And she whispers don't cry for me,
I'll see you all someday.
  • 88 years old
  • Born on August 10, 1922 in McAlpin, Florida, United States.
  • Passed away on May 26, 2011 in St. Petersburg, Florida, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Ladion Paxton Hammons who was born on August 10, 1922 and passed away on May 26, 2011. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Kenneth Hammons on August 10, 2019
Always thinking about you My Dear Mother. We miss you so very much and we know we have angel in Heaven looking down and protecting us.
Ken & Robin
Posted by Kenneth Hammons on May 27, 2019
Now that your gone,
The memories remain of what used to be,
Your beautiful Smile,
The sound of your laugh,
Your heart of Gold,
You wore on your sleeve,
Those big brown eyes,
Filled with love,
But most of all,
the love you gave
Posted by Rufus Hammons on May 26, 2019
Yes Mama (Young-Un) missing you more than ever, so much Love!!!!
Posted by Kenneth Hammons on May 26, 2019
I will always love my mama; she’s my favorite girl. Miss you so very much
Posted by Rufus Hammons on August 10, 2018
Remembering our Queen on this day. My Dear Mother you are missed so deeply Young-un
Posted by Kenneth Hammons on August 10, 2018
In Loving memory of our dear Mother. We honor you Mom on this your 96th Birthday in heaven. We love you--You are Forever Missed!!!
Posted by Leon Grant on May 27, 2018
Your smiling face, your gentle embrace, oh how it seems as if it was just yesterday, that you and I was in the breezeway laughing after you ringed your bell, and me answering your call just to here you say, with a sweet grin on your face and overwhelming love in your heart saying, I didn't want anything I just wanted to see your simling face. Oh how I miss and love you so much, Mother you are forever in my heart and as always you are my number one Girl, love you and I miss you. Love your babyboy, Leon
Posted by Aisha Grant-Knight on May 26, 2018
I came to visit your grave site today. After 7 years it still hasn't gotten any easier. It's hard to go from hearing somebody's voice on a daily basis, to not hearing it at all anymore. I would love to hear your voice again. I love you and miss you dearly grandma. I wish you had gotten the chance to meet my wonderful son. I definitely tell him all about you. But I know you're looking down on us smiling. Sleep on Grandma
Posted by Rufus Hammons on May 26, 2018
Missing U more than ever Young-UN Buggy
Posted by Kenneth Hammons on May 26, 2018
Mother, a single day does not pass by without me thinking about you and the fond memories we share. Seven years ago today we were privileged to be by your bedside as you went home to be with Our Lord. I still remember the glow on your face and how all of us were there to share in your Glory.
Posted by Gary Hammons on May 26, 2018
It has been 7 years as of today's date -- yet the heaviest in my heart remains. As memories of you Mom and of our lives (both sweet and otherwise) continue to flood back - I attempt to journal them all. I pray the once the ENTIRE STORY of Ladion (Paxton) Hammons is told - the neighborhoods, City of St. Pete, Tampa Bay Area and every place she has impacted will imbrace the Full Legacy of this remarkable woman -- our Mother Ladion(Paxton) Hammons
Posted by Gary Hammons on May 24, 2018
Mom - This date (May 24, 2011) is burned into my memory and into my heat for eternity. I was at a conference in Nashville, TN when I received the call that i should get home (to St. Pete) as quickly as possible. My heart sank. I left the conference as Lu made flight arrangements. I drove the 400 miles back to Springfield (through the thunderstorms and tornado's that destroyed Joplin, MO) in 4 hours --- but it was only by the Grace of God that I even made it. This was the start of the most traumatic week in my entire life. The week that ended in you answering The Lord's call home.
Posted by Rufus Hammons on August 11, 2016
I miss you so very much #one son !!!
Posted by Kenneth Hammons on August 10, 2016
Posted by Gary Hammons on May 26, 2016
Mom -
it has been 5 years ago on this day since you answered The Lord's call home. But I imagine you hearing His call and asking Him if he would allow you to see me and smile at me just one more time before taking your journey home -- and Him saying "Yes My child". Then Him putting things in motion for me to get there. Through a six hour drive from Nashville, TN. back to Springfield - throught Lura and Janay making last minute flight arrangements in St. Louis -- through Tornado warnings and flight cancellations then finally making it in the last two seats on the last plane to Florida that evening -- through terminal closings in Fort Myers, the closest available airport. He kept the car rental places opened and available for us to actually rent a car to drive 2 hours to
St. Petersburg and still He allowed you to wait. Then when Janay and I finally arrived, you opened your eyes and smiled up at me. The Lord allowed the family and special friends to gather around you. And while we joined hands and I prayed over you --- you said "Thank You - Ok Lord" and quietly slipped away into His Loving Arms ----- That's Love.
I (we) love you Mom and you are "Forever Missed"
Posted by Kenneth Hammons on May 26, 2016
This day five years ago we sat in a hospital room in St. Petersburg and said good bye to a lovely angel. It was a special moment and a sad moment as we watched Mother breath her last breath. I'll never forget the special radiant light in that room and the special glow on her face.
Mom we love and miss you very much!!!
Posted by Gary Hammons on December 26, 2015
This is our 4th Christmas without you phyically here with us - but we know you are in the presence of He Whose birth we celebrate this week and that your spirit, precious memories and your legacy are here with us. We love you and we miss you --- Merry Christmas Mom ----
Posted by Kenneth Hammons on August 10, 2015
This day is always hard for me. Mother would be 93 years old today; I miss you so very much. I look forward to seeing you again in heaven!!!!
Posted by Kenneth Hammons on May 26, 2015
It was four years ago today that we all gathered in that hospital room and said goodbye to a very precious jewel. You will always hold that special place in my heart. I LOVE YOU and Miss You Very Much.
Posted by Yvonne Grant-Howlett on September 25, 2014
It has been so hard for me to have to deal with the absence of my mother, harder than one may ever imagine. You are my world, always there for me. I LOVE YOU, you were always there for me when the world was against me. I want my Mother Back. I miss you so much. I've going. It's so hard for me being without my momma!!!!!
Posted by Kenneth Hammons on August 10, 2014
A day doesn't go by without thinking about you, you are gone but never to be forgotten. The Family will be joining tonight on a teleconference to give honor to your on this special day, which would have been your 92nd birthday.
Love You!!!
Posted by Rufus Hammons on June 1, 2014
Mom, Miss you much young-un!!!
Posted by Kenneth Hammons on May 27, 2014
We miss you Mother; not a day goes by without me thinking of you and such wonderful memories.
Posted by Gary Hammons on May 27, 2014
Mom - It has been three years since you answered The Lord's called to join Him in glory. But I still expect and look forward to our weekly "catching up" phone calls or you calling me on Monday if I hadn't called by Sunday evening and asking "Boy - your hand broke or something?" Then continuing our ongoing conversation about years gone by. I still talk to you even in spirit and feel you speaking back to me. I miss you and love you dearly Mom.
Posted by Gracie Keitt on May 26, 2014
'gone but forgotton'
Posted by Kenneth Hammons on May 26, 2013
We miss you so very much; a day doesn't go by which I don't think about you and everything you did for all of us. I will never forget the last time you smile at all of us that night we said goodbye to you. Looking forward to the day when we will see you again.
Love you MOTHER!!
Posted by Yvonne Grant-Howlett on May 26, 2013
Mommy I Love U and Miss U so much. I only have LOVE for U. U always put us your family first and even strangers. You are the Greatest. Much Love to YOU> I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, AND LOVE U EVEN MORE THAN THE LAST TIME!!!
Posted by Yvonne Grant-Howlett on May 25, 2013
Mom I Miss You so much. This month is Hard on Me, you have rest on my Heart. I Pray that God was please with the Care of You from while u were on
here with us. This is so hard for me to set here and type this, I'm crying and now I cann't even eat. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. It is hard beinging away from my Family, please continue to lift me in ur prays. I am hurting so
Posted by Yvonne Grant-Howlett on May 25, 2013
bad to be away from my girls, brothers, and yes even My Sister. I have to stop right now and try again tomorrow. My Prayers are with you MY FAMILY.  YOU WERE OUR QUEEN AND THE GLUE THAT HELD THIS FAMILY TOGETHER. I LOVE YOU MISS U DEARLY. I MUST GO I'M GETTING A HEADACHE FROM CRYING. MOMMY YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU. I C U N ME SO MUCH, MY HUSBAND CAN EVEN POINT IT OUT.
Posted by Lura Hammons on May 25, 2013
Eternal joy and memories stay in my heart forever. Mother Ladion I miss you very much.
Posted by Gary Hammons on May 21, 2013
Family and Friends.
Sunday, May 26, 2013 Marks the 2nd Anniversary of Mom's "Call to Glory". Let us all honor her with a Memorial Day Tribute.

Posted by Rufus Hammons on August 12, 2012
Mom i miss you so much it can't be put into words, you'll forever be my #1.Love Eternal,Rufus H. Hammons Jr.
Posted by William Dennis on August 11, 2012
On behalf of the entire "Dennis Family" of Connecticut: Ladion, although no longer with us, will always be loved & missed. All of my siblings often reflect & share our cherished memories of this wonderful member of our family.

Our prayers are with our cousins, Gary, Kenneth & Yvonne
Posted by Gary Hammons on August 10, 2012
To my Dear Mother - On this, the 90th anniversary of your birth, I want to express my love and gratiutde to you for all the sacrifices you made for each and every one of us - not only to your children, grands, great-grands, etc., but you extended yourself to any and everyone who happened to cross your path. You set a marvelous example for us. I love you "Forever Missing U" Happy Birthday
Posted by Kenneth Hammons on August 10, 2012
My Dear Mother,
I surely miss you and think of you each and every day. We are celebrating this special day by having a family teleconference tonight to pay tribute to your GODLY LEGACY!!!
Posted by Cynthia Twiggs-Frazier on August 10, 2012
AlfredTwiggs & Cynthia Frazier Family, Gone but not forgotten we love you Aunt Ladion R. I. P. Happy Birthday  .   Keep your heads up my Family. GOD is still in control.  she will always be in our hearts. Be Bless
Posted by Gary Hammons on May 30, 2012
All of Heaven rejoiced on May 26, 2011 when MOM joined the heavenly host. Our lost was heaven's gain. We miss you - we love you Mom.
Posted by William Dennis on May 28, 2012
I will always me proud to have known such a beautiful member of my family. My prayers go out to the Hammons family (my cousins). Athought I have not met you. I will continue to be in contact & truly wish to make sure we make a point to met real soon. We all need to make sure our family knows our hertiage.
Posted by Kenneth Hammons on May 27, 2012
Mother Hammons, you are sorely missed but all your beauty has been left behind in the hearts and memories of those you love you. We honor you by passing your beauty and love on to others.
♥ Kira
Posted by Kenneth Hammons on May 26, 2012
It has been a year and I surely do miss you, MY DEAR MOTHER. I know your are always by my side in everything I do. I will always LOVE YOU and a day doesn't go by without thinking about you and what you've done for me and my life.
Posted by Gary Hammons on May 26, 2012
Yes Mom - a year has passed since the LORD welcomed you into His tender embrace. We miss you tremendously and sill selfishly long for your continued physical presence here with us. But we know that the LORD had and has special plans for you there with Him and we hold on to precious memories of you in our hearts - We love you and miss you Mom.
Posted by Jamar Pettis-Rembert on June 6, 2011
To my great granny;I miss and love you so much that words cant possibly explain growing up in the household with you was truly a blessing you wore like my mom and Claudett was like my dad you to peaces R.I.P
Posted by Jamar Pettis-Rembert on June 6, 2011
so with that being said i can never say i was raised by an single parent.And thanx unk for this site it truly helps
Posted by Sharon Stewart-Clark on May 31, 2011
Kenny, Robin and Hammons Family ~ You are in our thoughts and prayers. May the wonderful memories of your mom ease your sorrows, the love of God comfort and keep you, and the promises in God's Word reassure you that Mother Hammons is with Him.
Posted by Miranda Sloan on May 30, 2011
Grandma was kind, loving, funny, and sassy, everything you'd want in a grandmother. She loved the Lord and I know that she's in Heaven now. I will miss you, Grandma.
Posted by Roshonda Brown-Barrett on May 30, 2011
"Every moment spent with you I will CHERISH ALWAYS, I Love You Grandma."
Posted by Gracie Keitt on May 30, 2011
There are many things in life that we cannot understand,But we must trust God's judgement and be guided by his hand.All
have God's blessings can rest safely in his care.
Posted by Aisha Grant-Knight on May 27, 2011
Grandma I could never truly put into words how much you mean to me. I pray that I did a great job in showing you how much you mean to me. I love you with all my heart. I overjoyed that you have gone on to glory and no longer have to suffer with an
Posted by Aisha Grant-Knight on May 27, 2011
It's wonderful to know that I have another angel in heaven to look over me! I love you grandma and will miss you dearly but God loves you best!

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