Her Life

Lana Annette Lymburner, a rough biography

Born, Lana Annette Esselink on September 6, 1945 in Sexsmith, Alberta, Canada.  Her father was Charles Herman Esselink. a mechanic, originally from Henglo, Holland.  Her mother, was Ada Vantage Wilson, an amazing baker, originally from Vantage, Saskatchewan, Canada.

They moved from Alberta to British Columbia while she was young.  In Princeton, B.C. she met her future husband, Burton Arthur Lymburner originally from Warsaw, Ontario, Canada - who was her brother's best friend.

Yes, she had an older brother, Kenneth who no doubt needled her the way all older brothers do.  But she loved him, anyway.

In 1962, at the ripe old age of 16, she married Burton in Penticton, BC.

They moved for many years, from the location of one construction job to another; meanwhile, having two children: son, Burton Dean Lymburner, 1963 & daughter, Frances Corina "Missy" Lymburner, 1964.

In the early 70's, Burton's work brought the family to Washington State, where the family took-up residency. Burton resided in various locations in Washington & Alaska during the working months, always returning to Washington in the off-season.

In the 70's & 80's Lana enjoyed training and showing horses with her daughter and other "horsey" neighborhood friends.  During that same time, her son practiced the sport of motorcross with his father and became a solid racer.  The family enjoyed many winters of downhill skiing at Stevens Pass, Washington.

In the 80's, Lana & Burton divorced and, some years later subsequently remarried other spouses.

Lana's second husband was Donald A Boyd.  During their marriage she was step mom to his two sons: Chester & DJ.

Lana always stayed in Washington. Burton continued to split his time between Washington and Alaska, eventually permanently residing in Alaska.

In the 90's both Lana & Burton divorced their second spouses, and regained their friendship.  A freindship separated by the miles, and kept in-check by their tempers, but close with all the many memories they shared.

At that time, Lana began her career at H&M Electric (Mukilteo/Marysville) working for Ken and Joe McCann, developing a close working relationship with them as their Accounts Manager that lasted until her death, at total of 18 years.

Lana's son, Dean married Dawn Muskatell from Everett, WA in 1989, and together with Lana's beautiful granddaughters, Nicole and Natalie, currently reside in Riverton, WY.

Lana's daughter, Corina married Brian Green from West Seattle, WA in 1992, together with Lana's handsome grandsons, Parker and Nicholas, currently reside in Victor, ID.

In 2000, Lana was diagnosed with lung cancer and underwent a lobectomy to remove the cancer.  She recovered and was in remission for the next 11 years.

She enjoyed a vibrant life of friends, work, hobbies and travelling.  She made beautiful quilts and wall hangings, generously sharing them with her family and friends.

In March, 2011 her boss, Ken McCann took her to the hospital, both of them having no idea she would never return to her desk.

She was never a stranger to anyone, and will be missed by so many.