His Life

My brother

my brother was very important to me. He was my role model growing up, we were so close and so close in age(we were only 16months apart) when I was little I wanted to be just like my brother I grew up doing the things he did, I didn't really do little girl things very much like I didn't really play with dolls or barbies for very long, I was playing with gi Joe's and ninja turtles and hot wheels lol I was trying to skateboard and roller blade(which I got great)(the rollerblading) and I rode bikes and always tried jumping big huge jumps with him ya alot of times I'd eat shit but he would always make sure I always got right back up and continued doing all that stuff. That's what made me the strong woman I am today so my brother is the big reason I'm a big mouth asshole that don't let anyone push me around and I stick up for what's right and I'm not afraid to run my mouth because he taught me how to back it up. I see so much of my brother in me and that makes me so proud(yes I'm kinda being a girl right now and tearing up while writing this but can you blame me?)I have so so so many memories with my brother mainly good ones but of course there are a few bad ones nobody in this world is perfect lol but I will do my best to always keep his memory alive so his daughter, his nephew's, and his neice always know who uncle goofy is and the big heart he had and such goofy humor (hence his nickname lol) he always had. I love you big brother always have and always will. I miss you more than u will ever know. ❤ love your lil sis jen