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“A smile embedded deep”

Shared by Aiden Morgan on May 25, 2021
Being a former student of Laura, hearing about her passing is heart breaking. When I saw this memorial for her it was breathtaking. Its good to see that so many people care for her and saw how great of a person she really was.

Everyday I walked into her class she always had a smile on her face and even when she was having a bad day she still pushed through and out came the smile that was embedded so deep. She always had a love for her students and her colleagues. She had the most team spirit and the loudest uproar.

I thank you Laura for being a really good part of my middle school life and always being there for me when I really needed it. God bless you and thank you so much.

For everyone doing what you could for Laura and for everyone doing what you can now for her family and memorial. Im sure she is smiling down on all of you right now and giving you the most thanks.

Thank you for everything.

Shared by Andrea Seymour on May 24, 2021
Because of Laura I went from the kid that fell behind and didn’t care about school or learning to the kid that was on honor roll, had a 4.0, and became a better person. Middle school was a tough time for me but having her as one of my teachers that rooted for every one of her students and pushed everyone to succeed even if they didn’t think they could. Thank you for being one of the best teachers I ever and and for being such an amazing human being. Because of the time you took to help me I’m sure that I’m farther in my life now than I would have been without you. You will be greatly missed.
Shared by cliff creek on May 24, 2021
Selfless, kind, and charismatic are the words I use to describe my dear friend Laura. She was a mentor to me as a new teacher at Crossroads Middle School. She helped me to grow professionally and personally. She made Crossroads a fun and safe place for everyone. Laura has an authenticity that is difficult to describe, but anyone who knew her felt it. She taught me how to be an educator, but more importantly, her legacy exemplifies goodness in the world.

A Part of the Team

Shared by Robert Zumbrun on May 24, 2021
So much can be said about Laura Joki. I taught with her for years at Crossroads, we laughed, we joked, we pranked each other, we argued and butted heads, ups and downs. There are so many stories, so many. One thing I can say about Laura, she always made you feel like you belonged, like a part of the team. Even when I was student teaching a Crossroads, she would bring me into her room and ask me how things were going, and she would ask me for input on "my students". I was never not a teacher with Laura, I was part of the team, a colleague. 

Laura made me feel like I belonged. She made me feel respected. She was good at that. And even when we would disagree, have that spat or argument, the next day, or even the next conversation was one between friends and colleagues. 

When I say Laura made people feel like part of the team, one sure way to know you have made the team is when Laura comes to you and says, "Hey, want to do some shenanigans?" and then proceeds to tell her planed joke or activity. Laura loved those shenanigans for sure and it is one thing that will always put a smile on my face when I think of Laura... "Who are we gonna get today?" fun times.

I will truly miss you Laura, from our mostly-daily conversations, to you randomly giving me one of Paige's papers to edit, to shenanigans in the hallways of CMS. And more recently I will miss the random, about every 5 or 6 months, text message asking about me and my wife. Even after you left CMS you always held us as family, close to you heart. And it is close to my heart that I hold some of my fondest memories of you. Love and peace, Laura.

Dedicated to kids and their futures

Shared by Elisabeth Sonersen on May 24, 2021
When teaching with Laura at Crossroads, it was always so clear that Laura was dedicated to our students doing more than just well in school. She saw her health class as a way to improve the lives of our students (rightly so). For her, it was so important that her student would be able to make informed decisions about their health and especially not become teen parents. And seeing her success as an adoptive parent helped me later decide to adopt my son. She was so supportive of the process. She impacted so many and will be missed.

Teachable moments

Shared by Jim Core on May 23, 2021
When Laura and I taught at Crossroads Middle, before the new building was built, the server was in her classroom. As the computer guy, I had to go in there lots of times. Every time I did, Laura never let me just sneak in. No matter what she was discussing, and in 8th grade health that was could have been anything, she would always put me on the spot and I loved it every time. I cherished the challenge and will miss her deeply. Prayers to Grant and Paige

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