This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, LAD The World's Collie, born on July 4th, 2013 and passed away on June 10, 2014. We will remember him forever.

LAD suffered abuse by his owner at 7 months old in a horrific manner and was dropped in a ditch left to die....4 months he bravely fought to win his fate with help from Blue Pearl, The Arrow Fund & UC Davis but God called him home.


Posted by Lori-ann ELsey on July 8, 2020
Happy Heavenly Birthday handsome Lad. Love you now and always.
Posted by Mary LaValley on July 5, 2020
Gone too soon. You are loved and remembered always.
Posted by Ann Bowman on July 5, 2020
Happy Birthday sweet boy. Independence Day suits you well. Love you forever Lad.❤️
Posted by Sue Hoch on July 4, 2020
Happy Birthday sweet, sweet Lad! We celebrate your birthday today and your life every day! You brought a world together. I hope you have a wonderful day playing with your friends today and I know there will be doggie cake and ice cream later. I love you Lad ❤️❤️
Posted by Carole Sainte Marie on July 4, 2020
Happy 7th Birthday in Heaven, Lad! 
I imagine you running, smelling beautiful flowers, eating divine treats, and playing with fellow doggies. In other words, I imagine you happy and whole!
Posted by Sue Hoch on June 12, 2020
Sweet, sweet Lad, not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. I so wish you could have survived but God needed a brave Angel and he brought you home to watch over us. Thank you dear Lad for your forgiveness of the human race and the love you bestow upon us
Posted by Sandy Whatsoever on June 12, 2020
The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog ♡

I would have been willing to give you a wonderful home .
Run free and happy with my 2 Collie girls in heaven♡
Posted by Lori-ann ELsey on June 11, 2020
Sweet Lad, always in my thoughts and in my heart. Live Love Lad ❤
Posted by Ann Bowman on June 11, 2020
Oh Lad...our sweet gallant boy. What an impact one brave and loving little collie could have on so many in so many places of this world. From the time we first met you to now has passed too quickly. You would have been seven this year. So many had a part in trying to save your life but it was not to be...God’s ways are higher than our own. He called you Home to His side and showed us through your passing what must be done. I am glad to say in my own state that stricter laws have been passed and I know in other places here and around the world the same has happened. You did this Lad. For the love of a beautiful young collie the world has changed. If not for you nothing could have sparked the bright light you did. You brought light into the darkness of neglect and abuse and because of you laws have changed and lives have been saved. ❤️
Posted by Elaine Rodriguez on June 10, 2020
You are missed Laddie so much.. and loved by so many..I’m so sorry that you had to suffer at the hands of such an evil person..... I know you’re in peace now.. I am grateful for that....
I hope to see you and my Lassie one day in
Paradise... God bless you sweet furbaby..
Posted by Christine Koning on June 10, 2020
Lieve Lad.....
Nog altijd in mijn gedachten!

Live love Lad
Posted by Carole Sainte Marie on June 10, 2020
Hello Lad, wherever you are. Thinking of your on this 6th anniversary of your passing, imagining you happy and healthy, surrounded by other animal friends and mostly, having forgiven the person who allowed your life to end well before you could really enjoy it. You are forever a good boy! Love you!  
Posted by Sue Hoch on July 4, 2019
Happy Heavenly Birthday sweet sweet Lad! Thank you for being a beacon to the beauty waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. ❤️❤️
Posted by Carole Sainte Marie on July 4, 2019
Happy Birthday in Heaven LAD!
Posted by Lori-ann ELsey on June 10, 2019
You are and will forever will be in our hearts and loved dear sweet Lad
Posted by Brenda Beyer on June 10, 2019
Oh Lad hard to believe it’s been 5 years already seems Iike yesterday
The entire world misses you & still shed tears for you
Live Love Lad sweet angel
Posted by Sue Hoch on June 10, 2019
Sweet sweet Lad, five years ago a world was praying so hard that you would win your battle and defeat all the odds by recovering. When we heard the news that you did not make it, a world cried. You have united many people who keep you alive and we remember you every day. Rest easy sweet boy, you will never be forgotten!
Posted by Wendy Gagne on June 10, 2019
LAD, its 5 years today your spirit carried on into the next phase of your short life....however in the hearts of many your spirit is carried every day....not a day goes by where you are not remembered, you are still loved by so many
My heart was shattered when you passed and i was even angry, but you became my enabler in soooo many ways...thru you i can do things i hadn't been able to prior....
With the gifts you gave me i keep your memory alive and i always will
Posted by Carole Sainte Marie on June 10, 2019
Five years and we are still there, thinking about you and as horrified about your misfortune as we were then. I hope your soul is healed now from all the thoughts of love you have been receiving since this fateful event. Run free, sweet LAD!
Posted by Christine Koning on June 10, 2019
Dear Lad...this day, 29 years ago, my father died....the same day you died. It is the time of the peony's...they grow in my garden in memory of my father and you, Lad. This time of year my house is filled with peony's in remembrance of you two.....Live love Lad....Live love Dad......
Posted by Ann Bowman on June 10, 2019
Five’d be so big today, your rough coat so full and golden. So many people love you, so many people wanted to save you, so many tried. Funny how life works is you who have saved so many and continue to. In your death you became an ambassador for the abused and neglected. You humbled so many of us with your unconditional love and forgiveness, your joy. You embraced your brief life with such gusto. Leaving the cruelty and pain you experienced behind. Wagging your plumed tail and playfully bowing in an effort to entice one of your new humans to join in. Despite everything, you trusted. We certainly have learned many things from you Lad. Loving unconditionally, forgiving, trusting, playing....fighting to save others like you, to educate, to change laws, to inform others. We still hold your banner high after five years. You will always be held in our hearts. We will continue to fight abuse and neglect for as long as we live. We will do good, we will fight on in your memory, in your name. We still share the story, your story and always will.
Posted by Kay Collins on July 5, 2018
Posted by Ann Bowman on July 4, 2018
Dear Lad, when I think of you precious boy, so many words come to mind....beautiful, young, brave, forgiving, unconditional love, determination, sweet, joyful, indomitable spirit, a brilliant light, a force for change. Lad, you’re eternal because you united people all over the world. It was love for you that brought us together and we will not forget you.
Posted by Mary LaValley on July 4, 2018
Your short life inspired so many of us and led to a caring community committed to justice for all of the voiceless. Forever grateful and ever loving.
Posted by Sue Hoch on July 4, 2018
Dear sweet Lad, it’s so hard to believe it’s been 4 years since you left us. You fought a galllant fight and continue to be an inspiration to us all. Thank you for watching over us from the Rainbow Bridge ❤️
Posted by Christine Koning on July 4, 2018
Sweet sweet're gone but not forgotten...we will never forget you, dear Lad! You still are an example of love, much love! You still are in my mind....every day..... I will always love you!
Posted by Wendy Gagne on April 1, 2018
LAD, dear sweet lovable loving LAD. The tears still often come when i think of you but not all of them are painful. You gave me so much and never knew how your exsistance affected me. It was you who showed the way, the light outta my deep dark place. You became a huge part of me even before i truly knew it. And LAD, i can never be thankful enuff for you giving me back my exsistance, but i will always keep your memory, your spirit, your live and your trust alive.
And today LAD, i place.this flower as a token of my admiration, love and gratitude to your for lifting me up from my battered monstrousity of darkness. SYOTOS one day sweet precious LAD. All my love LIVE LOVE LAD....
Happy Easter in heaven LAD
Posted by Lorraine St Clair on March 29, 2018
Sorry I didn't get to meet you, dear Lad, but I know so many people who miss you terribly. I am so sorry you had to suffer.
Posted by JoAnn Griffith on March 29, 2018
Our sweet boy, I fell in love with you the moment I seen your picture.
I just want to say “thank you” for bringing so many of us together.
The courage you showed was beyond measure. You will forever be in my heart! I Love You Sweet Angel!
Posted by Wendy Gagne on March 28, 2018
Today is "Light A Candle For Lad" day....
LAD there isnt a day that goes by where i havent thought of you. Ypu are and always will be in my heart. Thank you for being a part.of me in ways so many will never understand..... love you little guy
Posted by Chris Lebiedz on March 4, 2018
Lad you are forever loved, forever missed....
You are what life should be....pure love.
Posted by Sue Lund on March 3, 2018
Such a sweet, innocent young collie, who died way too young! The victim of anger and alcohol - still prevalent in today’s world. Lad, help everyone, with God’s Grace, to have compassion in their heart! ❤️
Posted by Carole Sainte Marie on July 6, 2017
Born on July 4th, on a day of celebration, it would have been great if you would have lived a life of joy and nice experiences. Your fate was found at the other end of the spectrum, and love towards you came very late, and through unexpected ways. Hope you enjoyed the happiest July 4th ever in the garden of God
Posted by Lori-ann ELsey on July 5, 2017
Happy Birthday sweet Lad. Play and run free at the bridge
Posted by Wendy Gagne on June 11, 2017
LAD yesterday we mourned your 3rd year of passing....many people told how you were missed and loved....of your brave spirit to survive the wrath bestowed upon you.....
You will forever remain The Worlds are OUR LAD
Posted by Carole Sainte Marie on June 10, 2017
Hi Lad! I could not let the go by without having a thought about you and what you represent. Today, June 10, 2017, we celebrate your 3rd year of becoming a heaven angel, after having been an earth one. Rest in peace, run in heavenly fields, play with your angel friends, but don't forget to visit us in our dreams
Posted by Lori-ann ELsey on April 19, 2017
Love you Lad now and forever. Always in my thoughts.
Posted by Jane Messex on April 18, 2017
Dear Lad, I cannot believe it has been three years since you left us. We will always remember you. Love to you dear sweet Lad
Posted by Aloijs Nuijten on April 18, 2017
I have a website for the collie, there is a place for Lad made in Memoriam.
We do not forget Lad
Posted by Diane Williams on April 18, 2017
Lad, our little hero, always remembered with so much love, bless you Lad, love ya,xx
Posted by Christine Koning on April 18, 2017 will always love you!
Posted by Kay Collins on April 18, 2017
Hi Lad:
happy trails over the bridge with all your new friends
Posted by Sue Hoch on April 18, 2017
Sweet sweet Lad, always in my heart.
Posted by Kerrylyne Kennedy on July 23, 2016
Lad you are so very missed I think of you everyday still my heart hurts for you but also rejoices because you are at the Rainbow Bridge looking over us all watching s day and night knowing that we are still fighting for the Injustice that happen for you I love you lad forever in my heart
Posted by Elaine Rodriguez on July 21, 2016
Laddie.. You suffered so much..
Posted by Elaine Rodriguez on July 21, 2016
Laddie... You suffered so much.. I'm so sorry... But I know that you are pain free and safe.. I pray that one day I can meet you , as well as all my furbabies in God's Kingdom.. May the Lord bless you..
Love ya Laddie
Posted by Fiorenzo Finocchiaro on July 20, 2016
You were'nt allowed to have a happy life within the loving family you deserved, but your sacrifice was not in vain and you will always be in our hearts. Until we meet again. Run free sweetheart.
Posted by Lene' Haney on July 20, 2016
You will always be loved...
Posted by Mary LaValley on July 20, 2016
You were a beautiful puppy boy who united an international community in the fight for justice. Now you are our Rainbow Angel.
Posted by Gloria Pasient Methven on July 20, 2016
Lad you are truly missed. I think of you every day. You were a brave boy who did not deserve to leave us so soon. You inspire me to go on and I hope to see you in heaven. Sending hugs and kisses to a precious Angel.
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Posted by Lori-ann ELsey on July 8, 2020
Happy Heavenly Birthday handsome Lad. Love you now and always.
Posted by Mary LaValley on July 5, 2020
Gone too soon. You are loved and remembered always.
Posted by Ann Bowman on July 5, 2020
Happy Birthday sweet boy. Independence Day suits you well. Love you forever Lad.❤️
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Shared by Lori-ann ELsey on July 4, 2018

Dear Lad. You will forever be in our hearts. May your sweet spirit live on. Love you Lad

The Bench

Shared by Amber Hendershot-Nordin on April 18, 2017

Does anyone know where this bench is placed @ on The Arrow Fund's grounds?


Shared by Wendy Gagne on July 19, 2016

Feb 2014 The Arrow Fund of Ky got a call of a collie who needed immediate help due to being in dire condition. 

LAD had been shot in the face & dropped off in a ditch left to die. However, for days he managed to hold on was found and taken in by The Arrow Fund who helps all the severely abused, tortured & neglected animals.

LAD managed to hang on for 4 months before he succumbed to his injuries June 10, 2014, despite all the good treatment he received from Blue Pearl of Ky & UC DAVIS of Ca.

Despite petitions, letters, phone calls made to the judge/DA/prosecution, LAD's case never made it to trial as an Alford Plea was taken 2 days before trial was to begin. 

The person responsible for this horrendous crime was the owner, in a drunken stupor & domestic situation with his partner. He ended up with 3 years probation, cant possess any firearms at this time, must submit to random testing, and IF he does no wrong his record gets expunged after the 3 years are up....

This is absolutely no justice for a young innocent defenseless puppy.....LAD touched the hearts of many and he will never be forgotten.....his spirit, his memory will forever live on.....