It was a Skeeery Night

Shared by Debby Duncan on January 6, 2011

Larry, Gayle, Dana & me were sittin in their kitchen telling Ghost stories, (They were still living in the trailer park), All at once Dana; who was only 18 to 24 months old; jumped up and said I got a story, I got one. Larry told her to go ahead. Dana said,"It was a skeery night & Daddy & Wanda was walkin down the road...NAKED... AND THEY DIDN'T CARE!!!!."         We all fell out laughing and agreed, that in fact would be scarey!! From that day on we would say to each other (whenever we thought about it) "It was a skeery night" and till today that short phase makes me laugh. Me & Gayle still say itto each other to make us laugh. It was our little inside joke I guess.

So here's to Boob.....



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