Let the memory of Lakai be with us forever
  • 4 years old
  • Born on January 1, 2010 .
  • Passed away on April 6, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory of sweet Lakai Narez, 4, born on January 1, 2010. He left us too soon on April 6, 2014. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Janet Nance on 6th April 2019
As another year passes, we continue to remember him and prayers for the family. Brookley said she misses him a lot and he was Her best friend. We care ❤️
Posted by Ariel Kirk on 1st January 2019
Happy 9th Birthday HoneyBunny! I hope you enjoyed the balloons we sent to you. There is not a day that goes by that you aren’t on my mind and in my heart. I know you are watching over us, I can feel it. Your brothers will always be an earthly extension of you, they remind me of you in their own unique ways. Thank you for taking care of them. Keep me strong, some days I don’t know how I have made it this long without you. Love you forever and always. Xo Mommy
Posted by Joyce Kirk on 1st January 2019
Happy Heavenly Birthday, my beautiful boy! I love and miss you so much. Your family is growing, I know we will speak of it in the spring when I hear from you. Look down on us today, as always❤️
Posted by Janet Nance on 6th April 2018
2018 ~ As time passes by, we continue to miss Lakai. Our thoughts and prayers are with family and friends.
Posted by Vicky Cruz on 6th April 2018
I think of you and I can’t help but smile and think about Takis, even if it was just one you never hesitated to share with me well after your tease me for a little. Missing you baby kai kai
Posted by Maria Ramirez on 1st January 2018
You are gone way to soon KAI-KAI. I think of all the cookies you wanted from Trader Joe's and Nina would of bought them for you!! I love you and miss you always and forever!!
Posted by Janet Nance on 1st January 2018
2018 ~ Brookley told a friend the other day about her friend Lakai. So young and forever in our hearts. Our love and prayers continue
Posted by Joyce Kirk on 2nd January 2017
Beautiful Boy On what would have been your 7th birthday, we celebrated with your two baby brothers. I know you already know as you were there. I love and miss you so much, but I am thankful we can communicate through Francesca every 6 months. It gets me through, as do your brothers and cousins. Love, BwaBwa
Posted by Janet Nance on 1st January 2017
FOREVER Lakai is in our hearts. Brookley was just talking about him yesterday. Our thoughts and prayers continue for you (Ariel) and family. Love you Sparkie, Brookley and family.
Posted by Ariel Kirk on 6th April 2016
Two years already. Not a day goes by that I don't think of how much I miss you. You would love your baby brother so much. I know you are with me everyday, please give me the strength I need to live in this world without you. My sweet HoneyBunny. I wish I could give you all the kisses in the world, you loved my kisses. Mommy will see you again one day and we can pick up where we left off.. I love you to infinity and beyond. <3
Posted by Joyce Kirk on 1st January 2016
My Kai Kai on your 6 th birthday. I still miss you so much, my little light. Today I will spend some special time where I took your Namaste pic, sweet boy. I think a cupcake a balloon are in order too. Please visit. Nothing is the same without you. Love, Bwa Bwa
Posted by Ariel Kirk on 1st January 2016
Happy birthday honeybunny! You always hated seeing me cry, and I can't hold back my tears as I write this. You would always wipe my tears and give me kiss. I wish you were here.
Posted by Janet Nance on 24th June 2015
FOREVER in our hearts ~ Brookley just said the other day, I miss Lakai in Heaven. As tears came down her little face, he will always be remembered as her friend in preschool. Our thoughts and prayers continue as time moves forward for your family and friends. We care not only one day, but forever. Sparkie
Posted by Vicky Cruz on 11th February 2015
The Best Part Of Missing You Is, "I Recall Every Single Moment Spent With You." But The Worst Part Is,"I Miss You So Badly. Let Your Warm Smiles Shine Down To All Who Carry You With Them in Their Hearts. I Miss You BabyBoy
Posted by Andrea Narez on 2nd January 2015
My poppa bear, I feel like it's only getting harder and I miss you more and more, I wish more than anything that I could trade places with you poppa you should've been here. I miss you so much papi, te quiero mucho mi Nino hermoso, I will always love you and miss you... Till we meet again ❤ Tia chugs
Posted by Jerome Dwayne on 2nd January 2015
i watched your dad release those air candles , so very beautiful he loves you so very much . save a seat for us up there .
Posted by Bonnie Millar on 1st January 2015
Happy Birthday beautiful boy. We miss you so much especially on your big day. Thank you for the light you have brought in our lives. I'm still trying to understand why the brightest of stars can only live for such a brief amount of time. Miss you with all my heart. Xoxoxo
Posted by Barbara Ciapponi on 1st January 2015
Happy birthday, sweet boy! You will always be remembered as a playful, laughing boy who loved to watch and learn about people. I pray for you and your family every day, and I know you still see what is happening in their lives.
Posted by Joyce Kirk on 1st January 2015
My Love I miss you more everyday, on this your 5 th birthday, we will celebrate you later today. Forever a broken heart, Your Bwabwa
Posted by Janet Nance on 31st May 2014
Brookley misses Lakai much from preschool. She continues talk about him and ask prayer for his mommy. Our hearts continue to care and pray. He continues to be called Brookley friend. The last day of school, Brookley cried and said I will always miss Lakai. I replied with this, he will alway be in our hearts and we must continue to pray for his family. He is with Jesus and it's hard to understand huh. She said yes. Our. Prayers continue.
Posted by Eric Cruz on 6th May 2014
Little Kai you are missed so much. Always saying the most honest and funniest things. Thank you for being a part of our lives and teaching me so much about life. I love you and will always treasure you in my heart primito. ❤️
Posted by Ryan McGuire on 3rd May 2014
Sweet angel, nothing but great memories from such an amazing kid. Touching lives everyday. Nothing but love
Posted by Michele Wulfken on 28th April 2014
No one can understand why these things happen...but may you be young, happy, and play with your favorite things forever. I can't imagine your families heart ache, and my own heart breaks for everything your mommy is going through...god bless you forever you sweet angel...xoxoxoxoxo
Posted by Jayme Scherle on 27th April 2014
Rest in paradise sweet boy❤❤
Posted by Ariel Kirk on 19th April 2014
My Sweet Baby Boy, I am heartbroken you are gone. You were the stars in my sky, my happiness. I miss your imagination, I miss your beautiful smile, I miss everything about you. I loved watching Disneyland on my phone with you over and over again, it never gets old. You were such an outgoing little boy, with the biggest heart. I'm going to miss holding your hand, I'm going to miss our silly conversations, I just miss you so much. I cannot imagine life without you, you are my best friend forever. I will never forget you and everything we have been through together. We loved each other unconditionally and that will never change. Please watch over me and give me the strength to go on. You were so loved and I wish you weren't taken from me so early. Mommy loves you forever Kai.
Posted by Janine Lamoureux on 17th April 2014
Lakai rest with Jesus. Lucy says that she is sad that Lakai died. She liked playing dinosaurs with Lakai at preschool and talks about him everyday. She especially liked his new haircut. She talks about how he shared his sand toys at the park and the cookies he shared in Mrs. O'Bryon's. Lucy says he was a nice boy. He is very special to Lucy as he was one of her very first friends from preschool. We pray for Ariel and Flavio for their recovery emotionally and physically and we pray for the family and friends of Lakai. Our hearts are sad but we are so fortunate to have known Lakai.
Posted by Joyce Kirk on 16th April 2014
My beautiful Kai Kai- I love you so much, I think about how we would snuggle together, you rubbing my nose. Everywhere we went together, you would engage anyone and everyone. So smart, so loving, so funny. Such a magical little boy, we had such fun together. I thought there would be so much more. When you would randomly look at me, and say, "I love you Bwa Bwa". Love forever, Bwa Bwa
Posted by Leslie Pea on 13th April 2014
Kai Kai - it was always so fun to have you in class. I smiled at your antics and at your wonderful grandmother chasing you around the studio. I cherish the spirit that you left behind for us dancers. Your spirit will make sure that we are always having fun while dancing. I picture you playing hot wheels in the clouds, my love. I will miss your sweet smile and will do my best to take care of your dear grandmother.
Posted by Courtney Healy on 11th April 2014
RIP sweet boy! My thoughts and prayers go out to the whole family!
Posted by Vicky Cruz on 10th April 2014
Kai Kai, you've touched the hearts of many people. Let your warm smiles shine on all those you left behind that care and love you so much. i love you baby
Posted by Sylvie Petitarmand on 9th April 2014
Lakai, you left us too soon. Always you will be in our heart. Kids, adults, everybody loved your laugh and sweet smile. Always you will be in our heart. In heaven you are, and you are the sweetest angel there. My love and prayers will always be there for you and your wonderful family.
Posted by Jessica Madrigal Fuentes on 9th April 2014
Titi loves you!
Posted by Anne Labatut on 9th April 2014
Such a beautiful little boy will always stay with us in our heart... Even in Switzerland, I am close to U and support U into this difficult moment of life. Send U all my energy! Will pray for Him and send all my support to Ur Family With Love Lilou Ann
Posted by Maria Ramirez on 9th April 2014
My little Kai kai Nina loves you more than you can imagine! You are with the angels now but you will be deeply missed. I ask God to heal your mommy and we will watch over her for you. I pray that all our hearts will ache a little less each day. There is so much Nina wants you to know so I will remember to tell you a little something at night when I send my prayers up to you. Please know that all your family especially Breanna loves you and misses you very much. I know in heaven where you are there is no pain and that makes me happy. Rest in peace all my love, Nina
Posted by Peter Verdin on 9th April 2014
Ariel, our hearts go out to you and your family. I hope you know how much we all care for you and also pls. know, Lakai has touched the face of God. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Regards and love, Peter Verdin
Posted by Andrea Narez on 9th April 2014
Rest in paradise my little munchkin tia loves you and misses you so much, your smile, your laugh, your words will forever be imprinted in my memory ! I know you're watching over us♡ Te amo con to do mi corazon papi! To the moon and back! Your tia will never ever ever forget you

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