Let the memory of Laurence be with us forever
  • 69 years old
  • Born on May 2, 1945 in Shanghai, China.
  • Passed away on January 21, 2015 in San Francisco, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Laurence Liu 69 years old , born on May 2, 1945 and passed away on January 21, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Christina Ciu on 22nd January 2019
I can't believe it's been 4 years. Not a day goes by that you don't come into my thoughts somehow, somewhere. The other day, as I was coming back from dropping Andrew off at school, I spotted your old car! You sold the car, yet, it was on the same street as me, same license plate, as if following me. I tried to follow you but I was in the wrong lane. At that moment, I felt that you have been with us the entire time...watching over us and helping us through every difficulty and celebrated every success. I know you are here to witness every milestone we reach. You are very much here with us.
Posted by Jay Dien on 21st January 2019
I was scrolling the Contact list on my Iphone yesterday for a freind whose last name is Lee. Strangely, Larry's name popped up on the screen. It is obvious that I had not edited out his name from the list. I could not explain why I had kept it but in seeing his name gave me an undescribeable feeling that he is still with us. RIP my friend.
Posted by Christina Ciu on 1st July 2015
Happy Father's Day! This is the first Father's Day you missed. I promise I will always remind Andrew what a great father he has. You will always be his role model for strength & perseverance in the face of adversity. Andrew will always remember how much you cared & loved him. I will continue to tell him stories of your life, of our times together, of your successes & struggles. You will live on in our memories! Thank you for being our guardian angel.
Posted by Jerry Bank on 25th April 2015
I first met Larry many years ago and found that we shared a love of chamber music. He was a very good friends. I knew him during many ups and downs in his life. When he moved away from my part of the country I was sorry. Because of conflicts I was unable to attend his wedding. I used to visit with him in San Francisco each autumn. It was a highlight of my year. I miss him very much and was pained by the increasing problems with his health.
Posted by Louis Chan on 27th February 2015
Larry was a very accomplished person, a renaissance man. But what impressed me most was his strength towards the end of his life. He was calm and gracious, and did not show any bitterness or frustration. He cared a great deal about Chris, Andrew, his family and friends. A true lesson for me. May he rest in eternal peace.
Posted by Ching-Fai Cho on 18th February 2015
It was my privilege to know Larry. He is a smart man (I still remember him telling me how big an atomic bomb is while we were in high school). He is a charming, witty, gentle and caring man. He helped to instill in me the love of classical music. He encouraged me to study philosophical questions. He challenged me to think more deeply about my religious belief. He helped me to understand the power of passion. Both of us came to the US after high school. I went to the west coast and he went to the east coast. We met again at Stanford and shared a house in Palo Alto. We had a good time together. He was my best man when I got married in 1978, and I was his best man in 1999. It was very unfortunate that he acquired Parkinson’s decease. But against long odds, he fought his debilitating illness with courage and determination, and he never lost his sense of humor. He did not live a long life, but he lived a beautiful life. By knowing him, my life was greatly enriched.
Posted by Jay Dien on 18th February 2015
Throughout the funeral services last Saturday, I was not surprised to hear about Larry’s intelligence and what an achiever he was. What surprised me was that I actually had something similar that paralleled in our lives. For starters, we were both born in Shanghai. We both came to Hong Kong in the mid 50’s and attended Pui Ching though he graduated with all sorts of “Excellences” and “Distinctions”. But the similarities did not stop there. I remember on a hot and humid August night in 1962 we and several other Sunrisers took the famous junket on the SS Cleveland bound for San Francisco to further our studies. He went to Massachusetts and I Arkansas. After college, Larry went to work for Princeton and Stanford managing multi-million dollar endowments and I went to work for Woolworth - the Five and Dime. That was when I realized Larry and I were not similar. He was a thoroughbred and I a jackass! Finally, the most striking similarity was that we were both struck down by the debilitating disease, Parkinson’s which slowly took Larry from us. I will miss him.
Posted by Kaiyuan Hu on 17th February 2015
I had my only conversation with Larry when I was in California in 2002 for my brother's funeral service. Even though it was only through a telephone but his gentleness already expressed itself fully in the conversation. I still can remember vividly his voice even now, a voice which we will miss.
Posted by Parker Chin on 16th February 2015
Larry and I were both from Shanghai. Unfortunately, we did not have a chance to meet each other there, but we did have a same goal to attend Pui Ching in Hongkong. In PC days, he attended Class of Light, and I attended Class of Faith, our class rooms were cruelly seperated in the North and South by class rooms of Class of Love and Class of Hope. Next time, we met some 30+ years after PC graduation in1962, we were hosting a dinner for out-of-town classmate, Elizabeth Houang in SF Bay Area@ Flower Lounge with other Bay Area Sunrisers. As organizer for our class 48th Reunion in Vancouver in 2010, I was grateful that Larry came all the way from SF Bay Area to attend. We tried all our best to take good care of him during the Alaska Cruise. I certainly missed him. Parker Chin Canada
Posted by Elizabeth Chan Houang on 16th February 2015
I shall always remember his gentleness and forbarance of his physical conditions. He just calmly explained his difficulties and got on with life bravely, a guy with a great inner strength!
Posted by Christina Ciu on 16th February 2015
Thank you for touching my life in such a profound way. I will always remember all the good times we had.

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