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Fatal Accident Lance

Shared by Renee Doerr on June 1, 2021
Fatal Accident Shuts Down Indian River Road at Military Highway
Friday, February 15, 2019
UPDATE: February 19th, 2019

The decedents of this crash have been identified.

The operator of the Nissan has been identified as 33-year-old Lance Leaundrae Williams of Norfolk, VA.

The pedestrian has been identified as 27-year-old Keeahney Dwahquan Scott of Chesapeake, VA

UPDATE:  February 15, 2019

Fatal Crash Team investigators have determined the following.

A 2008 Nissan Altima was traveling northbound in the 800 block of S. Military Highway approaching the intersection of Indian River Road.  It was occupied by the driver and one front seat passenger.  It was reported that the Nissan was traveling at an extreme high rate of speed and had intentionally disregarded multiple red traffic signals.

As the Nissan was approaching the intersection of Indian River Road, a 2004 Toyota Camry was stopped in the southbound turn lane at the 800 block of S. Military Highway.  The left turn signal cycled to green and the Toyota proceeded into the intersection to travel eastbound on Indian River Road.

The Nissan impacted the Toyota causing the Toyota to enter a counter-clockwise rotation toward the east side of S. Military Highway.  During this same time, a Pedestrian was walking south on the east side of S. Military Highway.   The Toyota continued to spin, struck a curb and continued northbound along the sidewalk.  The Toyota subsequently struck the Pedestrian while coming to rest. 

The operator of the Nissan was ejected from the vehicle as it rotated  and eventually rolled over. 

Both the operator of the Nissan and the Pedestrian were pronounced dead at the scene. 

Four other occupants were transported to a local hospital for minor injuries. 

Missing Someone

Shared by Renee Doerr on February 22, 2021
Missing someone gets easier everyday because even though its one day further from da last time you saw each other, its one day closer to da next time you will. If i had a single flower for every time i think about you, i could walk forever n mi garden... If you wan to be wit someone you miss, arnt  you already there? One day i caught mi self smiling for no reason, then i realized i was thinking of you... I dropped a tear n da ocean... Da day you find it is da day i will stop missing you. If you think missing me is hard, then you should try missing you. Darkness isnt da absence of light...Its da absence of you. It kills inside to know dat you miss someone who seems to start living their life wit out you... somewhere there is someone dat dreams of your smile, an finds n your presence dat life is worthwhile, so wen you are lonely remember its true, someone somewhere is thinking of you. If only to be wit you even for a few seconds would be mi only chance to see you, then i would grab it an forget about da rest of mi life after dat moment...I miss you so much if you wanna know how much...Come tonight an see me how much tears will fall...To think of you is like to cut a water...I can break it for a second but it keeps coming together after...Wen i miss you i tend to forget you... Why? cos i cant get through da day wen i miss you...So much an love you alot...

A letter I wrote to mi Lil brother Lance

Shared by Renee Doerr on February 22, 2021
Posted by Renee Doerr on February 8, 2021
Hey Lil brother wyd RN am omw to see u n chill wit u like we did wen u was here wit us smoking drinking listening to music going clubbing being us having fun not letting nobody take our joy n shine from us nobody could tell us anything it was me n u against da world dats how we saw it ... I remember wen u came over to da telly wen me n Nikki was staying at an was like yo wyd RN I was like nothing y an u said yo don't ask just get n da car an we drove around all night listening to music then we went to da beach an sat n da sand an listened to da waves n i listened to u talk about wat u want to do wit ur life.... Like all da traveling, going to different countries, seeing da world through ur other eye, tasting foods u would never try, to watch da smiles on ur kids faces, da joy n their eyes, spending time wit ur family like we used to back n da day, how much fun we had, man i loved how happy mi mom looked at us, she would tell us there nothing n dis world u can't do don't never let anyone tell u different cos ur a young black man who has very high hopes n dreams and y'all got a very powerful black mother who will always be there n have y'all back no matter wat, mi boys will stand high n heads up don't never forget where u come from boys look at da world like its yours see how much joy it can bring yall.... Mi mom always thought I wasn't listening to wat she was telling us cos I was always on mi phone but I heard every last word she said..
Da things mi mom does for us am so grateful for her I don't know where I would be wit out her, mi mom is mi everything, she said u come n dis world alone an u die alone but full of joy n happiness... TE AMO Always Lance

Da one dat got away

Shared by Renee Doerr on July 18, 2020
Summer after high school wen we first met we'd make out in ur mustang to da radiohead.
An on mi 18th birthday we get matching tattoos
Used to steal ur parents liquor an climb to da rooftops.
Talk bout our future like we had a clue.
Never planned dat one day i'd be losing you.
In another life. I would be ur girl.
We'd keep all our promises be us against da world.
In another life. I would make you stay.
So i dont have to say. You were da one dat got away.
Da one dat got away.
I was June an you were mi Johnny Cash.
Never one wit out da other, we made a pact.
Sum times wen i miss you
I put those records on to remind me of you.
Sum one said you had ur tattoo removed.
Saw you downtown singing da blues.
Never planned dat one day i'd be losing you.
In another life i would be ur girl. 
We'd keep all our promises be us against da world. So i dont have to say, you were da one dat got away.
All dis money cant buy me a time machine.
I cant replace you wit a million rings.
I should have told you wat you meant to me.
Cause now i pay da price.Cus in another life i would have be ur girl. I miss you so much. Lance

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