Let the memory of Lance be with us forever
  • 85 years old
  • Born on March 24, 1931 .
  • Passed away on September 13, 2016 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Lance Erickson, 85, born on March 24, 1931 and passed away on September 13, 2016. We will remember him forever.

In lieu of flowers, Lance would appreciate your contributions to any of the following organizations:

Mother Jones;  Environmental Defense Fund;  PBS;  University of Michigan - Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and/or School of Education, Higher Education;  The Heart Institute St. Lukes Houston TX;  Common Cause;  Nature Conservancy;  FINCA;  Accion;  Hospice Austin, Society for Advancement of Modeling and Role-Modeling.

At his request, the family will have a private celebration of his life, date to be determined. If you would like to join us, please lite a candle or plant a tree (location of your choice), send him your love and share one of your memories with him. He will be there with you.

Posted by Dianne Baker on 16th September 2018
Missing you, Lance... so much .. Remembering, Lance.... so many fun times together with our families. Thanks always for being such a great friend for decades. /Users/dalebaker/Desktop/email now /**forever friends..Dale,Dianne, Helen, Lance IMG_9006.jpg
Posted by Roxanna Erickson-Klein on 25th March 2018
Hi Uncle Lance, I hope you can watch basketball in heaven. Go Big Blue! Michigan is playing so well. I bet you are smiling down on them. Love, Becky Lairson :)
Posted by Christel Ericksoncollins on 24th March 2018
Happy birthday dad. Thinking of you all day and knowing how proud you would be of the grandkids. Miss you.
Posted by Dodie Lytle on 24th March 2018
I was looking for my petoskey stones to share with students at school and I started thinking about the hikes Uncle Lance took us on to find them. We had so much fun, never knowing where we’d end up. I think of you often and I’m so lucky to have had you in my life-I love you ❤️
Posted by Joyce Mills on 24th March 2018
May buds of memories continue to blossom
Posted by Dianne Baker on 24th March 2018
Dear Dear Friend... Happy Earth Birthday...you probably celebrate every day now...right? We.( all Bakers/ Williams/Maynards ) miss you so much, Lance, and esp. during GO BLUE sports events...Dale and I feel you must be looking down during the Big Dance 2018 because the UM BB team has a quicker pace and the sparkle in their eyes like what I've seen in yours when you are determined to finish a project or goal. You and Debbie getting together tonight for this big game?? I bet you have a great Go Blue Fan club up there. Say hi to the guy walking around saying it's "all about "The Team, the team , the team". Did you help move that 3 point shot into the basket when we beat Houston???? I thought so. Your wonderful loving family are doing fine but their eyes do go up toward heaven now and then...maybe for a little help? Much love... Dianne and Dale et all
Posted by Roxanna Erickson-Klein on 24th March 2018
"Gosh, It still makes me tearful to open this page. And at the same time I mile every day at the cypress trees I planted for Lance. Their fragrance, and the texture of their needles brings me memories of the big brother who was always part of my life. The strong support that he and Cookie offer never wavered. Love to both of you. Roxie
Posted by Dori Williams on 24th March 2018
Happy birthday Dr. E. I miss you
Posted by Helen Erickson on 24th March 2018
Happy Birthday, Dear Lance!. In my mind I'm making a soup-to-nuts cake for you. I hope you enjoy it. We all miss you, your wonderful smile, silly non-sense, love of adventure, trivial knowledge and wisdom of everyday living. Thank you for the years we had together, the adventures, and yes, the quiet times. Love you always
Posted by Helen Erickson on 14th September 2017
One year ago the love of my life left in physical form. His smile, sweetness, humor, and presence will be remembered forever. I miss him every day. While he stays with me in spirit, he no longer sits in his chair next to me, comes into the kitchen to nibble on food, or just be there when I need to know where the hammer is! I am forever grateful for the years we had together, the life, adventures, and family we shared. Our journey has been wide and promises to continue across time and space. Thank you, Dear Lance, for all you brought to my life, and to the many others who have crossed your path. You will be with us always.
Posted by Theresa Maclean on 13th September 2017
Lance, You will always be missed and honored for your contributions to family, work and nature, Terry
Posted by Baker Marilia on 25th March 2017
Dear Ericksons, may Lance's memorable life live forever in the hearts of his loving family, friends, and all who knew him. I am so privileged to have known him. He did leave a trail of happiness... Sincerely, Marilia Baker
Posted by Joyce Mills on 24th March 2017
In celebration of your beautiful life with heart and spirit. May your presence always be remembered in love and light.
Posted by Cliff Sjogren on 24th March 2017
My dear friend, Lance, was the most unselfish person in my life. To observe his behaviors in the workplace was to learn how to treat and appreciate colleagues and visitors without being overly judgmental. His engaging smile and his ability to listen during conversations influenced those he served as well as those who sought his counsel. Lance will forever be in my thoughts.
Posted by Dianne Baker on 9th January 2017
A new year appears, 2017, and looking back on many wonderful years when Lance Erickson was in our lives and rereading these tributes brings joy to my heavy heart. Onward we all go with great memories of Lance and his joy of life and his family and friends. I think of Lance when I read this Native Indian Prayer: I give you this one thought to keep- I am with you still, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow, I am the sunlight on a ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the mornings hush, I am the swift uplifting rush quiet birds in circled flight I am the soft stars that shine at night Do not think of me as gone I am with you still..in each new dawn. - unknown author Love and best wishes to Lance's family who believes this prayer. Dianne & Dale Baker and family
Posted by Theresa Maclean on 26th October 2016
You are in my memory for your work at the University of Michigan, visits to your home in Ann Arbor, your connection to the Evolution of Psychotherapy conferences in Arizona and your role as a family man. You leave a wonderful legacy and outstanding family who will always cherish everything about you
Posted by Dale Baker on 18th October 2016
Lance was a best friend and like a brother. Will miss all the talks and phone calls, the golf at Pentwater, and all the Indian Guides stuff. I saw in the list of songs Christel and Mark listed Seventy Six Trombones entered next after Danny Boy. The next Saturday after Lance died the Michigan Marching Band played that song during their half time show. Since we were always talking about Michigan football it seems like they were playing it for him.
Posted by Hayley & Atul Chopra on 9th October 2016
Aunt Cookie and Family -- what a wonderful website to pay tribute to Uncle Lance. I've been reflecting on my memories of Uncle Lance over the last few weeks, both in private and as I browse this website. It's really nice to be able to read everybody else's posts and see the way he touched so many lives in so many different ways. It's clear that he connected with many people on many different levels. When I think of my time with him, I feel so grateful that we were able to spend time with him and Aunt Cookie in Austin a couple years ago. It doesn't seem that long ago at all. What a great time we had going out to dinner and visiting. Even though we hadn't spoken directly in awhile, the visit was so easy and fun -- as if we had just seen each other the week before -- that's a testament to the bonds of family. I'm sending love and good thoughts to all of you as I think about what a fun and gracious presence Uncle Lance was. Love, Hayley
Posted by Sherryl Fletcher on 4th October 2016
Dear Lance, What a lifelong honor it was to learn about college admissions through your leadership at the University of Michigan. With your patient guidance and impactful mentoring, admissions became my career. I continue to appreciate your humble style of teaching, your kindness, your deeply thoughtful advice and mentoring, your quick and happy smile ..followed by a great chuckle and laugh, and the life lessons you shared with so many of us at Michigan. We are all enriched for having shared those years with you. I keep a skipping stone on my desk from our MACRAO trips as an admissions office--I will skip a stone for you on Lake Michigan. I know you will smile! Sherryl Fletcher and family
Posted by Dodie Lytle on 3rd October 2016
Uncle Lance will always be remembered in my heart! ❤️ So many great memories come to mind as I was growing up. Uncle Lance took us hiking, swimming, rock collecting, and on those scary rides to the houses around Lake Michigan. He loved playing cards with all of us and he even let me cut his hair! I know as I got older he also shared really good stories and advice with me. Thank you for all the memories-so lucky to have had you in my life! I love you!!
Posted by Jody Knister on 1st October 2016
Mr. Erickson, You are SO loved and you will be missed tremendously. I see in all of the photos, that you are smiling that wonderful smile and that is how i always imagine you. From Indian Guides to family dinners to Pentwater, we have so many fantastic memories of fun and friendship. Thank you. Lots of Love, Jody Kazmierczak Knister
Posted by Olivia Klein on 1st October 2016
How wonderful to get to read these words for Uncle Lance, and get a glimpse of the enormous affect he had on those around him. It is often in death, we get to know a person better, when those who loved that person, or simply knew that person come together to share their memories, stories, feelings, and moments. Thank you all for sharing your memories and times with Uncle Lance. He will be missed.
Posted by Robert Russell on 1st October 2016
Lance affected my life through the unending support he offered me over the years. All the birthdays, Christmas parties, family gatherings, haircuts, proof reading college papers, van repairs on I-96, putting in his well in Pentwater, competing in the Pentwater Home Coming activities, happy hours at the beach, week-end trips to work on our cabins, and the list could go on because this only touches a few memories acquired over the many years. We all have special memories of Lance because he was such a caring, kind and generous individual who touched many of our lives and hearts. Lance was a great person, one who comes along very seldom. Thank you, Lance, for all the time we shared and the memories. You surely lived a fruitful life and influenced many of us in your travels. Rest in peace, you have earned it.
Posted by Robert Russell on 1st October 2016
Lance affected my life through the unending support he offered me over the years. All the birthdays, Christmas parties, family gatherings, haircuts, proof reading college papers, van repairs on I-96, putting in his well in Pentwater, competing in the Pentwater Home Coming activities, happy hours at the beach, week-end trips to work on our cabins, and the list could go on because this only touches a few memories acquired over the many years. We all have special memories of Lance because he was such a caring, kind and generous individual who touched many of our lives and hearts. Lance was a great person, one who comes along very seldom. Thank you, Lance, for all the time we shared and the memories. You surely lived a fruitful life and influenced many of us in your travels. Rest in peace, you have earned it.
Posted by Joyce Mills on 1st October 2016
A candle has been lit in celebration of Lance's beautiful soul. May you all know how honored I am having the gift of sharing a bit of life's precious moments with him. Surrounding you all with comfort & prayers. Walk in peace, Joyce
Posted by Roxanna Erickson-Klein on 30th September 2016
I remember a conversation with Lance in which he was asking about my favorite candy. He was talking about how he liked to make special chocolates for the holidays. We discussed the tiny details of flavor, and how one person likes one flavor which doesn't quite suit another person. I commented that I like Hershey's brand dark chocolate but Alan prefers Giradelli--- and how the price or "quality" is not a deciding factor. Lance remarked "Our palate is as individual as our fingerprints." I was so enchanted by his comment, that I began to ask about his favorite tastes (even as I considered my own). He talked about some fruitcake that Mom had first purchased in Michigan from a woman who made them in her kitchen. Later, mom made some herself. Eventually, Lance learned to make his own. Lance's appreciation for subtle nuances of flavor was a special way of appreciating and connecting with individual in a way that has reminded me of him so many times when I am in the kitchen, or even just daydreaming. It fills me with love.
Posted by Nyka Erickson on 29th September 2016
Dear Grandpa, Every time I draw a picture, you'll be peering over my shoulder, and telling me what you think. Every time I open my rock collection I'll hear you tell me what kind of rocks they are. Every time I look at a tree I'll remember how you loved them as much as I do. I miss you every day, but just know that you're in everything I do, and everything I see, because you are what's beautiful in the world, and you have gifted me with the ability to love everything around me. I won't stop missing you, and I won't forget. Thank you. <3
Posted by Dianne Baker on 29th September 2016
Lance was a wonderful best friend to Dale and I for many years. He was always so kind and helpful and ready to enjoy our get -togethers with our children. Our entire family will always remember Lance as he and you, Helen, are truly part of our family in the real sense of family. Helen and family,we are all sending love your way as we feel our strong love bond will send out good vibes to somehow help you cope with the reality that we lost Lance in the physical being but he will be a definite part of our hearts FOREVER.   The world does not feel right at all today and with heavy hearts we think of all of you who must find that "QUIET SPACE' to cope with the reality and bring up all those wonderful memories your fantastic family has made over the years.   I guess Lance will find another way to help Dale "coach" the UM Football team ....look for a tremendous year in the Big House ! This treasured friendship with Lance will " live on" in many ways as in "Good Friends Are Forever" ..a song he and Helen inspired. /Users/dalebaker/Desktop/Good Friends Are Forever. Grandkids.mp3 Dianne & Dale Baker
Posted by Diane Miner on 26th September 2016
Lance was unique in many ways and was such a strong influence in my professional and personal life. He had a quiet strength, was genuine, observant, patient, intuitive and always saw the good in others. It was a privilege to be a small part of the Lance/Cliff team in the Undergraduate Admissions Office and they were the best years of my life. Helen, as always, thank you for being so thoughtful in sharing the family photographs. They put a smile on my face, tears in my eyes and warmed my heart. Take care of yourself. Love.....Diane Miner
Posted by Ellis Amara on 19th September 2016
What a rich, distinguished, and beloved life Uncle Lance led with his family. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures and memories.
Posted by Christel And Mark Collins on 18th September 2016
Thank you, Daddy, for teaching me to love the natural world; whether a single rock you could take a hammer to on the side of the road or Mendenhall glacier. The Summer Day Who made the world? Who made the swan, and the black bear? Who made the grasshopper? This grasshopper, I mean- the one who has flung herself out of the grass, the one who is eating sugar out of my hand, who is moving her jaws back and forth instead of up and down- who is gazing around with her enormous and complicated eyes. Now she lifts her pale forearms and thoroughly washes her face. Now she snaps her wings open, and floats away. I don't know exactly what a prayer is. I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass, how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields, which is what I have been doing all day. Tell me, what else should I have done? Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon? Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? —Mary Oliver You lived a full and generous life. I hope I can do as well.
Posted by Baker Marilia on 18th September 2016
To Helen, daughters, sons, grandchildren; Lance's sisters and brothers, my gratitude to have shared a few moments with Lance, here in Phoenix and in Anaheim, at the Evolution of Psychotherapy conference. It was indeed an honor to have met him personally. My family joins me in celebrating his Life. Sincerely, Marilia Baker
Posted by Roxanna Erickson-Klein on 18th September 2016
Dear Aunt Helen and Uncle Lance, Thank you for always being so nice to me. I appreciated the love that I felt from you. I loved the knowledge Uncle Lance shared with me. I enjoyed learning about more about rocks and geology. You are missed ! Aunt Helen thanks for all the love and be grateful for all the joy you had together. With Love, Becky Lairson niece
Posted by Kristina Erickson on 17th September 2016
thinking of my big strong brother daily. His wisdom, family values, strength, and constant good cheer will be with me forever. I remember always---his joy of life and family, and his great happy smile. love forever, Kristi
Posted by Roxanna Erickson-Klein on 15th September 2016
Somehow have to use my sister Roxie's sign in, I think Lance would be ok that I have computer challenges. But this is from Kristi, using Roxies sign in. Lance was the best brother, a tremendous mentor, a fantastic example of parenting, family, work, fun, enjoying life--just about everything. I feel so lucky to have had such a wonderful person in my life. The world is fortunate to have had you here with us, you left the world a better place, and we will remember you, love you, think of you, be inspired by you----forever and ever. Love always, youngest sister Kristi
Posted by Geoffrey Larcom on 15th September 2016
I remember Lance's radiant face beaming back at the rows above as he watched a U-M football game. He always had that magnetic smile and friendly, welcoming manner. My mother once met Lance in a bank as we waited in line and later exclaimed to me, "Good Lord, is he handsome!" I remember how he called Helen "Cookie," so sweetly as the family played another game of Canasta. I remember what a fine and caring admissions officer Lance was, and how cool it was chatting with him as a teenager and one of Micky's high school friends. So much love in the Erickson family, due greatly to Lance and the fun and caring environment created by him and "Cookie."
Posted by Mike Donahue on 15th September 2016
Helen and family. Mary Jane and I share your deep loss. Lance was a tremendous role model for me and I greatly appreciated his guidance, wisdom and direction. He is one of the very best.
Posted by George Goodman on 15th September 2016
To Helen and the Erickson Family, Judith joins me in extending our deepest sympathy. Lance was a great friend for nearly 50 years going back to the U of M Undergraduate Admissions office. He was a highly principled man who always was concerned about helping others. May the memories of his outstanding life help to ease the pain of your loss.
Posted by Cliff Sjogren on 14th September 2016
Dear Lance, You have enriched my life and many others. Countless men and women have been influenced by your style of living and caring for others. You are much loved by those who served with you in the University of Michigan office of undergraduate admissions, Cliff Sjogren
Posted by Becky Moleski on 14th September 2016
What a great ride. Uncle Lance was my Barbie playing buddy as a child, a listening ear as I gabbed and gabbed as a teen, and a strong presence in so many special moments of my adult life. I am grateful for that infectious smile and unforgettable laugh. Love you, Uncle Lance.

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