There are no goodbyes. Wherever you'll be, you will always be in our hearts.
  • 86 years old
  • Born on August 24, 1927 .
  • Passed away on December 24, 2013 .

This memorial site was created in memory of our loved one, Larry Lauderback, who passed away on Christmas Eve, 2013.  We will always miss him.

We want to thank all those who sent sympathy cards, and the many friends and family that attended his memorial service on January 25th, held at Emerson Unitarian Church in Troy, for joining us to celebrate Larry's long and remarkable life.  

At the bottom of this page, there is a place for you to leave a tribute if you wish.

Memorial contributions may be made in his memory to:
Emerson Unitarian Church
4230 Livernois Road, Troy, MI 48085

Or to:
The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) that supports the Team in Training program. Larry proudly participated in their bicycle race event at Lake Tahoe in 1997, at age 70. Online donations may be made to LLS at: or mailed to: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, 1311 Mamaroneck Avenue, Suite 310, White Plains, NY 10605.

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Posted by Julie Espinoza on 25th August 2018
Happy Birthday Larry. Many thoughts of you and Grandma this month and how you touched our lives. Love you, Julie
Posted by Consetta Di Giovanni on 25th August 2018
I always felt such a warmth from Larry. He was always so kind to me and I admired him so very much. Memories of him with his pipe and safari type hat always makes me smile. Love, Connie
Posted by Julie Espinoza on 24th December 2017
Four years has passed quickly. More losses have followed unfortunately. Your loss is still acutely felt in our family. Mom misses you a lot, I know. As we pass through another holiday season and another rough year, you continue to be remembered and missed. Love, Julie
Posted by Julie Espinoza on 24th August 2016
Dear Larry, Happy 89th birthday. I wish we could celebrate it togrther, but instead we'll have to remember the good times we had and how much you are missed. Love you, Julie
Posted by Julie Espinoza on 25th December 2015
It's hard to believe it's been two years. I still have a picture on my desk of the trip we all took to Mackinac Island. I fondly remember the trip Jen & I took with you & Mom to Lake Tahoe and I realize some of my favorite memories were with you, and I still miss you. I pray that you are at peace and pain free. God Bless You dear Larry.
Posted by Jennifer Torres on 13th December 2015
I miss my Grandfather so very much. The loss is weighing on me even more lately as we near the anniversary of his death. I know my husband Mitch and sons Oscar James and Owen Lawrence, who all still share Grandpa Larry stories, miss him too. I'd give anything to have him here to see them grow up and for them to know him as young men, fully experiencing and appreciating what a great man he was. I am so sad we will never have another adventure with him or hear the stories of all of his. His boundless energy, sincerity and affectionate big hugs are legendary! I'm so thankful to have been a part of his life and experience his love. God bless you!
Posted by Julie Espinoza on 24th August 2015
Dear Larry, on your birthday, as on many other days, I think of you with Great fondness for your life and sadness for your loss. I miss you. Love, Julie
Posted by Kay MCFARLAND on 23rd August 2015
Dear Larry...dear friend..thinking of you with love and great memories for your 88th birthday. Love, Kay
Posted by Kurt Schmid on 13th February 2014
Larry was a good friend. Met him when my family joined Emerson U U church some 20 years ago. He was invaluable in maintaining our historic barn church. He was also like a parent to me since I could not communicate with my dad for the last 5 years. Great guy lots of good stories. Part of americas greatest generation. Love you man!
Posted by Julie Espinoza on 24th January 2014
Larry, thank you for all the love you brought to Mom's life for the last 20 years. You did so much together and enhanced all of our lives. The kindness you showed to Grandma, she appreciated till the day she died, but that's just the kind of guy you were. Thank you for allowing us into your wonderful family: Jan, Bernard, Micho, Jennifer, Mitch, Oscar & Owen. I love them all. You've left a wonderful legacy. You will always have a special place in my heart. Rest in peace dear Larry. You deserve it.
Posted by Kathy Branch on 23rd January 2014
What a beautiful tribute to Larry, Jan. You captured him so well and how important all of you were to him. You made him proud and happy-family has always been his joy. He will always be remembered as a dear sweet caring man to me--I have so many wonderful memories, late nights--very late nights playing bridge, trips, vacations, just plain fun--laughter, talks, great times! Thank you for sharing Larry with all of us. Love you Larry, Kathy
Posted by Angel McCann on 23rd January 2014
I met Jan and her parents, who moved in down the street, 40+years ago. Larry always treated me with kindness and respect. He was a caring person who valued people. One of the greatest thrills of my life was going sailing with Larry and Jan. You are a wonderful man Larry thanks for the great memories!
Posted by Robert McBroom on 22nd January 2014
Larry was a man of many talents. He started biking seriously in the early 70’s and continued until 2012…. His trips ranged from local shopping to marathon rides to Port Huron. As a builder/renovator/ craftsman, his skills never ceased to amaze… he built a 20 foot sailboat in the garage, ripped out walls in the middle of the night without warning, and created beautiful folk art pieces. Whenever he played bridge, he always looked for no trump possibilities… my most frequent conversation with him was “One no trump-Three no trump- Six no trump.” His sailing adventures took him to Put-in-Bay in Lake Erie to Port Sanilac in Huron. Chick Corea and Dave Brubeck were favorite jazz artists. Most importantly, he was passionately proud of the accomplishments of Jan, Berno, Micho, Jennifer, Oscar, Owen and the two women he loved completely- Kay and Gloria. Enthusiastic bicyclist, builder extraordinaire, master of no-trump, sailor of inland seas, lover of jazz, proud husband, father and grandfather… Larry could be described many ways but perhaps the most fitting is “all around nice guy.” He will be greatly missed.
Posted by Wayne Branch on 21st January 2014
40+ years of good memories. Hours and hours of playing Bridge with the kids sleeping on the purple fainting couch. Our trip to Toronto to celebrate your 25th anniversary. We played Bridge on the train all the way there. You made martini's at the hotel to celebrate before going to the celebratory dinner at one of the most expensive restaurants I have ever entered. Couldn't believe all the things you guys were ordering but understood when it was discovered that my menu was the only one with prices. We modified our orders. You will be missed Larry.
Posted by Robert Thompson on 20th January 2014
Larry was one the Good Guys. Loved to make things happen and an outstanding remodeler. Made so many happy and cared for so many people.
Posted by Consetta Di Giovanni on 16th January 2014
I met Larry some 45 years ago when I met my best friend Jan. There are scores of great memories I hold in my heart. He ran a remarkable race and fought an exceptional fight. He will be missed. Love you Larry!! "Say not in grief he is no more - but live in thankfulness that he was" Hebrew Proverb "It is not length of life, but depth of life" Ralph Waldo Emerson

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