Shared by SKane . on September 17, 2019

My heart truly aches during this time. Growing up with the girls gave me some of the best memories. You were a jokester and I could never figure out if you were serious or joking (even as an adult).  I don't know why our loved ones are taken from us from sickness or from accidents, I will never understand the order in which people depart from earth. But what I do understand and what I do know is that you loved your family. You always welcomed me and my family in with open arms and treated us as family. With that being said Camping was always the beat, water fights, campfires, your yummy cooking, and lets not forget you trying your very hardest to get me off the tube. You were flipping me all around and you just couldn't get me to let go, it was such a challenge for the both of us! But it was always something I looked forward to when we all camped. When I got the call that you had passed My first thought was dammit! But my second thought was well at least Mikey has a fishing buddy!   Going to Florida will never be the same, ill miss your wild stories your extreme sarcasm and of course I will miss you. See you on the other side Larry! 
Shared by Carmen Kaye on September 16, 2019
I have so many memories, at first I couldn't imagine sharing just one... then the perfect one came to mind.  When Larry first moved to Florida, he stayed with us while Leigh took care of things in RI.  One weekend, we decided to pile in the yellow van (aka "The Short Bus") and head over to Naples to see Grandma Judy.  On the trip over, there were literally hundreds of alligators just basking in the sun on the banks of the canals on the side of the highway.  We ate candy, got a wicked sugar rush (ok, that might have been just me :) and attempted to count the gators along the way.  Every time we saw another one, one of us would say, "Gator."  That was the best trip - we took the boat out into the Gulf, my friend, John, got pooped on by birds - twice - and Larry kept laughing and reminding him it was supposed to be good luck!  We saw dolphins swimming all around us.  And the word "gator" took on a whole new life for us!  LOL  Larry will be so incredibly missed... and yet, I just keep thinking about the reception he got once he got up there from Grandma Judy, Snickers and Mr. Kitty.  RIP Old friend, until we meet again...
Shared by Dara Ross on September 15, 2019
What can I say about Larry, he was a fabulous husband, father and friend. I know how proud he was of his family! No matter what was going on in his life he was always thinking of them. He will always be with us because of all the lives he’s touched! RIP LARRY, you left the world with a lasting impression. 


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