The one & only, Lauren Campbell

Shared by Kelly Wilson on October 28, 2015

There's too many too write down but ..., playing the hairy bango? Hahah, playing 5-5 with a bottle of bow your like fuck this 5 tans each now lol. our heart to heart the very first night we were out together (we got chatting because we were the oddballs) pmsllll ended up out every weekend the gither after that. I want to break freeeeee (8) this was our favourite song and we spent the full night down the park one time making up a dance to it :-L. Blackpool has got to be one of my favourite memories with you, makes me laugh even just thinking about it... On the drive down your dad stops at Costa like: oooo costa :P (walking in says) " a wonder how much it's Goni costa's" we wait outside he comes back out " COSTA FUCKING FORTUNE"  hahahah getting ready to go out when we get there we nip through to see your mum & dad he's just going for a shower and holds up the towel " ooooo it's like a wee dress" lol, having a ball in the laughing donkey, I took one of my favourite picture of you in there with your big cheesy smile sitting next to your dad <3 & I now have a little reminder of you every time I look at my tragus lol thanks to you thinking it was a brill idea to both get it done hungover to fuck haha also love how I have a box full of notes that we would write to each other in h.e my favourite being the one you drew me of the cartoon drawings of our friendship in wee boxes of all the laughs we had at different times &I  can't forget the cider bottle lids you'd put in my "MEMMMMORIEEEE BOX pmslll" incase you lost them and couldn't take it home for yours lol. All of this now is treasured memories of the friendship we had <3 you'll forever be one of the bestest friends I had lorn (you never like Lauren lol) Until we meet again xxxxxxxxx

Shared by Pamela Russell on November 4, 2010

We were sharing stories today about you! The one that sticks in my mind the most is in Granny Mary's with Gemma you were about 2 and you we had to unplug the phone so that you could kid on you were talking to people!!

We also remembered me taking you down the park when you were wee to steel flowers for your Mum's mothers day present!!!

Can not believe that you are gone!!  You make sure that you look after "beema" for me up there till I get there!! 

I will see you again but until I do you sleep tight!!!

Love you!!


Crazy/Funny Times <3

Shared by Lorna-Jane McCall on November 1, 2010

lauren campbell

you have changed my life so much i have so many memories with you <3  you have an amazing personality your the most genuine person i have ever met with your big cheesy smile and your random funny jokes, was telling your mum and dad how you got your hair cut short lol, Lorna: lauren lets get our hair cut mega short Lauren: Aye wiy no ma man wiy no! Lorna: Ok you go first Lauren:rite nae bother (cut,cut,cut) your turn lorna, Lorna: ehhh a canny day it sorry :L, Lauren OMG YOUR A PAP . (lol) the time we had a drink out my back door with steven and use where taking pictures of the button on my high-fi :S how strange lol that was the night you had maybe just a little too much and my dad had to drive you round the cornor lol, the time it was just me and you down the park and we thot it would be funny to start screaming and shouting rangers song dancing about like mad men =) when we stole my dads clothes and dressed up pretending we were eminem dancing in my room thinking we're cool then my dad walked in on us weer like Ahhhh then we bounced tothe other side of the room laughing like mad :L was only p last week you showed me the video on your fone from you claire and me raving in my dads car while he was in his bed, pretending im driving it and your in the back seat shouting slow down weer coming to a junction how crazy were we together, you always made me laugh and until this day i can still look back on all my memories and smile knowing you were next to me in them. missing you so much babe love you all the way to the brightest star and back (L) xxxxxxx


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