This tribute was added by LaFran Rayner on January 29, 2020
5 years ago today you took Gods hand and said "so long Mommy, I will see you again..." it still seems so unreal not hearing your voice not being able to hold you there are holes in my heart and life that can never be filled or healed! My new normal without you is so very very hard. There are days that I jiust cannot breathe, there are days when the tears just won't cease! There are days when i cn smile however the pain is still there! There are days when i feel cheated and blind sided. There are days when I get up and smile u can actually smell you near me and then the reality sets in and the floodgates of heaven are opened. May you continue to rest in the arms of God until we see each other again! Love & missing you Trice
This tribute was added by LaFran Rayner on January 24, 2020
I miss you so very very much and there is not a day that goes by that I do not think about you and my heart aches. I could not decide what I wanted to do to celebrate your birthday on yesterday so I awakened early and had a talk with you. I broke down on my drive into work and called Glarnice who KNOWS 7 understands where I am and how I feel and has been there since before you were born and all the in between. She helped me and i made it through the day. Happy 5th Birthday in Heaven my NY Peach. Through the tears I remmber our good times and how very very proud I am of you the life you lived the joy you gave me and how you ministered to others and left an AWESOME legacy.

This tribute was added by LaFran Rayner on December 22, 2018
It's that time if the year that you loved and it just doesn't feel the same without you. I have bouts of tears and anxiety almost daily now. LaTrice I miss you so much sometimes I can't even breathe. I can't believe it's going on 4 years and the pain is still unbearable. True Happiness seems unattainable without you. China is still Beautiful and is being well cared for. She is still Beautiful and loving. Sleep in my precious one I'll see you in that great getting up morning. Until then just drop in every ince and awhile sonI can hold you and you can give me those hugs and kisses that only you could give that would melt my heart and that smile that brightened my EVERY day!
Love you
This tribute was added by LaFran Rayner on January 29, 2018
It seems like just yesterday when you closed your eyes took your crown of Glory spread your wings and said goodbye. My heart had been broken ever since and there is no mending. LaTrice the void you left will NEVER be filled. Until we meet again my Angel my NY Peach. Sweet dreams; see you there

Always 4ever Love.
This tribute was added by Michelle (Mikki) Harris-D... on January 23, 2018
I don't understand God's plan, but I do trust Him. I'm so thankful that He blessed me & this earth with his gift of you, LaTrice. I'll never, ever forget how you impacted my life, the first & only time I met you, my sweet cousin. I'm grateful for that day.
This tribute was added by LaFran Rayner on January 23, 2018
Happy 39th Birthday baby girl. As I lay here talking to God asking Him why once again my heart is so heavy and I miss you so much on this your third year in heaven I know that you're up there dancing and singing with the angels. I can't get over you not being here MY reality everyday. Please keep me in your prayers my Angel. You are FOREVER in my heart. Thank you for all you gave me. No one loves me like you and No one loves you like Mommy. You are the Blessing of my lifetime! The tears in my heart and that I cry daily will never stop. I LOVE YOU LaTrice Evette Crawley to INFINITY AND BEYOND.

This tribute was added by LaFran Rayner on January 29, 2017
My Beautiful baby girl. I never thought there would be a day without you. My heart bleeds where that hole is. Tears still role down the same cheeks you once kissed. The Floodgates open suddenly uncontrollably when I look for you when I call your name and you don't answer. There are moments in time that stand still. My days are overshadowed with the fact that I can't see you hear you hug you hold you. I long for your phone call a text message dinner together. As I awaken I listen for your call.

I yearn for our special moments together. I see your pictures of you and Memories of you are EVERYWHERE! You are SO MISSED! I can't breathe without you for you STILL are THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS! On this your 2nd Anniversary in Heaven I need you to know that your leaving left a hole not only in my heart but in my life as well that NOONE can EVER dill. I'm still asking God why my baby why my NY Peach WHY GOD? I'll never understand it. And though I keep hearing over and over "you'll get over it. It gets easier", NO IT DOESN'T! I Honor your memory and the legacy you left.

Until we see each other again. Sweet dreams see you there ♡♡
Love you Mommy ♡
This tribute was added by Kenny Gore on April 22, 2016
As the days go by I wish I could hear your voice baby girl missing so much, enjoy your rest. Love you.

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