Posted by Kim Howley on August 11, 2022
The world s not the same without you. Miss going to our water day trips etc... it was a boring summer for me and Kourtney. You helped Kourtney in ways I couldn't. She started high school, she could sure use some of your guidance that your mom taught you. Until we meet again.
Posted by Lourdes Martinez on June 2, 2022
I miss you girl. I’ve been thinking about Elementary a lot lately, and you were a big part of it.
Posted by Lamont Clifton on February 27, 2022
Forever missed prayers to the family
Posted by Latisha Tapetillo on February 26, 2022
Larayna was my Christmas baby. She motivated me to have goals and give her a good life. I was 15 when I had her. She made me the proudest mom with her kind soul and caring nature. She always kept people smiling and laughing. We did everything together. We grew up and explored our world together. We would go on road trips to the ocean. She loved searching for little shells. We would talk for hours. Laugh. Joke, just sit together. She loved seafood. Which I do not. So it was always fun to watch her eat these buckets of seafood and all the work just to get a little piece of meat. Lol. She had just finished high school a semester early and started at the junior college. We were enjoying life and then at 18 years old, she started having seizures and was diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer. She had to have immediately brain surgery for a shunt bc her brain was swelling. From there radiation, chemo, infusions, mris, doctors, blood draws, livinh in hospitals. It goes on. She fought for 16 months. Larayna died at home with me. I miss her so much. I got almost 20 years with her. Now she's in heaven and I'm not. 12-27-2000 to 02-14-2021
Posted by Amy Lynn on February 14, 2022
Larayna, I wish so much that I could have met you while you were here, but I know for certain, through your mother, what a beautiful gift you were to this earth. Through the wonderful memories your mom shared with me, you were the light and the center of her entire being, as she was yours. I will always remember you Larayna and the joy your brought into the life you had here. I know that you and Kailyn are still the strongest warriors up in heaven, watching over your mommas together. You will never be forgotten and loved for all of eternity, because your moms love for you could fill the universe and the universe never ends.
Larayna Hope ❤
Posted by Laura Montero on February 14, 2022
It’s been 365 days without you and it feels like a lifetime. You are forever my little sister and no one will ever change that. I love you
Posted by Christy Boyle on February 14, 2022
Sweet girl - you are so deeply missed! I feel so lucky to have met you & I am forever grateful to have shared some wonderful memories with you. You showed me what true bravery looks like ! You touched so many lives with your infectious smile & your sassy wit. Whenever I think about you I can't help but smile ❤️ Your personality was bigger than this world & I know heaven shines brighter with you in it! It's hard to believe you have been gone a year today - but your memory will live in my heart forever. #teamlarayna
Posted by Latisha Tapetillo on January 12, 2022
I dedicated my life to being Laraynas mother. I love Larayna so much that I wanted to educate myself and be the best I could for her. All of my goals included her. I wanted her to experience the good parts of life. This wasn't supposed to happen. My daughter should be living.
I still have so much trouble processing that she's not here. It so hard trying to get through the days without her. I'm so severely sad. I want to hold her in my arms and as much as I want to hold her, I need her to hold me. I died with her and I'm just trying to hold on until God calls me to be with her...
Posted by Latisha Tapetillo on January 12, 2022

The news got 1 of her pictures wrong and we have been to Disneyland before. I'm not sure who told them we hadn't. But I did let them know. 
Posted by Terrance Johnson on December 26, 2021
Throw back to when we met freshman year !! You were an amazing person With a beautiful soul!! I remember the First Time I Seen You Smile At Me From Across The Classroom, I Was Immediately Starstruck !! ICouldnt Belive It Was Me You Were Looking At ! We Vibed We Laughed , And At Times We Walked The Hallways Of MHS Together !! ThatKiss You Would Always Tell Me You Were Expecting From Me !! I Now Wish I Woulda Gave It To You ! We Were Young And Made Mistakes !! In Part Through Time We Became Distant !! Tommorows You Birthday ! Big 21 !! I Wanna Wish You A Happy Early Birthday Up In Heaven !! For Ever My little Girl Friend ! It's Your World Now !! I'm Just Living In It !!
Posted by Laura Montero on April 28, 2021
I only knew you for a year, but in that time we built a relationship that I will never have with anybody else. I will never forget our late night calls and how much we laughed. I will never forget all the memories we made even if the cancer inside my brain tries to steal them from me. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t think of you. You are and always will be my little sister. I miss you lovebug

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