In memory of Lance Williams
U will always be missed but never forgotten n always loved
Tooking from us to soon
  • 33 years old
  • Born on March 21, 1985 in Norfolk, Virginia, United States.
  • Passed away on February 15, 2019 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States.

In da memory of our Amazing brother n son Lance Williams 33 years old , born on April 21, 1985 and passed away on February 15, 2019. We will always remember u n love u till we meet again forever n our hearts love...

Posted by Renee Doerr on 22nd February 2019
Am so sry but were going to miss ur funeral lov we tired to get there a lot earlier i still cant believe its u an not sum one else i lov u
Posted by Renee Doerr on 19th February 2019
Mom i nd u right now i dont understand y God keeps taking lov ones away from me like dis he took Jo Jo he was da lov of mi life right there n Blk Chris he was a gud man just trying to take care of his familia n Nana mi favorite grandma who lov me n Aunt Jean another one i cared so much bout she lov me n Uncle Wayne i lov him very much he was one of ur men God he put ur name out there n da world for everyone to know u still liv on an Mi mother i truly lov nothing n da world can replace her she was one n a million now Lance mi bb friend i lov so much i would do anything for him mom is God punishing me for sum thing i did an dont realize it plz tell me i cant deal wit no one else beening taking from me.... Love U very much
Posted by Renee Doerr on 19th February 2019
I find me self waking up n da mid of da night cos ur always on mi mind right now yes am pissed off cos of wat happened to u y did he have to take u from us i would of came down there an took gud care of u if i had to i would have stayed n Va just to help take care of u. I keep asking to mi self y him God u could have took sum one else y did it have to me him mi mother wasnt enough for u. U had to take another lov one away from me i dont understand y.
Posted by Renee Doerr on 18th February 2019
SILENT TEARS Each day as da evening starts to set Da ache builds up n her chest She knows dat she must go to bed And try to get sum rest. She hugs ur tearstained pillow close to her Wen no one is around And cries for u she loved u so much an da Lost of u makesher screams wit out a sound. Others see her n da day an think she's Doing well but everyday as evening sets She enters her own hell. Time hasnt healed her pain at all or quieted her fears of losing a lov one So every night alone n her bed she sheds Those silent tears an hopes u will come to Comfort her lost of u.....
Posted by Renee Doerr on 18th February 2019
YOU NEVER SAID GOODBYE U never said im leaving U never said gud bye U were gone before i knew it An only God knows y. A millions times i needed u A millions times i cried for u If love alone could have saved u U never would have died. In life i loved u dearly In death i love u still In mi heart u hold a place Dat no one could ever fill. It broke mi heart to lose u But u didnt go alone a part Of me wen wit u da day God took u home to stay. I will always lov u mi son.....
Posted by Renee Doerr on 18th February 2019
Lance i know everything is different now dat ur gone but i wan u to know am going to be checking n on our mama ok an i wrote mi mom an asked her to keep a eye on k show u did ropes up there i lov u Oh u cant miss her she blk 4"11 n real thick all da way around k
Posted by Shauntelle Doerr on 18th February 2019
I can't tell you how much I miss you, you weren't supposed to be taken from us so soon, when i found out i cried. Because it hurt so bad to hear those words that you didn't make it... Why you had to take him so early god. I'll see you again and forever in our hearts. I know your looking down on us right now. Love Shauntelle, I love you
Posted by Renee Doerr on 18th February 2019
Gud morning lov I know dis isn't how u wan to leave us unfortunately it happened an i tin to find out more bout ur car accident k sum thing just doesn't added up lov hopefully am able to make to ur wake ok i lov n miss u so much....
Posted by Renee Doerr on 18th February 2019
I cant believe ur gone already i still have things to say to u n sum way am mad cos i should have been there wit u visit u soon i dont understand y he had to take u from me ur mi best friend / brother i was supposed to show u around New York an go out n have a gud old time like we always do wen were together drink, smoke, dance, enjoy our selfs i miss u.....

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