Let the memory of Kyle Aden be with us forever
  • 23 years old
  • Born on February 26, 1987 .
  • Passed away on April 10, 2010 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Kyle Aden Erickson who was born on February 26, 1987 and passed away on April 10, 2010. We will love, miss, and remember him forever.

Posted by Nita Erickson on April 10, 2019
Kyle, how can it be nine years??? How can that even be possible?? I don"t know how we got here all these years later. I woke up, this morning not wanting to get out of bed, as if I some how could change what happened. We have lost so much, Ethan has lost so much! I know he misses you, my heart breaks for him, thank God he has Jenna! Your Dad is my rock, but he misses you, he cries, I cry. One day, one minute at a time. HPH, has saved us, the most wonderful people on this side, they are our Heaven, till we cross over. We love you beyond words, we will keep you in our world as long as we breath!
Posted by Lynn Hollahan on February 26, 2019
Happy 32nd Birthday Kyle! We hope your new friends are all throwing you a great party! We love you and are very grateful to be a part of your family. ❤️
Posted by Nita Erickson on February 26, 2019
Kyle, it's your Birthday, 32 years ago you made me the happiest I have ever been! Becoming your Mom was life changing, I had no idea what I was missing! Becoming your Mom was the most amazing thing that ever happened to me, I felt like I was finally here for a purpose, my life had true meaning! I knew we had to give you a little brother or sister, so along came our other purpose, Ethan! Our life was complete! Much has happened since you crossed over, but you are always with us, that I KNOW! FOREVER LOVED, FOREVER MISSED!
Posted by Nita Erickson on April 10, 2018
Our Kyle, How I wish this day had no meaning for us, just another day, not the day that took you from our lives. But here we are again, # eight. My mind can't even believe that! We miss you move then there are words to express the empty space is all around us always, never to end. Ethan is getting married, he told me yesterday that he will not have a Best man, because you are him. There will be a place for you at the grooms table, no one could take your place. That made me cry. I cry most days, of course I do, I'm your mom and I miss you! I know you are with us, yet we miss the presence of you, looking into your beautiful blue eyes, seeing that amazing smile that would light up a room! You are loved, forever!
Posted by Nita Erickson on February 26, 2018
Happy 31st Birthday Kyle! I still can't believe your not going to walk in the door. My heart will be forever broken, never to be hole ever again. We live, but life will never be pure joy as we once knew it to be. There is so much missing, so much that was/is never to be. Loving you will keep me going, the love is what gives me a reason to keep breathing, I feel your love, I love you so much!! Always and Forever my son!
Posted by Nita Erickson on April 10, 2017
Our Dear Kyle, We still can not wrap our minds around that you are not here with us in flesh. You are in my head 24/7, it is so hard without you. So much has been lost, so much! Ethan, has lost the most, our hearts break for him. Your future was taken from all of us, I sometimes don't know how we keep going, and there is the guilt I feel for it. I know you send us signs often, thank you so much for them, they are a life line for us!! Thank you for picking us as your family, even though it was too short of time, I would not have missed a moment of our life together, it was a dream come true having you as our son!! You not only served our country, you served our lives and made me a better person for having you as my son!! I will love you the rest on my life, and will miss you with every breath I take!!!
Posted by Karen Quigley on February 26, 2017
Dearest Kyle - Happy 30th Birthday. My head and heart cannot comprehend that 7 years has pasted. Days start and end....the sun rises and sets...but the thought of you gone from this earthly life stays forever engrained in our hearts. I know your mother will never get over this loss and survives each day because of the enduring love and devotion she has for you. Please keep watching over her until one day she holds you in her arms again. One day I will see you too....when the Lord brings us all together...and Elwood will be in my arms. Life is so hard to understand at times....but love and faith keeps us going. Sending hugs and love to heaven.
Posted by Nita Erickson on February 26, 2017
Our dear Kyle, your 30th Birthday!! What would your life be like today? Married I'm sure, and kids too! So much has been lost since you passed. Ethan has lost the most, my heart breaks for him every day! We keep going, the grief slowly absorbs into our soul becoming a part of us, it will never leave us, any more then our love for you will ever leave us! You changed our lives in more ways then I can say, we will forever be blessed that you chose to be our son!! Love you forever!
Posted by Bonnie Wertz on April 10, 2016
My heart knows 4-10-10 too well. I remember what I was doing & where I was when I heard the terrable news. I know too well the pain of a child lost. Wish I could fix it. Ethan walks in this world for two.
Big sister
Posted by Nita Erickson on April 9, 2016
I'm sitting here thinking what I would give to go back in time and change what happened six years ago tomorrow. I'm struggling what to say, because there are no words to describe the loss we feel with your
absence in our lives. Though the signs help, they are in no way enough. Ethan bought his first house yesterday, something you never got to do, so many things you never got to do, so many dreams, plans hopes, that will never happen, so much loss. So much grief, so many tears. Kyle, we love and miss you with every breath we take, forever lover, forever missed!
Posted by Karen Quigley on February 26, 2016
Dear Kyle - Today you celebrate your 29th birthday in the arms and protection of your Heavenly Father. I hope your mother is finding comfort in the fond memories of what a beautiful, kind and compassionate young man you grew to be. I pray that her day is filled with smiles of all the tender moments you shared together on earth. One day our spiritual life will begin and we will join you in the forever love and eternal life you are enjoying. Please send your mother and father a sign of your endless love for them. Until we all meet again Kyle...sending affection and special birthday wishes. XO
Posted by Bonnie Wertz on February 26, 2016
Remembering when Kyle was in charge of the JUSTICE Complex security-take your child to work day. That boy became a fine young man. So glad I watched him grow up. So glad his gmom, Nana, didn't know he passed to a better life. Missing u, Aunt Bonnie
Posted by Bonnie Wertz on April 12, 2015
My dear, Nita, Glenn and Ethan, My heart breaks every time I read your words. I watched Gail's son, in uniform, give his mother the folded flag on the anniversary of your pain, remembering the day I watching a man in uniform hand you the flag. Wish I could fix it. Kyle is missing so much and Patty to. She is a grandmother and will never hold her granddaughter. Kyle really hurts me just as much because he was so young. YOUR world is upside down,,,,,so,so, sorry.
Posted by Nita Erickson on April 10, 2015
Kyle it has been five years since you left us, how is that even possible? Seeing others go on with their lives, getting married, having babies, just living, is so hard for me. I'm happy for them, but why not you? Why are you gone, never to dance with you at your wedding, hold your babies, no more birthdays, no more pictures, you will never be an uncle, Ethan has lost is brother, his forever best friend. Why? I will never understand, ever! You are loved and missed more then I can express, We live and breath with broken hearts, and push on as best that we can, but we will never be whole again.
Posted by Karen Quigley on April 10, 2015
Kyle, I cannot believe it has been 5 years since your mother called me with the devastating news that God called you Home. I had no words that could truly comfort her - you were and will always be the light of her life. My heart breaks knowing how much she misses you. I pray that God gives her the strength to carry on until she holds you again for Eternity. Please continue to send her signs of your love every chance you can. You are forever missed - forever loved - and never forgotten. XO
Posted by Aden Erickson on March 22, 2015
You will be forever missed and never forgotten and we will always love you
Posted by Bonnie Wertz on March 1, 2015
Another year doesn't matter-the sadness is the same. 
So very hard when a child is lost, the heart can not heal,
feeling empty doesn't go away. Missing those loved and lost
stays the same. Some day the circle will not be broken.
Love you, Glen, sister and Ethan----love you more, Bonnie
Posted by John Eastlack on February 27, 2015
We all miss Kyle so very much. The world is a little sadder and less beautiful place without him.
Posted by Nita Erickson on February 26, 2015
Happy 28th Birthday our amazing Kyle!! We love and miss you with every breath we take! Our lives will never be the same, never be as bright, or feel the same amount of joy, it has all changed. Everything changed the moment you left this place. We keep going, one step after another. You are in my head 24/7, and that is hard, I don't even have words to express what it is like now. I just want you back, I just want you back!
Posted by Karen Quigley on February 26, 2015
God took you to be with Him long before we ever imagined. As each year passes, those who love you miss you more each day. Your memories lives in our hearts forever. I will always remember the kind gentle young boy I knew who loved to help others - especially the homeless animals. I pray everyday for your mother that she continues to find the strength to carry on knowing one day you will be in her arms again when God reunites you. Until then, please continue to visit her and let her know you are by her side each and every day. One day we will all be together for Eternity in God's heavenly place where only love and peace exist. Please take care of my dear sweet Elwood, Phoenix, Casey and all my other beloved animals - I know you will take good care of them until God calls me Home too. Hugs and love Kyle as you celebrate your birthday with God and all the angels.
Posted by Nita Erickson on August 16, 2014
Missing you so!
Posted by Chris Hernandez on April 11, 2014
Kyle, i did not know you while you were here on earth but i met your parents and they are wonderful people so i am guess you are too. i see that you served, and for that i thank you. Peace to you now as you float on the other side. Continue to watch over you mom. Peace.
Posted by Nita Erickson on April 10, 2014
Dear Kyle we miss you more then we have words to describe. It seem like yesterday we were standing in the kitchen, sharing our last moment together. You will always be my first born son, I will always be your Mom! Loving you more then ever, missing you more then I can find the words! Forever in our hearts, forever missed!
Posted by Shea Hedler on April 10, 2014
Kyle we miss ya buddy.  I can't thank you enough for serving our country!!!! If more men were like you this world would be a better safer place. I know Your watching over us keep us safe ok !!!!
Posted by Karen Quigley on April 10, 2014
Kyle - you were always the joy of your mother's heart. Please keep sending her love and signs of your presence - she misses you so much. I don't know why God does what he does, but I do know in time when God calls your mother home - you will greet her and what a joyous day that will be for her. Until then, we will continue to celebrate what a gift you were to her, to your father, to Ethan, and so many others.
Posted by Bonnie Wertz on April 10, 2014
Remembering is hard. Daddy was born 1913/died 2013 on Kyle's birthday-Feb.26, 2010. My Patty died Jan. 13, 2013. Mom passed 2013.
April 10, 2010--tragedy - too many numbers. Kyle did so much in his too short life-the shock is still there in my heart - remembering the day and time I got the news. He was wonderful. Ethan had to say good buy to his brother to soon. I wish I could take all the hurt away-sadly I can't. Only know that you all are in my thoughts and not on this day only.
Remember-God has a plan and HE loves us-maybe we loved them more.  Sister-on my leg is- LOVE YOU MORE
Posted by Aimee Fields on April 9, 2014
I can't believe Tomorrow will b 4 years. I miss you kiddo. Now and Always!!! You will always have a place in my Heart!
Posted by Teri Warming on February 27, 2014
I did not Know you but you must have been a special person as so many people loved you and miss you so much
Posted by Nita Erickson on February 26, 2014
Kyle we miss you today, more the yesterday, more then the day before. We know you are with us, just not the way we wish. Thank you for looking out for Ethan, always! You are in our thoughts 24/7, We love you forever and ever! You are our treasure in heaven! Happy Birthday Kyle, forever our son!!!
Posted by Bonnie Wertz on April 12, 2013
Words can not say how hard it is to face these losses. Dad, Kyle-now Patricia and Mom. Kyle, you have tought us to love unconditionally and forgive everything. Each person is special. We may not have another day to tell someone we love them. You are in charge of hugs on the other side-give many. I so  l o v e you all - Aunt Bonnie
Posted by Bonnie Wertz on April 12, 2013
No one knows how hard it is to loose a child. I wish I could take the pain away from you all and someone could help me. As Patricia would say---we can't go backwords. Each day is still a blessing and all who have passed would want us to live our lives and be happy.
Posted by Nita Erickson on February 26, 2013
Happy Birthday Kyle! We love and miss you more then words can express! I try to thank God for the gift of your life, but he took you from us and I feel betrayed.So many missed moments have slipped by, so many yet to come. Sending you all of our love on your day, and every day! We are so proud of you, our hearts are yours!
Posted by Ashley Rorick on February 26, 2013
Happy birthday sweetheart! Not a day that goes by that I don't stop to think of you. I cry every time I hear your name, I reminisce about all the good memories that we shared. The love that we had, and the love that was taken, but it will never die. You are the reason for my strength and my will to live on. I love you so much Kyle, and I only hope that you feel the same.
Posted by Donald Wechter on February 26, 2013
God bless, Kathy and I will keep you guys in our prayers.
Posted by Drew Gilstrap on February 26, 2013
Happy birthday, Kyle. Miss you.
Posted by Chuck Gill on February 26, 2013
Yesterday, I can remember your mother with you inside. I watched you grow into a wonderful young man. Then I lost close contact, but you were always in my thoughts. The day that I found out of your "traveling on", old memories rushed to my head. And, guess what, they are still there. I will see you again.
Posted by Melysha Mcconnell on February 26, 2013
Happy birthday kyle. I miss you so much. I think about you every day. I can't wait till I c u again. I love you!
Posted by Elizabeth Boisson on February 10, 2013
Kyle, we are so fortunate to have your parents in our lives! I am sure that you and Morgan brought us together. We love having your parents so close by, and we are always happy to share memories of our two amazing boys. Thank you for working so hard from the other side to ensure that our lives are full and happy.
Posted by Nita Erickson on June 26, 2012
Missing you so! Please don't be upset with me, it's just so hard without you! We all miss you! Sending you ALL of our love forever! Thanks for letting know your watching over us! Keep the signs coming!
Posted by Lynn Hollahan on April 10, 2012
Sending lots of love to an amazing family. Although I never actually knew you, Kyle, I feel like you are my son too. Take care of yourself and all your new friends. Thanks for bringing us all together.
Posted by Debra Wagner on April 10, 2012
Freebird, forever, and ever......

Posted by Nita Erickson on April 10, 2012
Dearest Kyle, son, Two years ago today you were taken home. God must have missed you so much, he couldn't wait. He broke our hearts and our lives will never be the same. There is an emptiness that will never be filled, so much of our lives have been loss, we will never see you marry, hold your babies, Ethan's children will never know their Uncle Kyle. So much has been lost! 
Posted by Bonnie Wertz on April 10, 2012
I remember---take your child to work day--- KYLE was the officer at the front desk. He looked so cute... We were all there-Nita,Glen,Bonnie, and sometimes John and Ethan. Good days to remember. Ethan now walks the world for two. I will never be the same either. We are all connected by LOVE, and loss.  love-me
Posted by Drew Gilstrap on February 27, 2012
This is great site. Miss you, roomie. I'm thinking of you on your 25th birthday. Watch over us.
Posted by Debra Wagner on February 26, 2012
Please let your mom know that I sang you "Happy Birthday", as promised! ;)  You are surrounded by love and truly missed by all who knew you. xoxo
Posted by Nita Erickson on February 26, 2012
25 years ago our Lord gave you to us! What an amazing gift you where, and always will be! Having you for our son, and Ethan's brother, is and always will be one of the two greatest joys of our life! Today we celebrate your life, your birthday. Happy birthday Kyle, we love you so much, today and every day!
Posted by Bonnie Wertz on February 26, 2012
My dearest sister, Glenn and Ethan. Watching Kyle and Ethan grow up was such a pleasure. You all were so happy together. Never forget that with Kyle in your hearts you are still together. Those we love never really leave-they remain within us. To think Kyle was born on 2-26--the day our Daddy died. I am sure they are holding hands and waiting---let the circle be unbroken....love-me
Posted by Nita Erickson on February 15, 2012
Dearest Kyle,
My heart is so broken, I miss you more then I can say, I miss you, I miss you! I want you back, our life is not the same, the sadness is so heavy. It wears you down, the incurable wound. Your smile, your twinkle, would light up my heart! That part of my heart is forever dark now. I love you endlessly!
Posted by Teri Warming on March 2, 2011
Didn't no you Kyle but, no you were a special person who is missed here on earth.
Posted by Aimee Fields on February 26, 2011
Thank you" Nita & Glenn, for bringing such a beautiful person into this world. You raised an amazing young man. I am so blessed to have had the chance to know Kyle. He has touched my soul and affected my life in ways that have suprised even me. He will be forever in my thoughts....reminding me gently...

~Aimee Fields

Aimee Fields

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