Vanderbilt Surveying Camp

Shared by Layton Guinn on July 29, 2020
Larry Canter, Wesley Elrod and I (Layton Guinn) went to East Nashville High School together. We also went to Vanderbilt together.  We were good friends.

In 1957, during the summer between high school and college we worked at Vanderbilt’s Camp Schuerman near Sparta, Tennessee, about 100 miles east of Nashville.  This was Vanderbilt’s engineering school surveying camp.  There we met Charlie Hamlet who was also starting his freshman year in the fall at Vanderbilt.  Now there were four of us who were good friends.  The four of us were on Vanderbilt “work” scholarships.  We worked at the camp washing dishes, setting tables, and doing odd jobs.

A year later at the start of our sophomore year the four of us were again at Vanderbilt’s Camp Schuerman, but this time we were students taking the four-week surveying class.  There were about 40 of us students attending the camp.  The students were divided into groups, and each group had to survey the camp property and draw a map.

The attached photo (See the Gallery.) came from Charlie Hamlet.  This photo shows our surveying group of six students (the four of us plus two other student friends) with the map that we made.  Unfortunately, the details of the map do not show in the photo.  The map shown in the photograph is dated, September 14, 1958.

Back row, left to right:  Wesley Elrod, Ransom White, Larry Canter - Chief, Everett Falk
Front row, left to right:  Layton Guinn, Charlie Hamlet

The four of us grew beards and mustaches during the four weeks that we were attending the surveying camp.  We all shaved soon after the camp was over as I recall.

Condolence from a former Grad Student

Shared by Randolph Larsen on July 15, 2020
He will always be Dr. Canter to me. He took a B/C student into his graduate program and turned him into an A student with a love of academia. Dr. Canter was my mentor for my MS degree in '97. His detailed oriented teaching of EIS and Air Pollution Controls led me to continue on to a PhD then an academic post and currently department chair and professor of environmental chemistry. Thank you Dr. Canter for giving me an opportunity. I will be praying for you and your family. God Bless.
Shared by Audrey Canter on July 15, 2020
As one of potchy boys lucky grand daughters, I am flooded with memories to share. One of my most memorable and reoccurring memories is of him falling asleep on his chair while watching re runs of Longhorn Football. Luckily for him every rewatch left him on the edge of his seat, but despite all of the excitement of the same game being new, he never failed to fall asleep. My cousins and I would always try to take pictures making silly faces while he was taking his naps but he always would wake up by the sound of our laughter. And despite us ruining his much needed nap, he would still get up, find that basketball pump that always seemed to disappear and let jackson and jakey beat him at a game of horse. I love you Potchy Boy, rest in peace

Ring Bearer

Shared by Mike McAdams on July 14, 2020
Larry was my cousin. I was 5 when I was asked to be the ring bearer in Larry and Donna’s wedding. What a joy to hear the testimony of 58 years of marriage he and Donna shared. I always was very proud of Larry’s accomplishments I very rarely had any contact through the years. I extend my deepest sympathies to Donna and the boys, their wives and children. Donna if you get to read this, my wife Cheryl and I just celebrated 40 year anniversary and we have two kids and so far, 5 grandkids! I will Be praying for your family during this transition! God keep you close!

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