BLESSED are the dead who die in the Lord......"They will rest from their LABOR, for their deeds will follow them!" Revelation 14:13
  • 63 years old
  • Born on December 13, 1950 .
  • Passed away on October 30, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our very beloved timelessly beautiful mum,      Lady Doris Green Oji, 63, born on December 13, 1950 and transitioned to glory on October 30, 2014.

She was a sweet wife, a phenomenal mother of five, grandmother of seven, a wonderful sister and a very dependable friend to many. She was very vibrant, vivacious, full of life, very kind, very warm hearted and a generous benefactor.

As you visit this page, we would appreciate it if you can write a tribute for mom as you are led.

Mom lived a fulfilled, beautiful, impactful and purposeful life! She left her footprints in the sands of time... She impacted many lives all over the world....Her spirit LIVES on.....She has peacefully transitioned into eternal rest in the bossom of her LORD & savior Jesus CHRIST.

Mom was our ROCK, our HERO, irreplaceable! We will remember her forever!

Posted by Udodirim Green Oji on 13th December 2018
It’s been four years.... today you would have been 68 years. Am convinced that everything you were never dies. It lives in each and every one of us. We miss you sorely. In the past four years so many things have happened but I must tell you I found so much gratitude in your teachings as my mom. Mom.... rest on. Dance the angels dance. We have decided to live out our lives knowing you will love that. Love you always my phenomenal lady Doris..,,,with a great thank you to all our family and friends who still stand by us for your sake...... your legacy lives on!!!!
Posted by Ifeoma Obasi on 13th December 2018
Lady D, onyenkem. Mummy Iheanyi. To say we miss you is an understatement. Things are not the same without you. We try and still say if only Aunty Doris was alive .........Dirim is keeping your biz legacy
Posted by Ihuoma Uzoma-Azuike on 13th December 2018
Mommmmmmyyyy!!!! You would have been 68!!!! Wow!!!! I still miss you like crazy. Sometimes it feels like I am coping well and other times it feels like I am hurting so much.... The pain is there but i guess it transforms gradually...... not sure what it will end up as....... BUT I MISS MY MOMMYYYY!!!!! No one even comes close to the mother you were to me, to us..... Dance the dance of angels, worship your maker God, who loved you 1st and loves you best!!! We would have fallen apart but for GOD! Love you mommyyyyyy!!!! Your Ihuu Bekee
Posted by Sandra Ihuoma Okereke on 30th October 2018
Can't believe its been four years, Aunty! Not a day goes by that I'm not reminded of your absence. I see you in the faces of your children and grandchildren. I hear you in their voices and it warms my heart to know that you live on. Rest in peace, dear Aunty.
Posted by Samuel Andrews on 30th October 2018
She lives on... she’ll be proud of y’all (Her Children.
Posted by Sandra Ihuoma Okereke on 30th October 2017
Aunty: Three years without you feels like eternity. It is not the same without you. I promised myself I’d hold onto the memories, hoping it would make me feel better. I also thought that’s what you would want anyway. The emptiness continues. The constant reminders that you are not here continue. No one can fill your shoes. No one is even close. It’s tough to move on. And the unfairness of it all is hard to stomach. I love you so much. I miss you dearly. Rest In Peace, Aunty.
Posted by Udodirim Green Oji on 30th October 2017
Mum we miss you every minute!!!!! We love you scatter....RIP mum..... Johnny...Oby...Chimmzy and Chimamanda ....we miss you
Posted by Udodirim Green Oji on 30th October 2017
Today three years ago, Mom passed on. My phenomenal Mom. Lady D!!!! We miss you very much and your love will never be forgotten. You are the star that shines in our hearts. You are not here but you live in us. Rest on Mom. Words are not enough to express my deepest emotions. If you were here you would say "wake up and live my daughter". Mom.... it's not the same without you but what can I say? we love you again and on!!!
Posted by Samuel Andrews on 13th December 2016
May she continue to rest in God's bosom in Peace.
Posted by Udodirim Green Oji on 13th December 2016
I believe memories are forever. My everGreen Mom travelled life's highway with so much life and zest in her. I most say she found the journey pleasant ..... sharing it with her small family yet large at heart. Sweet .... bitter... pleasure .... pain..... Yet there was always time for laughter in it all. Looking back at how you loved birthdays.... today couldn't go by without pouring my heart. I miss you Mom.... I really do...... Happy post humous birthday. Yet I still stand for you wanted me to brave my world. My heart remains with so much love for everything you were to me..Mother!!! Rest on.
Posted by Emmanuel Akwiwu on 30th October 2016
Aunty D...I still can't believe you are no longer here on earth with us. You were one of the kindest people I ever met, and you showed a lot of love to my late grandparents in Aba. Each time I visited Aba, I always made sure to stop at your shop in the sports club to catch up with you. Thats why seeing UD, Ihuoma & her family earlier this year in Houston brought back so many sad memories but also so much joy because there was so much togetherness, joy and laughter in the room - like it would have been if you were around. Your loved ones must take solace in knowing that though you are gone and can never be replaced, you touched so many lives on earth with your angelic love - continue to rest in peace dear Aunty, until we, by the special grace of God, meet again in heaven!
Posted by Akunna Ume on 30th October 2016
2years gone! Aunty you are still sorely missed. Keep shining in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Ihuoma Uzoma-Azuike on 30th October 2016
My sweet mummy!!! My ever green mummy!!! It took death for me to realize that all mums were not created equal!!! You are a cut above the rest! You were a one of a kind mummy!!! Ahhhhhhh! I miss you!!! Life as I knew it has completely changed! People don't even seem the same anymore! So much has happened mum!!! You were EVERYTHING mummy!!! You were my ROCK!!! YOU always had my back! Your exemplary LOVE AND SUPPORT taught me to also love and support other people! Who will do for me all what you did for me??!! Still miss you mum!!! Still LOVE you mum!!! The only consolation is that you are resting from your many labors... in your makers bosom! Rest on mum.... rest on....
Posted by Ada Kalu-Obuba on 30th October 2016
You're unforgettable! You left too much, to wipe away so soon. Keep resting in the bosom of the Lord!
Posted by Amy Umeh on 30th October 2016
May your beautiful soul continue to rest in the bosom of the most high.
Posted by Ogboh Achor on 28th August 2016
Phenomenal Aunty......I know you are still resting well in the Lord's bosom. It's well.
Posted by Udodirim Green Oji on 14th December 2015
There will always be pleasure in our hearts when we think of who you were and all that you represented in our lives. Memories are special moments that tell the stories of who we are. life is about spending good times with the people we love. on the 13th, our departed phenomenal Mom, would have been 65 years old. you really looked forward to marking this year of her life. our endearing Mom, you will forever be in our hearts.
Posted by Comfort Oji on 14th December 2015
My Lady D it's true one year is gone so fast but memories are there to always be remembered by loved ones. I remember you and all joys expecially at Xmas times like this we share and will always pray for your humble soul to keep resting in the bosom of the Lord Amen
Posted by Sandra Ihuoma Okereke on 13th December 2015
65 today! I suspect there is a rocking purple party going on in heaven today. I miss you, Aunty.
Posted by Chike Ezuma on 13th December 2015
My darling aunt, You will forever be missed. For many that had encounter with you will testify that it was fun hanging around with you.May your gentle soul continue to rest in peace .
Posted by Eme Smith on 2nd November 2015
Dear Mummy continue to rest in peace...
Posted by Sandra Ihuoma Okereke on 30th October 2015
Sad as I am about your passing, I am reminded that all we ever loved, becomes a part of us. While you are no longer here with us, your memories persist. There's not a day that goes by that something does not remind me of you. In a way, you are still here . . ., and that's very consoling. God be with you till we meet again.
Posted by Ihuoma Uzoma-Azuike on 30th October 2015
One year later mom...... One year later...... I will NEVER forget! Memories of you are still fresh in my mind.... I still see your face as you walked through the valley of the shadow of death.... I still hear you mouthing back "I LOVE YOU" to me, with all the energy you could muster.... I still remember the songs of PRAISE, the dancing, the prayers..... Alas! CHRIST had fought your battle, rescued and redeemed you and availed you of HIS Father's kingdom! It is not goodbye, mom.... It is GOODNIGHT, "Dia Ndoo", sleep in peace, rest well..... Until Resurrection morning, mom..... Until resurrection morning!!! Your Ihuu Bekee
Posted by Ihuu OjiAzuike on 30th January 2015
My MUMMY!!! Wow! Today marks 3 months since you passed. And I've done a lot of thinking since then. What an IMPACTFUL life you LIVED! It spoke so loud and clear at your death! In my young life, I have never seen anyone whose death touched so many people and moved them in so many positive ways! Even after you're gone, people are staying so loyal to your memory. I am humbled that you birthed me. I am grateful to GOD that it was you HE chose to be my mummy. Your impact is so far reaching! I have no doubt that your good deeds have followed you to eternity and you are making merry with the Host of Heaven! You were truly like an Iroko tree! Your breath and depth are being measured at your "falling" and you were indeed PHENOMENAL! The numerous young adults you saw through school and mentored were all at your funeral. Your former domestic staff all came for your funeral. We didn't lack helping hands at all. Your house in AroChukwu was filled with people clamoring to out-do one another. If only the dead could see... Just maybe... It all started in Houston. Your friends, our friends and family came in their numbers to say farewell. Braeswood Church was outstanding! The Arochukwu and Amuvi women meetings were there in Aba for service of songs and in Arochukwu for your burial. They cried and cried.... If only tears could wake you up. Their able President Worldwide! They made those HUGE Flex banners to announce your passing to the world. They took your death so hard! The Aba Sports Club commendation service was something else! The Ladies and Knights group, Aro daughters were all there for the Service of Songs to honor their founder/Mentor. Your friends were there in their numbers. The Aba Committe of Friends were outstanding! People came from far and wide to honor you and pay their last respect. You were buried on a week day and yet, over 1,000 chairs were occupied at your funeral! People rallied around us because of you, MUM! Your Church in Aba and your Weekly Wednesday Prayer meeting group were all there. The Ladies Auxilliary group were solidly behind us. They carried you into the Church in Aba and AroChukwu as an honor to their "President", even the aging among them. It was a sight to behold! The Knight fellowship was not left behind. They came in their numbers! The Aba and Arochukwu Bishops coordinated and canceled engagements just to be there for you, their PHENOMENAL LADY D! Our friends, your Umuatako neighbors,all your beloved in-laws (The Azuikes and the Nzenwas) were solidly with us. They stayed the entire 5 days from the wake keeping night on Wednesday to the Outing Service on Sunday. Your Arochukwu Cathedral Church mourned you so much! They are missing you terribly. The Choir master told me that your death has eaten deep into him. Where can they find a better Welfare Officer? Who will feed them during conferences and host their fund raisers?! You were a LADY of a kind! Oh! Their LADY D has joined the Church Triumphant! Did I forget to mention that our friends (most of who had personal relationships with you) wore Green Asoebi in your honor? Only a beautiful GREEN would do for Mrs. Green herself! And they were phenomenal! They rallied round us and made you proud! The OkoroAvigbo people who married you wept their eyes out! They were there to pay all their last respect! You were a wife in a million, they said! They supported us too. Your Atani people are lost for words. Your father's people! Their hearts were as broken as your mother's people: The OGBOHs. They begged us to stay close to them like you always did. They say there would never be an Ada like you! We tried to make you proud mum, we bought "Ndi Anicho" the Christmas goodies you always gave them at Christmas. One thing was clear: YOU MADE A HUGE IMPACT and 2 words were repeated continuously: KIND AND GIVING. Everyday, I think about you, I think about what you'll be doing in Heaven, I think about if you've seen dad and what you both say to each other. I think about what you would want us to do and the legacy you left for us. Your shoes are HUGE mum! I couldn't fill them for the life of me but I will try. Your Ihuu Bekee misses you like crazy! I can't talk to you on the phone any longer but you're in my thoughts always! So comforting to know that I gained an Angel in Heaven who will always watch over us. If you're anything like you were here, you would always persist that GOD blesses us if you can! We promise to bond close together like you always wanted: Anyi man, UU, Myself, Johnee boy and your last card, Nyny! And ofcourse we will always stay close to your only sister, your one and only "Nene nwannem". My comfort is that we fought with you to the very end. You got the best care you could have gotten. I had the opportunity to tell you that I LOVED you, every single day. We laughed, we cried, we danced, we took pictures, we loved, we cooked, we laid down! We did it all together! And as your maker called you, I was there to hold your hand, to tell you not to be afraid, to recite Psalm 23 over and over and over.... As breath left your body and you literally walked through the Valley of the Shadow of death, I was glad that UU and I committed you into the hands of GOD, who was GRACIOUS enough to give us to you and who gave us time to say good bye..... GONE but it's NOT the final good bye. We truly don't live once... We only come by this side of HEAVEN once and if we cling to JESUS, then we get a chance to LIVE FOREVER..... we shall see again, mum, we shall definitely see..... As for the huge void you left, we will allow the HOLY SPIRIT to fill it for us... It's Good night, sleep well, "Dia ndoo"..... till RESURRECTION MORNING, MUM! Your one and only "Ihuu Bekee"!
Posted by Ojiugo Emeruem on 11th December 2014
Dear Aunty Doris, you will be sorely missed. Our consolation is in the fact that you are reunited with Uncle Green together with our Father in Heaven where you will rest and smile and be in eternal peace and joy forever and ever. With love and respect, Ojiugo Emeruem
Posted by Philo. Nene Okwuje on 26th November 2014
Doris,my true friend.I will miss you.I will miss the sincere laughter ,affection. and joy you always show each time you see me especially at Aba.I regret postponing my visit to you in Houston till December.Little did I know that someone so good like you will depart so soon.You are my true friend.Farewell my dear Doris.May the good Lord grant you eternat rest.Requiescant in pacem.
Posted by Wilson Wilson on 20th November 2014
Been on this site since 9/11/14, yet what to say continue to elude me, simply because it's not what I expected at this time, but as it stands, I still must say something anyway about how Aunty Lady Doris's life has touched the life of everyone who knew her. A happy-go-lucky lady, Doris was always full of life, she never had a dull moment and would go out of her way to celebrate other people's success and inspire and motivate people to do better. In fact Aunty Doris's passion for helping and supporting people knows no bounds. She will offer help even when such help is not likely to be within her reach.
Posted by Franca Ukpabia on 18th November 2014
Mummy, your death came to us as a very rude shock. You were so very nice to Michael and I. You always asked and cared about our well being. We love you and will miss you so much. Heaven has won a very beautiful soul indeed. Rest in perfect peace in the bosom of Christ Jesus, AMEN. From Michael & Francesca Stovall
Posted by Sandra Ihuoma Okereke on 16th November 2014
"Though much is taken, much abides" - TENNYSON I knew that I would be called upon at some point to write a tribute to you. But, quite frankly, I thought that it would be for your 65th birthday celebration. You had told me two years ago to start getting ready for your 65th birthday party, that it was going to be a big bash and that you did not want any excuses because you wanted all your loved ones to be there! Instead, here I am writing a tribute for a funeral. How unreal! Amidst my sadness and the vacuum that your departure has created, I am reminded that you lived a life worth celebrating. I think it would be a huge disservice to you if I just cried and mourned without celebrating the force of life that you are and without telling folks what you mean to me. You are beautiful, flamboyant, fashionable and driven. Your "can do" attitude and your zest for life are unmatched. Aunty, you put the H in hard work. I remember our days in Aba when you would travel to Lagos on the night bus, shop at Balogun market the next morning, turn around and return to Aba the following evening on the bus! I would ask in amazement how you could run such a schedule. Your response was always matter of fact: you have children to take care of and so you have to do what you have to do. Thinking back to our first meeting in Aba: I was an 18-year-old wide-eyed college student and you were visiting a classmate of mine. We got introduced and right there began a friendship and sisterhood that I will cherish the rest of my life. I called you "Aunty" simply because you were older, but you were really both a friend and the older sister I never had, and later family. You opened your home and your shop to me. Those were two places during my time in Nigeria that I knew I was always welcome. You gave me your time and attention every time I was around you. You called me "Ihuu bekee" and you made me feel very loved and special. I will never forget the role you played during my wedding in 1989. For you, there are no "ifs". Either you are out or you are neck deep in. You are one of the most generous people I know. I cleaned out my closet recently and realized that you gave me many of the Nigerian outfits I own. Even on your last trip to America, sick as you were, you found the strength to make me a blouse and mailed it to California when I could not readily come to Houston. Well, I better start taking good care of these outfits because I won't be getting anymore, and quite frankly no one makes them as well as you do, anyway. And the gold scarves you left in Houston two years ago because you thought they would come in handy in the event of a ceremony, I used one for your Houston service of songs ceremony, UD used the other, Ihuoma has the third. Aunty, you keep giving! Thank you. I will miss your visits to my home in California. I will miss our conversations and our shopping trips. I knew we were headed for trouble when I visited you in Houston in September and you didn't have much to say. Quintessential you, you managed to tell me I was not impressing you when I could not figure out how to lower your bed! Later, as I prompted further, desperate to hear something from you, you told me that things did not go as you planned and that you are very upset about it. Aunty, you have the right to be upset about the way things turned out. We were supposed to be planning a big 65th birthday party, not this, and certainly not now. I too, am struck by the unfairness of it all. I am consoled that you lived a great life. You left a great legacy: five wonderful children and their spouses, grandchildren, and numerous friends and relatives whose lives you touched. In Udy and Ihuoma, you have two amazing daughters. Every woman should have daughters like Udodirim and Ihuoma. They took care of you to the end and in your typical gracious manner, you were very thankful. How fitting that you were surrounded by them in the end. I will not ask why, because I guess we are not supposed to. If I learned anything at all, it is that life is too short and that tomorrow is not given. Aunty, go in peace! I will hold onto memories of you and there is enough of it to last a lifetime. Even in the midst of my sorrow, I will find a way to celebrate you because you would have wanted me to. And when that 65th birthday rolls around, I will defiantly wear a nice purple outfit in celebration of you! I love you and I miss you. Sandra Ihuoma Okereke Orange County, California
Posted by Nnanna Ezuma-Ngwu on 15th November 2014
On behalf of the Ezuma-Ngwu family, I extend our sincerest condolences to the Oji family on the passing of our dear aunt, Lady Doris Green Oji. A vivacious personality if I ever saw one. I will not forget how helpful you were during the burial of my late father. I live with the regret that I did not personally acknowledge and thank you for the gift you sent to me after my visit to you in Houston. I will always remember you for the spirit of joy you exuded whenever I saw you. You have gone to be with my late uncle, your husband, Mazi Green Oji of blessed memory, and all the cherished one we have lost. May you find peace and joy in the bosom of our Lord and creator. All will be well with those you leave behind, in the name of Jesus Christ.
Posted by Nne Kanu-ike on 13th November 2014
Ogbom, so hard to accept . What can I say , OTUOMASIRICHI. You lived out who God created you to be -destiny- and touched so many, none of your kind , nwanyi oma, irreplaceable indeed . I miss you.
Posted by IGNATIUS UKPABI on 13th November 2014
Lady Doris Green Orji - You left an unforgettable print of good nature on the sands of the earth. As a sister you were a marvelous creature of God's own hand work, as a mother and grandmother you nurtured your children through the will of your creator, as a human being, your demeanor and manifestations of good relationship kept your memories a beacon of unimaginable love. You will be dearly missed, but Almighty God knows better. He will preserve your soul and grant you eternal rest. LUX AETERNA LUCEAT EIS DOMINE, CUM SANCTIS TUIS IN AETERNUM, QUIA PIUS EST. HON. DR. IGNATIUS O. UKPABI THE PEOPLE'S MAYOR
Posted by Pamela Adeleye on 11th November 2014
Ihuu, words cannot express the sadness we feel for the passing of your beloved mother. Please accept our heartfelt condolences. May the passage of time heal your grief... May you and your family find comfort in your loving memories of her. May God Almighty be with you.
Posted by Lilies Agwu on 10th November 2014
Tribute sent by Lady Meg Agwu, ABA -Nigeria Didi !! Ezi Didi !! O tua ka isi hapu anyi (Is this the way you left us?) It is well,Oh! Didi Nwanyi mara mma(Beautiful Lady) The last time I called you from Nigeria...after your surgery you said, Aunty Meg,..I feel better now "... There is no one like you, were a good lady inside out ! Your heart was filled with joy and love for each and everyone.You were a peace maker,you were like a daughter and a Sister, I loved you and I will never forget you...may your peaceful soul rest in the Lord, till we meet on resurrection day. Umu Didi, Udo,Ihuoma, Iheanyi, Nnenne,John...jide nu obi unu aka..anyi no,Ndi Ezienyi no ya...Chukwu gozie unu...inu ! Lady Meg Agwu(No-Fly)
Posted by Ugo George on 10th November 2014
So beautiful inside and out! A bright star has gone home. Adios will forever be remembered!
Posted by Angela Vincent on 9th November 2014
Oh Ud and Ihuu, your mum's death is still a shock to me and my children. She was so full of life, telling us about her first trip to Houston and could not believe her children will end up living in the same place, she was proud of all of you. May her joyful soul rest with Jesus.
Posted by NANA Arochukwu on 8th November 2014
The entire members of Nzuko Arochukwu North America extend their sincere condolences to the children and family of Lady Doris Green Oji, President General of Nzuko Iyom Aro Worldwide. We are saddened by her passing to eternal Glory. Our hearts go out to all of you at this trying time. We take solace in the Bible which says: "Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope. For we believe that Jesus died and rose again and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him." –1 Thessalonians 4. Approved by President, NANA, Mrs. Comfort Oki Kanu-Oji.
Posted by Ochi Ibe on 8th November 2014
Aunt Doris this was so unexpected but God knows best and we can't question Him. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Ihu and Ud your mum was a lovely, lively and personable lady. She will be sorely missed by all her friends and I am sure by you all. Please take heart and find comfort in the Lord Jesus. It is well.
Posted by Jane Obodo on 8th November 2014
Ihuu dear, so sorry about this huge loss. I cannot claim to have known her very much but from my little experience with her, I can say confidently that she is someone I would have loved to know for many more years. She exuded so much beauty, elegance and grace. I can't imagine the pain that you feel but be consoled about the beautiful life she led and the fact that she has taken her place amongst the angels. My prayers are with you and your family as you step into her shoes to continue the walk.
Posted by Chidinma Umeania on 8th November 2014
Ihuu the news of your mum demise hit me so hard maybe because it refreshed the wound am trying each day to heal afresh.... It is well God is still God and he will hold you and your siblings together in love. May your mum's soul Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Ada Akarolo on 7th November 2014
Death you have stolen an angel! Aunty Doris u came u saw and you conquered in every area that concerned you. You were filled with so much energy,a kind hearted lady,always ready to go far and beyond, a pillar amongst all. Your beauty ran from the inside out. Your presence filled the room wherever you go! Aunty why have u left this vacuum? So deep is the wound that has appeared. Where do we go from here? With so much endless tears.Lord please fill us up to bare this great loss. Udy, Ihu my God will surely turn every sorry to joy. May your soul RIP anty DODO!
Posted by Ulo Ulo on 7th November 2014
You were a true, dependable friend to me and everyone. You raised wonderful kids and always cherished your family. You will be missed! Sleep well my friend...Ngozi.
Posted by Mazi Mazi on 7th November 2014
The Executive and the Entire members of All Aro USA (AAUSA) in America, mourn the passing of Lady Doris Green Oji, National President of Nzuko Iyom Aro of Nigeria. We pray that the good Lord will grant her a perfect peace profound, and give her family the heart to bear the great loss. Please, reach out and console her daughter, Ivuoma Azuike on: 832-693-9566 Service of Songs in Houston on: 11/14/14 Signed: AAUSA Executive Mazi Frank Agodi
Posted by Goddy Elekwa on 6th November 2014
Lady Doris, we in Arochukwu/Ohafia Diocese of Council of Knights have missed you all these months, only to get this bitter pill of news. You are already in the bossom of our Lord whom you devoted your life all these years. Rest in Perfect peace. Sir/Lady Adindu Elekwa
Posted by Chima Dike on 6th November 2014
Alaezi and I feel deeply touched by the untimely exit of our sister and dear friend. Our village, Atani has lost a worthy daughter and our in laws in Amuvi have lost a good wife and a great mother. Arochukwu has lost an illustrious daughter and a dedicated women leader. We will miss you dearly, Nnennaya, but we commit you to the bosom of our Lord Jesus. Rest in perfect peace. From Dr. Chima and Alaezi Dike.
Posted by Chukwuma Eze on 4th November 2014
Aunty Doris, it is so sad to lose you at this time but also appreciate that this is God's will. I still remember stopping at the store at Aba Sports club just to greet you and chat with you. You were such a good friend to Adaugo and I and an amazing company. Ihuu and Udy, Chuma and I are in mourning with you. Praying God's fortitude on you and all your siblings. Aunty Doris, I know you have gone to continue your love story with Uncle Green. May both your souls keep resting in peace.. Amen Love and God's blessings, Chioma Shiweobi-Eze
Posted by Udodirim Green Oji on 4th November 2014
she is more than rubies...... It is written A wife/mother/ friend of noble character, who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. The exit of your mother left no one in doubt that the short period she surgeon on earth, she was the best mum to her children and the best to all that she touched their lives as epitomized in her general strength of character. UD and Ihuoma, in this moment of grief, I prey that the Almighty God who gives and takes will console you. She left a legacy for all to follow. KEEP IT ALIFE !!! May her gentle soul rest peacefully in the Lord's blossom. Amen. Mrs Obioma Ezeozue. JP Abuja.
Posted by Nneka Anabanti on 4th November 2014
My heartfelt condolences to Ud and her siblings. May the legacies your dear mom left behind be your comfort as you grieve. May her gentle soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace, amen!
Posted by Udodirim Green Oji on 4th November 2014
It is still like a bad dream that can be wished or prayed away but with each passing day the the harsh reality sinks deeper that Lady Doris Oji has left this sinful world. We cannot question Almighty God for taking this ageless, warm, generous and beatiful daughter of zion. My prayer is that God will infinitely console Udy and her sibliings. Ogbom Rest in peace. Nnenna Umeh
Posted by Udodirim Green Oji on 4th November 2014
O death has done it again. Lady Doris Green Oji is no more? What a world!!! Vanity indeed. Dear ones take heart. Your mummy touched many more lives than you can ever imagine. She loved & served her God with all her heart. Be consoled my dear ones. God is still God. I now cannot but pray that her soul finds an everlasting peace in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen & Amen. From ND Umeh

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