Posted by Michael Temby on September 25, 2020
Laura was our neighbor in Burlingame in the mid 80’s. Such a special woman. I remember how she loved her special baby Kendra. Her smile and love for life was amazing! My heart aches for all of her family. Will miss our periodic calls to catch up. Love you Sammarco
Posted by Mark Metzger on September 24, 2020
it's taken me a while to get over the fact that she is no longer with us. I have many things to say but will keep it brief. I loved Laura Anne from the first time I set eyes on her to her last breath. I was with her when her beautiful daughter Kendra was born and if i remember correctly am the sig other on the birth cert. We went our separate ways but always kept in contact , we had a running joke of who would contact the person first on holidays bdays etc. I miss her radiant smile, her adventurous spirit and her beautiful aura.. On this her birthday ...i win :-) happy Birthday in heaven Laura!! Till we meet again.
Posted by Barbara LaRocca on June 4, 2020
I don't think I've ever known anyone like LA. She was truly always on the go. I used to run with her at lunch when we worked together at Siemens. We also took a weekend girls' trip to Ojai to a spa (Spa Girls Forever, you know who you are!) that specialized in activities, hiking, aerobic classes, yoga AND low-cal eating which I didn't know when I signed up to go. I roomed with LA. Her love of animals and all things living was very apparent when we had a spider in our room. Me, I wanted to squish it --but LA would have none of that. She cornered the thing and scooped it up in a cup and set it free outside our door. I honestly don't know if the large spider web in the tree was spun that night or the next but it was the biggest freaking spider web ever. Maybe it was a spider tribute to LA for saving its life. I can't believe she is gone although not really because of all the people and living creatures she touched. She left her impression on this earth in so many ways.
Posted by Eileen Buckley on May 8, 2020
Laura-Anne was a great spirit: kind, loving, adventurous, and with a great sense of humor. I met her on a Swim Trek and never forgot her. There was something about Laura-Anne - a fresh and uncomplicated kindness - one immediately felt she was a person with whom true trust and friendship were possible. I wish I had spent more time with LA. I am so sorry she passed away, and send my strength and love to her family and loved ones.
Posted by Constance Kane on May 7, 2020
Dear Family.
Thank you for writing such a beautiful tribute to an endlessly loving women.
The world needs more people to live as she lived and loved.
Posted by Karen Hopkins on May 2, 2020
I knew Laura-Anne (LA) through Crawford and my own marketing business. My daughter, Karlee, also worked on projects for LA at Crawford. They were an unlikely duo and did a lot of good work together. After Karlee passed away 5 years ago, LA would often reach out to me and we would just chat, mom to mom. I hope they are having a great reunion in heaven.
LA was a wonderful person and I send comforting thoughts and prayers to her family and all who loved her.
Posted by K Stein on April 28, 2020
My heart weeps, too many lovely spirits lost these past two years. Kendra, I'm so sorry LA had to go through what she did and I apologize I wasn't able to be in her life as I had been in the past, I regret that. I have fond memories from many New Years Eves with her, especially the last New Year's dinner we all shared in Newark; cycling with her in Woodside, meeting her at the pool, getting drenched in Half Moon Bay and drying off at the local bar (armed with never-ending Cosmos); swimming in Maui! I think about LA daily as I drink from the Lifefactory water bottle she gave me and I always think of LA and Kendra when I eat ice cream out of The Nightmare Before Christmas cup she gave me when moving Kendra out of her apartment one year. My heart weeps.
Posted by Margaret Seiler on April 24, 2020
I met Laura when we were both transfer students to Antioch College, entering as juniors. With our friend Tracey, we became good friends. Kendra was born the following year and Laura became a young mother! After graduation, we spent time together at her family's house at the Jersey shore and when LA and Kendra lived in Brooklyn, and then we stayed in touch all these years. I always admired Laura's athletic abilities, her calm self-possession, and her fun-loving, mischievous but gentle spirit. She was one of the first vegetarians I knew well and I remember her love of all animals. I wish I could have joined her on one of those swims with the dolphins! I will remember her for the generous, loving person she was.
Posted by Paula Ross on April 23, 2020
I had the pleasure of 1st meeting Laura-Anne years back when we had newborn kittens outside of Cisco bldg. 8. The mom was no where to be found. LA and her team were very instrumental in saving their lives—bottlle feeding them--they had a schedule and would bring them into the bldg.  Since then, I had the pleasure to know LA through the Cisco Cat Club and always admired her countless help and compassion for the kitties and all animals. She always had good advice to offer and would step up to help no matter what. Even after she moved to NJ she was still helping solve problems. She had a wonderful, caring spirit and heart. A beautiful person gone too soon………… her legacy will live on! The sky has a new star, heaven has a new angel, and all the dear furry friends who have passed now have someone to comfort them.

RIP Laura-Anne. Your time on Earth was short, but your impact you left is huge!!!

Paula Ross
Posted by Lydia Li on April 23, 2020
Your friends in Palo Alto miss you. We held a candle lighting ceremony at our last Monday night virtual zoom meeting to remember you by.

One of our members showed photos of us wearing funny glasses with mustaches. You and all of us looked really silly and ridiculous. We had a good laugh though. We asked Bay Area Cancer Connections to start a book to remember our friends who came through the group. You will be in there for all to remember.

Swimming with dolphins is what I will always remember you by.

Posted by Patty Clerico-Parham on April 22, 2020
Laura-Anne was a true humanitarian, rescued and fostered both cats and dogs—-who truly loved these innocent creatures. She was a wonderful friend, and I will miss speaking to her about everything—-especially about making life better for all animals.

Rest in peace my friend; you left a big void in my heart and the world. I will miss you forever

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