha, I will be reminded ever Birthday Amir has.
Posted by Dennis Cue on 9th June 2017
Thoughts and prayers to Kwame's family on this sad anniversary. I was a class mate of Kwame at Fenwick and again at the University of Illinois. I remember Kwame as a smart and warm person. My sincere hope is that Kwame's family can find peace and healing in the thought that Kwame was well loved in life and will be well cared for in heaven.
Posted by Clara Kapo on 9th June 2017
Last year by this time,we were all devastated when we heard of your sudden demise. You will never be forgotten, may your soul rest in blissful peace. May your wife be comforted by the outpouring of love surrounding her.
Posted by Christina Adjepong on 9th June 2017
Forever missed Kwame. Keep smiling
Posted by Larry Sarpong on 24th March 2017
Thank you Kwame. Thank you for always being there for me when I needed to confide in someone. Thank you for always greeting me with a smile. Thank you for all the silly conversations and all the serious ones. You've always been my ace and still are. I feel your presence everyday brother. You are missed and loved. Happy birthday Kwame. I love you cousin.
Posted by Abena Ampofo on 23rd March 2017
Wow Kwame, I was just about to go to sleep when I decided to check my email and got a message reminding me of your birthday. This could only mean you wanted to talk to me. I haven't been able to believe you are gone. Kwame you are so funny and I miss your smile. You would always try to have such a strong face when I would mess with you, but eventually I would get you to laugh because you know you couldn't resist lol. Gotcha again! :) it's no lie that the days and gatherings are different. It's like I'm watching someone else live my life. I just miss you and I know all of you are taking care of us. Continue to take care of each other and we will do the same here. Happy Birthday Kwame! Ooo you getting old. I'm so thankful and blessed to have been able to be apart of your life. Till we meet again Love you, Abena.
Posted by Pat Odame on 23rd March 2017
Kwame, a thousand years would not be enough time to describe the impact you had in our lives. Wishing you a great big heavenly happy birthday brother. I still feel like any minute you are going to call and ask to hang out with the "big guy" or see if Princess is available for a movie and dinner! The void left in our hearts is touched only by the peace of knowing that you are no longer in pain! Forever in our hearts, forever you changed our lives. We love you and miss you very much. Rest in forever peace!
Posted by Lloyd Owusu on 23rd March 2017
I never spent one day on this earth without you until the good Lord call you home and because of the blessing you are to me, I never will. Thank you for everything and rest in perfect peace. Who's bad....Kwame Odame, that's who!
Posted by JOHN ROCCO CONTEDUCA on 13th September 2016
Very sad to hear of the passing of Kwame. I was a classmate of his at Fenwick. From reading his life story and the thoughts shared by his family and friends, I can tell that the Lord is a big part of their lives. May God bless the family and may Kwame rest in peace with our Lord.
Posted by John Agyekum on 18th August 2016
I miss you Bro. May you rest in peace
Posted by Deacon Rehor on 9th August 2016
I will always remember your smile and the mischievous, knowing look you had when you and Isabella met with me for marriage preparation. I was always impressed with the love you both had for each other. May you rest in peace! Continue to watch over your wife from heaven.
Posted by Yvonne Collier Nelson on 28th July 2016
Rest in Heaven my friend. We last saw each other at the Sam Club in Oswego. You always had a big smile and a huge hug for your CA friend. We talked about you being ready for babies as an old man and how proud you were to be married. Isabella, I'm praying for you honey. I've been where you are losing my beloved husband 16 years ago. Know and trust time will heal but he will always be in your heart.
Posted by Redeemer Amegashie on 27th July 2016
I still can't believe you're gone. I know you're at a better place and happier than ever. Thank you for teaching us how to live our lives to the fullest and not to sweat the small stuff. May God bless and keep you safe till we meet again. Who's bad? .....................Kwame!
Posted by Agyeman-Agyekum Kwasi on 25th July 2016
Odupon Atutu - an important tree has been uprooted! Kwame, part of your last note on 24th May, 2016 to me on whatsapp was: "Thank you Daddy, I really appreciate your prayers, and with it I did not hear from you again Like a candle in the wind we lost the flame. Thank you for all you did for my family in that short space of time. together with your wife I knew you had plans to build family but alas, you did not live to accomplish tham, May the good Lord support the wife you have left behind to keep the lighted candle burning. May your soul find rest in the hearts of the many you touched in the 42 years you spent on this planet.
Posted by Christina Adjepong on 20th July 2016
Here for only a short time; touched many that he came in contact with - his smile, gentleness, respect for all, and appreciation of what he had; Left an everlasting memory; and in the loving arms of the everlasting father. Never to be forgotten. We love you. Thanks for who you were and what you made of all that came in contact with you. Love "Auntie Christie"
Posted by Magma Agyekum on 19th July 2016
Kwame, may God guide you to his perfect home. You are loved and missed forever. Your smile lives in our hearts.
Posted by Magma Agyekum on 19th July 2016
Kwame, may God guide you to his perfect home. You are loved and missed forever. Your smile lives in our hearts.
Posted by Clara Kapo on 19th July 2016
Kwame, you were a wonderful man and husband, we all treasured and loved you.We missed you. It is indeed a great lost to us but we look to God because he is the only one who can comfort us. our loved ones may be dead and gone but we privileged to still be living owe it to them to live fulfilling lives. Kwame,May you rest in perfect peace and may God of all,grace and strengthen your kind-hearted wife ISABELLA in the days ahead.
Posted by Sam Odame on 19th July 2016
Hey son, the thought of you still lingers on cos you didn't tell me you were leaving me.Im still waiting for a word from you. God only knows where you are and I hope you are with Him. Kwame you were blessed with a beautiful family and we will always be together in spirit. I love you, son.
Posted by Consolata Agyekum on 19th July 2016
Kwame Odame welcomed my family into his with open arms. Kwame called me sister and never sister-in-law. He texted and called often to touch base and see how we were doing. I miss him and I'm grateful for the time we spent together. Still I wish we had more time together because Kwame was just special in every way. Rest in peace brother till we meet again. We miss you, love always xxxx -Nana Ama, Eddie, Aidan and Ethan.
Posted by Abby Patton on 18th July 2016
Kwame - we miss you. We are better people and changed for good because of you. I love you very much!! Until we see each other again...
Posted by Ali Brimah on 18th July 2016
Kwame Odame was a caring person and had a unique way of bringing people together. Kwame and I became friends after learning that we were two of the three of Ghanaians at my current employer. We worked together for 3 years. Although Kwame and I worked in different areas we would always look out for each other frequently visiting each other during the work day. An example of Kwame’s gift for bringing people together was when Kwame heard that a fellow co-worker was leaving the company and starting with an organization I just left and both of us planned to attend University of Chicago. Kwame introduced us to one another. The gentleman and I have become good friends. Only a select few would look out the way Kwame did. Kwame was a calm dude and did not sweat the small stuff. But there were several things that were important to him his wife, family and friends. I remember when Kwame told me about Izzy, he was excited! He would always tell a few co-workers and I how he was looking for exclusive gifts for her. He would tell us that no gift was too great for his girl. Kwame set the bar very high and made it nearly impossible to catch up. You could see that every time he spoke about her. Kwame and I were known as the hardest working people in our respective departments. As the saying goes, like attracts like. I respected Kwame’s work ethic. He would stay at work late or on conference calls to the wee hours. We were probably the only people to consistently grab lunch late. It would be about 3 or 4pm. One of us would hit up the other, I know you forgot to get lunch lets grab a bite to eat. Thank you for being a part of my life, my friend. I will miss you and thanks for being a good friend.
Posted by Kristian Frazier on 18th July 2016
I miss you cousin. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Radha Venkatesan on 18th July 2016
You will be missed terribly by your beautiful wife! God bless her
Posted by Sylvia Annan on 18th July 2016
Kwame, may the life you lived be fulfilled and lived amongst those you left behind. May the spirit you leave with us help us to live abundant lives to glorify God. Those who knew you intimately and those of us afar will continue to cherish your memory. You are truly missed.
Posted by Frazier Shalawn on 18th July 2016
You lived such a Beautiful life and you will be truly missed. It still doesn't seem real. Love you cousin, Rest in Heaven.

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