Shared by Shelia Van Luven on April 27, 2017

On our wedding day he was so nervous he looked like he was going to jump out the window he was always so handsome and made me feel so beautiful not one day went by that I was not told he loved me or I didn't get a hug I miss that so much love you honey always will

Our daily walks

Shared by Courtney Van Luven on February 10, 2017

My dad was the coolest. We lived at 416 hwy 98 across from Paschalls golf course,back then( the 70s) in this beautiful stone house.. He would be out on the ocean working for Mobil oil. He'd be gone six months home three.We lived not three city blocks from town. We would walk up town Wake Forest almost everyday. There was this one house we walked by that had a rose bush growing.. and my daddy would stop and ask could he get a rose for his beautiful daughter. I remember going to the hardware store up there.. Even stopping at my favorite place Shorty's. Going to Keith's supermarket which is a cafeteria now.. I miss him everyday.. I love you daddy!

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