Let the memory of Larry be with us forever
  • 55 years old
  • Born on September 8, 1955 .
  • Passed away on October 12, 2010 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Larry Froebel 55 years old , born on September 8, 1955 and passed away on October 12, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 8th September 2018
Happy Birthday in heaven Larry! Really wish you were here. It's hard to believe next month will be 8 years since you left us. People say time heals all wounds. I don't agree when it comes to losing a loved one. It gets more difficult every year with all that you are missing here. I so wish you could be here for Braya. Wish you could see her. She looks so much like Derek. She is so much joy. We are over the moon in love with that precious baby. Derek is an amazing Dad! I am so proud of him! And Sarah, well she loves being "auntie crazy" and is the best auntie ever!!! Continue to watch over our children and grandchildren. We will see you again someday Larry. Rest easy my friend and please give all my love to our grandsons, to Ava and KO, Rich, my grandma and my brother. Also, Adam Hayes. I think you two should go fishing today!! You both loved it so much!
Posted by Kim Froebel on 2nd September 2018
I know it's been awhile. Our youngest granddaughter will be 9 months old tomorrow and our oldest that turned 16 got her driving permit. She is really a great driver Larry. We went shopping yesterday and she did all the driving. Life is changing Larry, nothing seems to stay the same. Some of it has deeply saddened me. I know you know what I am talking about. I was shocked at first and very heartbroken but I know God has a plan. It just doesn't seem fair. Never thought that joy would be stolen from the person you know I am talking about. But I tried to warn them years ago, although I knew it would happen it still breaks my heart. I feel some anger about it too and really have to think before I express any opinion about it. I know you know what I would really love to do but I want you to know that I am well aware that it is out of my control and I wouldn't want to make it worse. How is our precious Ava? I miss her so much Larry. So very much. I miss KO too, they were precious girls. Bella gets lonely, I know she does but we have the cat. Rain does what she can to cheer Bella up. No more dogs Larry because I can't take it when they have to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Kisses for our beautiful grandsons, Hunter and Gunnar, my step Dad Rich, my grandma and my brother. I miss all of you more than words can say.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 19th May 2018
I have been busy dear friend but you are on my mind. Our beautiful new granddaughter Braya is growing like a weed! Five months now. Oh my Larry, she is so beautiful!! Your Cali and Abby are beautiful young ladies now. I wish so much you could see all of them. Abby was at the marina fishing this week. We have the boat in now and have it in town. You would absolutely love it there. Abby takes so much after you. Fishing is in her blood. Time is passing quickly. Our daughter Sarah has a boyfriend. I love saying that you know. I hope so much that it all works out for them. His name is Slava and guess what?? You know his brother, Billy. I still watch the video Billy made of you when you all were fishing out on Lake Ontario. Our sweet, precious Sarah. I want so much for her to be happy Larry. She deserves it more than anyone. She really does. She does so much for this family. I really don't know what I would do without her. Our son is an amazing father but you knew he would be. I love seeing him with his daughter. We waited a long time for that blessing. He chose the perfect girl to share his life with. Austyn is a good woman. She was only 17 when you met her and I wish you could have gotten to know her but I know you knew she was the one for Derek. We waited a long time for that blessing too. Watch over all of them Larry. They all mean everything to me. I am heading to the boat soon, made a roast in the crock pot and my mom is coming down for dinner. I wish you were here. I miss my Ava Larry, miss her so much. Give her the biggest hug and kiss for me. Bella misses her. Hugs and kisses for our grandsons Hunter and Gunnar, my step dad Rich, my grandma and my brother. So many in heaven, must be a beautiful place with all of you there. Miss you my friend. Much love, Kim.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 25th February 2018
It was our sons 29th birthday on the 20th. Last friday we all went to the Golf Dome for dinner. Him and you use to go there for fish fry's. It was a really nice time but you were missed. I really enjoy seeing our children with their children. Means a lot when we all get together. Our granddaughter Braya is going on three months already. Her precious little face, what a doll! Her smile really fills my heart with joy. I love seeing Derek being a Dad. He is an awesome one! Braya is so blessed God gave her to him. Austyn too Larry, she is an amazing mom. Perfect little family. You would be so proud!! Big hugs and kisses for our grandsons Hunter and Gunnar, KO and Ava too. You are deeply missed by all of Larry.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 25th February 2018
Give special hugs and kisses to Ava. Tell her how much I love and miss her. How home is not the same without her. How it will never be the same without her.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 10th February 2018
Our beloved Ava crossed the Rainbow bridge Larry. On February 8th. The same day our beloved KO passed five years ago. Cancer. I don't know how long she had it Larry, she never let on that anything was wrong but the vet said she had been suffering. I am devastated. Heartbroken. The only comfort I have is that she is with KO and both have plenty of green grass to run in and plenty of treats. And I will see her again one day. I will see both of them. Neither of them are suffering anymore. It's the journey of grief for me which I know will never end. So much heartache I live with every day. I wish so much we all could go back in time. I miss those days so much. Our children and granddaughters were really heartbroken over Ava. I know how hard it is for Cali and Abigail, they were raised with her. Our newest granddaughter Braya is over two months old now. Growing.....so fast. She is so precious. Looks so much like Derek. Please put your arms around Ava, give her a huge hug and kiss from me. Tell her I will be there someday and we will all be together. Tell her how much I love her and will miss her, everyday. Tell how deep she is in my heart and will never leave it. Much love to all of you in heaven. Kisses for KO, and precious Hunter and Gunnar. Special love for Ava today. My heart is completely broken.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 23rd December 2017
Braya was born on December 3rd. There was a super moon that night. It was a long day waiting for her but wow, she is beautiful Larry. Sorry it has taken me so long to tell you about her. She looks like Derek, Austyn too but more like Derek. Tears are flowing as I tell you this, wish you could be here to share the joy but I know you are watching over from heaven. Sarah is so excited and is an amazing Auntie. She waited for a long time for this. We all have. I baby sat her last night. Just looking at her precious face fills me with joy. I can't wait to watch her grow. It's going to be amazing. Precious little Braya, so loved. The best Christmas present since Sarah was born. Both December babies. Much love to you my friend. Give kisses to Hunter and Gunnar, I know the moon is their cradle and heaven their playground. Merry Christmas in heaven to all of you. Hunter and Gunnar, Rich, my grandma, my brother and our beloved KO. Merry Christmas Larry. You are a Papa again.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 3rd December 2017
Our granddaughter is going to be born today!!! Austyn went into labor this morning at 4:30 a.m. I am so excited!!! I can't wait to meet Braya! I find it interesting that Derek is having his child so close to the day that our firstborn Sarah was born. Her birthday is coming up. She is so excited to be an aunt. She has always wanted to be one and she has already spoiled Braya. I know this day means everything to her. We wish you were here Larry. I know the joy you would be feeling. Our third grandchild!!! Much love and hugs, watch over our son and Austyn and precious Braya. Kisses and huge hugs for Hunter and Gunnar and our beloved KO. I can't wait to get to the hospital!!! Congratulations Larry!!! Wish you were here!
Posted by Kim Froebel on 19th November 2017
Thanksgiving is just a few days away. I sure wish you were here to peel the potatoes. You always enjoyed doing that. And guess what? Braya will be here in about 10 days. I can't wait to meet her. Another precious granddaughter. Derek is so excited. I know he will be an amazing father. I can't believe he will be 29 in 3 months. Where does the time go. Sarah and I went shopping today for Thanksgiving. She looks so much like you. Don't know what I would do without her. I know I am getting older and probably annoy her with my questions but I appreciate her being there for me. She is always there for everyone. Huge heart Larry. I haven't been feeling so well lately. Not sure what it is. So much on my mind, exhausted most of the time. My Bella has been sick. Had to take her to the emergency vet hospital the other night. So worried about her but I think she is on her way to recovering fully. I pray she does. Can't imagine life without her. Well buddy, I am getting everything ready for Thanksgiving but wanted to share my thoughts with you. Take care of all of our loved ones in heaven. Huge hugs and kisses for our grandsons and my beloved KO. Rest easy my friend.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 6th October 2017
Your angelversary is coming up next week. The years are flying by. Too fast Larry. Our granddaughter will be here in about 8 weeks. Wish you were here. So much I would like to tell you. I am so proud of our children. I know you would be too. And our grandchildren. Sweet Cali and Abby. Today is my brothers birthday in heaven. He has been gone almost a year. Wish him a happy birthday for me. Tell him I often think of the time when we were kids and fished in the quarry at Sherkston beach. We used bologna for bait and caught sun fish. We would throw them back. That's a fishing story for you Larry. Your granddaughter Abby stills shares your love of fishing. She caught quite a few over the summer in the Niagara River. We haven't put our boat in storage yet. Next month we will. I want to change marinas for next season. I would like to be closer to home. It will cost a lot more but worth it in the long run. The boat won't take such a beating because we will put it in a no wake area. I have done so much work restoring her. You would love it. Going to do some fiberglass work in the Spring and put new rub rail on it. I made a new bimini for her. You would be impressed. It was a job but looks beautiful. I thank my grandma for teaching me how to sew. Give her a big hug for me. I know she would be proud of it. I miss all of you. Miss you all so much. Rest easy my friend. Give my love to all of the family in heaven. Special hugs and kisses for Hunter and Gunnar. And our beloved KO.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 27th July 2017
Today is our first born grandchilds 15th Birthday. Can you believe Cali is 15! Wow, remember when she was born. I remember how you doted on her. We are celebrating at Texas Roadhouse tonight. She is so excited. She had her hair and nails done and bought a new dress. She is beautiful Larry. She looks so much like Sarah. She always did. Which means she looks like you too. Sarah looks so much like you. I really wish you were here. Breaks my heart Larry. We have our 3rd granddaughter coming in December. Due date is changed to the 5th. Can't wait to meet her!!!! Derek is going to be an awesome Dad and Sarah will be that aunt that will just love her to death. This will make Sarah really happy. You were gone too soon Larry but I know the joy that would be in your heart today celebrating our granddaughters birthday. Much love to you in heaven. Please kiss and give huge hugs to our grandsons for me, hugs and kisses to Rich and my grandma, my brother and our beloved KO. Please keep watching over us.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 15th June 2017
Fathers Day is coming up so I think this is the perfect time to share some really great news with you. Our son is going to be a father!!!! I am so happy for him and Austyn! A baby girl will be here in December! It's going to be an amazing Christmas!! I am sad too though Larry because you are not here to share in this joy. Can you imagine Derek as a Dad! What a great father he will be! And Austyn, a loving and devoted mom! Her name will be Braya. I will call her princess Braya :) What a blessing Larry! And our daughter Sarah is overjoyed, what an amazing aunt she will be. She has wanted to be an aunt for so long! I wondered if I would live long enough to see any more grandchildren. I know you watch over the two we have in heaven. Those precious boys! Our granddaughters are doing well. Getting so grown up. Abby is taller than Sarah now and actually fits into my clothes. She is a beauty. So is Cali. Beautiful girls. It has been so long since we have had babies around. I know that Charlie will be a good grandfather to Braya but he knows it's you who will always be Papa. We miss you Larry. Much love to you and hugs and kisses for our grandsons, for Rich and my grandma and our beloved KO. Happy Fathers Day in Heaven.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 3rd May 2017
Wow Larry!!! Sarah had a surprise party for me for my 60th birthday at the marina. I was so surprised!! I just couldn't believe it. I don't know how everyone kept that from me. She worked so hard preparing all that food, the decorations were beautiful and the cake was absolutely gorgeous! I am so proud of our daughter Larry. She has such a huge heart. Don't know what I would do without her love. Made me feel so special. She is our child that has the biggest heart. All great kids but her heart is huge. I missed seeing you there Larry. You would have enjoyed it. I have some other great news for you but can't say it yet. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I can share it with you. The boat is going into the water soon. Looks like a great summer coming up. There will be a pig roast at the marina at the end of this month. That should be fun for our grandkids. Abby loves to be around the water. She still loves to fish and swim. We miss you Larry, kisses and hugs for Hunter, Gunnar, Rich, Grandma and of course our beloved KO.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 27th April 2017
Today is my birthday Larry. I think you tried wishing me a happy one when my land line cut out. It is a beautiful day today. Going out to dinner with my sister and mom tonight to LaGalera and then with the family in a couple days to Salvatores. We may have some good news coming soon concerning our son Derek. Praying I can share it with you soon. Charlie is doing well, we all are but you are always missed Larry. When Charlie and I sit on the front porch we think of you and I know he misses you too. Larry, you were gone way too soon. Much love, hugs, kisses for all in heaven. Kiss our grandsons for me. Tell them the day will come when I will be there and they will know all the love I have for them. Rest easy my dear friend.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 7th April 2017
I tried to log into this site yesterday but couldn't. Adams angelversary was yesterday. Can't believe it's been 7 years. It will be 7 years in October since we had to say goodbye to you too. Tell Adam how much he is loved and missed. I think about him all the time. His birthday was last month, hope you took him fishing. You two loved fishing so much. Boat's going in to the water soon. Wouldn't know it by all the snow we got last night but that will disappear soon. It's suppose to be warm next week. I think our granddaughter Abigail will make high honor roll this marking period. Praying for her. She is so smart Larry. We will be happy with honor roll but I know Sarah is really counting on the high honor roll. It's making her anxious waiting for her grades. I understand though. We are all proud of little Abby. There will be a big pig roast at the marina next month. Sure wish you could be there. We are raising money for the new roof that is going on the club house. Should be a lot of fun!! Life has been good lately Larry but your absence is always felt. Easter is coming soon and I am going to cook for the family. I remember our last Easter together. Rest easy my dear friend, hugs, love, kisses to all of our family in heaven.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 24th March 2017
Not much new Larry. Heading to the boat on Sunday to do some work on the water line before she goes back in the water in May. I am really looking forward to it. As usual I made new curtains, this time insulated and bought more furniture for the Salon area. Our granddaughters are growing! Can you believe little Abigail is as tall as me now! Cali is too! I really miss when they were little Larry. They grew up way too fast. Cali is 14 now and Abby 12. When they were here the other night for dinner and Sarah was saying something to Cali, Cali said, swear on Papa? It's her way of remembering you. I think it's cute. We all miss you Larry. Wish you could have enjoyed the boat with us. You would have loved to sit on the deck and catch fish. You also would have enjoyed the marina. The beautiful sunsets. Hugs and kisses for everyone in heaven Larry. There seems to be so many in this family. Special love and hugs to our grandsons Hunter and Gunnar. Tell Rich and my brother I love them too. And a huge hug for our beloved KO. Rest easy my friend, one day we will all be together again. Give my love to Grandma too.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 30th January 2017
I know that if you were here things would be different. Rest easy my friend.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 29th December 2016
In a couple of days we will be heading into another year. I pray 2017 is a positive year. 2016 has ended horribly with the loss of my brother and Charlie losing his twin sister. I got a part time job that I really enjoy. It's really fast paced and it's what I need right now. Need to stay busy. Spring can't come soon enough for me. Even with the heartache this year for the first time in years Christmas was peaceful for me. Give hugs and kisses to all our family in heaven. Rest easy Larry.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 3rd November 2016
My brother Butch entered the Kingdom of Heaven yesterday.....we are devastated Larry. Don't know how much more this family can take. My mom is so heartbroken. Never seen her so broken. I wish there was something I could do to take her pain away. My sister Cindy is so hurt. I don't even know what to think anymore. I hope you were all there to welcome him. I am sure you were. His journey here was difficult Larry. He really suffered. Give him a huge hug for me, tell him how much we all love him. Tell him we understand. We would never stop loving him. So many gone too soon Larry. Kiss our grandbabies for me. I think of Hunter and Gunnar every single day. I imagine what they would like today. Sweet precious little babies. Kisses for KO, Grandma and Rich. Tell Butch we will see him some day. We will. Much love to you dear friend.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 12th October 2016
6 years...still seems like yesterday. I suppose it always will. Sarah really missed you at her housewarming party. She cried Larry. She really wished you could have been there. We all do. She did a great job with the party, had chowder and will continue your family's tradition of a chowder party in fall. I really look forward to her next one next year. Not much new here. Going to the marina tonight to finish packing some things up on the boat. Will probably put in storage next week. We keep putting it off, the weather is just too nice right now. Our grandaughters are doing great. I had them for the weekend. Getting so grown up! They miss you too Larry. Rest easy my friend, kiss our grandbabies for me, kisses for KO, Rich and my grandma.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 26th September 2016
I want to wish you a happy belated birthday. I didn't forget, things just get hectic sometimes. No good news to share. Ashley's IVF wasn't successful, not sure what the plan is now. She still has eggs frozen so we will see. It's heartache. I really thought this time would be successful. The cycle was perfect so I just don't know. I wish I knew Gods plan. Summer is winding down, boat will go into storage soon. I am not looking forward to that. We got a kitten to liven things up around here. The dogs seem to enjoy her. She is a daddys girl, loves Charlie. She is just fun to have around. She is sitting behind me in the chair, she is usually right up to the screen or walking on the keyboard. I named her "Rain" because it was pouring rain when Sarah and I went to get her. It's getting late, need to get some sleep. Rest easy my friend, kisses for Hunter, Gunnar, KO, Rich and my grandma.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 27th August 2016
Our daughter Sarah is moved into her new home!!! I am so happy for her and girls!!! God is good! Wish you were here Larry. I know how excited Sarah feels in this chapter of her life. She has great friends that helped with the move. She is blessed. I helped with cleaning the old place, wish I could have done more but I can't lift anything. Well, all of our kids are in their homes and happy with their lives. I was thinking our girls are in their early thirties now and Derek will be 30 in three years. Wow, where does the time go. Your daughter Ashley is going to try again for a baby. She will go through IVF again in a couple of weeks. Can't tell you enough how worried I am. Losing Hunter and Gunnar was devastating. I pray for a beautiful, healthy baby. A beautiful bundle of joy for Ashley and Ryan. Well, we are enjoying our time at the Marina but before you know it, will have to put our boat in storage. It's been a really hot, dry summer. Haven't had a summer like this in years. Even though you can't read these notes Larry it helps to think I am sharing the happiness of our children with you. Their accomplishments, etc. I could go on forever. Rest easy my friend, hugs and kisses for our grandsons, our beloved KO, my step Dad Rich and my grandma.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 20th August 2016
It's been a fast summer Larry. We are enjoying the new Marina and have made many new friends. It's a beautiful spot on the Niagara River. Sarah is moving into a house next weekend. She is planning on buying it after a year. I am so happy for her. She so much deserves it. She works so hard and has her hands full with the girls. Cali is a beautiful teenager, with typical teenage angst. Abby is getting so tall! So beautiful, won't be long and she will be a teenager too. I am having a surprise party for Charlie's 60th. Something to look forward to. I think of all of you in heaven. Especially Hunter and Gunnar. Still feel heartbroken Larry. Kiss those precious boys for me, tell them grandma loves them and will see them someday. Rest easy my friend.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 20th February 2016
It's our sons 27th birthday today and I sure wish you could be here to celebrate with us. The last time you celebrated his birthday was when we had that huge 21st birthday party for him. That was a lot of fun Larry. Great times. I really miss those days. More than I can explain. I am really proud of the man Derek has become. I miss him being a little boy but I am so thankful he has a great life. It is still difficult for the kids to talk about you and it's been almost 6 years. Hurts all of us that your are gone. Much love to you my friend. Rest easy and know you will never be forgotten. Kiss our grand babies Hunter and Gunner, kisses for our beloved KO and my step-father Rich. Grandma too!
Posted by Kim Froebel on 3rd January 2016
I signed onto this memorial site earlier and panicked because your memorial wasn't here! Now when I think about it I was talking to you and asked you to give me a sign if you heard me. Maybe you did! Too funny Larry now that I think about it. Our son moved in to his new home Dec. 30. I can't tell you how great it feels to see the happiness in his face. Sarah really pushed it through at the end. Her and her law firm did a great job. Happy he has a big sister that always looks out for him. Feel blessed that way. His home is beautiful!!! I am looking forward to his housewarming party that he will have next summer. We are starting this New Year stronger Larry. Happy New Year Larry! Kisses for our grandbabies Hunter and Gunnar, kisses for KO and much love to my step father Rich. Heaven has to be beautiful with all of you up there.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 14th October 2015
Praise God from who all blessings flow. Feeling happy for our son. He won the bid on the house! You would be so proud of him Larry. This is an exciting time for him and its a big deal! The house is perfect for him and Austyn. Absolutely perfect. It's like brand new, he can just move in and enjoy his life. Have some grandchildren for us someday! I can picture their lives there! He so deserves the best Larry. All of our children do. I am just happy and proud this morning, it's something good and positive. I know he thinks I am crazy because I cried when he told me but it was a huge relief because I prayed so hard all day because I want him to have what he wants in this life, what he deserves. He works so hard!!! I wish you were here to share in the joy Larry. I know you would enjoy the beautiful yard he will have. I could picture you with your smoker out there, smoking white fish or something. I miss summers in the yard with you and all the great food we would make. Give kisses to Hunter and Gunnar and KO.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 12th October 2015
5 years Larry......Your fifth angelversary in heaven. Sad today but on a more positive note our son has put a bid in on a house. I am so proud of him. The house has many offers on it so we just have to wait and see. He is doing this on his own and is doing a great job. You would be so proud of the man that he has become. Very smart young man, dedicated, committed to his relationship with Austyn and I will always feel blessed that he is our son. He reminds me alot of my grandpa. So much integrity. I am praying all goes well for him. He is so deserving of the best. He has our work ethics for sure. Anyway, I don't know where the last five years have gone but they have gone by fast. I wish you could actually read these notes I leave you. But I believe that you already know everything I tell you. I have to believe that Larry. Rest in Peace Big Guy. Kisses for Hunter and Gunnar and KO.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 9th October 2015
When I got up this morning I thought how I always believed there was a reason for everything. I am finding it far to difficult to understand any reason why Hunter and Gunnar could not live their lives....here. I feel I can barely participate in my own life lately, I feel disconnected like I am standing on the sideline, paralyzed....waiting to be rescued. Who can rescue anyone from grief?? It's not just grieving our grandsons, it's also grieving the part of Ashley that I know went with those boys. I can only imagine her grief. Ryan's grief. How they are forever changed by this loss. But I know how strong they are together. They will give each other all the support needed on such a painful journey. I don't even know what to say anymore Larry. Charlie is the only one I can talk about it with. No one else seems to understand. However brief Hunter and Gunnars lives were, they are our grandchildren. They have their place in our legacy. We have four grandchildren...two are angels. Forever loved, loved always and in all ways. We were in a restaurant the other day and a baby was at a table behind us. I couldn't see him but I could hear him babbling. You know how babies do that. Well the tears started to flow and I dreaded having to walk by that baby when we left the restaurant. But I did. And I looked into his eyes and said "precious baby". Of course the family smiled and nodded their approval, little did they know my heart was breaking getting those words out of my mouth. Not looking forward to the holidays Larry, it's like 2010 all over again. I thank God for Charlie. I don't know what I would do without him. I do know the reasons God put him in my life and put him there when he did. He has loved our grandchildren like they are his own. He has stood by me through everything. He knows how sad I am right now and I see the little things he does to assure me he is here for me. It's a journey Larry. Someday, when we all join you, we will have the answers.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 1st October 2015
It's coming up on your 5 year Angelversary Larry. We put the "Ride of the Valkyries" into dry dock yesterday. It saddened me to see Charlie drive her out of the marina and down to Blue Water. I will miss it and look forward to bringing her back to River Oaks next year. Charlie and I always say you would have been on the Valkyries more than us, fishing! When I sit on the deck and look out onto the beautiful view, I think of you and Hunter and Gunnar in Heaven and I pray. I pray God is guiding our daughter and her husband with his grace and healing their pain. I never thought this would happen to any of our children Larry. Not ever. We all miss you Larry. Kiss those precious babies for me. Kisses for KO too.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 8th September 2015
Happy Birthday in Heaven Larry. Not so happy down here on earth but I am sure you are having an amazing time. You know we would have had a big 60th birthday party for you! I put our grandsons name on our boat, in honor of them and in loving memory of those precious boys. Hold them close for me Larry. You all were gone too soon. I miss Rich and KO so much too. KO always loved Cali and Abby. Now Bella follows them everywhere when they are here. Abby started 5th grade and Cali 7th! Can you believe it! We have beautiful granddaughters and a teenage one!!! Where does the time go????? Your children miss you Larry and I really miss celebrating this day with you. Happy 60th Birthday in Heaven Big Guy!!!
Posted by Kim Froebel on 18th August 2015
Feeling broken and missing how life was when you were here. Hurts to open my eyes in the morning and think about our grandsons. I am trying to understand why they had to leave so soon and not know the love of this family. All the hopes and dreams shattered. Their first steps, first tooth, their first birthday. Going to kindergarten. Becoming teenagers, graduating high school and going to college. Getting married and having their own babies. And all the hunting and fishing in between. And all the love those boys would have felt. Just heartbroken Larry.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 30th July 2015
I know I don't have to tell you. You already know our twin grandsons are in heaven. I am devastated Larry. Just beyond all comprehension. Hunter Lawrence and Gunnar Holmes passed July 29th and were only here for a brief few hours. Ashley had complications and my heart aches for her and Ryan. I don't even know what to say. Sarah and Derek are heartbroken for their sister Ashley. Hold them close for me, kiss those sweet boys and tell them I love them with my whole heart and I will see them someday. I know they would have had the best life here but God had other plans for them. Rest in Peace precious Hunter and Gunnar. Larry, I am so heartbroken. I pray for strength and grace for Ashley and Ryan that they get through this heartbreaking experience. I pray for Sarah and Derek. I pray for this whole family. Our grandsons are loved and valued and will never be forgotten. Not ever.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 15th June 2015
Wow Larry, I really wish you were here. I know the joy you would be feeling knowing you have twin grand babies coming. I just can't believe it. A miracle!! Your daughter really struggled with infertility issues but her and Ryan will be blessed with twins that are due Christmas Day!!! My heart is heavy that you are not here. I know you would have me take you shopping to buy them rods and reels. No worries though Larry, Ashley and Ryan fish all the time. They have two boats! Charlie and I bought a big boat, its like a condo on the water. You would love to fish in the marina with your precious Abigail. She caught her first bass last night!!!! She knows she learned how to fish from you, Charlie is guiding her too but she is a natural!!! Much love big guy. Watch over your daughter Larry.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 16th May 2015
You have been on my mind a lot with fishing season here. We were down in Wilson last weekend and I saw your buddies boat and remember all the times Sarah and I drove you there or picked you up from a great day of fishing. Charlie and I bought a big boat. You would love it. I wish we would have gotten it before you and Rich had to leave us. You both would enjoy it!! We will be putting it in the water in a couple of days....watch over us out there Larry. I miss you and KO and Rich so much. Not a day goes by that I don't have thoughts of all of you.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 8th April 2015
2 perfect AA Blastocysts were transferred into your daughter today. Wouldn't that be something if they both attached and she had twins! Maybe a granddaughter and grandson for you! God is good Larry and I really think this will be the year for them. I know how excited you would be!!! I know you will be with her in spirit through this journey. Miss you and KO and Rich and everyone else up there.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 16th March 2015
Our granddaughters are here sick today. Little Abigail has a fever and Cali has an upset stomach. Probably the flu. Abby seems to be feeling better, we just made jello. I have been busy growing vegetables and flowers indoors in preparation for the garden. I can't wait to transplant them outside. All is well Larry. I count my blessings. I know in my heart you look over all of us. I think you know the things that need your attention here. Thoughts you can pass along in heaven. You know what I mean. I know everything is according to Gods plan. If it is his will....it will be. Give our KO a big kiss, tell Rich how much I miss him and love him.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 27th January 2015
We layed another great man to rest yesterday Larry. My step father Rich lost his courageous battle with cancer. It was sad to see our children lose another wonderful loving person. I know you all celebrated his arrival and I am sure KO was there to greet him too. It was sad seeing our son as a pall bearer walking with his casket knowing 2 of the great men in our childrens lives are now memories. But precious memories Larry. I thank God we still have Charles that our children and grand children can look up to and know he will always be there for them. My heart aches....just aches.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 31st December 2014
Another year has gone by. Christmas was good this year Larry. Seemed joyous for the first time in a long time. The kids and grand kids were happy. You were missed but I know you just want us to be happy here. Sarah bought me a new stove! You would love it! And Derek got me new phones so I have one in the computer room and one in the living room. I feel blessed that we have such thoughtful children. You would have loved the turkey Sarah got for me to cook. It was delicious this year. Your granddaughters are growing like weeds Larry. I look at them and just cant believe how fast they are growing. Beautiful and precious they are. Charlie loves those girls. He loves them so much Larry and is an awesome grandfather figure to them. I know you knew when you left that he would watch out for them and you would watch over them. Happy New Year in Heaven Larry. Give our beloved KO hugs and kisses. We miss you both so much.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 18th October 2014
I didn't forget your Angelversary Larry. It's a difficult time still. I am sure always will be. I want you to know you would be very proud of our son. He really is doing great. He is blessed in this life. Great job, amazing girlfriend and surrounded by people who really love him. I cant believe he is going on 26. Where did the time go! The past two years that he hasn't lived here I often find myself wishing he was little again. He has been a blessing to both of us Larry. Rest in Peace, give KO big hugs and kisses. I miss her too. Everyday.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 7th October 2014
Its that time of year Larry. The sadness deepens at the first sign of Fall. A leaf changing color, the brisk air. It was the season you had to start your new journey. Soon it will be 4 years and you know all that has changed. I miss you and wish I could see you. Our grandchildren are growing so fast. Cali will be a teenager next year! Abigail is as smart as a whip. A deep thinker. Wish you could be here to see it. Missing you Larry.....kisses for KO.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 7th October 2014
I also wanted to tell you we went to Texas Roadhouse last night to celebrate Austyns 22nd Birthday. The food was delicious. Derek was tired from a hectic day at work. Plus, he got poison sumac! Can you believe it. He never had any of that as a child. I feel so bad for him. It itches him like crazy. I hope it heals fast! Anyway, wish you would have had more time here to get to know Austyn. You would really love her.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 2nd October 2014
I was thinking today how the holidays are coming up again. They havent been the same since you went to heaven. I know how our children and grandchildren miss you. I was thinking of Cali's second christmas when she was a baby. You put a bow on her head and you both laughed so hard. It was so cute. So many memories. I am blessed to have them. Rest in Peace big guy. Big hugs and kisses for our beloved KO. We miss you. Everyday.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 2nd October 2014
I forgot to mention its Austyns birthday on Sunday. I remember her first birthday here, she was turning 18. Derek had recently brought her home. She said she loved chicken so I cooked some on the grill. I remember you handing her money across the table for her birthday. That was a sweet gesture. That was the only birthday we celebrated all together. She will be 22 this year. Wish you could see the beautiful woman she has turned into. I hope our son marries her someday.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 9th September 2014
I am sorry I missed wishing you a happy birthday yesterday. I thought about you all day and about how our kids and grandkids miss you. My step father has been in the hospital and my mom is staying here with us. You know we would have had a beautiful celebration for you Larry. Derek wants you to find KO and give her a hug. I am sure she hasnt left your side since she got there. Derek wishes he could have one last drink with you. I wish I could cook you dinner. Happy Birthday Larry, we miss you.....always.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 9th September 2014
I almost forgot to tell you. Abigails garden flourished this summer. You would love all the tomatoes! I cant wait to plant again next year. We planted the watermelon too late but we got enough cantaloupes, peppers, onions, etc. We miss you. Everyday Larry.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 10th July 2014
Its been five years since my grandmother went to heaven. Do something special with her on her angelversary. She would probably love to go fishing! Sarah and Derek are doing well and so are the grandkids. Charlie tilled a garden for abby and I have been taking care of it. Its beautiful. Wish you were here to enjoy the cookouts in the yard. We miss you Larry. Give my grandma a big hug and as always, Kisses for KO.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 18th June 2014
I hope you had a nice fathers day in heaven Larry. Me and the kids went to Gabriels Gate for Lunch that day. We missed you. 31 years ago today we were married and yesterday was so wierd, I had to pick Cali up from a friends house and it was the place we lived when Derek was born. The mom let me in to see how it looks today. She said she hopes I enjoyed my trip down memory lane. It was amazing, the memories there. The years have flown by Larry. Wish you were here. Kisses for KO.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 13th April 2014
Its been awhile, I have been busier in retirement than ever. I have our grandchildren almost everyday and they will spend all next week here for easter break! I have been busy doing spring clean up in the yard. Ava and Bella have destroyed the sod but I dont care. Charles wants to buy a boat. Wish you were here to talk with him about it. You know about them because you had them. I miss you Larry. Kisses for KO.
Posted by Kim Froebel on 2nd February 2014
Today is grandmas birthday in heaven. I know how you two enjoyed each others company so I imagine you took her fishing! Give her a big hug for me Larry. For those that come upon this page I just want to say that every time I light a candle for Larry it helps me deal with the great loss in my life. Grief is a process that ends when we move on from this life. The heart never forgets. Happy Birthday to Grandma!
Posted by Kim Froebel on 2nd February 2014
I am leaving this flower for grandma, let her know how much we all miss her. So you know, Rich is very sick. I have been praying for him but he is battling cancer and I dont know what to think. Give big hugs and kisses to our KO. I miss you so much today. I miss grandma so much too.

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