Let the memory of Lamont be with us forever
  • 26 years old
  • Born on November 22, 1988 .
  • Passed away on March 9, 2015 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Lamont Payne 26 years old , born on November 22, 1988 and passed away on March 9, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Denisha Coleman on 22nd November 2018
Happy 30th Birthday Lamont!! I love youuuu puppy
Posted by Tamara Campbell on 22nd November 2018
Happy Birthday Mont
Posted by Thailand Malloy on 22nd November 2018
Happy birthday Lamont! It sucks that you’re not here anymore, but at least you’re at peace. Continue flipping and doing your thing in Heaven! Miss you!
Posted by Tamika Jackson on 21st November 2018
Happy G Day! G is for Gentleman. I know you are "ear phones in", music blasting, dancing all throughout. Yes, I'm Happy, but it stills F with my Mental, man. I love you. Life-Lamont Time-Timothy Protection -Payne Never broken
Posted by Tamika Jackson on 23rd May 2018
Anytime I stop by I get real emotional Some might say Y, you weren't very social My heart hurts daily, thinking of you as uncle Los Their little heart hurts for not being so close. Me on the other hand, I lost a brother I never had (around) just grateful the memories we did create weren't sad. I love you and I miss you dearly, daily, and continue to watch over us in this crazy world. The time we did get to spent I can honestly say, seems like a life time. Showed up when it mattered the most.
Posted by Tamika Jackson on 9th March 2018
Posted by Jeneva Pannell on 9th March 2018
I miss you so much Lamont! There’s seriously no one like you. Continue to watch over me ❤️❤️
Posted by Denisha Coleman on 9th March 2018
I can't believe it's been 3 years
Posted by Tee Lynn on 9th March 2018
Days don’t get easier- they just get longer. Longing to see you again. Some days I’m like damn when are you coming gone then reality kicks in and I realize you won’t be. Some days days it’s hard to breathe but I remain strong for mommi cause all she has is me left. I hope you’re giving heaven hell. Miss u much. ❤️ I love you more!
Posted by Theresa Payne on 9th March 2018
To my Beloved Lamont, this is my first time leaving a message, this is so hard, even though I think about you every minute of every day. I talk about you every chance I get - there's not a stranger out here that does not know your story. I can not believe it had been 3 years since I saw you take your last breath, it seems like it was just yesterday. I praise Abba Yahweh for the time that He gave me to have such a wonderful son and I am so happy & grateful for my memories. I will love you always & forever.
Posted by Candrice Lytle on 9th March 2018
Will always be one of my favorite people! You are forever in my heart and always brought up in conversation. I love you! ♥♥♥
Posted by Tee Lynn on 22nd November 2017
Happy 29th Birthday Bro. Missing you everyday. Hope I’m making you proud.... may have had a few slip ups but i know you see me fixing them. Hope you’re giving heaven hell today. We taking Henny shots for you all weekend. You’d be proud of me I’m cooking Thanksgiving all by myself. I know you’d help if you were here. Just be present when we eat and bless the food. But i won’t keep you. I love you. Your memory will live on forever!
Posted by Naera Luke on 22nd November 2017
Posted by Tamika Jackson on 21st November 2017
Posted by Tamika Jackson on 2nd October 2017
Times have passed some still in the present, just thinking about you is a true blessing. asking why now, why then answers nothing for me your family or you friends. loving you ain't change. missing you remains the same. love you dearly!!!!!!
Posted by Tee Lynn on 24th August 2017
Missing you more than ever! Smh come visit me please.
Posted by Denisha Coleman on 14th August 2017
Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you <3
Posted by Tamika Jackson on 7th June 2017
A Dream is.....Seeing you smile laugh love and live life. It's almost like a reaility. A precious heart with a overwhelmingly spirit. Just thinking bout chu on this day is just apart of me healing. Love you. #LIFETIMEPROTECTION LTP NEVER BROKEN!
Posted by Candrice Lytle on 9th March 2017
I miss u soooo much dude! We had the best times and I truly wish I could share more with u!!! I hope u r still dancing ur heart out in heaven! Love u Mont for always
Posted by Tamika Jackson on 8th March 2017
Light a candle for the STRONG Lay a flower, in a BONG Leave a note, and maybe sang a SONG. (Lol) From ALL OF US!
Posted by Tamika Jackson on 23rd January 2017
Almost two years now... Love you ...legacy...still feel pain....love will always remain!!
Posted by Denisha Coleman on 22nd November 2016
Happy birthday. Miss you lots. I hope you party today just like you did every other birthday. Love you
Posted by Tamika Jackson on 22nd November 2016
Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you.
Posted by Tee Lynn on 22nd November 2016
HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY BRO! Hurts that you had to leave me and it hurt to see you go but I hope I'm making you proud down here. Got something special planned for you on Saturday. HENNYTHING IS POSSIBLE PARTY JUST FOR YOU!!!! The one and only Turn up King.
Posted by Tamika Jackson on 8th November 2016
Today I will lay a flower... okay so the children came up with the birthday idea. I'm going to go through with it only because I truly believe you would love it, and it fits you in so many ways. BTW I love you, and miss you the same. Salute!!
Posted by Iesha Morris on 1st November 2016
Hey cuz, I was just thinking about you and how I would always joke about you perming your hair like my dad did. I remember it was dark at the club, you didn't know who I was so I passed my girlfriend off to you. She gave you the business too lol. I miss you man, my only regret is not spending more time with you. I love you and you will forever remain in our hearts and mind. Kiss Grandma Betty and Poppop Phil for me please. Love you
Posted by Tamika Jackson on 22nd September 2016
I don't have much memories, but what I do know is that i love you and i miss you dearly. Birthday coming up, I want to do something nice with your niece and nephews... thinking hard
Posted by Tee Lynn on 20th August 2016
Mont continue to watch over me. I live for you! Love you. Forever missing you.
Posted by Tamika Jackson on 20th August 2016
I wear my glasses to see pass the sun to see you, cause you will always be the sunshine. Much love
Posted by Tee Lynn on 11th August 2016
I love you.
Posted by Tamika Jackson on 3rd August 2016
So I heard the heart is where the soul is. I also heard if you meditate, clear your mind, and have great clean energy, your thoughts would lead you to the spirits that you loved so dearly. You are now in a realm where you are free from pain, hurt, and worry. How awesome!!! Between us we share each other names Tamika comes from Timothy, some men name Timothy have a daughter name "timmeka". I love you today tomarr and forever!!!! ALL THE WAY UP!!!
Posted by Tee Lynn on 22nd July 2016
Thought of you please know you never leave my thoughts ever! I have so much to tell you just wish you were here
Posted by Tamika Jackson on 24th May 2016
I saw a Black and Blue Butterfly the other day, the way that it came to me, was so indifferent. I was with Jay while he was working(day dreaming) I was leaning on the gate when I lifted up off the gate to help him and my shirt pull me back I was stuck, lol then i yanked my shirt off the gate to see the butterfly drop on the ground. (I was thinking of you the whole time) I asked Jay do you think we can help it change into a butterfly, he said maybe we can try, so I took him home with me. Long story short, he didn't get his wings, and I was so happy to know that YOU DID!!!! yes you got your wings for sure. Love you so much...LIFE TIME PROTECTION...LTP
Posted by Brianna Brown on 18th April 2016
Mont all I need is for to come check on me I know you know I'm good cause you be with me everyday
Posted by Tamika Jackson on 8th April 2016
Hello Lamont, I love you. I was thinking about you today. Do you ever cross my mind? Yes, all the time!!
Posted by Tee Lynn on 23rd March 2016
Posted by Tee Lynn on 19th March 2016
Posted by Jeneva Pannell on 16th March 2016
I have so many emotions about this. I don't want to feel or remember this day bc hearing about this was one of the worst things I've heard in my life. I miss you so much and want nothing more than for you to be here but I am at glad you aren't in pain anymore. I'm sure you're watching over all of us and up there showing off you're moves lol. I love you always and forever Lamont.
Posted by Tee Lynn on 16th March 2016
Peace In Paradise Bro. Love u very much!!! :(
Posted by Marilyn Young on 10th March 2016
My fondest memory of Lamont was when he took my daughter on her prom, not only did he buy her corsage but he brought me a red rose
Posted by Danielle Reid on 9th March 2016
Waddup doe bruh. Peace n Love for this Beautiful Day today! You Know what I like :-)... Blessings Up & High Spirits. Rest Easy My Dude. Forever Loved & in our hearts. Til we link later... Peace
Posted by Tarah Payne on 9th March 2016
It's funny I had dream about you the other day but it felt so real . Today marks a year without seeing your precious face , hearing your sweet voice , and seeing that bright smile . I love and miss you soooo much . I wish heaven had visiting hours . Until we meet again
Posted by Tamika Jackson on 9th March 2016
The sun is shining on this beautiful day. You are truly missed and forevaaaa will you remain in my heart. Love Always
Posted by Candrice Lytle on 9th March 2016
I love you and I miss you so much babe! I miss that smile and your smart mouth lol. I wish I could hug you right now and tell you I love you!!!
Posted by Danielle Toecus on 2nd March 2016
hey Mont...just stopping pass to say I miss u bro....use to always see ya jamming down 40th...you're MISSED extremely but you're no longer in pain....and that's what Im grateful for...rest well Bro....-Danni
Posted by Jennifer Reid on 27th February 2016
Words can't begin to express or explain how much we all miss you Mont , I know Paradise is beautiful ur up thr being the Mont that we all knew dancing and having a good time, at times we all want to question God because we never understand what he's doing or why he's doing it but we all know that he knows what he's doing , I'm happy and feel wonderful inside and out that u are no longer fighting you are no longer in pain, my heart skipped a beat I saw ur name pop up in my email I'm like God let him text me wen I clicked on the link it was u I smiled I couldn't leave without sending u a text I know ur watching over all of us and protecting us thank you you are one beautiful Angie and ur own again, don't turn up to much save some energy for me because wen I come home we turning uppppp tell everyone I said hello and I love you all Mont I will always love you today tomorrow yesterday and forever , #cancerfree #forevermont #liveformont #fxkcancer I loveeeeeee youuuuu LAMONT!!! We will reunite before u know it
Posted by Tee Lynn on 27th February 2016
Still surreal that it's been almost a year since I seen you and it's killing me softly. Ughhh I'm angry I'm sad my mind is all over the place. But I'm trying to remain strong for Mommie cause she misses you terribly. But I love you always and I can't wait to see you again, I'm running open arms!
Posted by Tamika Jackson on 26th February 2016
Missing you...from TLJ. 2 LTP...LIFE TIME PROTECTION.
Posted by Patricia Kennedy on 26th February 2016
I think of you often. Forever in my mind and in my heart. Continue to rest in paradise.
Posted by Candrice Lytle on 26th February 2016
I miss you and I think of you often. I miss our times we shared and the years I known u were great. Come see me in my dreams and continue to watch over me. I kno ur smile is keeping heaven lit up, I love you mont♡

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