His Life

How We Met

Larry and I met in Cumming, GA on Feb. 3, 1974. We had a mutual friend who knew we were both fromTennessee and he introduced us. My granny said if there was a boy from Tennessee in the state of Georgia, I'd find him! We dated for several months and were married on July 15, 1974. We were too young, or I was, but I wouldn't change a thing. He was a jealous cuss by I still loved him.

Our daughter Christy was born on Sept. 30, 1976 and you would have thought that little baby girl hung the moon and stars as far as her daddy was concerned. She was daddy's little girl!

We moved back to Tennessee on Sept. 28, 1978. He loved my grandparents, his was all gone and he adopted mine. They loved him ALMOST as much as they did me....hahahaha.