Posted by Natalie Hodges on June 13, 2021
Grant and Paige,
I will always remember Laura as being an incredibly caring and generous neighbor; as she was in all facets of her life. I had a HUGE sprinkler problem about 5 summers ago. We had many professionals come out and tried to locate our main switch. Grant and Laura came over and spent the better part of a day digging, searching, pulling up plants and sweating to find this valve. I was so thankful for their time and effort.
Another thing I always appreciated about Laura was that she was a voice of reason in a storm. A young man who was about 16 was caught speeding in our neighborhood. One of our neighbors tracked him down, talked to his family and requested that the he come in the neighborhood and face the people he had possibly offended. About 10 neighbors stood out there and grilled this young driver. After about 7-8 minutes, Laura calmly stated, “ I believe he has now heard concerns, and it is time to let him be”. She walked away and I thought, “ She is my hero!!” The voice of reason that stopped a harmful and chaotic situation. Laura was a constant role model to adults and children and I will miss seeing her sweet face in our neighborhood.
Posted by Robert Faler on June 8, 2021
Grant, Paige and Roletto family- Laura and I graduated together at wallace high school in "77". Back then she was an amazing athlete, student, and friend. I am so saddened with the new of her passing. I have not seen her in years, yet I can remember that smile, her wit, and how loved she was. She was so kind to a boy in school that was probably a little socially awkward, lacked confidence, and did not know how to say hi to a pretty girl. She took those matters into her own hands and extended her hand in friendship and was never to busy to be my friend. My heart hurts for all of you... She will be remembered in my heart with a very warm smile... Vaya Con Dias my friend
Posted by Lawrence Shaw on June 7, 2021
Dear Grant and Paige. We just now saw in Sunday's paper the passing of your dear wife and mother. Laura was a wonderful, caring and thoughtful person. We had interactions with your family from when Michael (Lawrence) was in high school & various classes with Paige. Laura was always sweet and our thoughts are with you at this time. I did pass onto Michael about the sad event and he asked to pass on his warm regards. Our thoughts are with you during this sad time. Larry & Meriam Shaw.
Posted by Kathy Cawrse on June 1, 2021
Dear Grant and Paige, let me start by saying how much you were loved by Laura and how proud she was of her family. She loved her students, she loved teaching, but the real stars to her were you both.

And what a teacher she was! Her genuine love and respect for all of her students was apparent at all times, and her belief in them as they made their way into adulthood with her guidance gave them the confidence they needed.

But perhaps the quality of Laura that was most appreciated by not only students but also by the teachers who worked at Crossroads with her was her kindness. She made you feel good about yourself, and honestly, isn't that a gift? To be able to have that effect, to make that sort of impact, is a rare gift and one that Laura had by the bushel barrel! She will be missed.
Posted by Diana Butler on May 27, 2021
Forever in my ❤.
Posted by Karen Harr on May 27, 2021
The world has lost an amazing lady. She was such positive influence at Crossroads Middle School. Laura did not want the spotlight shined on her, but for the students. She wrote grants for student activities and a major picnic area in front of the school. Her Teacher of the Year Awards were well deserved. I miss our Karen-Laura talks. Several students have reached out to me about how Laura impacted their lives. Her first question to past students who would come back to visit would be, "Are you living in Joki's World?" Her spirit will truly live on in the special memories she built with everyone who knew her. 
Posted by Deb Mountjoy on May 26, 2021
Dearest Roletto family, Grant and Paige
We are so sorry to hear of the loss of Laura. May Gods peace be with all of you at this time  
With love , cousin Deb. (Elsies daughter)
Posted by AMY Lynn on May 26, 2021
I have many fun memories of life with Laura. In 1977 both of us made it to the State track meet. The meet was Boise. It was so hot! On the way home our coach got tired of us complaining, so he pulled the bus over, and we all got off and body surfed down the Salmon River for a couple. miles!!! One in a million smile and laugh. You will be missed my friend.
Posted by Carrie Rae-Parr on May 26, 2021
Dear Roletto cousin's, Grant & Paige, please know my heart breaks for you all. After Marion passed, Laura reached out to my mom Elise ( Marion's little sis ) and formed a beautiful relationship with her for years. I will share her service with Elsie this weekend. 
Much love and friendship,
Carrie Rae-Parr
Posted by Grant Joki on May 25, 2021
Wallace tough. Warrior who never sleeps. Wallace tough. Simple game plan. Win with grit. Love you ❤️
Posted by Roger Berens on May 25, 2021
Cousin Laura, you were always the real deal - witty, fun, smart and never a quitter. That showed in your winning a tough battle with PSP for three years. Your Italian heritage was apparent in your spirit and determination throughout life. We are so sorry for Grant and Paige as well as all your siblings (our cousins) . We must all remember that although people pass, memories and love live on.

Rest in peace, Laura -
Karen & Roger Berens

P.S. Sadly, we were unable to physically attend your final services, but were there in spirit as we watched on line. It was beautiful and we hugged and cried. We miss you.
Posted by Julie Stevens on May 25, 2021
I am so sorry for your loss Grant and Paige, may you find peace in knowing that Laura is in a beautiful and loving place. She has left such a beautiful legacy of her life. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this hard time.
Julie Stevens
Posted by Molly Kiesig on May 25, 2021
Laura was a complete Godsend my first year of teaching at Crossroads. I was lucky enough to to move into Rm 10, right next to her Rm 9. She made sure I knew when every meeting was, with the very important note that Karen’s meeting were actually 2-3 minutes before. Do not be late, she warned. She looked out for me. She looked out for everyone. That was Laura. I am so honored to have known her, and I have a great peace that I will see her again in God’s timing. Her life earthside was meaningful and intentional. I can only imagine the joy she is experiencing heavenside. Love you, Laura.

Grant and Paige, you were so loved. You were talked about with so much pride. I am so sorry for your loss.
Posted by Robin Holt on May 24, 2021
Laura was a great example. She was steadfast in her faith. She loved God and her family!! I wish I could have been around her more. ❤️
Posted by Marie Kleffner on May 24, 2021
Grant, Paige and Roletto family-
Laura was one of my best friends growing up. I will always remember her with much joy and fond memories.  Your tribute above is beautiful as were her services at Holy Apostle. She was certainly a very special angel on this earth. I know she is smiling down from above and will always be with you.
Christ's Peace to all of you.
Posted by veronica lake on May 24, 2021
Mrs. Joki,
I remember the last day I saw you 10 years ago at crossroads middle school. We were in your classroom and I wanted to take the time to say a personal goodbye to you. I remember you saying you would get hundreds of graduation announcements from previous students and asked me not to send one because you aren’t able to attend everyone’s graduation and this was my congratulations right now. You then gave me a hug and we both started to cry. That year was a tough year for me but I had you to lean on and trust. You always made me feel special and always took the time to tell me how proud you were of me. I never felt special or listened to by past educators other than a select few at crossroads, and you were one of them. I think about you and a few other teachers who helped me along the way on my journey at crossroads, often. You changed my life and truly inspired me. You will be missed deeply. Fly high, angel
Posted by Paul Socolar on May 23, 2021
As friends of Paige, we never met Laura but we see clearly from this tribute what a wonderful and vibrant person she was, and the heart and soul she brought to her school and her family & community. As members of another family that has lost a loved one to PSP, we share our deepest sympathy and admiration for Laura's commitment to do what she could to help others who have to confront this cruel disease.         -Paul Socolar and Sukey Blanc
Posted by Russ and Kathleen Joki on May 23, 2021
We remember Laura's laughter, wicked sense of humor, home cooking, athleticism, love of family, and smarts. Laura--you will always be in our thoughts and life.

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